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Traveling to Singapore: Things to Know About Immigration

Singapore Immigration: What Not To Do

Singapore Immigration: What Not To Do

Who Needs a Visa to Enter Singapore?

Most nationals do not require visas to enter Singapore, but if you come from Asian countries other than Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines, then you will need a visa. As for the rest, you can check with Singapore's immmigration website.

Below, you'll find:

1. The story of my own immigration nightmare in Singapore, and

2. Tips of what to do (and what not to do) when traveling to Singapore.

How Singapore Immigration Can be a Nightmare

When I first arrived in Singapore to visit my Spanish girlfriend, I didn't have much trouble with the immigration officers except that they called her to verify. I was given a 30 day stay period.

Two days later, I crossed over into Malaysia for an eight day holiday with my lover, after which I went back to Singapore and, again, given a 30 day stay.

I spent the next couple of days trying to get a job in Singapore. I applied and spoke to fellow expats who had come into the country under circumstances similar to mine. One British woman advised me that if I left the country for Malaysia again and returned the same day, I would be given another 30 days. Unfortunately I took this advice and, seven days later, I left Singapore for Malaysia. This time, I was alone.

Upon arrival at the Malaysian border, I was denied entry because apparently, the immigration officers are well aware of this trend of coming for a day and returning. I was sent back to Singapore where suddenly their reception towards me changed. I was now a rogue migrant.

I was taken to an office where I awaited my turn to be interviewed. There were other nationals (mainly from Asian countries) waiting with me. At this point, I was in tears, as I could not phone my lover and tell her what had happened. I knew I was probably going to be detained, driven straight to the airport, and sent home, without her knowing!

After they asked me a couple of questions, I had my fingerprints taken and was given seven days on my passport, during which time I was told to sort out my ticket and leave the country. It was a temporary relief and the moment I walked back into the country, I lit my long-awaited cigarette.

Two days later, I went to the Immigration Head office—this time with my girlfriend—to try to get some form of extension. A woman at the counter told us that I had to leave the country for at least five days before coming back so that evening, I booked a flight to Indonesia, the closet country (since I couldn't go to Malaysia again).

I flew to Jakarta, Indonesia, where I spent nine days before flying back to Singapore. Before taking off from Jakarta, the airline staff spent quite sometime scrutinizing my home-bound air ticket, after which I was allowed to board.

When I arrived in Singapore, my ordeal really began. The officers at terminal three went through my passport twice and referred me to their superintendents. After many questions, I was told that I wouldn't be allowed into Singapore! The officer told me that I would be sent back to Indonesia and it was up to the Indonesian authorities to deal with my case. I pleaded with the senior officer, but he didn't bulge, not even a bit.

I was escorted by airport guards to a detention room where I pleaded to be allowed to at least call my girlfriend. They agreed at the risk of losing their jobs. There was enough time to tell my girl (who had been awake the whole night waiting for me): We sobbed together over the phone, after which I was taken to a facility. I had no appetite to even try the Chinese food they served me.

The following day, I was sent back to Indonesia where, surprisingly, I found my girlfriend waiting for me in the transit area. You can only imagine how we both felt. After hugging and kissing we tried negotiating with the Indonesian authorities to allow me entry for two days before I flew off to my home country. We offered them $300, but they didn't budge.

Since my girlfriend held a Spanish passport, she was allowed into the country, but I was held in the airport's detention room. By then, I had lost all hope for myself and just wanted to be back home with my family who were also worried.

My girlfriend came back the following day after having sorted all my flight arrangements to return home. She kissed me goodbye as she was returning to Singapore and flying off to Spain for her Christmas holiday. It was such an emotional goodbye that even the guards allowed me out temporarily.

Four days later, I left Jakarta to fly back to Singapore. As my flight was departing, I was told not to attempt entering Singapore as it would cause more trouble. A hotel had been booked for me in the transit area and I spent 48 hours there before flying back home. I even had the chance to see the bastard officer who denied me entry even after the CEO from my girlfriend's company called him to plead on my behalf.

Tips to Help You Avoid an Immigration Nightmare in Singapore

Don't Try To Leave and Return. To all those who plan on migrating to Singapore, it's better to use their eExtension facility or visit the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority's headquarters than trying to leave the country and returning. This may work if you hold a US or EU passport, but there is no guarantee that you will be able to enter again.

Get a Job in Singapore. If you have a good command of English, you can easily get yourself a job. Jobs are not really difficult to come by. Singapore is in dire need of foreign manpower, and many immigration problems can be avoided if you are employed there.

I have since sorted my immigration issues and I now live in Singapore.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Juliet Tizon on June 29, 2019:

I would ask if this name, blacklisted to enter Singapore? Juliet Tizon. Could the Singapore Immigration can detect this?

Faith on May 29, 2019:

Hi, were you crossing the land border when this happened? I’m hoping to get a bus from Melaka to Singapore but will I get the free 30 days when crossing a land border? (I’m from the UK)

I only ask because in Vietnam you can’t so I’m unsure if it’s the same here

issac on May 25, 2019:

What are the requirements for Nigerian to travel to Singapore successful without any immigration problem

olivier on May 22, 2019:

i was coming from lebanon and i have a bookflight from malaysia but the plane will stop over in singapore and i would like to cancel my flight going to malaysia instead going to h.k is that ok..please help thanks

arvie on May 19, 2019:

Hello! Im working on Kuala Lumpur Malaysia but i am expatriate, I have Professional Visit Pass Visa.. my question is, can i go to Singapore without cancellation of my visa and can go back for 1 day.. because I have only 1 off day.. i want to visit Singapore during my off..

Francis on May 08, 2019:

This author is nuts and completely lied

Either he is an Asian citizen then he is granted only a 30 day Visa or less.

US citizens are automatically given 90days and are treated like Kings even if they come back again and again.


provinceGirl on May 01, 2019:

I a from Philippines. I visited Singapore april 4 then return to Philippines April 11.And Now my husband and I planning to meet on May 4.Have possibility to hold me un Singapore Immigration?Advice please.Thank you

jemalyn617 on April 08, 2019:

i plan to visit in singapore jusg only a 3 days..how to get a viza.to entry .in how much the cost.thank u

anisha on April 01, 2019:

