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Updated on May 9, 2016
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European Islands for a Unique Vacation

You want to go to Europe to explore the wide variety of culture and arts throughout the continent's many countries, but the idea of lounging on the beach somewhere sounds equally enticing. Why not do both?

Don't go fight the crowds at all the popular "hot spots" in Europe. For your next vacation, consider visiting one of the exotic European Islands. It will be a unique travel experience that you won't soon forget!

I love Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal, in particular. All of these countries include islands within their territories. As you move away from the mainland, you'll discover island life is as varied as the countries' flags and traditions.

Here's a list of 12 of the best European islands for vacation. Take your pick among locations in the Mediterranean or Atlantic. Don't forget to pack the sunscreen and camera!

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands
Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands

12 European Islands You Won't Want to Miss

  • Tenerife (Spain, Canary Islands)
  • Sardinia (Italy)
  • Madeira (Portugal)
  • Santorini (Greece)
  • The Azores (Portugal)
  • Fuerteventura (Spain, Canary Islands)
  • Sicily (Italy)
  • Ionian Islands (Greece)
  • Šibenik Islands (Croatia)
  • Iceland
  • Malta Island (Malta)
  • Ibiza (Spain)

Why Travel to a European Island?

Some of the European Islands featured here are territories of mainland countries, and others are "stand-alone" sovereign states, including Malta and Iceland. Yet, each of these regions might as well be their own nation.

European cultural influences are evident, and the language or dialect may be "borrowed" from elsewhere. However, when it comes to the sights, sounds and tastes of these islands, you simply have to go there for the experience that mainland cannot match!

For example, one of Spain's Wackiest Festivals, the Burial of the Sardine, takes place each year on the island of Tenerife (within the Canary Islands). If you've experienced Mardi Gras in New Orleans, then I suggest you find a book your cheap flights to Tenerife before next February so you can partake in the bizarre festivities that include parading a dead fish on a throne through town... and lots of drinking and dancing, as well!

Highlights of Tenerife


Although the Canary Islands are an autonomous territory of Spain, they are actually off the coast of the African continent, about 100 km south of the border of Morocco and Western Sahara. Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and offers a wide range of activities from watersports to hiking, photography and unique cultural activities.

Spain's highest mountain, Mount Teide, is found on Tenerife. From the top of this World Heritage Site, you'll have a grand view of the rest of the volcanoes on the island. The region is rich in wildlife and natural beauty. Not surprisingly, tourists love to visit Tenerife - 12 million each year, to be precise!

The north coast of Madeira
The north coast of Madeira


If you like wine, you'll love Madeira! Winemaking has long been a tradition in this Portuguese region. According to Wikipedia:

Madeira is noted for its unique winemaking process which involves heating the wine up to temperatures as high as 60°C (140°F) for an extended period of time and deliberately exposing the wine to some levels of oxidation. Due to this unique process, Madeira is a very robust wine that can be quite long lived even after being opened.

Like Tenerife, Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal, located in the northern Atlantic ocean. Its about 520 km from the African coast, and 1000 km from the west coast of Europe. Temperatures hover around 70 degrees F year round. Just perfect!

Year-round, tourists flock to the island to enjoy Madeira wine, its abundant, beautiful flowers and the largest fireworks show in the world on New Year's Eve (as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records).

Luna Beach on Sardinia
Luna Beach on Sardinia


For amazing architecture, fresh, tasty cuisine, and unique culture, the island of Sardinia has it all! You'll step back in time to an ancient era when you visit the Bronze Age stone towers (called Nuraghe), or the Roman bath runs at Fordongianus. The sacred well of Santa Christina is an architectural marvel, as well.

After your sightseeing, be sure to take a walk along one of the gorgeous sandy beaches of Sardinia (Luna Beach is pictured above). Fresh seafood is found in coastal restaurants, or you can enjoy a meal of slow-roasted meat inland.

Local culture is just that -- local! Sardinian festivals are traditional celebrations that have been passed down from generation to generation. But don't worry about crashing the party. Tourists are always welcome. The best known festival in Sardinia is the annual horse race at the beginning of July, called l'ardia di San Costantino.

Blue skies, blue roofs and white buildings in Santorini
Blue skies, blue roofs and white buildings in Santorini


Yes, its true. Santorini is just that beautiful. The island is a popular destination, either on its own, or as part of a Greek isles cruise. Magical and romantic, many couples enjoy Santorini as a honeymoon destination.

Postcard-perfect photos like the one above are signature Santorini. Famous white houses with blue domes are nestled into the cliffs created by eons of volcanic eruptions. You can walk the crater rims or stroll along the magnificent beaches.

Cap off your evening with delicious Greek cuisine and perhaps a glass of ouzo.

The Azores, Portugal

The Azores

If you haven't heard of the Azores, you're not alone. The 9-island archipelago, a territory of Portugal, is one of the most undiscovered European islands. Stunning natural beauty greets you and may even make you wonder whether you should keep the secret of the Azores to yourself so that it doesn't get overrun by tourists....

