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Alpine Flowers of Switzerland


Swiss Alpine Flowers—The Jewels of the Alps

Swiss Alpine flowers in full bloom are one of the loveliest sights you can see in the Alps mountain range. The best time to see the Alpine flowers of Switzerland is in early and mid-summer, when bright blossoms will surround you in the meadows and high rocky ground of the Alps mountains.

A short ramble up any mountainside at this time of year will reveal many different Swiss mountain flowers, including all kinds of primroses, heathers, gentians, daisies, bellflowers and buttercups. As you go higher, passing through the treeline and up to rocky paths and glacier lakes, you have the chance to see rarer flower species that thrive away from populated areas.

I was once lucky enough to spend a whole summer in the Swiss Alps. A few years ago, I returned to Switzerland, staying in Zermatt—a little town high in the Alps close to Switzerland's border with Italy. I share with you here some of the Swiss alpine flowers that I encountered during that visit.

Caution: Endangered and Poisonous Flowers

Many Swiss alpine flowers are protected and several are endangered.

While it might be tempting to gather up a pretty bunch while out walking, please don't. In the delicate ecosystem of the Alps, every flower does count. If you want a souvenir—take a photo.

Besides, some of these flowers are also poisonous (a few highly poisonous).

Violet Flowers: Shades From Pale Lilac to Deep Purple

Violet coloured alpine flowers include the pretty aster, which I saw on my first nature walk in Zermatt. You might also see violet colored primroses (Sticky Primrose, Alpine Snowbell). The endangered German Gentian is also a striking violet shade, quite different from the vivid blue Spring Gentian pictured further below. Higher up in rocky areas, you may find Alpine Toadflax.

Some of the deep purple flowers are poisonous, including Common Monkshood and the Pasque Flower. I did not encounter these.

Alpine Aster—Pretty lilac or pink colored daisy-like bloom

Alpine Aster—Pretty lilac or pink colored daisy-like bloom

Chamois Ragwort—Sunny yellow mountain flower

Chamois Ragwort—Sunny yellow mountain flower

Yellow Flowers: Sunshine at Your Feet!

You can find yellow flowers from the daisy, rose, primrose, gentian and buttercup families in the Alps. I came across the sunny Chamois Ragwort (pictured above) and also encountered another member of the daisy family, the Golden Hawksbeard, on high rocky ground.

Arnica is quite a widespread and innocent looking flower that is in fact poisonous, as is the pretty Globeflower. Less attractive but even more poisonous is Wolfsbane—I didn't see these flowers during my own walks but it serves as another reminder not to pick Swiss alpine flowers, or indeed mountain flowers anywhere in the Alps of Europe.

Blue Flowers: Gentians, Bellflowers, and Buttercups

Most blue flowers you will see in the Swiss Alps will belong to either the gentian or the bellflower family. Gentians, such as the Spring Gentian (pictured), are all protected. Although the Spring Gentian has separated petals, other gentians resemble trumpets and bells. I discovered Trumpet Gentians in the mountains around Zermatt.

All varieties of bellflower in the Alps live up to their name by resembling hanging bells. I saw the common but lovely Fairy's Thimble bellflower during my mountain walk.

One blue flower I didn't see was the protected Alpine Clematis, which belongs to the buttercup family.

Spring Gentian—Mountain flowers in a vivid blue

Spring Gentian—Mountain flowers in a vivid blue

Alpine Rock Jasmine—Delicate Swiss alpine flowers

Alpine Rock Jasmine—Delicate Swiss alpine flowers

Pale and Deep Pink Alpine Flowers

Many of the pink alpines belong to either the primrose or the heather family. The protected Alpine Rock Jasmine (upper picture) is a type of primrose. I found it at 3103 metres (1.9 miles) above sea level on rocky ground, where snow still lay at the height of summer. Purple Saxifrage (lower picture) is also pink, despite the name, and likewise was found on high rocky ground.

