Mongolia's Gobi Desert: Land of the Flaming Cliffs, Dinosaurs and Dino Eggs

Travel with me to Mongolia's Gobi Desert where, 100 years ago, a real-life "Indiana Jones" led an American expedition through this wild and remote land and discovered dinosaur fossils never before identified and fossilized eggs that showed how dinosaurs reproduced.


10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Trichy

Trichy is a central town in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is a well-known destination for heritage, pilgrimage, and nature.


Is Uluwatu Worth Visiting? (Yes! Here's Why.)

Uluwatu is an area of Bali with a lot of beaches, cliff-top viewpoints, and good vibes. Here are some of the places I would suggest visiting for the best experience.


Why You Should Go to Ho Chi Minh City (and What to Do There)

Ho Chi Minh City (also known as Saigon) was one of my favourite cities in South East Asia. For me, it was my introduction to Vietnamese culture and food and it holds a special place in my heart. Here are some things I would recommend trying while visiting this wonderful city.


Top 3 Highlights of Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur was a great first destination on my year-long backpacking trip around South East Asia. In this charming city, you can visit temples, see the impressive skyscrapers or even walk the forest's canopy in the middle of the city.


8 Popular Tourist Attractions in Nong Khai Thailand

Located on the banks of the Mekhong River in upper northeastern Thailand, Nong Khai is the gateway to Laos. This article introduces five Nong Khai tourist attractions, including temples, an Indo-China market, a river cruise, a crocodile farm, and a scenic view of the Mekhong from a skywalk.


Japan’s 5 Most Visited Prefectures

Before planning your Japan trip, find out where everyone else goes! This list details the five most visited prefectures in Japan and why you should or shouldn't visit them.


Ha Long Bay Cruise Experience in Vietnam

Visiting Ha Long Bay in Vietnam is on many a bucket list. This article gives an accurate description of the incredible destination. Find out why you should visit and what to expect on a day cruise to Ha Long Bay.


DIY Boracay Travel Guide and Budget Itinerary

This is the only Boracay travel guide you need, with information about the best time to visit, where to stay, what to do, and how to get there.


Trends You'll Notice When Visiting Japan in 2020

Read this article to find out what's popular in entertainment, fashion, health and food in Japan this year. Although many of these trends build off of those from the previous year, there are still many new ones emerging.


How to Spend a Weekend in Chennai (9 Things to See and Do)

If you only have a weekend to spend in Chennai, here is an itinerary to help you make the most of your limited time.


Why You Should Hire a Tour Guide in Japan

Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a sports fan visiting for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, a tour guide can help you get around more smoothly. Here's the rundown on why having a tour guide matters in Japan.


3 Must-Do Side Trips During the Tokyo 2021 Olympics

Hotels and flights will sell out fast during the Tokyo Olympics, but with enough planning, you can fit some sightseeing in around the main events. Get away from the crowds around Mt. Fuji and Nikko by checking out these three spots.


10 Best Places to Visit in and Around Kovilpatti

Kovilpatti is a small industrial town in South Tamil Nadu. It has many interesting places to visit in its neighborhood.


The Famous Floating Vegetable Market on Dal Lake, Kashmir, India

Learn about the floating market in Kashmir's "Lake of Flowers."


10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in and Around Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari, or Cape Comorin, is at the southern tip of peninsular India. It is an important tourist destination with a wide range of attractions, including heritage sites, natural wonders, and pilgrimage destinations.


4 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Vietnam

Whether it's for a honeymoon, a post-graduation trip abroad or just a fun getaway, Vietnam is one of the best destinations in Asia! With its stunning natural beauty, incredibly cheap cost, delicious food and safe cities, a trip to Vietnam is a memory to treasure forever.


Goa: A Trip to Remember

A one-of-a-kind place, Goa is renowned for its scenic beauty coupled with a relaxed ambiance and rich heritage. It is a great place to get away from our daily lives of monotony.


10 Basic Filipino Phrases You Need to Learn Before Traveling to the Philippines

If you're planning to visit the Philippines soon, consider learning these 10 basic Tagalog phrases to help you get closer to the locals and have a taste of the country's beautiful culture.


8 Best Parks and Nature Attractions to Visit in Chennai

The busy metropolitan city of Chennai is blessed with many parks providing breathing room and recreation for its residents.


5 Fun Day Trips From Seoul (From Nami Island to the DMZ)

Korea has a lot more to offer than Seoul. If you have a day to spare during your trip, I suggest these five places. They are easily accessible from Seoul by subway and/or bus and give you a different perspective of Korea without going too far.


Top 31 Tourist Attractions in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has diverse travel attractions that include hill stations, beaches, heritage, pilgrimage, nature and wildlife. This article gives an exhaustive list of major tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu.


Top 3 Picnic Spots on GST Road, Chennai

The busy GST Road has three picnic spots close to Chennai City: Vandalur Zoo, Kolavai Lake and Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary.


13 Awesome Things to Do in Lombok, Indonesia

Indonesia has so much to offer to a traveler, and Lombok is one of the beautiful, lesser-known islands that begs to be explored. Start your journey here.


Great Street Food in Bangkok (Dishes to Try and Where to Find Them)

There is one thing that I love more than almost all activities in Southeast Asia—I really love eating street food. With so many stalls and dishes, it's a grand adventure to enjoy. Let's look at some classics, crazies, and just excellent meals in Bangkok.