i am pr holder in singapore i married my husband who is a Indian in 2017 . i bring him to Singapore on the 2018 jan to stay with me . we managed to get 4 months visa for him. after we applied ltvp for but also rejected and he went went back to india and come back and again we managed to get 4 months after than we again apply for him ltvp and also rejected so he went back again and come back but this time we only get visa for 3 months . and again he went back to india and this time i applied him visa in 25 days after he went back to india and we managed to get visa approved in online we thought tat once the visa is approved he can come anytime to singapore so he came in 32 days after he left Singapore. this time the nightmare started i was waiting for him to arrive in terminal 2 with flowers hoping that there will be no immigration issues as i am here and he have the visa approved letter . i was waiting and kept waiting at the arrival hall but he didn't come out and its about past 1hr30 min and i am still waiting at the arrival hall . there was no call from the immigration . unfortunately he gave his sim card to me when he left Singapore. so there is no way that i could call him so i finally get a ica hotline no and i called them about 42 times after that they finally picked up and they asked me all the passport particulars and they told me that he have to go back to his country and he cannot enter singapore so he have to go back .i started to cry and there were alot of emotions .they didn't let me to talk to him and i was so broken and next day i went to ica to talk to them atleast they can help me with it . he didn't done anything wrong . but they also didn't say anything all they say they can't to anything .2nd day my husband called me and saying that he will be sent back next day tats all he said and cut the phone i didn't eat for 2 days i cried and i was mentally depressed . so midnight i booked the same flight and finally we managed to meet in the airplane and he cried and we hugged there were alot of emotions . i asked him wat happen he told me that the officer asked him why he kept visiting Singapore and stay there for long he managed to tell the officer tat my wife is in singapore and she is working and we were waiting for the ltvp result but unfortunately the officer didn't want to listen to him and the officer only shouting at him as if he done some crime the only thing tat my husband did is he wanted to see his wife . so he dun want to argue with the officer and he kept quiet . so from here u can see tat they never inform me about he retained and they didn't let him talk to me . They didn't understand human emotions . so alll i am worried now is how can i bring him back to singapore and wat happen if they again retained him . once we enter india together we have to pay 698 dollars for my husband stay in the airport and the air tickets this is all unnecessary expenses for us . atleast they can tell us the reason or inform to me about his retained but they didn't .

Jerrylyn Taa on March 05, 2019:

I just wanna ask if what to do or when I can go back to Singapore since my first "NOT TO LAND" incident was February last year.

Hanna on February 18, 2019:

Planning to go back to Singapore at the end of this month

cherry cherry on October 02, 2018:

Singapore is a boring country anyway.

Go to Thailand or Philippines instead.

Nana Otoo on September 24, 2018:

Please am planing to stay in Singapore for three days how much must i have on me after my flight and hotel has been paid?

Irene Edwin on August 21, 2018:

I'm from India I am little confuse will I get entry visa to singapore if don't have any relative there

ermias on August 15, 2018:

my name is ermias i am degree holder in history education and now i am student in shaoxing uiniversity in china by master degree in bussines adiministration i need to travel to singapore to work and i am ethiopian citizen can you help me ni my case to find job or scholarship in singapore

Lois on July 26, 2018:

Hi, I am asian nd planning to visit SG next month but the main purpose is to find work... what is ratio of possibility to get a teaching position parti ularly or any other job in 30 days ?

Liza O. Mejia on May 25, 2018:

can i go sg without visa

Ela on May 06, 2018:

Hi, to most of you who came to SG and stayed for a month, did you already bring with you a return ticket dated after 30 days or return ticket after a few days then just purchase another ticket for a longer stay? thanx

Jenette on April 26, 2018:

We come Singapore frequently,we get 30days social visit.my concern is we fly from Phillipines April6,2018 we come here last April 7,2018 at 3am.if we fly back this May 8 at 3am is there any problem with the Singapore immigration

Samimulla vahith on April 20, 2018:

I am more time going to visit in singapore.. One time emigration officer stop for me and put the finger any eye. Now leave to 3 years complete.. Now if i go to singpore or not pls help me.. Pls answer

Saeed Frimpong on April 08, 2018:

Pls I'm from Ghana and I want to travel to Singapore, and I have ready that holders of Ghana passport have visa free so Pls I want ask is only my passports and tickets am I going to get or what again

Amalia on March 02, 2018:

After going back home, when did you come back again? Can you share please how did you sort out your immigration issues and finally live in Singapore?

rahim Mohammad on February 28, 2018:

Is there anybody coming to my passport regent of friends? That will help me

Mei on February 26, 2018:

May I know how to check blacklist status before entry singapore?

Emmanuel ibezim on February 16, 2018:

Please, I want to come to Singapore, not for visit but to stay and look for work in order to help my self. How will I do that...?

darlene on January 29, 2018:

My boyfriend was german and he was assigned at singapore right now. How can we apply to visit him there? What are the things we need to do?

Serge on December 12, 2017:

I would like to visite Sg, but my main intention is to work and live there. Can I get a work even when my visa is expired. Is it easier to get a jobs in sg? Is it possible to live illegally in Sgt?

Rifas on December 11, 2017:

I am Sri Lankan now i am work at Malaysia can I go to Singapore for my holiday what can I do please help me

Miramanda on November 18, 2017:

My question about Philippine Embassy Singapore .why they issue this invitation letter if u want friends or relative to invite them for visit .my problem is it’s to expensive $42.00 I apply once for my Friend coz she got offload first time , I have no problem if that document will get to Singapore.with her to show at Singapore immigration . But no stay in Philippines airport immigration kept that invitation letter authenticated by Philippine Embassy Singapore.and plus after Philippine Embassy Singapore told me this letter is not guaranteed ! That airport immigration will let you’re friend to fly! I said what? But anyway my Friend show that letter it’s not a big deal or important for them what they ask is do u have a picture of ur untie and her friend and you and youre untie.she showed the picture of me and her untie and her and her untie s picture they let her go. My point is why get that invitation letter pay $40 dollars plus DHL mail.its a waste of money for Phil embassy and immigration in Philippines they should stop this if not lower the price it’s to much.

Sheen on October 14, 2017:

I am a Filipina 25 years old, I'm graduating this october. And I got a plane ticket from my aunt to travel singapore but im going tto stay at my aunts friend that I never met.Do I really need to have an invitation letter from her through Embassy?Or can I just make an Invitation and let her sign it?

joanita on October 04, 2017:

I have the same problem... the loophole you use U turn works for me before but I suppose it's because I was a student who just run out of her student pass after graduation and about to work...

Now I am denied entry and in big problem. The worst case is... they didn't tell me what they punish me with. I don't know if I am denied entry for how long or if I am banned at all. I can respect their policy and how they're just protecting their border and country... but I wish they could be more pleasant about it and at the very least don't make people too nervous to answer. They also didn't give me any information about what did they punish me with, at least if they make it clear I won't get in trouble for second time.

So I'd like to know what to do to sort my immigration issues so I can go back to Singapore. If I can't work, at least I want to pack up belongings I left behind in my short stay. Yes, it's none of their business as they said... I wish to have a chance to clear whatever business I have in Singapore and leave like a dignified person instead of criminal.

Guru on September 26, 2017:

What about steady visa

Love on September 10, 2017:

Hi,,may I if I can enter Singapore to take my flight going to chile..the problim is I was terminated by my boss but there's an extension.. I'm just waiting for my visa after that I go to chile.. if I don't have enough time can I exit to Malaysia and when my visa approved can I enter Singapore again to take my flight..pls help me about my situation..

lyn on August 15, 2017:

hi,may i ask if i can still enter singapore now coz the case is that i was terminated by my company last year its a personal reason and i was detained for couples of days and when i came back to philippines the stamp from singapore is at the last page of my passport..what's that mean?can i still be able to enter singapore ?

backpacker on August 14, 2017:

i was denied to enter singapore last september 2016 to visit my girlfriend...actually that will be my 2nd time since i stayed there for 2 months feb-march..now my brother is working there holding e-pass..is there a chance i can go back again to singapore now that i have direct relative to visit?..is there anyone enter again singapore after the case of denied entry???