The famous Alpenrose which gives its names to countless hotels is a deep pink rhododendron. Other pink flowers you might see include Moss Campion, Mountain Thrift, Sowbread (a type of cyclamen), Mountain Houseleek, and Spring Heath. As with other colors, most pink alpine flowers are protected. A couple are poisonous.

Purple Saxifrage—Swiss mountain flowers with tiny pink blooms

Purple Saxifrage—Swiss mountain flowers with tiny pink blooms

Delicate White Blooms: From Edelweiss to Christmas Rose

Some of the prettiest flowers in the European Alps are white, including the famous Edelweiss, which is the national flower of Switzerland—though forever linked with Austria for viewers of The Sound of Music! The Christmas Rose is one of several white alpine buttercup varieties, whereas the Mountain Avens is a true rose.

There are two white varieties of saxifrage - Mossy Saxifrage is pictured and was found on high rocky ground. Swiss Rock Jasmine (seen earlier in pink) can also be pure white.

The curiously named Scheuchzer's Cotton Sedge is found beside water. That pictured was growing beside the Riffelsee alpine lake, high in the mountains above Zermatt.

Mossy Saxifrage—Small and Delicate

Mossy Saxifrage—Small and Delicate

Red Flowers in the Swiss Alps: An Unusual Sight

Unless you count the cheerful geraniums displayed on every chalet balcony, you might have to look long and hard to see a true red flower in the Swiss Alps.

I was lucky enough to spy the rarely-seen (and wonderfully named!) Black Vanilla Orchid in high grassland. Perfectly matching the black and red theme was a visiting Burnet Moth!

Another Book for Lovers of Switzerland's Natural Beauty

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Some Beautiful European Alps Flower Photography

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My sister lives in Switzerland, and on ocassional visits to the country, there is nothing better than long walks taking in the stunning alpine scenery.

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What a beautiful place for vacation. Hopefully I and my family will be able to make it this summer in Switzerland. Excellent lense.

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Beautiful lens about these beautiful Alpine flowers. My daughter visited the Swiss Alps last summer, made me jealous, and now I want to go all over again!

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Loved it. I had one day (not one summer!) in Alps above Engelberg near Luzern. Amazingly beautiful

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Gorgeous apline flowers - bow wow!

Indigo Janson (author) from UK on May 12, 2011:

@efriedman: Yes, start of June is pretty much the start of the Summer in the Alps and a good time to see the flowers.

efriedman on May 12, 2011:

Beautiful places. You mentioned early to mid- summer for alpine blooms. What calendar time marks the start of summer at that altitude - beginning of June?

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Great photos! Love the Swiss alps and your lens made me want to go there again! Just became your fan

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Beautiful photos! I'm waiting for the orchids to flower here at the moment :)

Thanks for visiting my lenses and your comments.

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My favorite... you can guess it for sure... edelweiss and purple saxifrage.

Great lens


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@triathlontraini1: Gorgeous aren't they? Thanks for your kind comment.

triathlontraini1 on September 08, 2010:

Wow, beautiful flowers! I love mountain flowers. It's always surprising to find a meadow of colorful flowers, just around the bend.

Indigo Janson (author) from UK on August 29, 2010:

@tssfacts: Oh yes, I love that pure mountain air and the beautiful alpine meadows... Thanks for visiting!

tssfacts on August 28, 2010:

What beautiful flowers and pictures. I can just smell the fresh air of the Swiss Alpine as I read this article.

Indigo Janson (author) from UK on June 14, 2010:

@justholidays: Oh I'd never get tired of an alpine meadow of flowers. So happy you like them too, especially as it means you don't need to go anywhere near the mountains! ;)

justholidays on June 14, 2010:

Had to come back to enjoy looking at those wonderful and amazing blue flowers! Definitely an eternal enjoyement!

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@jolou: Very true, Joanne. If only we all had such scenery on our doorsteps. Thanks for your visit!

jolou on May 25, 2010:

I love flowers and love the mountains too! And nature walks are wonderful too. It's wonderful to talk such walks, they are good for the soul.

Indigo Janson (author) from UK on May 21, 2010:

@Bellezza-Decor: So glad you enjoyed them, Mia. I'd love some in my own garden.

