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Is Leeds Castle the Loveliest Castle in the World?

Leeds Castle holds fond memories for the writer. After more than 40 years, Liz revisits the idyllic waterside setting in Kent, UK. Does Leeds Castle live up to her expectations and recollections? Is it 'the loveliest castle in the world'? Read on, explore the castle and decide what you think.


Visiting the Basilica of San Clemente: Rome's Famous Time Machine Church

The Basilica of San Clemente, often known as the "time machine church," is a must-see for history fanatics. This remarkable temple offers you a chance to explore three layers of history. A tour here begins with the Medieval basilica and ends with an astonishing underground level of Roman buildings!


The Lost Souls of the Cross Bones Graveyard in London

In medieval times, this was an unconsecrated graveyard in London for prostitutes, paupers, and criminals. There are no headstones, only an iron gate with ribbons, beads, and mementos.


6 Iconic Places to Visit in Cornwall

Cornwall is a magical land of endless adventures. From ancient ruins and beautiful beaches to bustling towns—you'll never grow tired of exploring this amazing countryside!


Top 10 Places to Visit in and Near Torremolinos, Spain

Explore highlights of Torremolinos and the surrounding area on Spain's Costa del Sol. Take the train to discover Malaga, the coastal region's main city, and the towns of Benalmadena and Fuengirola further down the line. Use this article to plan your visit. Enjoy a virtual tour of local attractions.


5 Must-See Places to Visit in Turkey

Officially the Republic of Turkey, Turkey is a landlocked country located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. It is a fantastic travel destination, both historically and in terms of natural beauty.


Seeing the Book of Kells in Ireland

The Book of Kells, containing the four Gospels, has become one of the world's most important Christian artifacts.


Royal Naval College in Greenwich UK

Built between 1696 and 1712 the buildings at Greenwich were originally constructed to serve as the Royal Hospital for Seamen. From 1873 to 1998 it became the training establishment for the Royal Navy and is seeped in British history. Visit this historical site.


Chatsworth: The Ultimate Historic House

As she continues to play host to royalty, nobility, film makers and visitors, Chatsworth House continues to work her magic on us all!


The Redevelopment of Birmingham City Centre

A look at some of the recent changes to the built environment in Birmingham, a city that is trying to shake off its tag of being an ugly concrete city with wide roads, dull architecture and a lack of attractive spaces for walking and cycling.


The 6 Most Romantic Things to Do in Italy for Couples

From swimming through Roman ruins on Ventotene to skiing in Cervinia, here are six little-known romantic travel destinations in Italy.


The Real Pros and Cons of Living in Rome as an Expat

A no-nonsense breakdown of what it means to live and work as an ex-pat in Rome, Italy.


7 Underrated Things to Do at Night in Rome

From eating pizza at the morgue to an unforgettable starlit path, experience these seven underrated things to do at night in Rome.


7 Stunning and Little-Known Places to Visit in Rome

From the "alley of the lovers" to a medieval fish market, you won't find these six little-known Roman sights in your travel guide. Make the most of your stay in the capital!


How to Enjoy a Day or Two in Venice (7 Things to See and Do)

From taking a walking tour with a local to grabbing a fresh granita while strolling through the Lido, here are seven fun ways to spend a day or two in Venice.


10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Iceland

Iceland has become a popular destination for visitors in recent years and for good reason. This article lists and looks at 10 of the main attractions that the Nordic island country has to offer.


Festivals in the Puglia Region of Italy

The up-and-coming Puglia region of Italy offers more than stunning landscapes, beautiful towns and friendly locals. If you visit at the right time, you can join one of the dozens of local festivals that the region is famous for. Here are some of my favourites.


Our Top 14 Refreshment Stops in North Gran Canaria

North Gran Canaria has much to offer travelers. Refreshment stops are a key element of sightseeing trips. Discover some of the most scenic and interesting places to stop for drinks and food whilst exploring some of the great locations in the north of the island from Las Palmas to the Agaete Valley.


Top 10 Places to Visit in North Gran Canaria

North Gran Canaria has much to offer travelers. From its capital, Las Palmas, to its award-winning city beach. Pleasant parks and gardens, interesting towns and villages. A rugged coastline and inland hills and valleys. Add in a rum factory, vineyard, and coffee plantation. So much more to explore.


Are There Hidden Tunnels Beneath Abbey Hulton?

Hidden beneath a ruined 13th-century monastery surrounded by a council housing estate lies a forgotten relic from World War II.


The Top 10 Things to Do in Abruzzo, Italy

Need ideas for what to do when visiting the Italian region of Abruzzo? Look no further than this top ten of great things to do.


5 Easy Tips for Visiting Rome

Visiting a foreign country can be overwhelming and confusing, especially if you don’t speak the native language. This article will give you tips for visiting Rome. I will discuss tips for food, tourist attractions, transportation and airports.


How to Eat and Drink on a Budget in Amsterdam

Food and drink are vital ingredients of a great tourist experience, but how can you enjoy your time in Amsterdam, whilst not overspending on refreshments? Read on to find out how to achieve this. Pick up some money-saving tips along the way and learn about our favorite eating places in Amsterdam.


Eight Enjoyable Things to Eat and Drink in Italy

I have wonderful food and drink memories from a variety of Italian cities during a Wonders of Italy tour last year. Here is a small sampling of simple pleasures for the palate. Whether enjoyed in Italy or at home, buon appetito e salute!


Top 10 Things to See on the Water in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is characterized by its waterways. This article focuses on the different forms of water-based activity in the city. Discover the canal tour to suit you and find out about different floating transport options. Take a virtual water trip around Amsterdam without getting your feet wet.