Traveler on August 12, 2017:

Hi Terry,

I have a question , I am Indonesian but I would like to traveling to Abu Dhabi from singapore ( is it possible enter Singapore for one day ) after that check in again to traveling to Abu Dhabi from Singapore airport ? I do this bcos this time airfare cheaper from Singapore to Abu Dhabi rather than from indonesia to Abu Dhabi , thanks for your answer

iori wafu on August 05, 2017:

Hi Terry. Im a Philippine passport holder and has already stayed in SG for 3 weeks. Planning to exit to JB for 1 day with my brother (with his wife and 2yrd old kid). Do you think I will get a problem in SG IO when I come back on the same day?

Please give me advise at iori.wafu@gmail.com

Tomngc on July 12, 2017:

Please kindly assist with advice on whether one will have any immigration problems regarding the following details below (still awaiting feedback from Immigration Office here in SA).

1. I’m a South African born passport holder.

2. Intend to travel to Singapore at end of November 2017 to participate in Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon on 2nd Dec (as a hobby). Will be spending +-6 days in Singapore and will be leaving the country 2 days after the marathon.

3. Intend to fly over to Thailand from Singapore for a holiday and,

3.1 either come back to Changi International Airport to catch a flight back to Johannesburg on 19th December or,

3.2 catch my return flight in Bangkok/Phuket (Thailand) on the same date (19th December).

The Singapore hotel accommodation will be pre-booked before travelling to Singapore.

I’m aware that SA passport holders usually get a 30 day free visa on arrival, provided there is proof of return travel ticket.

However, not exactly sure of Singapore immigration requirements when one exits Singapore and comes back to catch a return flight home, or where the return air ticket is from another country.

Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

Kind regards,

world traveler on July 11, 2017:

I've been through the same nightmare as the author of this post and everybody else in the comments section here. I'm so sorry for all of you guys too. I've been traveling for over an year, but at Singapore borders I was for the first time treated as a criminal. It's ridiculous, unrespectful and frustrating the way how they can treat us and we seem be to able to do just anything about it during or even after all this nightmare is over and we're forcibly breathing the air of our home countries again. I was landing in SiG coming from Jakarta, so I was first sent back to Jakarta (after been kept in detention and all that shit for a night) and once I was in Jakarta I hard from an airport staff a prejudice advice that I feel like a should share here: when choosing the queue to go through officers in SIG, avoid the indian officers. They indians officers are known, according to her, as the most trouble causers (the first officer that sent me to a second officer was indian as well, and the second one was chinese). The chinese officers should be less assholes, but their english suck. Once an indian officer decides to put you in this nightmare, they'll send you to their boss, who's usually chinese - then good luck, they'll be talking to you as if you're a criminal, they'll make questions, but they'll often not understand your answers.

I don't wish this kind of nightmare not even to my worst enemy. Fucking Singashit. They ruined my world trip dream and made me pay for last minute flights, super expensive, to go back to my home country in the other side of the planet (Brazil). I was supposed to be in Asia this whole year, but now I'm here in Brazil and I don't even feel like seen my friends because I fell in a deep dark whole called depression. Dramatic, isn't it? Very dramatic if you haven't been through all of this.

NEVER CHOOSE SINGAPORE AS A DESTINATION. Do your world trip skipping that hell. Let's hope the border will end, or they'll give such a power to more humanistic and fair officers instead. What a shame for such a developed country!

Shashwat on May 26, 2017:

Help please.

I'm an Indian and I traveled from India to Philippines on a single ticket (transit thru SIN). On landing there I was denied entry by Philippine immigration (I still dont know why). I was put on a flight back to Singapore. Had to go through immigration this time and got a letter stating "Refused entry to Singapore", blacklisted, had my pic, fingerprint taken etc. Was detained for 24 hours before put on the next flight to India. Is this a goof-up by the airline? How can I reverse/rectify this black-mark with Singapore immigration officials. Any official I can reach out through email? I intend to visit Singapore in the future.

erv on May 22, 2017:

Hello, I hope you could help me.

last apr to may 2015 I stayed in singapore for less than a month then went to bangkok for 5 days and flew back to sg but they didnt allow me to enter and sent me back to philippines.

i stayed in ph June-July 2015 and had my working visa and all needed papers.

July 2015 I flew back to sg with all the docs and my spass. but they didnt allow me again and sent me back to philippines...

now its been two years... I will go in 3 months time just for a 5 days vacation and to visit relatives. I am now scared what if they will not let me enter again. I dont wanna feel like a convict again detained in a room .

please send me message

email add : rhinz_02@yahoo.com

Hamza on May 21, 2017:

Excuse me , What's wrong if i leave and enter???? i don't know why they don't like that????

Lisa on May 17, 2017:

I was deported for no reason. I was highly disappointed. The officers looked like Psychopath. Yes they are psychopath. If Singapore feels so doubtful, I would suggest them to close their airport and immigration and do not allow anyone to enter their country. They are not allowed to check people's phone or money, this is privacy. I have only a word for the one who created such awful law. He/She is pathetic. The amount of trouble they cause for people, I pray sincerely that they reap from it! Even if one is clean, they are doubtful for no reason, and start investigation as if the person is a criminal. They ask questions like CID but their english sucks and it is horrible. Very very disgusting immiration authorities. In the long run, many people will stop visiting Singapore and I hope they learn a lesson from it.

Vella on May 08, 2017:

Hello Terry, I hope you still follow this article, I need help because my boyfriend just got denied to enter yesterday on 8 May 2017, because he visits me every month from Indonesia for 10-19 days the most each month. I'm an Indonesian student also, I'm living here with my student pass, and my boyfriend have been looking for a job here but there's no luck so that's why he always takes time off his work to visit me at least each month.

He went to Singapore last year on August, October, November, then went here again this year on February, March, and yesterday (when he got denied). He went through immigration and got questioned about his address here because he stay at my place in the Somerset area, then they asked him why he's here and suddenly they took him to the office for interrogation. My boyfriend is not a fluent english speaker, so he did had trouble speaking, explaining to them. To my notice they didn't care even he speak in english mix with Indonesia, they took his phone and wallet and checked on them. Then they took him to x-ray his stuff (which is only a backpack that he brought because he's luggage is with me in my house). after the x-ray they kept him again inside. He beg them to let him talk to me because I was waiting outside from his arrival time 1.30pm until 6pm. He was begging them to let me explain to them in english clearly but they denied him and just give him a NO.