Indigo Janson (author) from UK on May 21, 2010:

@RuthCoffee: Thanks Mulberry, it was certainly a pleasure to have the chance to take them.

Bellezza-Decor from Canada on May 21, 2010:

Beautiful alpine flowers. I even had a few in my garden at one time.

Ruth Coffee from Zionsville, Indiana on May 09, 2010:

Beautiful photos and they make great stickers. That Burnet moth is pretty interesting too.

Indigo Janson (author) from UK on April 26, 2010:

@KarenTBTEN: When I researched this one, it was interesting to find that some of the same mountain flowers grow in North America as here in Europe. I bet there are some beautiful mountain meadows in the Rockies too.

KarenTBTEN on April 26, 2010:

I could wander through an alpine meadow. Never been to the Als, but I've seen quite a few of those same flowers elsewhere.

Indigo Janson (author) from UK on April 19, 2010:

@LadyFlashman: Thanks for the compliment, Lucy, and best of luck with the Edelweiss seeds.

LadyFlashman from United Kingdom on April 18, 2010:

Swiss alpine flowers are just so preciously beautiful. I bought some Edelweiss seeds in a supermarket when I was there in the Summer, I don't know if they will grow here but it's worth a go! I love your photos, very pretty lens!

Indigo Janson (author) from UK on March 10, 2010:

@HorseAndPony LM: You must get some beautiful flowers there in Colorado, perhaps not so different from the ones on this page? Thanks for visiting.

HorseAndPony LM on March 09, 2010:

This was beautiful. I am so ready for some flowers. We are going to document some of our new Colorado flowers this year and of course press some. Love this lens.

dc64 lm on February 08, 2010:

The Scheuchzer's Cotton Sedge are my favorites on this page. They look so unusual, I can only imagine how a field of them must look.

Indigo Janson (author) from UK on February 08, 2010:

@dc64 lm: Yes, they are like balls of cotton wool. As you can see, my camera couldn't focus on them at all.

Indigo Janson (author) from UK on January 29, 2010:

@Addy Bell: Yes, no Photoshopping required with those! They really are that dazzling. Thanks for visiting, Addy.

Indigo Janson (author) from UK on January 29, 2010:

@ElizaRayner: Thanks so much, I really appreciate that and can't wait to see your page. Your lenses are always so lovely.

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Im back to this page again to say that I have added it to my newest page - a few of my favorite things. Thanks!

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That Spring Gentian is an unbelievable color. Beautiful.

Indigo Janson (author) from UK on January 26, 2010:

@OhMe: Thank you very much. I hope you get the chance to visit.

Nancy Tate Hellams from Pendleton, SC on January 26, 2010:

This is so beautiful. I have never been to the Swiss Alps but have always wanted to go. I love the way you did the colors in your background to match the flowers.

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Beautiful flowers...love those blue flowers. Congratulations on 50! Blessed.

norma-holt on December 21, 2009:

Beautiful lens. My visit to the Swiss alps was late summer so I never saw any wild flowers. Beautiful country and very nice presentation. Love the pics. 5* and fave


Eliza Rayner from Boulder, Colorado on December 20, 2009:

beautiful page. I love alpine flowers, we had the best blooms this last summer in colorado due to all of the rain we had in spring.

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Wonderful flowers - remind me of my holidays in the Bavarian Alps. Great lens!

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The flowers are gorgeous! I don't think we have any of those blooms you featured here in our tropical country so I loved seeing the photos. Congrats on making 50! *woot* (:

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Absolutely breathtaking.....your pictures are gorgeous, and what a beautiful lens to have for your 50th one :) I really loved Switzerland when I went, and you have captured this small piece of it, the flowers way better than even my memories.

kimmanleyort on December 17, 2009:

Yes! I visited the Italian Alps this year and your Zermatt lenses brought back memories. Your photos are gorgeous and I love the way you matched the text boxes with the flower colors. Had no idea that so many were poisonous. Congratulations on #50!

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