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Top 12 Things to Do and See in VGP Universal Kingdom, Snow Kingdom, and Marine Kingdom

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VGP Universal Kingdom is an amusement park that has entertained the residents and tourists of Chennai for over four decades. Snow Kingdom and Marine Kingdom are two more attractions on the same campus, but entry is charged separately for the three theme parks.

The Top Things to Do and See at VGP

  1. Petting Zoo
  2. Panneer Fort
  3. Roller coaster ride
  4. Go Karting
  5. Other rides
  6. Aqua Kingdom
  7. Horror House
  8. VGP Golden Beach
  9. Admire sculptures
  10. Admire nature
  11. VGP Snow Kingdom
  12. VGP Marine Kingdom

The first 10 items are part of the VGP Universal Kingdom, the amusement park. Snow Kingdom and Marine Kingdom are worth visiting once. The amusement park can be visited several times, as there is lots to see and do. I cannot help it if this feels more like a photo feature and less like an article.

1. The Petting Zoo

This is a new addition right at the start of the short tour inside the VGP Universal Kingdom. The animals being reared are goats, chicken, turkey and sheep. One can feed them, pet them, or play with them.

2. Walk Through the Panneer Fort

The fort is named after the park's late founder, Mr. V.G. Panneer Das. It was built based on the Chola style of architecture. The pillars have intricate designs, making this a favorite location for Tamil movies.

3. Ride the Roller Coaster

This one is relatively an easy ride, compared to roller coaster rides in other amusement parks. It does not have an upside-down twist and therefore, even the less courageous visitors can have a go at it.

4. Go Go-Karting

There is a small, oval-shaped go-karting track where one can cruise at their own convenience. The fare for this ride is not included in the entry ticket. Instant photo prints are offered for the benefit of those who like to preserve the memories.

5. Try Out the Other Rides

The other adult rides include Ferris Wheel, Dashing Cars, Top Gun, 12-D show etc. Top Gun is the most challenging among all rides. It is not for the weaker ones who dislike being turned upside-down.

Kid's rides include a toy train ride and the jungle car ride. The track for the toy train runs through a beautifully designed tunnel for the excitement of kids. The second one would appeal to adults as well because of the photo opportunities.

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Tornado Ride at VGP Aqua Kingdom

Tornado Ride at VGP Aqua Kingdom

6. Make a Splash at Aqua Kingdom

Aqua Kingdom is part of VGP Universal Kingdom. The water rides are included in the entry fee. The major attractions inside are water chute, tornado, and aqua racer. One should reserve this for the very last. This is a place where one can let their hair loose and get wet.

7. Walk Through the Horror House

This is designed like a haunted house. Audio and special effects are created inside the dark passages to scare the visitors. We did not find this very scary, but it was good fun in the company of friends and family.

8. Enjoy VGP Golden Beach

The beaches on the East Coast Road are clean and more enjoyable. The VGP Golden Beach is accessible only to the guests of the amusement park and the VGP resort. So it is like an exclusive beach for the guests at the amusement park.

9. Check Out the Beautiful Sculptures

The beautiful sculptures in the Panneer Fort are well known. But the sculpture work is not limited to the fort alone. The entire campus is filled with many art forms. The one in the picture above is at the entry point to the rides.

10. Admire Nature

There is such abundant greenery inside the amusement park that one would feel comfortable even on a hot summer day. The landscaping and the choice of flora makes the walk inside the park a pleasant experience.

11. Visit VGP Snow Kingdom

This is part of the VGP complex but has a separate entrance with a separate entry fee. To appreciate the concept of the Snow Kingdom, one needs to know about the weather of Chennai. It rarely drops below 20⁰ C even in winter and it has never ever snowed in Chennai or Tamil Nadu. This explains why Snow Kingdom is special for Chennai residents.

One can slide, play and make shapes out of snow without traveling thousands of miles to the Himalayas range in North India or Switzerland. Kids love it and adults would also enjoy it the first time.

12. Visit VGP Marine Kingdom

VGP Marine Kingdom is on the same campus next to the Snow Kingdom. There is a separate entry fee for the Marine Kingdom. It is an aquarium with an underwater tunnel similar to the one in Singapore. Shark, string rays and lionfish are some of the species one can find here.

There is a photo station inside designed to take close-up pictures with the marine animals. This is one of the few places that offers scuba-diving in India.

Other Information

VGP Universal Kingdom is on the East Coast Road within the city limits of Chennai. Ample parking facilities are available for cars and bikes. One can also take a city bus or the omnipresent call taxi to get there. Do not miss the large family dosa that is a speciality inside VGP Universal Kingdom. One dosa would be enough for a family of four.

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