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The Best Things to Do in Savannah, Georgia

Helena Ricketts is a freelance writer currently living in Indiana who loves writing about cooking.

Beautiful Downtown Savannah, GA

Beautiful Downtown Savannah, GA

There's Something for Everyone in Savannah

With Savannah's rich and extensive history, geographical location, and cultural diversity, there really is something for everyone in Savannah.

History Buffs will appreciate the rich history in Savannah. The city was established in 1733 and provides over 250 years of stories and architecture. Most of the buildings located in the Historic District of the city were built in the 19th century and the cobblestone and brick-laden sidewalks and streets will take you back to a time when life was much simpler than it is today.

Beach babies will appreciate Tybee Island's beaches, which are a quick 20-minute trip east of this great city. It is quite possible to spend the day soaking in the sun and be back within Savannah's city limits for an evening on the town.

If the paranormal is your thing, Savannah definitely does not disappoint. Most of the buildings and houses in the city claim a resident spirit. The city has literally been built on top of the people who lived and died there many years before. Savannah is rich with stories of the people who lived and died there.

Nature lovers will enjoy Savannah's rich and many green spaces. Tall oak and magnolia trees line many of the streets with that signature southern Spanish moss hanging from their branches. Stunning displays of floral vegetation are everywhere. It is a botanical wonderland for anyone that enjoys nature.

A trip to Savannah, Georgia just isn't the same unless you stay in one of the historic bed and breakfast hotels in the Historic District of this beautiful city. There are many to choose from that offer southern hospitality at its best along with your first meal of the day. You'll be able to mingle with other guests, share experiences and possibly even make new friends when you stay at a B&B in the historic part of town.

Our Weekend Trip to Savannah, Georgia

My husband and I took a weekend trip in February of 2012. We arrived at the beautiful East Bay Inn on Bay Street on Friday late afternoon and stayed until the following Monday. We were both immediately mesmerized by the beauty of this adorable little B&B!

Our first night there consisted of dinner at a chain restaurant not even worth mentioning than a quick walk down Bay Street to Club One, where the Lady Chablis holds her drag queen show. You may recognize the name Lady Chablis from the 1997 movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. She actually does a show in Savannah and we decided to see it.

I'm glad we did. The show kept me laughing. The drag queens were adorable and the Lady Chablis was a great hostess. If you ever visit Savannah, be sure to pop into Club One to see her show.

The Lady Chablis at Club One

The next morning we walked around the city and saw many of the sites that were within walking distance of our hotel. The hotel provided us with a great map of the historic district that had the buildings and landmarks labeled to tell us what was there.

The parks in Savannah are just stunning. This city sure loves green space and it is evident that the parks are a high priority there. The fountains were glistening white and there wasn't a speck of trash anywhere.

We wandered down to River Street which runs parallel with the Savannah River. There are numerous shops that sell everything from candy to clothing lined up along River Street. One of the stores that you will find that isn't expected is a Harley Davidson store. I'm sure there are more of them in Savannah because it seemed like an odd spot to find one.

Dinner time rolled around so my husband and I had to decide where to eat. The Shrimp Factory is located on River Street. Since neither one of us had ever heard of it, we decided to have dinner there. Needless to say, once again we should have eaten somewhere else. Savannah does need improvement in the restaurant department. The only good meal we had the entire time we were there was the breakfast at the B&B.

Next on our agenda was a walking ghost tour led by Sixth Sense Tours. This was also a great experience for us both! I highly recommend you take this tour when you visit Savannah. Our guide's name was Nick and he kept us both listening and waiting to hear what he was going to say next throughout the whole two-hour tour.

Six Sense Walking Ghost Tour

The Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean

On Monday we decided to visit Tybee Island. I had yet to see the Atlantic Ocean and since we were so close, we decided to go and take a look. It was unbelievably cold, but it was also February so that was to be expected. We were able to walk around on the beach and take photos because surprisingly, no one else was there.

There are SO many things to do in Savannah, GA. We were only there for a weekend trip but are planning on returning very soon for another great weekend. I hear St. Patrick's Day in Savannah is a lot of fun and I'm betting that Halloween is interesting too.