Long story short after questioning nonsense where he got the money to go here each month, they kept on pressuring him asking hi if he works here. He said no in the beginning for couple times, they kept on asking by saying a different bunch of Indonesian restaurant here in SG. But he already said no, he's here just to visit me and help me with my school work. then after 3,5 hrs they said they will let him go if just admit he work here, so it will be over quick, because there's no such reason for him to be here for his girlfriend. So this is where it gets confusing, is there a law where you couldn't go to Singapore each month to visit your spouse, partner, families, etc is it? I asked my Singaporean friend and she was very surprise also.

Now because he admit YES because e just want to go to see me, HE got hold in a cell yesterday by immigration, fingers scan, picture taken, and give a letter saying "Refused entry to Singapore : being ineligible for the issue of a pass under current immigration policies". They just left him there in the cell with the paper only and said you can make an appeal letter to go back to SG but it will still get denied.

After 4pm yesterday, me and his family has got no contact from him, they got hold of his phone and didn't event give him a drink of water after hours of interrogation. I've been calling the immigration and they don't even give a s*** about me requesting to contact him because his mom is worried sick looking for her son. He just said he will be send back to Indo on 10 May 2017, so now he is under the airline custody from yesterday 4.30pm, and he wasn't allowed to even go outside to see me or even contact me through his phone, and he must stay there for 2 nights.

I'm stuck, I'm very dissapointed, and frustrated, because I waited there for hours and I tried to contact the airline itself to just to ask about my boyfriend condition, and I explained to them about his condition, because immigration apparently don't care about my story because he's the officer in duty of this case and that I will never be able to even talk to this officer in duty of him.

Please help me with this situation, because the officer that I called yesterday said I could make an appeal for him by sending the ICA a form from their web. I need him in SG in 2 weeks because we will have an important event here to attend.

This is my email : vellafebriani@yahoo.com

Today is 9 May 2017, and I'm still waiting for my boyfriend to give us any news to where he is now, because the airline itself don't even know where he is and keep on saying tat immigration is holding him now. Please help..

norman on April 30, 2017:

im writtimg to you right now from the detention room and they denied me entry because i was stay for a very short period and back to malaysia im devastated

Reju on February 12, 2017:

Hi Terri , I have been visited Singapore 2 times in the past without any issue.last month i have changed my passport name which is wrongly printed my father name and my name .Currently i have corrected name in my new passport and Last week my Singapore visa got rejected twice which is sponsored by my friend Singaporean. What should i do now ? is there any other way i can apply to get tourist visa or sponsored visa ? is there any possible reason for my visa rejection.

BostonMan on January 14, 2017:

I'll skip my planned visit to Singapore, I dont believe in being fingerprinted and tracked like an animal.

VNCH on January 12, 2017:

moral of story : don't stay illegaly. You reached Singapore on the purpose on visit but actually you look for jobs and would extend in every end of 30 days, that's unacceptable

lyn on January 07, 2017:

hi terry, i plan to go home in the Philippines on February for 5 days but my work permit will expire on march 25. will there be a problem if i come back Singapore because my permit nearly expire?will they allow me enter Singapore?

thankyou for helping me out

April on January 06, 2017:

Dear Terry,

I would like to seek for help. I worked in Singapore last Aug 3, 2016 up to Nov 20, 2016., due to some personal reason I was terminated and they gave me a tourist pass which mean 30 days. I went back home, in the Philippines last Dec 8. Now, I am planning to go back in Singapore for my job interview together with my 2 friends. Do you think I'll have some problems with this? I have a Singaporean boyfriend and relatives who's working in Singapore, can they help me out? I'm looking forward for you reply. I want to be enlighten with my situation. Feel free to respond on my email, eyncar@gmail.com

Mark on December 23, 2016:


I am going to SG for a 4 day vacation this coming April 2017. I have a confirmed return booking from tigerair from april 15 to april 19. My plan is to stay in SG for 2 days and then enter Malaysia to visit my aunt and stay there for 2 days. On the fourth day I will need to re enter SG to catch my flight going back to Manila. My question is, would there be any problem to re enter SG to catch my flight going back to Manila?

Jason Lim on December 21, 2016:

Hi terry. This post is very long ago. But i recently experience the same thing with my girlfriend. I am a local singapore, my girlfriend is an indonesian. She stayed in singapore residing at my house for 3-4weeks trying to interview for jobs but couldn't find one so she went back to indonesia. And after that, everytime she try to enter singapore she will be interviewed and only granted a night stay in sg. If u are still following this post, plz advise how could we solve this problem?

Sadasivan on November 14, 2016:

Hi Terry,

Myself and my wife are doctors working in India. We have both been offered fellowships is NUH AND SGH in anesthesia and Pain management, course lasting for 1 year. But they will issue us training employment pass. We have a 3 year old daughter whom we can't leave behind in India and have to take with us to Singapore. We can't take a dependent with us on training employment pass. What are the options available for us for taking our daughter. Kindly advise. Should we apply for a visitors pass for her and ask for extension or should we get a Singapore citizen known to us to apply for her

Lyn on October 24, 2016:

Hi i am in singapore staying for 28 days with my brother to watch over my 10 month old niece. Will go back to philippines but after a week i will go back to singapore again. Will i be denied entry?

dave on October 07, 2016:

when applying for a epass do we need to check have been refused?

Bien on September 16, 2016:

Hi Terry,

I have a cousin whose S-pass was just cancelled, he was given the 30-day period Visit Pass which already expired last 14 September. He has an interview on the 26th for a new job.. He wants to come back in Singapore on the 24th.. I know this will surely raise an eyebrow with the immigration officers, but is there a slight chance he might get pass this? He will be visiting with my Mom who will be taking a holiday with me..

MaYum on August 25, 2016:

Hi. I just need some information or advises to avoid the nightmare passing by the immigration. I am holding a Philippine passport. Now, I've been in Singapore last May this year 2016 and stayed to my boyfriend for 3n4d . Then By mid of September I'll be flying again for same days. Is there any possibility they will hold me due to my last visit? how many months the interval of visiting Singapore? Your response to my email at lorynosmil@gmail.com is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance. God Bless!

BLITZ on August 13, 2016:

hi terry i hope you can help me, i am holding a philippine passport, i stayed in singapore for 30 days as a tourist (social visit pass) last july 16,2016 and went back to manila last aug 13,2016. i was hired during that time and my s pass was still on process but i need to exit singapore because my visit pass was about to expired. i was planning to come back on sept 13, 2016 as a tourist. will there be a problem in the immifration of singapore? thank you

Hemant on June 28, 2016:

I'm from India. I visited Singapore in May 2014 on tourist visa and planning to visit Singapore next month July 2016 to meet my french friend who works for Orange Telecom in Singapore. I have travel Insurance, Return Flight Ticket and sufficient funds and my current employer NOC documents. My plan is to stay at my friends place in Singapore. Do I have to provide any document for it or I can simply provide his address and phone number while applying for VISA. Is their any problem from Singapore Immigration on this?

Duke on June 19, 2016:

I'm married to a singaporean woman, and I've been staying in Singapore for 3mths now, I will be going back to my country for a month. And the process for my Long term visit pass is still processing. Will there be any issue for me at the immigration counter at Singapore when I return?

