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A Visit to Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary: Tasmanian Devils, Wombats and Quolls

While travelling in Tasmania, I visited Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary, where I was able to see many amazing animals up close.


5 Exciting and Inexpensive Things to Do in Sydney

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge or walk up to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse and be amazed by views over Palm Beach and the Tasman Sea. Or maybe just relax on Bondi Beach, picnic in the Royal Botanic Garden or enjoy the idyllic Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden.


5 Captivating Places to Visit in Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington has an abundance of exciting attractions, including the phenomenal Te Papa Museum, The Weta Cave and the magical Wellington Cable car running from Lambton Quay up to affluent Kelburn.


The Best Way to Cross the Cook Strait in New Zealand

The 3.5-hour journey through the Cook Strait by ferry is spectacular . . . on a sunny day. But you don't want to be the unlucky traveller who makes the crossing while the weather gods are in a bad mood. I have been on this crossing in both weather types; lucky for me, it was fine this trip.


Visiting Port Arthur in Tasmania, an Eerie Experience

While travelling in Tasmania, I visited Port Arthur, a site loaded with history, both old and more recent.


From Whaling to Whale Watching: Albany, Western Australia

A visit to the historic Albany whaling station and reflections on our past and present interactions with whales.


Four Free Things to Do in Melbourne

Travelling is often expensive, but there are quite a few free things to do in the city, from wandering laneways to visiting free art galleries. Here are four of my favourite free things on offer in Melbourne.


Getting Around in New Zealand: What to See and How to Get There

A list of the places we visited in New Zealand, and how we got to each one.


The 8 Best Australian Winter Getaways

Planning an impromptu getaway this winter? While Australia is famous for its sunny beaches, there are plenty of spectacular options for you to indulge in when the temperature drops.


Should I Visit Melbourne Or...?

When planning a trip to Australia, which cities should you visit? Melbourne may be one of the world's most liveable cities, but does that make it a better choice than Sydney, Brisbane or Perth?


Freedom Camping in New Zealand: Advice From a Local

A look at the framework for freedom camping in New Zealand, and some recent issues caused by its increase in popularity.


Legerwood's Memorial Trees: Tasmania's WW1 Heritage

Discover the history and meaning of Legerwood's Avenue of Remembrance and its now iconic carved trees. A fitting tribute to the fallen men of this small Tasmanian town.


L'Île des Pins - Jewel of the Pacific

Île des Pins (the Isle of Pines) is justly called l'île la plus proche du paradis - the island closest to paradise. She embraces you with charm as soon as you sight the pristine beaches and waters.


Tips for a Vacation in Tasmania

Tasmania is often forgotten by visitors to Australia, because it's a separate island. It's a pity that more overseas visitors don't see this charming, unspoiled natural paradise full of history.


A Day Trip to Amédée Lighthouse

Amédée lighthouse is a jewel in the South Pacific and a perfect day trip from Nouméa. Soft sand stretches down to a warm ocean, fishes and coral abound, and sea turtles swim in the marine reserve.


Sydney Attractions: Fagan Park

Fagan Park is one of those gems that incorporates many positive features. It is a haven for local wildlife and beautiful flora from around the world, as well as a place of education and preservation


Freshwater Creek Cottages: A Farm Stay Holiday Resort

Enjoy a short holiday getaway on a farm that is minutes away from beautiful beaches and coastal attractions.


Sydney Attractions: The 3 Botanic Gardens of Sydney

There are three notable Botanic Gardens in Sydney, but only one is widely known. Discover these three beautiful gardens, each of which represents a slightly different bit of Sydney.


The Sydney to Melbourne Coastal Drive

The drive from Sydney to Melbourne: the inland highway, or the longer coast road? Both are great drives, but the coastal road begs a meandering holiday, with empty roads and forgotten beaches.


Fossicking at Phillip Island

Ready for a rock treasure hunt? Phillip Island is a great place to find agate, calcite and zeolite crystals. There's also interesting basalt formations and a shipwreck to look at. Good for club trips.