If you like spending time outdoors, the Azores is the place to visit. Hike along trails to reach waterfalls, calderas and tiny seaside villages. All you'll need are a pair of sturdy shoes and a camera! While there, be sure to walk to Sete Cidades on São Miguel, the main island. The village is nestled within a caldera, flanked by one blue and one green lake. Another favorite destination is the fajas, or coastal plains, of São Jorge. Visit Faial, which is a favorite among the yachting community and stop at the famous Peter Café Sport.

Amazingly, you can get to the Azores in just 4 hours via plane from Boston!

Majestic scenery in Fuerteventura
Majestic scenery in Fuerteventura


If you like Tenerife, you may want to extend your vacation to the Canary Islands with a visit to Fuerteventura, one of the Canary islands.  The island is very popular with water sports enthusiasts, in large part due to the strong winds that propel sailboats across the waves. 

Surfers love the giant swells and the beaches are simply amazing.  Take your pick among clean, pristine white or black volcanic beaches.  There are even guided walking tours along the sands.

Just 70 miles off the coast of Morocco, a trip to Fuerteventura is an island vacation like nothing you've ever experienced.

Sights in Sicily


Sicily is the large Italian island being kicked by the "boot" that is the mainland country. Practically a nation in itself, Sicily is steeped in history, art and excellent wine! Forget what you've read or heard about this island with a storied past. The people there are friendly and helpful, and while your travel experience will have an Italian flair, it will also be uniquely Sicilian!

Sights you'll want to visit when in Sicily include the rumbling volcano - Mount Etna, the city of Sciacca in southwestern Sicily to enjoy amazing ceramics and its Carnival, and Ragusa province in which you'll find many small towns and ornate churches. Bella!

Natural beauty abounds in Sicily, as well. Miles of vineyards cover the hills, as well as olive groves and citrus trees. The rugged mountainous landscape kisses the deep blue sea, allowing vistas that surely inspired some of the beautiful art you'll enjoy when you travel to Sicily.

Greek architecture marries stunning landscapes in the Ionian Islands
Greek architecture marries stunning landscapes in the Ionian Islands

Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are a group of Greek islands that are also called the Heptanese, the "Seven Islands." Located off the west coast of Greece, in the Ionian sea, the islands consist of:

  • Corfu (Kerkyra)
  • Paxos (Paxi)
  • Lefkas (Lefkada)
  • Ithaca (Ithaki)
  • Cephalonia (Kefalonia)
  • Zante (Zakynthos) and
  • Cerigo (Kythira)

Though the islands are now part of Greece, they have a storied history with influences from a number of European countries.  The experience is a unique blend of Greek and Italian culture.

Visitors agree that the lush green landscapes (Corfu has the highest rainfall in Greece) are a beautiful contrast to the blue seas.There are cruises and guided tours available through the Ionian Islands.  You'll soon see why the poet Homor declared the Ionian Islands a paradise in The Odyssey.

Waterfalls beckon in the Sibenik Islands of Croatia
Waterfalls beckon in the Sibenik Islands of Croatia

Šibenik Islands

The Šibenik Islands, within central Dalmatia where the Krka river empties into the Adriatic Sea, are a jewel in a dense archipelago of islands. Part of Croatia, they were heavily fortified to ward off the attacks of the Yugoslav Army and the Serbs during the Croatian War of Independence (1991-1995). The four main fortresses can be viewed, and all architectural damage from the recent war has been repaired.

  • Tvrđava Sv. Nikole
  • Tvrđava Sv. Mihovila
  • Tvrđava Sv. Ivana
  • Tvrđava Šubićevac

The relatively small population allows the natural wonders of the islands to shine through. Be sure to visit the islands of the Kornati National Park, the Krka National Park and the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Waterfalls like the one shown above are even more stunning in real life!

In town, the central church in Šibenik, the Cathedral of St. James, enjoys recognition as a World Heritage site.  Stroll through the streets to find many restaurants serving local fare (lamb, turkey, baked dishes and more).  Dolac quarter in the town center is said to have over 100 cafés with live music.

You may want to plan to visit the Šibenik Islands during one of the annual festivals.  The International Child's Festival starts the last week in June, and the Day of St. James, the patron saint of the city, is commemorated each year on July 25. 

Swimming in Iceland, no matter the temperature outdoors!
Swimming in Iceland, no matter the temperature outdoors!


Iceland may not be the first location that comes to mind when you consider European Islands. Yet the island nation will not disappoint tourists looking for a fresh alternative to traditional travel plans.

The scenery is pure and unmarred, given that its the largest uninhabited area in Europe. Enjoy birch forests, deserts of black sand and boiling pools of mud. The hot springs allow for outdoor swimming year round. Oh, and yes, there is that volcano too! The one with the name that no one can pronounce (Eyjafjallajökull).

