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Molokai, Hawaii: My 6 Most Fun Memories

My husband and I spent six great months on Molokai, Hawaii. These are our favorite memories of our time in paradise.

Come Slow Your Pace at Molokai

My husband Lonnie and I lived in Hawaii for six months on the little island of Molokai. Molokai is not like Oahu or Maui. The Molokai Island council has purposely avoided making it a commercial tourist trap. Life there is still very relaxed and rural, reminiscent of before tourism came to the islands.

My 6 Favorite Memories of Molokai

  1. Kaunakakai: The Only Village on Molokai
  2. Chicken Chase at Molokai
  3. Our Hawaiian Hut
  4. Gecko Pets in a Hawaiian Hut
  5. We Swam at the Beach at Molokai
  6. We Saw a Whale Jump Below a Triple Rainbow
Come and relax and unwind away from tourism!

Come and relax and unwind away from tourism!

1. Kaunakakai: The Only Island Village on Molokai

Molokai Island has only one village: Kaunakakai. The three-block main street has only one stop sign. A person can cross the street with his eyes closed, the cars are so few. I once had a car stop for me while I crossed the street so I did not have to wait for him to pass. The few homeless pitch tents on the beach. Outside of the village and its residents, about half of the island is populated with small clusters of Hawaiian huts and hippie farmers.


2. Chicken Chase in Molokai

One hippie farmer's wife drove into town. As she stopped in front of a store, she saw one of her chickens run out from under her car. How did it get here? The lady lifted the hood of her car, and there was an egg on top of the engine. (Probably hard boiled by then.) Apparently, the hen had hopped up into the warm engine to lay an egg and received a ride into town.

The lady did not want to abandon her chicken in town to fend for itself, so she decided to catch it. But the chicken was frightened. It did not know where it was. The lady tried grabbing the chicken, and it dodged her. She cornered it, but it escaped around her. First up one side of the three block street of town and then down the other. "What am I going to do?" she huffed. She called her husband on the phone to come and help. "We will give the chicken one more chance," she said. "If we can't catch it, it's a free chicken."

The husband drove up in his van and dragged out a blanket. They found the chicken now up in a tree. They scared the chicken down and chased it across the main street of town. The blanket flapped in the breeze as they ran, trying to throw it over the chicken. Whenever the chicken ran passed a pedestrian on the street, the husband would mutter, "That's not my chicken!" Again, first up one side of the street and then down the other.

Finally, the bird ran under a car behind the husband's van. The van looked familiar to the chicken since it had laid eggs in it before. The husband threw the doors open. The chicken looked in. "Home!" it thought and flew right in. The hippie husband and wife slammed the doors shut. They leaned against the doors huffing, and sighed relief as they looked at each other. Such is life on Molokai Island.

These hippies were customers of the store where I worked and told me this hilarious experience.

This is just one example of how rural life is on Molokai Island. The island council does not want Molokai to become another tourist trap like Oahu and Maui. They are purposely blocking much development and carefully choosing what they do let in. The people there like their relaxed lifestyle and want to keep it that way.

3. Our Hawiian Hut

The village Kaunakakai does have regular housing, and 140 rooms of hotel space. But during Lonnie's and my six-month stay, we lived in a one-room Hawaiian hut a half hour outside town. The hut was provided by the store owner we worked for. We had an outhouse and a showerhead on the outside wall. The hut was surrounded by lots of bushes and banana trees. No one else lived nearby, so we took our showers outdoors at night. Such places are commonly house the natives on Molokai.

A gecko climbing an indoor window with his suction feet.

A gecko climbing an indoor window with his suction feet.

4. Our Gecko Pets in Hawaiian Hut

Geckos are quite common on Molokai, both outdoors and in. We had a couple that roamed about our hut. The female laid eggs in our light switch box. Another would crawl up our walls and across the ceiling with its suction feet. Occasionally it would drop a small turd on my desk as it passed by above. We had a large picture window. At night many bugs would be attracted to the light from inside, and we would watch as a couple of geckos climbed the window and came for their supper.

The hut was just 50 yards from a beach, just a short walk. When not at work at the store, I sometimes walked the beach, or else sat very still with no one else around and watched the little sand crabs pop in and out of their holes.

A group of our friends swam at the beach

A group of our friends swam at the beach

5. We Swam at the Beach at Molokai

Sometimes a group of us from the store would go to the previously mentioned beach and swim. One time, two young men started playing catch with a sea cucumber. One threw the sea cucumber high in the air like a football to the other. I guess the sea cucumber had never flown before. This scared it so much that it peed a long stream of water as it flew across the sky. I just watched it with my mouth open and laughed.

I looked over the ocean from the hill and saw a whale jump.

I looked over the ocean from the hill and saw a whale jump.

6. We Saw a Whale Jump Under a Triple Rainbow

One of my favorite memories of Molokai Island was on our last day there. Lonnie and I were on a hill overlooking the ocean. Molokai often has rainbows. But this day we saw a triple rainbow. While oohing and aahing over the rainbow, I looked out over the ocean and saw a whale jump! Wow!

Saying Good Bye to Molokai, Hawaii

It is too bad we felt it necessary to leave Molokai, Hawaii. The island is its own little paradise. We sometimes dream of going back, but unfortunately, we never have.

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