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6 Offbeat Places to Visit in Kodaikanal

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Kodaikanal is one of the most popular hill stations in Tamil Nadu. Its major sight-seeing attractions need no introduction. Kodai Lake, Coaker's Walk, Pillar Rocks, Guna Caves, Golf Club, Bryant Park and Silver Cascade are all great places known to seasoned travelers. In this article, I will talk about some of Kodaikanal's lesser-known attractions.

Lesser-Explored 6 Places in Kodaikanal

  1. Berijam Lake
  2. Pine forest
  3. Private waterfalls inside a resort
  4. Colonial era churches
  5. Bajji stalls around Kodai lake
  6. Hot chocolate shops

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1. Berijam Lake

This secluded lake is not known to many regular travelers. It is located inside a reserve forest and entry is restricted by forest officials. Even then, permission is given only for daytime visit with a strict condition that the visitors should leave the forest area well before the arrival of dusk.

It takes a couple of hours by car to reach Berijam lake from Kodai town. We can expect peace and solitude there, as there is never much of a crowd. One can soak in the virgin charm of this place with its lush greenery and pristine surroundings.

There are numerous stories of bison sightings around Berijam lake and how threatening they can be when they get aggressive. Leopard sightings are rare, though the big cats are known to be present in this region. One should remember not to venture deep in the woods, as that is the big cats' territory.

2. Pine Forest

Mild adventure seekers can plan a minor trekking session around the famous Guna caves. Guna caves are the natural caves that became more popular after this became the backdrop for a namesake Tamil movie made in the nineties. This is probably the only cave to be named after a movie title in the world. The caves are now off-limits to tourists and the entry is sealed with grilled gates. Such restrictions became essential as the caves had a history of many suicides and accidental deaths.

The path leading to the cave is in the middle of a pine forest, so one should consider the pine forest as the main attraction. It offers plenty of photo opportunities, and one can walk for hours in the vicinity. It is not a strenuous trek, and any reasonably healthy individual can enjoy the walk.

3. Private Waterfalls

The Kodai International Hotel has a waterfall landlocked within its premises. Only the guests of the hotel can access this waterfall. Is it not amazing to sit and spend time with your near and dear ones near a private waterfall? This hotel has adequate space and facilities for sports activities such as table tennis and badminton.

Sterling Lake View, Carlton, Club Mahindra and Sterling Valley View are the other stay options worthy of consideration. The first two are closer to the lake and the last two are near a valley away from the main town.

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4. Colonial Era Churches

St. Peter’s church is the oldest of all the churches in Kodaikanal. Bishop Robert Caldwell built this church in the year 1887. This is the oldest of all the churches in Kodaikanal. The church is near Coaker’s walk, one of the major tourist attractions in Kodaikanal. In this land of magical hills and mesmerizing valleys, a colonial structure adds a distinct charm.

Christ, the King Church is another prominent colonial era church constructed in the year 1895. Built prominently using stones, this was built by the American Madurai Mission. It was earlier known as the Union church.

The Lutheran Church in Lakshmipuram is an iconic structure of this hill station. It was constructed in 1932 using Gothic architecture. It features stained glass windows having paintings and murals showcasing the life of Jesus Christ.

5. Bajji Stalls Around the Lake

Is boating the only attraction in Kodai lake? There is another attraction called bajji in the form of a mouth watering snack. It is a popular snack in South India made by deep frying a vegetable slice dipped in batter. It is an indulgence worth having, but in moderation.

Bajjis can be made from various vegetables like plantain, potato, chilli and onion. Bajjis can also be made by dipping bread or boiled egg in batter. The chilli bajji, or the milaga bajji as it is called in Tamil, is the most sought-after one. It is hot and spicy, just the kind you would love in the cold weather.

Bajji is a great street food, so I don’t have to refer a specific place. Look for any Bajji stall on the streets surrounding the lake or market area. Choose the one with the biggest crowd, as an affirmation of quality.

Cycle Around the Lake

The road surrounding the Kodai lake is long and scenic. The entire stretch of road is at a uniform level with no slopes, making it ideal for cycling. Hundreds of bicycles are available for rent around the lake. Hire a bicycle for as much time as you want and enjoy the ride around the lake.

There is a small stretch where you would find many shops, and this section of the road is always crowded. Other than this stretch, the ride is enjoyable for most other parts with an unhindered lake view. You may be greeted by an occasional shower that comes without a warning, but the act of cycling would keep you warm even if you got drenched.

6. Hot Chocolate Shops

A few good chocolate shops can be found closer to Hotel Astoria in "Anna Road". The calorie boost after taking this drink will help one stay warm in the chilly weather. More importantly, it is yummy. If you wish to enjoy true South Indian vegetarian cuisine, you should also step into Hotel Astoria. This restaurant is usually very crowded. Once you taste the food here, you will know why it is always crowded.

Note: I am off sugar for two years, and there has been a noticeable positive impact on my health. I used to enjoy hot chocolate on my earlier trips to Kodaikanal but will not have it again. I am sharing this only as a piece of information about a local specialty that some of you may like.

Main Attractions in Kodaikanal

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