Any trip to Iceland has got to include a guided horseback ride on an Icelandic horse. The species were brought to Iceland with the Vikings in the ninth century. You'll marvel at the natural beauty of the untouched landscape, led by Bjarni Páll, who specializes in geology, and his wife Elsa, both from Saltvík. The tour takes you past Lake M vatn, Ódáahraun, the largest lava field in Icelan, and the waterfall Goafoss.

Maltese boats sit calmly in the harbor
Maltese boats sit calmly in the harbor

Malta Islands

History buffs and budding archeologists will love visiting Malta! The Neolithic Temples built 1000 years before the pyramids of Egypt were created with 20-ton blocks. Just how the ancient civilizations accomplished this feat is anyone's guess. You'll also want to see St. Paul's island, which marks the spot where St. Paul shipwrecked on the Malta coast. The event is commemorated in the Bible in the Acts of the Apostles! From there, you should visit the places where the Knights of St. John defended Christianity.

Its not just about history, however. Malta boasts some amazing views along its coastlines. Walk along the trails, or consider a boat excursion around the islands for the best vistas.

One of the gorgeous bays of Ibiza
One of the gorgeous bays of Ibiza


Whether you want to party at the clubs or take in spectacular scenery, the Spainish island Ibiza has plenty of options.  Young adults flock to world-famous clubs including Pacha, Amnesia and Club Privilege.  Keep a watch out for celebrities and models...

If drinking and dancing isn't your thing, you can slow down the pace by finding a spot at the Es Vedrà from which to watch the amazing sunsets Ibiza offers up each evening.  The uninhabited nature reserve is off the western coast in Cala d'Hort.

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      This is a great peice to read. In September, it will be my first travel in Europe and Spain is the lucky one! Good thing that I found this page so I can have a little know how when I go there. I have on my list is Bonanza Rock which I read as well in https://www.canaryislandsinfo.co.uk/el-hierro/plac... I'm so excited!

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      6 years ago

      The selection is absolutely gorgeous, trying to plan a family holiday and Sardinia looking like the best option to me... I salute you for putting these up; real eye-opener for some great future holidays, and saved me long arduous hours of searching tacky trip advisor-esque websites for somewhere half decent. Next job; find a villa!

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      I'm glad to see Croatia made iton your list. However, Sibenik is NOT an island - it is a coastal city located in mid Dalmatia. Sure, there are islands near Sibenik, and over 1000 islands along the whole Croatian coast. Out of the write up on Sibenik above, and the list of places you have mentioned, only the Kornati National Park is actually on an island (in this case, a group of islands), and the fortress (Tvrđava)Sv. Nikole. Everything else is is on the main land, including Krka falls, Plitvice lakes. In fact, Plitvice Lakes is in a whole other municipality! Again, glad that you enjoy Croatia, heck I do to, but out of over 1000 islands, Sibenik is not one of them. Cheers.

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      Oh, and the road from where the picture was take... unbelievable. One of the most spectacular roads in Tenerife.

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      An excellent selection. However, for those of you who have not been to mainland Europe - it should not be dismissed. I live in Spain and there are some truly fantastic places to visit with the key being to avoid the 'tourist' areas (normally on the coast). Try going inland to Granada or Aragon (absolutely gorgeous and full of Medieval fortified villages.

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      Great choices! I have few other to add to the list - really worth visiting: Crete and Eolian Islands, especially Lipary and Stromboli :-)

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      9 years ago from Connecticut

      Beautiful list! I want to go explore each and every one of them! :)

    • stephhicks68 profile imageAUTHOR

      Stephanie Marshall 

      9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

      Thanks Nami - I hope you really enjoy Iceland! Happy vacation planning :)

    • namster profile image


      9 years ago from san francisco, ca

      Hey Steph,

      this is a great post! I was just* looking for some good christmas-time trip ideas. ICELAND sounds AMAZING!!

    • stephhicks68 profile imageAUTHOR

      Stephanie Marshall 

      9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

      Thanks Nifty - you are right! The Spaniards do know how to throw a great festival. I'll take any of these European Islands for a vacation too! :)

    • nifty@50 profile image


      9 years ago

      Got love those Spaniards! From running of the bulls, to tomato fights, to having a festival for sardines, these people know how to party! The pictures are breath taking,I could vacation in any one of those places! Great hub!

    • stephhicks68 profile imageAUTHOR

      Stephanie Marshall 

      9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

      Hi belliott! I am particularly drawn to the islands of Spain and Portugal myself. Tenerife looks really cool, Ibiza too. :)

    • stephhicks68 profile imageAUTHOR

      Stephanie Marshall 

      9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

      Thanks billyaustindillon - Isn't Santorini gorgeous? I'd take any of these islands for a vacation, though! Cheers

    • belliott profile image


      9 years ago

      Beautiful! They all sound fantastic. I think I would start out with Sardinia.


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