Ten Things You Didn't Know About Germany

Think you know Germany? Think again. While life in Germany can be comparable to the United States, they do have some interesting idiosyncrasies.


Visiting the D-Day Beaches in Normandy, France

Useful travel information and photos of the area around the D-Day beaches located in Normandy, France.


Top 10 Free Things to Do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the Venice of the North, is a great destination for a city break. Discover a list of free things to do that will enhance your time in Amsterdam. Experience city life in Amsterdam, outside and undercover for free.


Slovenia: 8 Reasons Why It Is Your Perfect Summer Escape

This article serves as a travel guide for Slovenia's Alpine wonderland—with pristine emerald rivers and stunning gorges and valleys, it is perfectly suited for all levels of adventures during the summer.


Historic Dublin: Where to Go and What to See

Dublin is an ancient city, filled with the places that mark its significant events. This articles includes those sights that give visitors an overview of its fascinating and turbulent history.


Stunning Positano: Jewel of the Amalfi Coast

Cliff-hugging, colorful Positano is the crown jewel of the Amalfi Coast. The sheer natural beauty of this region makes it one of Italy’s most sought-after destinations.


A Day Trip to Highclere Castle for "Downton Abbey" Fans

Dreaming of visiting the real location of "Downton Abbey"? Here is how to fulfill that dream and master the excursion to Highclere Castle in a day. The feeling of coming home is unparalleled.


7 Ways to Spend the Day in Seville (Tapas, Palaces, Flamenco and More!)

Seville has a wonderful selection of attractions. It deserves several days of exploring the food, the sights and the views, but if you only have a day, here's how to spend it. This was an enjoyable day and evening of both relaxation and action in sensational Seville.


Things to Do on the Liverpool Waterfront (Museums, Music, and More)

Looking for things to do on the Liverpool Waterfront? Dive in to discover some of the best experiences at this pretty riverside spot in north-west England.


Winter in Krakow: Tips and Recommendations

My recent adventure to Krakow, Poland, was an unforgettable one filled with incredible architecture, endless history and tasty food. I wish to share my experience with you and provide some tips and recommendations along the way.


Exploring Northern Cyprus (From Nicosia to the Karpaz Peninsula)

Take a tour around some of the top highlights of Northern Cyprus. See for yourself what this area has to offer and learn about its rich history. This article is a great resource for planning a trip to the area and an informative fact file for those interested in learning more about Northern Cyprus.


A Guide to Visiting the Culloden Battlefield, Scotland

A guide to visiting Culloden Moor, the site of the final confrontation of the Jacobite Rising and the slaughter of Scottish clansmen in April 1746.


What to Bring When Traveling to Iceland in the Summer

Traveling to a new country is a great experience, especially if you take everything you need with you. Here is a list of items you should pack when traveling to Iceland in the summer.


Explore the Medieval Village of Lurs

Let's take a step back in time and explore the sleepy medieval village of Lurs, France.


The Beautiful and Surprising Phoenix Park, Dublin

The 1,750 acres of Dublin’s Phoenix Park is among the largest of enclosed grassland areas in Europe. The Park encompasses a variety of smaller areas and these areas include historically significant buildings and sporting facilities. This article describes a number of them.


5 Incredible, Under-the-Radar Places to Visit in Southern France

A guide to visit five fantastic, yet not-so-popular, scenic sites and towns in the southernmost part of France, near the border of Spain.


A Self-Guided Walking Tour of 10 Central London Sites

This self-guided walk, starting from Embankment Underground Station, introduces you to the famous central area and the home of Britain’s parliament. You’ll get incredible photos, enjoy scenic views and make discoveries that you might otherwise miss, as I share my local knowledge.


See London's Hidden History for Free (10 Locations to Visit)

Discover some of London's amazing 2000-year-old history without the cost. The list explores some of the secret places only known by the locals. This is a whistle-stop tour of London that you've never seen before, where you'll find the monarchy, the Romans, disasters and world-changing inventions.


11 Delightful Things to Do in Inishowen, Donegal

This is unspoilt rural Ireland at its best and one of the best places in the world to forget the rat-race of modernity and chill out. Having a few Euro on you helps, but an excursion in Inishowen can be done relatively cheaply.


10 Reasons to Visit Moldova—A Hidden Gem Worth Discovering

You may have heard that Moldova isn't worth visiting, but from my experience, that truly could not be further from the truth. I urge you to ignore all the biased reports and visit Moldova!


Exploring Scientific Dublin: What You Need to Know

Dublin is a small city, with a population of about one million, but a city that bears a number of surprising facets. This article outlines a number of the ways in which Dubliners and Dublin-based institutions have contributed to the scientific knowledge of the world.


Top Tips for Visiting Lake Bled in Slovenia

This article offers an introduction to the scenic Lake Bled in the small Central European country of Slovenia. Based on my own personal experience I offer practical tips and advice on travelling to Lake Bled, including where it's located, how to get there, where to stay and what to see and do.


The Shady Side of Monaco

The tiny enclave and tax haven on France’s southern coast has long enjoyed a reputation for being a playground for the extremely wealthy no matter how they came by their riches.


Visiting the Evacuated City of Pripyat in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

A photographic guide to the evacuated ghost city of Pripyat in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. This article explains how you can enter this abandoned city and take a look around at the old buildings and see the Chernobyl Power Plant.


Some Natural Wonders of the Dorset Coast

The county of Dorset, on the south coast of England, has one of the most fascinating coasts of any county, with many features of interest packed into a short distance. Here are some of Dorset’s natural wonders along this stretch of the world-famous Jurassic Coast.