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My Trip to Taiwan in 2014

In November 2014, my wife, mother-in-law, and I visited Taiwan. Over five days, we rode planes, trains, and buses. Besides seeing my son in Taichung, we enjoyed the sights in the greater Taipei area.


A Memorable Trip to Kudu Mangalore, Where Time Stands Still

We all need to take a break from our busy city lives. What better way than to relax in the midst of nature?


A Day of Chasing Waterfalls in Crystal Falls, Washington

Celebrating life and chasing waterfalls in the Pacific Northeast of Washington State.


From Lord Mayor’s Chapel to Victorian Folly

Welcome to our journey piecing together clues to discover that ruins of a Victorian Folly in Sheep Wood, Henbury, Bristol is actually the original frontage to the 13th Century Lord Mayor’s Chapel in College Green, Bristol.


Niagara Falls in the Winter: Camping and Traveling Review

A travel review of my winter trip to Niagra Falls including photos.

2016 Camera IMG_5778.JPG

An Arizona Grape Harvest Festival

Wine festivals and tastings can be a great way to spend a day or afternoon in wine country. While relatively recent, Arizona's numerous small, entrepreneurial wineries have been producing fine wines that are on a par with the best of their California and European cousins.


My Creepy Visit to Cockspur Lighthouse and Fort Pulaski

Hidden destinations, historic sites, amazing trails...and I was never more than ten minutes from the salty sea. The Golden Isles are a must do for any history buff or explorer!


A Trip to New Orleans and the Bayou

I took my first trip to New Orleans in May 2021 for my best friend's bachelorette party. I'm already looking forward to my next visit.


Temburong: A Journey by Longboat

A visit to Temburong by longboat in the 1970s.


What I Did in Three Days in Salt Lake City, Utah

From touring This is the Place Heritage Park to hearing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearse, here are the highlights of my quick visit to Salt Lake City.


Two Weeks in India: My Group-Tour Experience

Don’t let the inevitable culture shock scare you away from having an amazing experience in India. It is a life-changing one.


Arizona’s Cliff Dweller Lodge and Its Unusual Origin

This is the story of how a 1920s Broadway showgirl and her ailing husband became stranded in a remote section of Northern AZ when their car broke down and ended up converting some huge boulders into motel rooms that became the beginning of the Cliff Dwellers Lodge and Restaurant.


My Trip to Eritrea: Africa's Little Rome

My trip to Eritrea was unforgettable. From the history of the places I visited to the forced digital detox that is the norm for locals, it was an eye-opening experience.


The Imperfect Vacation: Stop Overthinking and Start Enjoying

My first-ever trip out of the country did not go exactly as I planned, but I ended up learning to just go with the flow. Looking back, all of the imperfections of my trip were 'perfect' and just what I needed to lighten up and enjoy the moment.


Canmore and Banff: A Canadian Experience You Won't Regret

I traveled to Canada to attend a wedding, and it is now one of my favorite places I have traveled. This article includes a full itinerary of my five-day adventure.


Hiking Yellow Mountain (Ascending Into the Clouds)

Hiking Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain) in Eastern China in August 2019, we were enveloped in fog and mist during the entire trip. Though we missed the wide-open vistas the mountain is famous for, it was made up for by the special ambiance created by the ever-shifting fog.


5 Different Things to Do in Luang Prabang, Laos

Laos: a land where green mountains rise to the sky, valleys hidden by mist, and rivers and lakes twinkle in the distance. In 1353, Fa Ngum established his kingdom Lan Xang Hom Khao—The Kingdom of a Million Elephants and the White Parasol. The kingdom is gone, but Luang Prabang remains its heart.


Exploring Hershey Park and Its Surrounding Areas

Hershey, Pennsylvania, bills itself as “The Sweetest Place on Earth.” This article is based on my personal experiences, including missteps, during visits to the Hershey area. The visits span from 2002 to 2014.


A Day Trip to the Spanish White Villages Ítrabo and Jete

While the sun is still high in the sky and the smell of wet soil and evergreen plants and fruit trees spreads like a veil of the finest perfume after the night's heavy rainfall, we decide to explore Ítrabo, a small village on the other side of the mountains.


Places to Visit in Arizona: Slide Rock, Grasshopper Point, Apache Wash Trailhead

Here are two must-see places just north of Sedona and one bonus site on the way back to Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix.


Our New Brunswick Trip (Ferries, Seafood, Tides, and More)

Join me on our trip around New Brunswick, Canada. There's beautiful scenery, great food, and a fascinating multi-cultural history.


Meandering the Western Australian Wheatbelt

The Western Australian Wheatbelt is a wildflower wonderland. Here are the places I went and the sights I saw (photos included!).


Touring Nova Scotia

My recommendations for what to see, eat, and do in the lovely province of Nova Scotia, Canada. For armchair travelers or anyone planning a trip to the Maritimes.


Wonderful Summer Weekend in Millcreek, Utah

Summer is almost ending, so my husband and I decided to have a wonderful morning weekend in Millcreek. We brought the essential items so we can make coffee and cook breakfast in the woods!


