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Wave Rock in Hyden, Western Australia

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A Fascinating Rock in Hyden

Western Australia has many natural rock formations which are popular scenic tourist spots and top natural attractions. One of the interesting places to see is the Wave Rock, which is found 4km east of Hyden, a small agricultural country town 350km east of Perth.

When was Wave Rock formed?

This huge rock was formed more than 2700 million years ago. Wave Rock is so-named because it looks like a giant surf wave that is about to come crashing down. This rock formation, which stands at a height of 15 metres and 110 metres wide, is part of the Hyden Rock. Weathering erosion occurred on the softer surface under the top part of the Hyden Rock for many centuries and caused the granite rock to form the shape of a big wave.

The surface of the rock has grey, brown and yellow stripes, which are caused by algal growth and mineral deposits of carbonates and iron hydroxide washed down by the rain. These colours also change during the course of the day when the sun shines on this rock.

The Legend of Mulka the Terrible

Mulka was the illegitimate child of an aboriginal couple who defied their tribal rules to have a child. As a result, Mulka was born with crossed eyes. His poor vision prevented him from hunting with a spear. When he resorted to hunting local children and eating them, he was ostracised from his tribe. He found a cave (now known as Mulka's Cave) and took refuge there. When his mother went to confront him about his wrongdoings, he got angry and killed her. He fled the cave but was tracked down by the tribe and they speared him to death. His body was left on an ants nest to be eaten because the tribe believed he was not worthy of a proper burial.

More Attractions in Hyden

There are other interesting rock formations in the vicinity. Not far from Wave Rock is Hippo's Yawn, a rock that resembles a yawning hippo. Other formations are the Humps and Breakers. Eighteen kilometres to the north is the eerie Mulka's Cave with an entrance that looks like the head of a shark. Aboriginal rock paintings and hand imprints of an aboriginal legend Mulka can be seen inside this cave.

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Although Hyden has only a handful of restaurants and accommodation for tourists, there are several places of interest worth visiting. The Lace Place is a place of vintage collections from the early settlers in Australia. It has a collection of antique laces from the 1600s. The collection includes a piece of tulle from the wedding veil of Princess Diana and a black chantilly lace from Queen Victoria's gown. There is also a vintage gramophone collection and wedding dress collection at the Lace Place.

To the east of Hyden is a section of the Rabbit Proof Fence, which began construction in 1902 to prevent the rabbits from hopping in from the eastern states. When it was completed in 1907, many rabbits had already entered Western Australia. This fence is 1,832km and is the longest in the world. It runs from Starvation Bay, near Esperance to Ninety Mile Beach in Port Hedland. The fence is now used to keep out some kangaroos, dingoes, and emus.

Local produce of cakes, breads, tea, and coffee are available from the Country Kitchen. A good range of Australiana souvenirs can be purchased from the Wildflower and Souvenir Shoppe. There is also a Pioneer Town Museum and Toy Soldier Museum. Stroll through three hectares of bushlands at the Wave Rock Wildlife Park and see the local birds, animals, and rare wildflowers of Western Australia.

The Wave Rock Weekender music festival is held in spring every year.

BMX Rider on Wave Rock

Where Is Wave Rock?

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Best Travel Destinations in Western Australia

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