Lunapepe on May 24, 2016:

I need your help, Terryzade.

I have actually emailed you (I saw your email from one post long time ago) but I am afraid that you might stopped using that email already so I decided to write you here.

My story is the same as yours. I was wondering how did you sort out the problem with immigration in order to get EP pass and live in Singapore. How long does it take? If it does not bother you too much, can you email me at latheo1985@gmail.com or you can answer me here which ever is convenient for you.

I would really appreciate your answer and looking forward to it

Thank you


mary on May 18, 2016:

hi terry i was denied last feb 25, 2016 to visit SG. But now have an invitation letter from a singaporean friend to enter SG for 10 days. do you think they will allow me this time ?

Leizl on April 02, 2016:

After how long you returned to singapore after being refused entry? What visa you've got when you enter singapore again?

I got denied entry last December 2015; And planning to study in singapore. I am just wondering if it is possible to get a student visa despite of having a A to A record of immigration.

Rose on March 03, 2016:

Hi.. Terry.. just yesterday my fiance's passport have prohibited from entering singapore. He us a malaysiab awhile i m sporean. He has been working in singapore for 5yrs. His eurasian boss and himself had a dispute. Until a small fight broke out. The boss used vuglarities untill my fiance punch him. This lead to a small case in police. However the mom and the police told him,it wasnt his fault. That he had to pay his medical fees. He did paid yesterday as his HR from his company told him to pay urgently and that he needs to renew his work pass permit. However,as he waited for very long hours in the mom. They told him that his passport was chopped and prohibited from entering spore. Now both of us was so upset. Cz we were preparing to get married in spore. Now, i don't know whether he can apply again to work here in spore or marry me too. The mom told him that they enlisted him cz he hit the eurasian boss. Cz the eurasian boss used vugluarties and refuse to pay his ot money as well. We can't even spend time. He had to work on sat and sun. He torture him terribly. Can u pls help me hoe shall i help my fiance to get a job in singapore and marry me here? I m totally at lost now... it wasnt my fiance's fault. His boss insinate him into fight with vugularties. But i m surprise why the mom never take action on the boss who use bad words on my fiance. How i can help my fiance now?? Pls email me.


thanks Terry...

would need your suggestions...on what i can do?

Cz he only went to renewal his work permit with his HR. Suddenly they do this after he paid the full amt to the hospital for the boss.

I don't what movtives does the boss have. The boss was prohibited from entering spore as well after he use vulguarlities. Pls help me...

Jenny on March 03, 2016:

Hi Terry, we are on the same boat. However after that incident, I came to SG again and they allowed me to enter although everytime the officer incharged always brought me to interview and being assessed. Recently, I had a job offer from one of Sg company. They helped me apply for an S-Pass. However, my S-Pass was rejected because of the declaration of refusal entry I had made (this is what my HR told me) . Then until now, they still helped me appeal for my rejected S-Pass . But next month, I have a graduation ceremony to attend, which is very important to me. I am very worried and scared if they won't allow me to enter sg because of my pending S-Pass appeal process. I have emailed ICA and they advised me to apply for entry visa in which I need a sponsor to fill up the form. I am scared if I did, my entry visa letter will be rejected and that's mean that I couldn't enter Sg for next month graduation. I was thinking whether it is better that I don't seek for entry approval and just fly to Sg and explain to the officer in charged that the purpose of me coming is for graduation purpose though I have a pending S-Pass appeal. I am worried that if I apply for the entry visa, then if rejected, I cannot come to sg for my graduation. I am pretty confused too what I should do. I need your advise. Thanks !

Kyaw on December 20, 2015:

Hi All,

Please give me advice , i had refused to entry by SG immigration last June 2015 . It has been already 6 month . I had lived in Singapore for four year working as a IT programmer . I left my job last may 2015 and return back to my own country. Three week later, i had decided to go back to sg . Then refused to entry by Sg immigration last june 2015 . When i arrived back to my country , I got a job from Sg , then agent helped me to applied EP . Unfortunately got rejected by MOM with no reason ( said they have reverse record about me ) . I think it is related to refused entry by immigration . But i am not sure they don't give exact reasons . Please give me advice how to solve this problem . Could i have chance to get EP again . Could i entry to Singapore with e-visa since it has been already 6 months ? . Thanks please help . I am a Myanmar citizen .

vietnam-is-shit on December 19, 2015:

Are you a vietnamese?All vietnamese got problems entering Singapore because many vietnamese came to Singapore to commit offences over the past 15yrs.

Fei on August 20, 2015:

@ 7000island

Were you able to go back to Singapore after going to Singapore Embassy here in Phils.? And do you still need to tick the box of being denied entry? Experienced that also of being denied entry last 29th of April '15, but I wanna know how long should I wait to re-enter Sg again. I just wanna visit my boyfriend for 2 weeks on January. I hope I can get a reply. Thanks!

Fei on June 15, 2015:

Hi Terry!

Good day! I would like to ask how to long do I have to wait to enter S'pore again? Last 29th of April, IO refused my entry in their country. The scenario is I was in S'pore already for about a month before I went to Indonesia and stayed there for about a week. But prior booking a flight to Indonesia, my sister planned to extend my stay and she most likely failed because of incomplete details she inputed in my application. The day after that incident, I went to Indonesia. Several days past, going back to Sg turn out not so well. They questioned me why did I file an extension, then I explained what happen but IO being unpolite didn't let me pass. And so now my boyfriend and I were planning to go to S'pore for an anniversary celebration in August. But, I'm hesitant that I might be refused to enter again. So, my question is already raised at first part of my message. Hoping to get a reply. Thanks.

Correy Smith on May 22, 2015:

Oh, I remember having to go through the same experience as the author. It happened a couple months ago while I was applying for a student visa here in the U.S. to go travel to England for college. Unfortunately, the student visa was cancelled so what I did next was to get in contact with a student visa cancellation specialist to see what went wrong. Luckily the issue was fixed but it would take another three weeks to get the process started once again. http://www.immigrationsolutions.com.au/services/vi...

Rita on May 05, 2015:

Hi All, I have a different case than the ones mentioned above. I had been rejected entry to US and my visa was cancelled by US immigration in 2010. This year, 2015, I want to travel Singapore as my husband would be there for 3 weeks for business purpose. I am planning to go there to visit the places for 2,3 days. There is a question in Visa form if i had ever been refused entry to any country? I cant mark No as my passport has that evidence (my US visa getting cancelled). If i mark yes, what's my chance of getting S'pore visa stamped?

