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Parks & Natural Wonders


Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah: Forces of Nature

Cedar Breaks is a national monument dedicated to the forces of erosion in southern Utah. See photos and videos of this stunning high-altitude setting. Also, learn about the work of the CCC during the Great Depression.


2 Must-See State Parks in Utah

Two of the most beautiful—and least visited—State Parks in Utah are Kodachrome Basin and Coral Pink Sand Dunes. A visit to either can offer visitors a less crowded, yet equally impressive alternative to Utah's national parks.


My Summertime Destination: Ruby Beach Along the Olympic Peninsula Loop

I will be sharing my personal experience and recollections of my summertime camping trip and visit to Ruby Beach in Washington State.


My Summertime Destination: Rialto Beach at the Olympic Peninsula

This is a shared experience and recollections of my Summertime camping trip and visit to Rialto Beach at the Olympic Peninsula.


Stockholm Day Trips: Gårdsjö Moose Park, Uppsala, Sweden

When you visit Sweden, I recommend you visit Gårdsjö Moose Park. You can see moose close enough to touch them. It's near Stockholm and is an ideal day-trip for all the family.


Hemer Provincial Park and Roberts Memorial Provincial Park Near Nanaimo

In this article, I compare and contrast two provincial parks on Vancouver Island that are very close to one another, Hemer and Roberts Memorial.


Belfast's Lagan Meadows

Lagan Meadows in south Belfast is a wonderful rural oasis situated well within the city's limits. Only ten minutes drive from the city centre it is well worth a visit and links up with the much longer Lagan Tow Path. Dogs are permitted on leashes, as are bicycles


5 Wonderful Lakes on Vancouver Island

The author recounts his favorite freshwater swimming spots on Vancouver Island.


Newport’s Breathtaking Cliff Walk: Scenic Views and Stately Mansions

A must for any visitor to Newport, the Cliff Walk offers panoramic coastal views and a glimpse of Newport's most famous mansions.


31 Best Zoos to Visit in the United States

These 31 zoos are often considered the best zoos in the United States. They feature unique exhibits, exemplary conservation efforts, and put animal welfare and education at the forefront of their activities.


Lake Willoughby: The Norwegian Fjord in Northern Vermont

Lake Willoughby, VT offers a raft of outdoor activities including aquatic sports, hiking and lazy days on the beach. It also bares a striking resemblance to the Fjords of Norway, with its clear waters and spectacular woodland.


Matzke Park: Family-Friendly Environs in Houston

Matzke Park provides delightful picnic and playing areas, sports fields, exercise stations, a short trail, a free speech area, and seasonal events in NW Houston. It bears the name of an honored teacher.


A Visit to Arizona’s Spectacular Meteor Crater

The Barringer Meteor Crater located a few miles east of Flagstaff, AZ, is the only visible meteor crater on earth. It is similar to craters on the moon and has changed very little since the impact 50,000 years ago. The crater attracts visitors from all over the world.


Photos of Fleming Park in Houston, Texas

This beautiful Houston neighborhood park contains some vintage playground equipment plus a totem pole birdhouse, setting it apart from the norm. See photos.


Maxwell Park in Cypress, TX: A Hidden Gem!

Maxwell Park is only 13.9 acres situated along Cypress Creek in Cypress, Texas, in the Houston metro area. Moss-laden trees dot the landscape of this tucked-away park amid nearby homes. We happened upon the cutest scene, and you can view it here.


Katy Dog Park: 14 Acres of Fun for People and Pets in Katy, TX

Fourteen acres of land comprise the Katy Dog Park in Katy, TX. Shade trees, wide-open grassy areas, a pool for canines, and a walking path all add to the pleasure of spending time there.


Visiting Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center Cambodia

Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre (PTWRC) is located outside of Phnom Penh and is run by Wildlife Alliance. They rescue and rehabilitate animals from the illegal wildlife trade and provide a permanent home for those they cannot release. Tours run daily from Phnom Penh.


The Perfect Day Trip: Caesar’s Head State Park and Greenville

This article includes an itinerary and description of hiking at Caesar's Head State Park and visiting Greenville in South Carolina.


A Visit to Crazy Horse Memorial Park in South Dakota

Though still in progress, the Crazy Horse Memorial is stunning and an important stop for anyone heading to its more famous cousin—Mount Rushmore.


Fred Howard Park: Hidden Gem of Florida’s Gulf Coast

Howard Park is one of those true hidden gems that offers a beautiful beach area combined with a wonderful multipurpose park that has something for everyone.


Utah's Spectacular Millcreek Canyon and Nebo Loop in Winter

My husband and I didn't want to miss a chance to witness the beautiful view from the top of Millcreek Canyon, and we have beautiful images to share!


A Quick Trip to Antelope Island State Park in Utah

Antelope Island State Park is mesmerizing. Situated in the Great Salt Lake, it's one of the most breathtaking places I have visited in the beehive state of Utah. The island is a picturesque backdrop for hiking and wildlife viewing.


Visiting Mount Greylock, the Highest Point in Massachusetts

Mount Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts and offers visitors stunning views, miles of hiking trails, and a wonderful mountaintop experience.


Gus and Lyndall Wortham Park, and Wortham Fountain: Comparing Both Houston Sites

Well-known philanthropists Gus and Lyndall Wortham have a park and a fountain bearing their name in two distinct areas of Houston. See what makes each unique and special, and learn some Houston history.


