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A Guide to Visiting 3 Amazing German Destinations

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Germany is a country blessed with tourist attractions. From the automobile museum to the dark forest, it has everything to offer tourists

A Word About Germany

Our German tour started with a visit to Cologne Cathedral. Cologne Cathedral is popular for the best design of Gothic architecture. It's the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe. I was already amazed by the exterior and when I went inside, I was like "Wow." Cologne and Stuttgart are the destinations we gave a visit to in Germany.

Germany is the land of hard-working people. German is the widely spoken language in Europe, after Russian. It ranks above English. Germany made drastic progress in the automotive industry. There is a long list of German-made cars like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Porsche, Volkswagen. This country is well-known for all kinds of industries.

Cruising through River Rhine at Boppard, Germany

Cruising through River Rhine at Boppard, Germany

1. River Rhine, Boppard

The Rhine is the major river in Germany. I have learned this back in my school days. Since then, I started imagining myself chilling at the Rhine. I started anticipating with excitement as we were approaching the River Rhine at Boppard. Boppard is a peaceful riverside town. The view of Boppard through a cruise on the river Rhine is splendid.
Inside the cruise, there's a small section where you can buy the best quality German beer. We decided to climb upstairs and chill on the upper part of the cruise to enjoy the open view of the spectacular Boppard.

Nicely arranged tables and chairs, a glass of beer, and the beautiful sight of the town rich in nature! Another heavenly affair of man with nature. The river is surrounded by Boppard on both sides and the mountain surrounds Boppard.

It is famous for vineyards. A fabulous view of the vineyard, medieval houses, castles, fortress at the mountain tops, and the passing train hooked our eyes with delight. I somehow unhooked myself and picked up my phone for the photography! It was a relaxing journey of 2 hours on the cruise, and we adored every moment of cruising.

A Beautiful Castle at Boppard

A Beautiful Castle at Boppard

2. Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart

Yes, you are reading right! It's indeed a museum and not the showroom you are well-acquainted with when it comes to cars. Germany's contribution to the automobile industry is out of the box. You will discover it as soon as you enter the museum.

The museum is a helix-shaped building where we have to get on the topmost floor and walk down. We travel down by gaining knowledge about the history of the Mercedes-Benz company through the picture frames. The device with earphones automatically senses and provides information about the car model that you walk up to.

From top to bottom the museum is bejeweled with models of classic vintage cars, current day cars as well as future cars that come under the Mercedes-Benz brand. I loved one of the classic cars so much that I felt like leaping into it, shifting the gears, and riding right away! Though I didn't.

There were buses manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. At our walk's onset in the museum, there were models of car engines that were used in old times by the Mercedes-Benz. The museum was an antique and unique experience in the entire Europe tour.

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Tickets for Visiting the Museum

  • Adults: €8
  • Students: €4
  • Children below 15: free
  • Seniors: €4
Cuckoo Clock House at Drubba

Cuckoo Clock House at Drubba

3. Cuckoo Clock, Drubba

We traveled for hours by coach bus. Then a dense forest of dark-shaded Pine trees on the mountains captured everybody's attention. The dark pines occupied both sides of the road. This region is called "The Black Forest." It includes half-timber houses and is the home to the world-famous Cuckoo clock. Our next sight was the Cuckoo clock factory in Drubba, Titisee.

I was excited to see the clock house with a great mechanism. A bird called Cuckoo comes out from the open doors of the attic window. This happens after every hour and the bird chirps "cuckoo" in a sweet voice. The bird's chirping is accompanied by the time in the clock. If it is one o'clock, the bird appears, chirps once, and goes inside. If it is noon then the bird chirps twelve times.

The clock is also decorated with many characters. Every hour, these characters get dynamic as they animate. In some clocks they dance, in some other clocks, they drink beer or play the drum.

We bought one such clock. It is a treasure for us. Today, months after our trip I find myself waiting in anticipation for the bird to show up and chirp. The clock house is hanging on the wall of our living room.

The Black Forest Cake

It is said that the Black Forest Cake originates in the Black Forest region. Just like the cake comes in brown and white color, the Black Forest region is dressed in dark shaded trees and white-colored snow in winters.

There's an enormous difference between eating this cake at the nearby cafe in my hometown and savoring this cake in the black forest region. The luscious Black Forest Cake was served to us right after the Lunch in Drubba, Titisee.

More Famous German Locations to Visit

  • Berlin's Brandenburg Gate
  • The Historical Hamburg port
  • The Berlin Wall
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber
  • Fairytale castle, Neuschwanstein

Book the Best of Germany

Germany offers great nature. It's a mixture of astounding natural landscapes and Gothic architecture. A combination of modern technology and medieval castles. So, if you are already dreaming of Germany, hurry up and book the tour to make this year memorable.

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