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Splashtown San Antonio Cabanas and Price Comparisons: The Best Value for Summer Fun

Charlotte likes pretty things, and she loves the beach, sushi, coffee and seashells.

Splashtown at San Antonio is a great place to enjoy some refreshing excitement when temperatures start to rise. It first opened in 1985 and is a whopping 20 acres. It features more than 50 water slides and attractions, and it's a great alternative to Sea World, as Sea World can be large, intimidating, and quite expensive.

In the past, people may have known Splashtown as Water Park, USA. Splashtown has four out of five stars and has been rated by over 440 Google users. Read on to find out why I think this waterpark's cabanas provide the most bang for your buck!

Comparing Splashtown, Schlitterbahn, Sea World and Morgan's Wonderland Cabana Prices

San Antonio has a lot of great summer attractions. Another fantastic attraction has been Morgan's Wonderland, as it caters to children who have special needs. Because of this, Morgan's Wonderland does not have any pools.

As mentioned earlier, SeaWorld is excellent, but it can be expensive. Schlitterbahn is also an option, but it's more toward the Canyon Lake area, and it is also costly. An advantage that SeaWorld had over Splashtown is that it featured a payment schedule for season passes. It appears that SeaWorld has upped the ante when it comes to specials and offers that make purchasing water park tickets easy, flexible and affordable.

Splashtown Cabanas and Prices in San Antonio, Texas

At SeaWorld, I was always a bit jealous of the people relaxing in the Cabanas. They were shaded, offered special amenities, and seemed very 'high class.' I discovered that Splashtown offers cabanas at affordable rates, even more, affordable than SeaWorld.

The Private Cabanas are nestled between the Kid's Kove and the Wave Pool. They are shaded areas with lounge chairs provided. The cabanas have a personal item chest and also a table for eating. A hostess is even offered, and they provide great service for the guests at the cabana.

A regular cabana fits up to six individuals, and it comes with one beach towel. A bucket of four bottled waters, iced, is provided. The large cabana fits up to twelve individuals, and also comes with a beach towel and six bottled waters.

It's important to note that on Friday Night, there are movies called Dive in Movies, and its kind of like a Drive-in Theater, except you, can swim and splash around while watching the movie. I have done this once with my best friend, and it was amazing watching the movie on a vast screen, swimming around, and experience a blast of natural color as the sun set over the horizon. The evening air was warm but cool at the same time, and incredibly refreshing. It was a great memory.

The Friday Night Dive-In movie can be seen from Cabana one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, twelve, thirteen, and fourteen. The rates are very reasonable. Monday through Friday, the regular cabana is $75, and the large cabana is $105.

On the weekend primetime, (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), a regular cabana is $110, and a large is $150. If one has a season pass, they can get 25% off the daily rental.

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Morgan's Wonderland Cabanas and Prices

Morgan's Wonderland has nine cabanas, and they are available on a 'first come, first serve' basis. Its $25 per hour on Monday through Friday, and $40 per hour Saturday and Sunday. There is a 3-hour minimum required for each, and this includes a 10-dollar key deposit, which is refundable. Ultimately, this adds up to be $75 for 3 hours during the week, and $120 for three hours on the weekends. For me, this is a bit limiting and also a bit expensive for just three hours' time.

The Schlitterbahn cabanas feature nine different themes, like Lagoon, Surf Village, Riverbend, and more. When I clicked on these individually, I was able to find a section near the bottom that said Pricing. I wanted to share a few examples of what the pricing looks like. The Lagoon Cabanas was priced as "Good Value." The certain Premium cabanas were priced only as "Luxury." Other Premium Cabanas, like Congo, were priced as "Premium."

Schlitterbahn Cabanas and Prices in New Braunfels, Texas

Schlitterbahn has four different kinds of cabanas. They have Premium Cabanas that feature a 42-inch flat Television and a small fridge. They have deluxe cabanas that feature cushioned furniture with a reserved parking space. The standard cabanas also have a reserved parking space and wait staff as well. Finally, there are the Barbeque Palapas, which has no wait service, but it does have a barbeque grill with charcoal that is ready to light.

What's slightly frightening is that I was not able to find prices for any of these cabanas. There is a sign that says "Prices subject to change without notice" which could be a bit worrying. The Surf Village was considered "Mid-range." The Surf Village Cabanas were considered "Best Value." Out of curiosity, I decided to find the prices of the cabanas at Galveston, Texas. Perhaps their website stated a different kind of more specific pricing tier?

I found that for Standard Cabanas, the website mentioned that the prices for Monday through Thursday was $195 plus tax, while Friday through Saturday was $245 plus tax. These prices were for 'standard cabanas,' which did not include a television but did have full wait service. The deluxe Galveston cabana was $345 Monday through Friday and $395 Friday through Sunday.

One can see how high Schlitterbahn cabana prices are. It's reasonable to believe that Galveston prices may reflect the San Antonio/New Braunfels cabana prices.

SeaWorld San Antonio Cabana Prices

SeaWorld cabanas are reserved for all day use, up until the time when the park itself is closed. There are four kinds of cabanas that are offered. There is a simple cabana that has a fan and small fridge. These are $75 per day. There is also a standard cabana, which includes a locker, water, towels, and sunscreen. These are $125 per day.

The premium cabana is the last option, and it includes cushioned furniture and food service for four meals. These are $250 per day. The Ultimate Cabana has food service for ten meals. These are $450 per day. The Aquatica Standard Cabana mostly resembles the Splashtown cabanas. The price for the Aquatica Standard cabana is for four people, with $25 for extra persons. Again, Splashtown cabana regular rentals seat six people, and the large cabanas sit twelve people.

Splashtown: Best Value for Cabana Price in San Antonio, Texas

This summer, I considered having my family and my friend’s family rent a cabana for a birthday party, summer party, or just as a fun, random get together at Splashtown. I imagine that staying in the cabana is a great alternative to hoping for a random lounge chair to throw your towel upon and 'claim.'

I feel that I'm never truly comfortable when I feel like I have to keep one eye on my exposed belonging that is sitting by some hidden nook, as most of the lounge chairs are 'claimed' by a towel. I rather pay attention to my children and splash around with them, without worrying about my belongings, or without worrying about where to put my drink, or finding a shady spot to eat when the family is hungry.

After comparing and contrasting with other cabanas promising summer fun around San Antonio, I felt that Splashtown offers a better value for the price. It doesn't hurt that cabana can easily be rented online, and that season passes are super reasonable and close to 'home'.

© 2018 Charlotte Doyle

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