Jullian on May 04, 2015:

Hi Terry, Can I ask something... Im a Philippine Passport holder and went to Indonesia for 90 days and since I can only stay for 30days I need to leave. I have aticket to SG and I will come back the same day to Indonesia so I can have another 30days stay again in Indo, would the Sg allow me or they might ask me about it? But I am only for vacation because my Family lives in Indonesia and since it is my summer vacation, I want to stay with them until June. Im in Indonesia rn since April. Pls reply. Thankyou!

kamalpreet on April 23, 2015:

Hello terry

I am indian resident and i visited singapore last december but the immigration officer send me back to india from changhi airport.because i carry my educational documents.they give the reason that i want to do work there.now if i apply any pass i can get entry to singapore again or not?

bryan on March 25, 2015:

Hi! I did an exit to Malaysia yesterday and on that same day tried to enter Singapore again but I was hold by the immigration because the return ticket that I got is not confirmed. Then I told them the truth and I was sent back to Malaysia with my passport stamp NTL by SINGAPORE, now have a new confirmed return ticket with me booked by a friend thru a credit card. Would they allow me to enter Singapore again this time if I try to go back tomorrow? Need your answer as soon as possible. Thanks and More Power.

Evan on March 23, 2015:

I got a similarity treatment from Singapore immigration on march 2015,I'm a successful businessman from Nigeria with widely experience,i have traveled a lot of counties for business and holidays but i have never experience such unfortunate scenarios.

I travel from Nigerian to Indonesia for a business trip as usual and i have Indonesia multiple valid visa of 1year called business visa after completing my business transaction i decide to buy some second handed PC for my offices uses and my colleague whom equally demanded for some,i then flue to Malaysia thinking it may be more cheaper there unfortunately my thinking was extremely wrong after 2days spent i went back to Indonesia and contact my business associate in Indonesia whom in return advise me to go to Singapore that its cheaper with good quality.

i have know option then to proceed for visa instead of going back to Nigerian first then i was giving e-visa to Singapore i bought my two ways ticket and was advise to make a hotel reservation for two days,i select one of 3stars hotels in Singapore since it was my first time going there and i have enough money for my two days which intended to stay.

I arrived at Singapore for the first time, It really started as comedians story,i was taken to a room where i saw a group of people and i was told to wait for about 5minuts a man came and call me for interview,first question...what are you doing for living...i respond business....for how long you're into business....15yrs... are you married Yes....what are you coming to Singapore for,My purpose of coming is to compare the prizes of PC if cheaper possibly i have know option rather to buy it here... how much do you have here can i see the cash.....I showed him......I said to him its not covenant for me to carry a big cash because i have bad experience before,It is ridiculous for Singapore immigration keep asking a suspicions and distrust question despite he saw evidence that i have know intention to stay more then 2days in his country,,,,another question where do you want to buy the PC in Singapore and what brand.....i have know choice of brand am looking for nice type of PC with quality however i will make an require from the hotel if the don't have business guild in the room....do you know anybody in Singapore....i don't know anybody and its not necessary i must know somebody before coming to Singapore since am financial ok include my hotel reservation just to stay only 2days and do business and go back....final question..what's your company name and address include home address ....i gave to him.....if i check the address and find it was wrong i will deport you back..... address i gave to him there was a wrong spelling which course it difficult to find instead of immigration to notify me for immediate correction but the failed and deport me back without known the reason,after all said done an immigration woman came back to me again and ask if i knew somebody in Singapore..i repeated again i know nobody,,, In a decent society, nobody takes the views of people like.

Singapore immigration must be fairness in asking question especially we blacks that came from third world countries,we are underdeveloped country therefore don't expect us to have all your basic requirements before allowing us to enter.

I was finally deported to Indonesia where i face psychological trauma from Indonesia immigration the most ugly experience i have ever hard in my life,Indonesia immigration refuse me to enter unless i paid $1300us despite i have one year Indonesia visa which allow me to stay Indonesia for a period months,i was denies detain at the airport until the next day when i called my company spouse until i paid $1300us and stamp me inn...Indonesia immigration is one of the most cock and corrupt institute in the world. Mr Terry can i got clue when can i enter Singapore again what did i need to do just for business nothing else

7000island on November 15, 2014:

Hi terry,

I got deported from Sg 6months ago I'm from Philippines after asking me if I have show money and after showing them I have only pesos and told them I have ATM cards they sent me to office for questioning.what I'm doing..why I was there for 2 months before..and I said because I spent some time with my bf and I have friends in Sg who are resident as well so I spent some time with them..it was summer so i decided to stay for vacation..then ask me again how much is your money now I showed I only have pesos coz I wasn't really bothered before I flew there coz I usually just use my.bank card and change money whenever I get to Sg..but no....after questioning for no reason they told me they will send me back to Manila..and I'm shocked I was like why..I have been coming there for years I never stayed long actually just last summer coz most of my friends living in Singapore now so after spending time with my bf I stayed with my friend..my bf was aware and even encourage me have my summer vacation with friends specially I will no have time this year coz I will be studying..so story short stayed for 2 months fly back after 2 weeks to meet my bf before my school starts but got deported...we were both upset and confused why what's going on.u know the feeling when u really want to see ur love and be with them and just hug them so tight but u couldn't???its worst feeling.. He was there waiting for me worried..I was on tears..I was scared and terrified I just want him to be next to me coz I got no clue why it's happening to us..what have I done?why they won't let me even call him..u know that feeling

They said try come back in 2 months I asked why, one guy said it's election that's why very strict ,,,but I didn't coz I started studying here in Manila but now I'm on a semestral break..after 6months I decided to go on holiday in hk then Sg to meet my bf before school sem starts. I decided to fly earlier to Sg with my brother to watch my brothers friend beauty contest ...so here it is...After hk I flew back to Manila stayed here for a week to sort my school then flew to Sg with my brother Friday night ,,i was gonna watch my brother's friend beauty pageant and Monday pick up my bf at the airport and go straight to marina bay and spend some time.we have a booking at marina under our names.. it's our 8months anniversary

Landed at Sg airport my brother got in and her friend but they had me stayed in the room even for hours.the senior officer just don't want to listen to me..he ask me why I was there in May and what happened .i told him I was gonna come meet my bf but for no reason they deported me back.he asked what I'm gonna do there now I said I'm going for holiday with my brother and watch my brothers friend contest and didn't mention I'm going to see my bf..and he asked only 3 days and I said yes.. Do u have money how much so I told him I have Singapore dollars which is 1000sgd and 35kpesos which is also 1ksgd..he was like 2k pesos??!!i said no i have a total of 2ksgd and showed him then he said u go in the room go go inside..then I was like my brother is there they don't believe me my brother even waved coz he was waiting for me..then the senior officer came into the room and said u cannot come in u cannot come in..I was like sir why.no u cannot come in..I told them can I call my brother I'm with him..and they were like,,, real brother or friend I said re brother yes..and they said he left he left.. I just want to cry that's the second time..what have I done now??then one nice police woman was surprised when she saw me in the waiting room before flight..she was like a bit annoyed like why I'm there again??u go to embassy of Singapore in ur country..u clear ur name coz they will just keep sending u in this room if u don't clear ur name and ask why ..I am thankful at least not losing hope..my bf knows what happened thank god he is not yet there..so tomorrow I will go to the embassy and file an appeal..and clear my name..terry is it gonna work u think??am I able to fly back tomorrow and be with my bf?did u go to their embassy in your country ..what do I need?pls pls help thanks...

