The Imperfect Vacation: Stop Overthinking and Start Enjoying

Updated on May 23, 2020
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Marcy is a school counselor at an alternative school in Illinois. Other than education and her family, her passion has always been writing.

Perfectly Imperfect

I’m an overthinker. I overthink everything in my life. Sometimes this hamster wheel in my head helps prepare me for life's challenges. Mostly, however, it leaves me bitter, exhausted, and disappointed. My goal has always been to stop overthinking and to start discovering. This goal was recently put to the test on my first-ever beach resort vacation. Honestly, this perfectly imperfect trip was just what I needed.

A beautiful day at our beach resort.
A beautiful day at our beach resort.

Pleasantly Surprised

First, let me mention the parts of the trip that were pleasantly surprising. After deciding not to pay the extra to have an adults-only resort, I kept having nightmares about kids with water guns running around at the pool. My negative expectations were dismissed the minute we arrived at the resort. For one thing, that place was huge. There was plenty of room for me and several kids with water guns.

Because this was my first time out of the country, I was sure we would be detained somehow. When we received the custom's paperwork on the plane, I remember sitting there in a daze thinking, I’m going to mess this up! Worse yet, my husband took one look at his form and handed it to me. Thank goodness for a sweet, well-traveled couple next to me. They saw the bewildered look on my face and took me under their wings. I felt a little more comfortable about the situation having cheated off my neighbors. However, I still had a nagging feeling something would go wrong. Thank goodness, my fears were dismissed. Getting into the DR was a breeze.

Quality time at the beach.
Quality time at the beach.
The resident flamingo who lived right by the pool.
The resident flamingo who lived right by the pool.

Humor Is Good for the Soul

So, now we get to the part of the story where I have to laugh, really, at how foolish I was. When I was researching this trip, we only considered all-inclusive resorts. I was checking travel sites, comparing resorts, and looking for deals. My husband was not at all interested in the frilly, fruity umbrella drinks advertised by most resorts. As I’m reading the amenities for the resort we chose, I saw domestic beer. My eyes perk up, and I’m sure this is the place.

When we get there, we go to the bar, and my husband asks what kind of beer they have. The bartender says, “Presidente.” And it still doesn’t ring a bell with us. I say, “Domestic beer? What kind of domestic beer do you have?” And the bartender repeats, “Presidente is our domestic beer." I start laughing, and my husband starts laughing. I’m sure the bartender thought we were already a little tipsy. Why in the world did we not realize that domestic beer in the DR was going to be their domestic beer, not ours? This situation provided some stellar comic relief right from the start of our trip. And guess what, the beer was pretty good.

The Seagrass
The Seagrass

Unfulfilled Expectations

One of the most anticipated parts of my trip to the DR was getting to go to the beach, but the beaches there were covered in seagrass. Every morning workers from the resort were out raking and cleaning so beachgoers had a decent place to land for the day. Naturally, the mossy seaweed was in the water, too. We spent some quality time on the beach and had a blast, but the seaweed bothered me. I came home and did some research. Like many negatives in this world, excessive seagrass is a response to manmade problems.

This seagrass is not just a DR problem. It is an Atlantic Ocean problem. It is more prevalent than ever due to global warming and the excavation around the Amazon River. In Brazil, the area around the Amazon River is being excavated and fertilized to improve the soil for farming. Unfortunately, torrential rains wash much of the fertilizer out into the ocean, fertilizing the seagrass. So, the result is a lot of mossy grass that is not supposed to be there.

Conversely, we noticed seashells, which are supposed to be there, were absent from the beach. We walked and walked and found only 3 teeny tiny shells. I thought maybe it was just the area where we stayed. Again, I came home and decided to do some research. My discovery was heartbreaking. Global warming is again the culprit. As the water gets warmer, the CO2 levels rise, and the water becomes more acidic. The increased acid in the ocean water diminishes the calcium carbonate levels. Calcium carbonate is the material shellfish and corals need to build their shells.

While it would have been nice to find some souvenir shells, my disappointment is now redirected. I’m not upset that I didn’t collect souvenir shells. I’m saddened there are not any to find.

The day is just beginning. Punta Cana 2020
The day is just beginning. Punta Cana 2020
The view from our poolside patio.
The view from our poolside patio.
Daily 4:30 pm Foam Party in the main pool. Ahhh, to be young again.
Daily 4:30 pm Foam Party in the main pool. Ahhh, to be young again.

Gained Perspective

All in all, our first trip out of the country was beautiful. Even after over-thinking nearly every aspect, I can say my expectations were kept in check. My take-away on the whole experience can be summed up simply: it’s okay to overthink, as long as you find humor or understanding in your experiences instead of disappointment and anger.

I still laugh at the domestic beer incident. And even though I didn’t get to make a cute shadow box with shells, I cannot help but see the importance of the more significant issue.

I probably cannot stop overthinking, but I can control my reactions, and this will make life a whole lot more enjoyable. The imperfectness of this vacation was just what I needed to lighten up and gain some meaningful perspective.

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      • Marcy Bialeschki profile imageAUTHOR

        Marcy Bialeschki 

        3 weeks ago from Cerro Gordo, IL

        Thanks for reading and commenting, Marlene. Yes, a true travel-newie with the 'domestic' beer

      • MarleneB profile image

        Marlene Bertrand 

        3 weeks ago from USA

        I friend once said to me, "Isn't it nice that 99% of the things we worry about never happen?"

        I overthink things too. And, I'm still laughing at the domestic beer story. Hilarious!

      • Marcy Bialeschki profile imageAUTHOR

        Marcy Bialeschki 

        4 weeks ago from Cerro Gordo, IL

        I really did just go with the flow. It was perfectly imperfect, and I enjoyed every minute. And I know you are proud of us for finally going out of the country.

      • profile image

        Jane Henricks 

        4 weeks ago

        Love this! I know your future vacations will be better because of this experience.

      • Marcy Bialeschki profile imageAUTHOR

        Marcy Bialeschki 

        5 weeks ago from Cerro Gordo, IL

        I am trying to make a go of it. I appreciate your feedback on my article. I have met some fantastic people here. Thanks again!

      • MsDora profile image

        Dora Weithers 

        5 weeks ago from The Caribbean

        Marcy, welcome to HubPages! Your first article about your first trip abroad is well-written and quite interesting. Happy that it turned out as well as it did. Hoping that your journey on HubPages would be even more enjoyable.

      • Marcy Bialeschki profile imageAUTHOR

        Marcy Bialeschki 

        5 weeks ago from Cerro Gordo, IL

        Thanks, Liz. It was a good vacation, but not sure I will go back to that location.

      • Eurofile profile image

        Liz Westwood 

        5 weeks ago from UK

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this vacation experience. I found it really interesting. I'm not a great fan of sea grass either.


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