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South America


5 Unbelievable Things You Can Do in Bolivia

In 2015, Bolivia was the third least-visited country in South America. But the heart of South America has so much to offer to those who come to explore the complicated backdrop of rich colors and diverse landscapes. Consider just five things that await you in Bolivia.


Visiting the Mayan Ruins in Mexico

The Mayans were a widespread and sophisticated culture that spanned much of Central America, and persisted for thousands of years. The Maya left beyond extensive stone ruins in Mexico, which provide tourists with a fascinating look at a their great civilization.


The Best Time to Travel to Costa Rica

The rainy season is the best time to travel to Costa Rica. Here are three reasons why.


3 Excursions in Costa Rica You Don't Want to Miss out On

These excursions include the Congo Trail Zip Lining tour, Palo Verde Boat tour, Guanacaste Pineapple Park tour, exploring Liberia in Guanacaste, and the Sensoria rainforest tour.


Visiting Guatemala: Land of Eternal Spring

Looking for your next vacation spot? How about Guatemala, called "land of eternal spring" for its great weather and beautiful tropical rainforest, and one of the more affordable vacation destinations? Here are some places you should definitely visit in Guatemala.


How to See Rio on a Tight Budget (Food, Activities, and More)

Are you on a budget but still want to visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil? Find out how to make the most of a small budget in this gorgeous city.


Tour Machu Picchu, Peru, Lost City of the Incas

Planning to go to Machu Picchu in Peru? Find out how to get there and whether or not it's worth the trip! Photos are included to help you make an informed decision.


How to Book Your Amazon Rainforest Tour - Marasha Nature Reserve

A 3-day tour into the exotic Amazon rainforest. Experiences, advice and tips plus photographs of Marasha Reserve. What to expect when you book a tour from the Colombian town of Leticia.


Make the Most of Your Day Out in Sao Paulo: 20 Things to Do and See

Plan a day out in Brazil's largest city using taxis, buses, and the Metro. Stay safe and get to where you want to be. Sao Paulo has great museums, art galleries, restaurants, parks, and local markets.


Amazon Boat Cruise: A 1,000-Mile Trip From Tabatinga to Manaus in Brazil

Learn all about my 4-day river cruise down the mighty Amazon river in Brazil, including information, tips and a personal view on the biggest river system on the planet.


Five Brazilian Habits Americans Will Never Understand

There are some Brazilian customs that Americans will simply never understand, such as showering multiple times a day and signs of affection like cheek kisses. Find out more (and check out an avocado smoothie recipe)!


Honduras Off The Beaten Path: San Juancito and La Tigra

Every year many tourists and adventurers come to experience one of the world's few remaining pristine natural biological habitats, but most never see the historical gem of San Juancito.


Folk Art of Honduras

Art is a creation of the soul, and a soulful people will always create art. Honduras has an abundance of both.


Top 5 Places to Take a Toddler in San Salvador

If you are new in town, or just need help choosing, I have chosen the five places that me and my toddler enjoy visiting the most in San Salvador.


Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu: Travel Advice and Tour Recommendations

Tips and suggestions to make the world-famous walk to Machu Picchu the trip of a lifetime


A Guide to the Perfect Family Vacation in the Pucon Area of Chile

A trip to the Pucon Area of Chile could be the family vacation of a lifetime. This article contains all you need to plan your vacation, including travel advice and suggestions for activities and places to stay.

from Playa Panama

Weather in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Know the weather in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, so you can plan your vacation to this region during the best times. Most of the year is great to vacation, but there are two months that are rainy.