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Wonders of Kyamwilu (Where Nature Defies Gravity)

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If you think you have seen the wonders of the world, then you are wrong. Visit Kyamwilu Hill in Machakos county, Kenya, and you will be flummoxed.

Kyamwilu Hill, Where Nature Defies Gravity

We set off on an expedition at the crack of dawn from Nairobi to Kyamwilu Hill in Machakos County. Driving along Kangundo—Machakos road, we reached Kyamwilu Hill, also known as Kituluni Hill in the blink of an eye.

We found people from all walks of life thronged there. Many were holding bottles of water while others were holding tyres. They released them downhill, but to our utter surprise, the tyres rolled uphill. Water was poured and seemed to climb Kyamwilu Hill. We were baffled, racking our brains trying to understand the phenomenon, but we were left flabbergasted. What we found there was pure Alice in Wonderland.

Lilian and I stood there dazed. One lad came to us smiling broadly. To kill our curiosity, he told us to park our car in the middle of the road in neutral gear. We were taken aback...the car immediately started to move uphill. Wonders will never cease! Then we poured water onto the road. Against our expectations, it flowed uphill defying gravity. As if that is not enough, we took a spare tyre from our car and rolled it downhill. I felt it opposing the motion. It was easier to roll it uphill. Good heavens!

Newton's Law of Gravity does not seem to apply here. Over the years, Kituluni Hill has been one of the most visited places in Kenya by both domestic and foreign tourists. No wonder small businesses are blooming here. It is located 64 kilometres southeast of Nairobi.

Long ago, before Kenya attained her independence, a white settler parked his car on Kyamwilu Hill. He went to fetch some water to quench his thirst at the nearby spring. On returning, he was flummoxed to see his car moving backward uphill. He had parked it in neutral. He called the villagers to see the mysterious occurrence. They were mesmerized.

Newton's First Law of Motion says that an object will remain in its state of motion unless acted upon by force.

Scientists' View of Kyamwilu Hill

The mystery surrounding Kituluni Hill is still unsolved. However, scientists believe that the gravity-defying phenomenon is attributed to a visual illusion where the arrangement of the surrounding land produces an effect that makes a slight downhill slope appear to be an uphill slope.

An Optical Illusion

Optical illusions are visuals that tend to be deceptive to the eye and brain. This can be caused by several factors like patterns, varying colours, lights, and more. It can occur in areas with the obstructed horizon, where it is difficult to judge the slope. But there is also a legend explaining the formation of Kyamwilu Hill.

This pattern of this optical illusion makes it appear as though the image is moving.

This pattern of this optical illusion makes it appear as though the image is moving.

The Legend Behind the Formation of Kyamwilu Hill

In the olden days, there lived two male bosom friends, Kyalo and Mwilû. The companions did everything together until they were of age. The whereabouts of their relatives are not known. Near the hills of Kyamwilu lived a beautiful woman in a grass-thatched hut. Kyalo was the first to come across the lady. He informed his friend Mwilû about her and the two made up their minds to call on her.

That evening, they had a nice conversation with the woman. They wooed her to accept to be their wife. She declined. But after they insisted, she accepted. Polygamy is allowed in Africa, but polyandry is unheard of. It was peculiar to see a woman serving two men concurrently. One day, she would spend her night in Kyalo's hut. The following day, she would put up in Mwilû's home. For the two men, life was fulfilling. However, the lady found it hard to serve two masters.

She conceived and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. As time went by, Kyalo and Mwilû began to have constant quarrels between them. The two sought to have the attention of Mwende (their wife) but since she had grown old and weary, she could not meet their demands. This infuriated them.

Kyalo migrated and settled on the other side of the hill, leaving Mwilû on the western side. It is said that there was an outbreak of a mysterious disease that killed most of the villagers. Kyalo, Mwilû, Mwende, and their son were not spared. It is said they were buried on the hill.

Interestingly, the war ensued between them in the world of no return. That could be the reason why there are mysterious things in the Kituluni Hills. So if you see a car parked in neutral rolling up the hill or water that flows uphill when poured onto the road, just know Kyalo and Mwilû are fighting for Mwende's attention.

To honour the two men (Kyalo and Mwilû) the hill was named Kyamwilu, a fusion of the two names. If you think this is just an ordinary story, visit Machakos County and see this thrilling and captivating sight! You will see the wonders of the world.

Kyamwilu Hill

Kyamwilu Hill

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