Where and When to See Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park, Colorado

A guide to finding elk in Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park, Colorado. Information on where to see elk in all four seasons along with photos.


Touring the South Dakota Black Hills in a Day

Useful information, links, and photos of the South Dakota Black Hills area, including Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and Custer State Park.


3 Community Parks in the Willow Fork Drainage District in Katy, Texas

In addition to three community parks, the Willow Fork Drainage District in Katy, TX, maintains many miles of channels as well as interconnecting trails. See photos and learn about the parks here.


Casa Grande National Monument in Arizona

The ruins of Casa Grande National Monument date back centuries. Located in the Sonoran desert of Arizona, the massive "big house" and other structures were abandoned in 1450. Learn about it here.


8 Offbeat Natural Wonders in India Worth Visiting

This article is for travelers who like to explore unexplored places offering unique travel experiences. Many destinations off the beaten path are worth visiting including Nohkalikai Falls and Lonar Crater.


Jamail Skatepark: Stunning Texas-Sized Skatepark in Houston

The Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark is one of the largest of such parks in all of Texas. If you are a skateboarder, you will definitely wish to see this fantastic place near Houston.


Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary Photos and Information

We are lucky to have this wondrous nature sanctuary in the heart of Houston. One seems far removed from the hustle and bustle when walking in this natural habitat.


Kleb Woods Nature Preserve: Amazing Site in Tomball, Texas

Are you a bird watcher? Do you like wooded areas and ponds? Kleb Woods Nature Preserve is a 132-acre beauty with a nature center, trails, picnic areas, etc.


Carolyn H Wolff Park: An Urban Arboretum in Houston

The Carolyn H Wolff Park in Houston contains one champion and six notable trees. Many others grace this beautiful reserve set aside for nature lovers.


Tim Bailey Sculpture in Eleanor Tinsley Park Houston

The Tim Bailey sculpture titled "Shady Grove" in Houston's Eleanor Tinsley Park holds meaning for victims of crime. It is one of several notable sculptures in this park.


McClendon Park in Houston: Exercise, Play, and Learn!

McClendon Park packs much into its 22.8 acres. Exercise, play, education, and more are here in this beautifully designed Harris County park. See photos.


"Monument au Fantôme" by Jean Dubuffet in Downtown Houston

The "Monument au Fantôme" by Jean Dubuffet in Discovery Green Park, located in downtown Houston adds much to the public art scene in our art-loving city.


Little Cypress Creek Preserve: Wildlife Habitat in Cypress, TX

Located in Cypress, TX, the 58-acre Little Cypress Creek Preserve is a rustic nature reserve amid surrounding subdivisions. Birders like this place!


Paseo Park in Bellaire, TX: History and Beauty on Display

The pretty 6.5-acre Paseo Park is on the wide esplanade of Bellaire Boulevard in Bellaire, TX. It has a streetcar, art, clock, war memorial, and historical markers.


Congressman Bill Archer Park: Houston Dog Park Heaven!

Located in western Houston, Congressman Bill Archer Park is a popular dog park for both large and small canines. A small skate park is also located there.


Mandell Park in Houston: Neighborhood Urban Harvest Oasis

Mandell Park is one of the many Urban Harvest community gardens in Houston located in the Montrose area. Community involvement has beautified this spot.


Houston’s Hermann Park: So Many Attractions!

Hermann Park is filled to the brim with attractions, including golf, an outdoor theater, museum, zoo, lake, Japanese garden, miniature railroad, playgrounds, and so much more.


Seabourne Creek Nature Park: Peaceful Haven in Rosenberg, TX

The Seabourne Creek Nature Park in Rosenberg, Texas, consists of 164 acres of open prairie, lake, wetlands, and bird sanctuary. It is educational and amazing!


Evelyn’s Park in Bellaire, TX: Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Sculpture

One item that makes Evelyn's Park in Bellaire, TX, unique is the fantastic sculpture of Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter Tea Party.


Theis Attaway Park: Small Nature Center in Tomball, Texas

Theis Attaway Park is a 4-acre nature preserve in Tomball, Texas, with a pond, observation platform, amphitheater, 1/4-mile trail, lawn area, and restrooms.


Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve: Nature Lover's Paradise in Houston

The 80-acres of Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve has forested areas + 40-acres of Marshall Lake. View wildlife, walk the trails, enjoy scout activities & more.


McGovern Centennial Gardens in Houston's Hermann Park

The McGovern Centennial Gardens is a 15-acre portion of Houston's Hermann Park. These lovely gardens include a garden mount, pavilion, sculptures, and more.


Market Square Park: Historic Beauty in Downtown Houston

Market Square Park in downtown Houston has an interesting history. Once the site of government and commerce, it is now a beautiful park with many amenities.


Listening Vessels at Houston Discovery Green Park

Listening Vessels are stone sound sculptures in downtown Houston's Discovery Green Park. People can sit and whisper and hear one another from 70 feet apart!


Cullen Park in Houston: Velodrome, Sports Fields, Trails and More

Cullen Park serves as a flood control project in western Houston. It also has a velodrome, baseball and soccer fields, trails, splash pad, picnic areas, etc.


Levy Park Photos and Descriptions: Fantastic Houston Playground

Houston's Levy Park is fantastic! It has a playground, elevated boardwalk, lawn area, art, restaurants, community garden, books, games and more!