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10 Best Places to Visit in and Around Kovilpatti

I grew up in Kolvilpatti, so it will always be special to me. If you find yourself in this charming town, here are 10 things you must do.

Kovilpatti will always have a special place in my heart. That is where I spent the best part of my childhood and adolescence until I completed my school. We moved away to a nearby town when I enrolled in an engineering program. Kovilpatti has transformed into a beautiful and well-organized town over the years. Whether you are in Kovilpatti for business or pleasure, there are many places of interest worth visiting.

Top 10 Places in and Around Kovilpatti

  1. Ramadoss Memorial Park
  2. LPL Kid's Amusement Park
  3. Kathiresan Hill
  4. Shenbagavalli Amman Temple
  5. Pillaiyar Temple
  6. Panchalankurichi
  7. Ettayapuram
  8. Irukkankudi Dam
  9. Nature walk, Irukkankudi
  10. Shiva Temple, Irukkankudi

Continue reading for more information on each of these places.

1. Ramadoss Memorial Park

This well-maintained park is as good as any you would see in a cosmopolitan city like Chennai. The park is named after the benevolent donor late Ramadoss, who donated the land to the municipality. The park has well-laid pathways and is a delight for walkers.

2. LPL Kid's Amusement Park

This is a recent addition to Kovilpatti town. It is more appropriate to call it a Children's Park than an amusement park. That said, the park is well designed to attract small children. At a nominal entry fee, it is a great recreational option for families with small children. There is a canteen inside selling ice cream and light snacks.

3. Shenbagavalli Amman Temple

Kovilpatti means "Temple Town" in Tamil, and it is no surprise that there are many known temples. Shenbagavalli Amman Temple is on a slightly higher elevation. The main tower (Gopuram) is an impressive structure. Badrakali Amman Temple is another important temple and is in the main residential area of the town.

4. Pillaiyar Temple

The Pillaiyar Temple is near the Shenbagavalli Amman Temple. It is more famous for its tank (known as Theppakulam in Tamil). A tank festival is held every year in April, when the tank has been filled by good monsoon rains.

5. Kathiresan Hill

Kathiresan Hill is a small hillock on the southern side of Kovilpatti. There is a temple atop the hill and a tiger cave halfway down the hill. Tiger Cave is just a name, but there are no tigers or leopards in the vicinity. One can drive on a narrow road to reach the temple at its summit or the Tiger Cave. The town looks gorgeous at night from the temple.

The best view of the hill can be had from the playgrounds of Lakshmi Mills Higher Secondary School. I should know this, being a school alumnus. The Lakshmi Mills School building is worth looking for its impressive architecture. The main building was built using carved stone blocks and given a cement-color finish. It used to take two days for an artisan to carve a single stone block.

6. Panchalankurichi Kattabomman Memorai

Panchalankurichi is a town east of Kovilpatti. It can be reached in 30 minutes by car. An 18th-century king by name of Kattabomman fought the British. He was killed by the British and his fort was destroyed.

A famous Tamil movie made in 1960 portrayed Kattabomman as a valiant patriot who fought against the British. The Kattabomman Memorial was built after India attained independence and is worth a visit for those who appreciate recent history.

7. Bharathiyar Memorial, Ettayapuram

Ettayapuram is at a distance of 15 kilometres east of Kovilpatti. It is the birthplace of the 20th-century Tamil poet Bharathiyar. His ancestral house was converted into a memorial for him. There is a palace in Ettayapuram that belonged to Ettappan, who backstabed Kattabomman and led to his defeat at the hands of British.

8. Irukankudi Dam

Irukkankudi is a village northeast of Kovilpatti at a distance of 30 kilometres. There is a dam near this village for storing the waters from Vaippar and Arjuna rivers. These two rivers stay dry for most of the year. The occasional flows are stored in the dam to irrigate the nearby areas. One could witness several bird species near the dam. There are no efforts as of now to promote this as a tourist spot.

9. Nature Walk, Irukkankudi

The path connecting the dam and the Shiva Temple is ideal for a nature walk. With lush green surroundings and very little traffic, the walk would be a memorable one. It is better to visit Irukkankudi in large groups and in the daytime. Please remember that there are safety concerns.

10. Shiva Temple, Irukkankudi

Irukkankudi is well known for its temples. The Mariamman Temple is the most famous one, and the most visited. The Shiva Temple is less crowded and has a nice, rustic charm. It is in an isolated place surrounded by nature. There is no place better than Irukkankudi to get a feel of the countryside in Tamil Nadu.

Travel and Stay

Kovilpatti is well connected by road and rail to other parts of Tamil Nadu. Thoothukudi is the nearest airport at a distance of 73 km. Reva Plaza, Mahalakshmi Tower and Sowbhagya are some good options for stay.

Kovilpatti is known for its peanut candy (Kadalai Mittai in Tamil) that gets exported to several countries. VVR is the oldest and most trusted brand of peanut candy.

Before I wrap up, I must tell you that Kovilpatti is not seen as a regular tourist destination by most travelers. If this article makes you feel so, I am glad my home town has turned into a beauty worthy of admiration.

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