Annual Essendon Gem and Lapidary Club Exhibition

Look at fascinating rock displays, buy affordable rocks, gems and minerals, savour ELC's Devonshire teas, fossick for gemstones in the carpark, get advice from lapidary experts and much, much more!


Byron Bay: Climate, Weather, and Clothing Tips for Tourists

Byron Bay is one of Australia's most popular destinations. Here's tips from a Byron Bay local about the climate, what types of weather to expect, and what to pack for your trip.


Cape Schanck and the Historic Lighthouse: An Easy Summer Weekend Getaway

Cape Schanck on the Mornington Peninsula is a great weekend getaway. These are the things to do and see in Cape Schanck.


Corio Model Railway Club 41st Exhibition

Check out the biggest model railway exhibition in Victoria, Australia. Miniature trains combine with themed and detailed landscapes to provide interesting viewing for people of all ages.


Giant Boab Trees of the Kimberley Region in Western Australia

Boab trees are a native species in the Kimberley region. The aborigines used them for shelter, food and water storage, and the first settlers used the trees to imprison the aborigines.


Top Places to Visit in Perth and Western Australia

The capital and largest city in Western Australia, there are many great places to see and fun things to do in Perth and beyond.


What To Do In Perth Australia

The sunniest capital city in Australia is a great place to visit as this review reveals.


Whiteman Park, Western Australia: a Review

For travellers to Western Australia, this review covers aspects of beautiful Whiteman Park, including Caversham Wildlife Park.


Places and Things to See on the Great Ocean Road: The Best Scenic Drive in Melbourne, Australia

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most scenic roads in Australia. It runs through several regional towns in Victoria. The beautiful surf beaches and natural rock formations are the main attractions along the Great Ocean Road.


Wave Rock - Great Rock Formation And Best Places to Visit In Hyden, Western Australia

A natural formation like Wave Rock is enough to attract visitors to a quiet outback town of Hyden in Western Australia.


Interesting Things to Do and See in Kings Park in Perth, Western Australia

Kings Park overlooks the city of Perth in Western Australia. While two-thirds of the 400 hectares park remain covered in bushlands, the remaining one-third that has been developed is a popular destination for both locals and overseas visitors. There are plenty of areas to explore in this huge park.


The Top 5 Tourist Caves to Visit in Western Australia

Western Australia has one of the oldest landscapes in the world. There are amazing rock formations, ginormous gorges and spooky underground caves spread out in the whole region.


Top 45 Places to Visit in Melbourne: The World's Most Livable City

Did you know Melbourne has ranked as the world's most liveable city for seven years in a row? Find out the top places to see on your trip to the capital of Australia's state of Victoria.


The Amazing Australian Animals of Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is one of the best places to see fascinating Australian animals, so find out more about its kangaroos, koalas,blue penguins, seals and sea lions

Visit Western Australia Beaches!

Visit Australia: Best Beach Destinations in Western Australia

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Australia, be sure to check out the West Coast! Western Australia is home to some of the most amazing, unspoiled beaches in the world. Here are my favorites!

Image by LeonJane

Noah Beach Campground, Cape Tribulation, Daintree National Park, North Queensland, Australia

The purpose of this website its to provide you with extra information which I believe will be helpful to anyone interested in camping at Noah Beach Campgrounds.


Things to Do in New Zealand in Winter – South Island

Want to visit the South Island of New Zealand in the winter? Well there are many places you can visit and many activities to enjoy. Choose from whale watching, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, white water rafting, bungy jumping and many more!


Things to Do on New Zealand's North Island in Winter

So you are in a country called New Zealand that has wonderful beaches and stunning scenery. But what can you do on NZ's North Island in the winter when it is cold and maybe the sun isn't shining?


Planning an Australian Vacation: Should I Visit Brisbane or Sydney?

When planning an Australian trip, most vacationers automatically book their trip to Sydney - but if your time is limited, it might not be the best choice.