Bourbon Distilleries in Kentucky: What We Visited While on Vacation

On our summer vacation, my husband decided he would like to try out Woodford Reserve. He put the idea out there and my two sons and I thought it would be fun to do. So we made it happen. Here I share my thoughts on our special time at these two locations.


Wandering Through Winterset, Iowa

A visit to the town of Winterset, Iowa, featuring some of its highlights and history. Winterset, the county seat of Madison County, is the birthplace of John Wayne and location of the 1995 film, "The Bridges of Madison County."


Exploring Tasmania's Central Lakes (From the Wall to Waddamana)

I spent a few days exploring the Central Lakes district of Tasmania, home of its hydro-electric scheme, a breathtaking sculpture and plenty of cold weather.


Shimane Attractions: Shinto Gods, Surreal Gardens, and an Austere Black Castle

Shimane Prefecture is home to Shintoism’s oldest shrine as well as what is possibly the world’s most visually stunning Japanese garden.


Overland: A Road Trip Across Australia

This is the first part of a journal of my solo drive across Australia - over 3500 kilometers.


Tasmania's West Coast Wilderness

Tasmania's west coast is an amazing and picturesque location which I enjoyed traveling through.


The Unchallenged Beauty of Angkor in Siem Reap

Despite the tragic history of Cambodia, its people are welcoming, warm and extremely friendly. If you have a chance to visit this beautiful country, traveling to Siem Reap to experience one of the most impressive religious sites in the world is an absolute must.


Farewell, 1980s San Francisco

Travelling down memory lane can be disappointing if you hold on to the past, but if you're open to new discoveries, you'll be rewarded with new memories.


Maine's Abandoned Properties, Buoys, and Popovers

Discovering unique and picturesque aspects of Maine left me wanting to learn more about their history.


A Shakespeare Enthusiast's Trip to England

My unforgettable nine-day experience as an English major studying the history of the writer William Shakespeare.


A One-Day Road Trip Through the Missouri Ozarks

Last weekend I got my first Sunday off this year. Rather than stay home and rest, we hit the road for some fun. Travel along with us and see what we saw!


Living in Bhubaneswar, the Land of Temples

Bhubaneswar is an ancient city in India’s eastern state of Odisha. It is a centre of economic, educational and cultural importance of in East India.


Hoi An in 10 Photos

Hoi An remains one of my favourite places in Vietnam. There is always something new to find in this UNESCO-listed town and the surrounding countryside. It is the perfect place to sip a coffee (Vietnamese-style, of course) and watch the world pass by.


Celebrating the Tarahumara Indians' Spring Ritual of Semana Santa in Mexico's Copper Canyon

As we sat on the patio, the sound of a drum echoed across the river from some hidden Tarahumara village. I felt a thrill run through me. This is what we had come for.


Hong Kong in 10 Photos

Hong Kong is a place of variety and contrasts, with something to see and do (and eat and buy!) for everyone who visits. The problem can be in finding what appeals to you without becoming overwhelmed. Here are 10 suggestions in 10 photographs for Hong Kong Island.


Nablus: The City of Soap and Kanafeh

A visit to Nablus, the second-largest city in the West Bank, famed for its soap and syrupy cheese dessert, Kanafeh (which is strangely addictive). We climbed up Mount Gerzerin and visited the beautiful Roman ruins of Sebastia.


Molokai, Hawaii: My 6 Most Fun Memories

My best memories from six months my husband and I spent on Molokai, Hawaii.


Costa Rica Adventure: Exploring Manuel Antonio

My husband and I recently visited Costa Rica for our 20th wedding anniversary in January 2019, and it was spectacular! Simply hearing about how wonderful this small enchanted country is wasn’t enough—we had to experience it for ourselves. We were not disappointed!


Costa Rica Adventure: Exploring Arenal

My husband and I recently visited Costa Rica for our 20th wedding anniversary in January 2019, and it was spectacular! Simply hearing about how wonderful this small, enchanted country is wasn’t enough—we had to experience it for ourselves. We were not disappointed!


This Is Why I Hate Hanoi

Despite much effort to see the beauty in this bustling metropolis, I have come to accept that I truly hate Hanoi. Here's why.


A Great Vacation: A Photographic Exploration of New Mexico

There are many great places to visit in New Mexico, from the white, sparkling dunes of White Sands National Monument and the subterranean chambers of Carlsbad Caverns National Park to the forested mountains of Ruidoso and the desert waters of Bottomless Lakes State Park, there is so much to see.


A Great Vacation: A Photographic Exploration of Glacier National Park

In Montana, Glacier National Park is the place where the land strives to touch the sky. This is one of the last places in the United States where the mountains are still topped by glaciers. Sadly, it is said that in 30 years time, given current weather trends, these glaciers will be gone!


Where Fire Meets Ice: Nozawa, Japan

Japan's aging population is driving its rural life into extinction, but one village bucks the trend.


The Ghost Town That Is Hebron

A visit to the divided city of Hebron is a chilling and eerie experience.


A Day in Bethlehem: Visiting the Wall

A stay in Bethlehem, taking in its newest attraction—a hideous and illegal wall.


A Week in Jerusalem

Travelling independently, we spent a week in Jerusalem, soaking up the atmosphere.