What to Do in Chiang Mai, Thailand (13 Must-Sees and Must-Dos)

Chiang Mai is a lovely place. You'll enjoy great food, friendly people and a relaxed atmosphere. Are you wondering exactly what to do in Chiang Mai? Start your journey here.


10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Yercaud

Yercaud is a hill station near Salem in Tamil Nadu. It is arguably the most popular among South India's offbeat hill stations and a gorgeous place to visit any time of the year.


Why Japan Is a Paradise for Female Solo Travelers

While no country is perfect, Japan comes pretty close to being an ideal destination for women traveling alone. Here are some of the things you'll enjoy when touring Japan by yourself.


Top 10 Places to Visit in Courtallam

Courtallam is a town in South Tamil Nadu with many waterfalls. It is also called the Spa of South India because of its health resorts.


What to Do in Ubud, Bali (12 Sites and Activities Not to Miss)

When you are in Bali, you'll have to visit Ubud, a rich cultural city. There are a lot of things to do in Ubud, so I'll try to give some inspiration on where to start.


5 Ways to Go Off the Beaten Path in Japan

It's safe to stick to the known tourist spots and easy-to-remember train routes, but Japan has tons to offer outside of Tokyo and the major tourist destinations. Here are some easy ways to make your next trip to Japan more fresh and exciting.


5 Reasons to Skip Tokyo on Your Next Trip to Japan

Tokyo is surprisingly overrated, especially if you want to experience Japanese culture in deeper ways than just visiting shrines, shopping, and gawking at Shibuya Crossing. There are many other great major cities in Japan, so you should consider skipping Tokyo on your next visit.


Manga and Anime Culture in Japan: It’s Everywhere!

An examination of Japanese manga and anime culture. These pictures will convince you that manga and anime are never only for geeks in Japan.


The History of the Kingdom of Sukhothai, Thailand

You'll want to read up on the history of the kingdom of Sukhothai when you travel to Thailand. Sukhothai is one of the main historical places you'll probably visit during your stay.


Visit Ayutthaya Historical Park, Thailand

Ayutthaya was the capital of Siam before Bangkok. It's a beautiful historical region for tourists with an interest in Southeast Asian culture.


10 Must-See Tourist Attractions in and Around Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram is a coastal town in North Tamil Nadu known for its stone sculptures carved during the Pallava era. It is a favorite heritage destination for international travelers and a popular weekend getaway spot for Chennai residents.


The Best and Most Beautiful Beaches in Cambodia

Looking for a spot in paradise while on your Southeast Asia backpacking adventures? Here are the best beaches in Cambodia to relax on.


What to Do in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

If you're considering Cambodia as your next travel destination, you should plan on visiting the capital—Phnom Penh. Here we cover what to do in this generous and lively Asian city.


What Is It Like to Visit Phnom Penh's Prison Camp: "Tuol Sleng"?

The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum is a school turned torture prison in Phnom Penh, Cambodia—a once normal place changed by Cambodia's gruesome past. This is one of the Khmer Rouge's horrible institutions.


Exploring Laos: 5 Must-See Caves and Caverns

Laos has many beautiful hills and waterfalls. Inside those hills and at the end of certain rivers you'll find some of the best caves in Laos. Are you ready to explore?


How to Survive Winter in South Korea (4 Tips to Help Keep You Warm)

Here are four ways I have learned to survive winter in South Korea.


Top 8 Tourist Attractions in Madurai

Madurai is known as the cultural hub of Tamil Nadu. It has many ancient temples, grand palaces, hills, and other attractions worth visiting.


What to Do in Champasak, Laos

Champasak province in Laos has a lot to offer tourists. It is far less crowded than most places in Thailand, but it has a lot of the same things to do and see—beautiful nature and waterfalls, local villages, traditional markets, coffee and tea farming, and temples.


What to Do in Vientiane, Laos

Vientiane is the capital of Laos and a nice place to visit. You'll enjoy the French influence on Laotion culture. The city is an excellent base for exploring parts of northern Laos and the northeast of Thailand.


Getting Around Japan: Planes vs. Bullet Trains

While the shinkansen, or bullet train, may be convenient for major tourist destinations like Hiroshima and Osaka, the best option for you will depend on a number of factors - including how far you're going and whether you're getting a JR Pass.


Daisho-in: A Lovely, Low-Key Temple on Miyajima Island

For those who are planning to visit Japan (specifically Miyajima Island in Hiroshima), while visiting the floating torii gate is essential, make sure to check out this temple I found as well—Daisho-in. It is honestly one of the best temples I've visited.


A Guide to Lantau Island’s Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha)

Visiting Hong Kong? Then one of the great ‘must sees’ is the Big Buddha on Lantau Island. This article provides tips and advice on how to get the best from your visit.


3 Superb Japanese Food Markets You Should Not Miss

3 wonderfully atmospheric and colorful Japanese food markets that should be on your Japan travel itinerary.


Visit the Laidback 4000 Islands (Si Phan Don) in Laos

The 4000 Islands (Si Phan Don) in Laos are a wonderful destination. You can relax and watch sunsets over the water or bike and cruise the Mekong. No matter what you choose to do, it's an ideal place to hang around for a couple of days or weeks.


Top 3 Parks and Gardens to Visit in Adyar

Adyar, the southern suburb of Chennai, is the greenest region in the city. It has three major parks: the Huddlestone Gardens, Guindy National Park and Tholkappia Poonga.