yuki on October 13, 2014:

Hi terry

Its me again. I stay in sg for 60days. My first 30days I exit to jb day tour and when I get vback I got another 30days. in my 60days I exit to vietnam for 5days. And when I get back this oct10, at 1am they never let me enter sg until I sent back to philippines instead of back to vietnam because I choose philippines and they let me pay another ricket of tigerair. Beforehand they gave me paper thats telling being ineligible for the issue of a pass under current of immigration policies. My fiancé already plan the trip amonth ago that we were meeting in sg oct 24. We reserve hotel paid already. We have flight to thailand on oct28 and back to sg again on nov1. But im worried if I can still go back to sg after what happened to me?

yuki on October 13, 2014:

Hi I experience being sent back to philippines. I came from sg and fly to vietnam. I stayed there for 5days and when I get back to sg at 12am of oct 10. Immigration did stop me and detained me then let me pay for another ticket tigerair even I shoeed them I had my return ticket on oct15. They terminate my ticket and let me buy anither tigerair ticket. Then detained me in their room after waited for 4hrs in office for interview. I was in their room from 6am up to 5pm coz my flight is 5:30pm. Now my question is, my ffiance did book a flight to sg coming from switzerland and hotel on oct24 then our ticket to thailand on oct28. But since I was sent bavk to philippines instead of vietnam I did book my ticket back to sg the same date oct24 to see him. Also we did book a concert to watch on oct24. I know they took my fingerprint and copy of ny passport. But is it possible for me to enter sg even incident is just happened in 2weeks ago? I already book my roundtrip ticket. We have hotel oalready and flight to thailand. Pls answer me or in my email hannahmilelylavado@ymail.com

Dinesh on August 06, 2014:

Dear Terry,

I have followed your blog from quite some time and I seek your help in answering my query.

I have a S pass which is valid for 1 yr from now. My wife however came to SG on a tourist visa (two year multiple entry visa) for 30 day which I got extended to 60 days. She has returned to India yesterday on 60th day of her stay.

My question is 'can my wife return to Singapore after staying in India for 15 day ? Will she be denied entry?

Benn on June 19, 2014:

Hi all,

I just want to know if it is easy to work in Singapore? I'm planning to apply there. I'm a professional and i have a 2 years experience here in the Philippines. I'm a filipina and I booked a two way ticket for 5 days. I hope i can get any advise from you guys re employment, and why there are some foreigners got rejected by Ministry of Manpower? Thanks

sloz on June 03, 2014:

Hi henhenhen,

Yes I did declare it; I remember submitting Form 80. I also had to submit the police clearance from Singapore (as I had been there for more than 6 months), in which I did mention again about my refusal of entry.

I felt sick to my stomach, thinking that this incident is going to ruin my migration plans. However all went well. My advice to you is to be honest about the information you provide in the migration forms.

Good luck with your application.

BTW: Out of curiosity, what was the reason for your deportation in 2006? Have you ever tried to enter Singapore after that or did you ever try to contact ICA regarding this to resolve it?

henhenhen on June 02, 2014:

hi Sloz, Did you declare that you have been refused to enter Singapore to the Australian Immigration when you filled your Migration form? i'm facing dilemma, I've been deported once to enter Singapore in 2006 and currently applying PR in Australia, and they asked me have i ever been refused to enter any country. Please advise.

Dear Terry, do you know the email or phone number of the officer that related to the deportation data check? I want to enter Singapore again, but i need to check my status before i fly there. Please advice.

sloz on May 30, 2014:


Here is my incident. This is going to be a long story; however I just wanted to explain everything in detail. I am a Sri Lankan who was legally working in Singapore for like 3 years on EP as a IT executive (for us it is on arrival visa in Sinagpore). By mid of 2010 my contract got terminated and I had to surrender my EP (which means I was on a 30 day social visit pass).

During this period I had few interviews however didn't get any confirmed offers. Since my 30 days were coming to an end I tried the e extension to extend my stay; however it was denied. Now I had to leave Singapore.

However since I am pretty sure that one of the interviews that I attended will work in my favour, I decided not to go back to my country , but rather go to Johor Bahru and stay there for few days and come back.

So I booked a temporary return itinerary ticket to my country before I left to JB.

On my way back into Singapore, I was stopped randomly by an immigration officer. They asked questions and I provided the honest answers.

Then they asked for my return air ticket. I did mention that it is an itinerary ticket; they called the travel agency and they did tell that it was a valid ticket but that they had to cancel it as it was a tentative booking.

Then the issue started; the immigration officer took me into interrogation to meet with the higher officer.

I explained my situation to the officer. They went through my belongings and wallet. I did produce my driving license in Singapore, credit cards with my bank, etc.... for proof. They took photo of mine. I was told that they need to discuss this before making a decision

(Meanwhile I was asked to stay in a locked room with CCTV camera; terrible feeling never felt bad & embarrassed in my whole life)

After 15-30 minutes, I was told that I will not be allowed to enter Singapore & I was asked to return to JB. I pleaded and asked that I have my belongings in Singapore and to reconsider the decision. However there was no change in the decision. I asked if I am allowed to enter Singapore. I was told to write to ICA and they will decide on it.

I was gutted. I was issued with a filled form that I had to submit when entering JB. Went back to JB & immediately wrote an email to ICA explaining my situation. I went through my passport & there were no deportation stamp on it. Then I booked my flight from KL to my country & left on the very next day.

Back in my country, I got a reply from ICA, stating that I will need to apply for a visa through a sponsor (citizen/PR of Singapore) before I can enter back into the country

Meanwhile I was offered the job (from one of the interviews that I attended) in Singapore. I explained my situation to the Employer and they were quite supportive. They proceeded with the EP with MOM; I was quite worried thinking my EP is going to be rejected. Anyway, I filled in the EP form (and even answered yes, to the question, have you ever been denied entry into Singapore). Within 2 hours I got a call from my employer telling that my EP is approved. I was overjoyed.

Whole thing happened within a span of 2 to 3 days. I called ICA again to check if I am allowed to travel again into Singapore as I have the EP letter from MOM. However there is no direct yes/no answer; I was asked to apply through my sponsor to an entry visa and attach the documents. I did this with the help of my friend who was a Singapore PR.

Meanwhile my new employer was asking on when I am coming to Singapore; I was told that I can come to Singapore with the EP approval letter. However I did tell that my situation was a bit different and I was waiting for a reply from ICA.

I was again waiting till the lodged application to be processed (for like 1-2 weeks). I was calling ICA, & was quite frustrated and asked what if I fly tomorrow with the documents. I was told the decision is with the immigration officers at the check point and I may get arrested or deported & asked to wait till my application is processed.

After all these, finally my friend got a letter telling that my entry was refused. There was no reason mentioned in the letter. I was truly gutted. I called ICA again and checked on how long that I can't enter; again no direct answers. I was asked to submit another application through my sponsor at the time I wish to enter the country.

Frustrating part is that there is no higher official that you can speak to get more details; everything is handled through the customer service officers at ICA.

I had to decline the offer and cancel my EP from the employer (I felt sorry for them & I am thankful for all the assistance that they provided within their limits)

Meanwhile I applied for migration to Australia and got my PR. I chose to travel in beginning of 2012. Again transit is either Malaysia/Singapore. Wanted to try my luck again; wrote back again to ICA asking if I could enter Singapore on my way to Australia. As usual no direct yes/no answer; was asked to submit the application via sponsor.

I did ask again for a concrete answer if I can do it without a sponsor or am I allowed to land in Singapore. This time around I was told that the decision is with the immigration officer at the checkpoint at the time of entering Singapore; however I am allowed to stay in the air side. I didn't want to take any risks; hence I chose to travel via Malaysia.

Now that I have been in Australia for like 2.5 years (& about like 3.5 years from the incident day) I would like to know, what would be the possibility for me to visit Singapore for vacation or during transit.

I don't have anyone in Singapore right now to try the sponsor option. I don't feel like writing to ICA again. Should I contact an immigration lawyer to bring it to the attention of ICA? Please help me.

arman on May 23, 2014:

hi , i got nigthmare in singapore just 4 weeks ago, my wife and myself just transfer fligth from australia to cebu, the immigration officer asked my passport then check i thougth im ok because my wife was ok to get thru, to make it short they detained me for reason 3hours, i keep asking what done wrong , indian immigration officer (lady said shut up dont ask )i strated to worry my wife waiting and no idea watch going on.scorted me to the plane but no explanation why they do that to me,my passport have one more to expired, plus im australian residence can i complain to australian government about the treatment from singapore please advise me if good or not thank you

thepea on May 07, 2014:

Hello, hope you fine, please, i am a new traveler and want to travel to Singapore. To my best of knowledge, i don't need visa to move to singapore. Since i will be given visa upon arrival(from Ghana). What do i do, do i have to buy in and return ticket or just in ticket will be ok...Thanks

Amy on April 29, 2014:

Hi Terry, I am a philippine passport holder as well, I just came back from SG holding a SVP last February 25. I am planning to go back to sg for social visit by June of this year. Will it be ok? I am just worried because last year, I stayed there in Sg for 3 months and I was asked by an IO last january 27 when I came to SG. I was asked why I have stayed that long last yeAr. I just hope that it won't affect my next trip on June.

Amu on April 29, 2014:

Hi Terry, I am a philippine passport holder as well, I just came back from SG holding a SVP last February 25. I am planning to go back to sg for social visit by June of this year. Will it be ok? I am just worried because last year, I stayed there in Sg for 3 months and I was asked by an IO last january 27 when I came to SG. I was asked why I have stayed that long last yeAr. I just hope that it won't affect my next trip on June.

Marie on April 21, 2014:

Hi Terry,

Hope u can give me advice and tips. I'm holding a Philippine passport, i been working in Singapore for a year and holding spass permit... but my contract was ended and they give me social visit pass to stay for 30days... i have 7days left to stay so I'm planning to travel to JB, Malaysia to exit and enter again Singapore. do you think i will be in trouble, I'm worried that SG immigration will deny my entry? do they ask for a return ticket back to Philippines? thank you

shweta on March 15, 2014:


Mine is a very simple query.. my husband works in singapore.. he is not a PR.. he is on employment visa.. last nov i made an exit from singapore and came to my hometown.. after 10 days we applied for visit visa which was rejected.. my husband went down to ica along wid the pr who sponsored me.. ica officer asked to apply after 9th march.. we did so but was rejected again.. my husband went down again.. n dey asked to appeal. the officer during interview collected all the documents n asked him to resubmit them again via email. my husband n sponsor did so.. now my application is under appeal.. still waiting for result.. can anybody guide us wid the matter.. i would like to mention here few things.. i never overstayed in singapore... never even tried border hopping.. always came to my hometown for exit..

praying hard to get a positive reply from ICA.. but still dey wont a give a proper reason wud like to get some advice so that it wud be easier in future...

Thiago on March 13, 2014:

Hello there... How are you?

I went to Singapore from bangkok.. And they do not let me in and send me back to bangkok... How long should I wait to come back? I leave all my stuffs there... Also I got opportunity to get job as entertainment... The send me back on 13th of this month... You think is fine if I ask my friend to help me apply my entertainment pass or is better I wait?

Bren on March 11, 2014:


Holding Social Visit Pass in SG then ill go to Malaysia to visit friends. How many days do i need to stay in Malaysia before i can go back to SG?

Mark on March 11, 2014:


I have a visa going to dubai. is there any problem if i go to SG. Then Get a flight in Dubai? I have a friend also in S.G.

Sara Whitter on March 10, 2014:

I was hoping somebody could give me some advice. My friend is a South Korean citizen but has a petty theft conviction from the US. Will this prohibit him from entering Singapore?

liza on February 27, 2014:

Hi Terry! I hope you can help me i just want to know about my situation because i have a Philippine passport expiring May 3, 2014, it is just urgent i neeed to go visit my fiancé in Singapore because he is sick. Do you think i can travel Singapore i know it is needed should be a 6 months validity for my pasport. Thanks.

JackWitson on February 25, 2014:

I really loved reading your blog. It was very well authored and easy to understand. Unlike was Additional Blogs Which I Have read are really not good.

kim jung on February 25, 2014:

I am planning to stay in singapore 90 days on entry as i need some travel and then will go to Malaysia and return back to singapore and after week back to seoul. I hold korean passport it is any trouble to reenter singapore after 90 days stay? Pls advuse..thanks.....

catcat on February 19, 2014:

Hi..i encounter the same problem..last september me and my fiancé went to phuket coz my vissa will expire..then wen we got back in sg. The imigration officer send me to the office and ask some question and get my thumb print.. and they told me i need to go back to my country..(philippines )i wanna know wen i can go back to singapore..its been 5 mons after that incident.. does anyone knows if 5mons ...is ok to vissit singapore after being refuse to enter?.. i need your help please... thank u

Jennifer on February 16, 2014:

I also looking for a job so I can have work permit and be able to stay here with my boyfriend. Where to look for jobs? I have been apply for job online jobstreet but no news until now already 6months stay in singapore I am so worried

Jennifer on February 16, 2014:

Hi I stay in singapore over 6 months but go to malaysia nonstop for groceries with my boyfriend. I hold a US passports only stay here as a tourist visit just to be with my lover. We are not planning to get marry yet but next 2 years will marry. Will singapore send me back to Usa or what should I do to stay longer

br on February 11, 2014:

i had gone to meet my gf in hongkong, as they issue visa on arrival , i had gone there without a visa , i hold indian passport, but they refused me entry inside, and alongside me there were many indians, filipinos and sri lankans we all were denied entry , when i asked the reason, they just keep laughing, and said u can't enter the hongkong at this moment this time, but u can try in future

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