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15 Unforgettable Things to Do With Kids and Toddlers in Jamaica

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Here are 15 activities you can do with your children in Jamaica that create unforgettable experiences.

Here are 15 activities you can do with your children in Jamaica that create unforgettable experiences.

The Activities For Kids in Jamaica Will Make Boredom a Non-Issue

Planning a trip to Jamaica with kids can feel overwhelming. What if all the activities that looked so good online end up being lackluster in reality? And if that does happen, how will you survive days in a far away island with kids who will have no problem reminding you (in their loudest voices) that they're bored?

Boredom will not be a problem for moms going to Jamaica with kids. Many of Jamaica's all-inclusive hotels include exciting things like mini-waterparks, kid clubs and kiddie pools on their grounds. But it is outside the four walls of your hotel where you will find the best of Jamaica.

Take your older kids zip lining over the island's rainforests, or give your toddler an educational experience on a toddler-friendly nature walk. And since Jamaica is a small island, arranging transportation from your hotel to these activities should be easy. Here is a compilation of fifteen of the most fun things to do with kids in Jamaica.

1. Swim With Dolphins at Dolphin Cove

Dolphins are arguably the most beloved ocean creatures. The gentle creatures give so much love that they are exceptionally suited for intimate encounters with young kids. If your kids like dolphins, amaze them with a close up encounter with the creatures at Jamaica's Dolphin Cove in the coastal town of Ocho Rios.

Swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Cove is consistently ranked one of the most popular things to do with kids in Jamaica because of its appeal to every age group. Activities are specifically catered to different ages and abilities. Younger, non-swimmers take part in the fun with the help of an adult by petting or kissing the dolphins. Older kids participate in a dolphin care program where they help to feed and take care of the dolphins, while learning about the everyday life of the creatures. There is also a swim with stingrays program for good swimmers and glass bottom boats for toddlers to safely enjoy the dolphins.

For toddlers, there is an entertaining shark show and even a nature trail (see below) which is the perfect way for little ones to interact with a tropical ecology. To plan a visit, visit Dolphin Cove or plan an excursion through your hotel.

Families enjoy an intimate experience with the dolphins at Dolphins Cove (Ocho Rios Jamaica) which is the  top thing to do with kids in Jamaica.

Families enjoy an intimate experience with the dolphins at Dolphins Cove (Ocho Rios Jamaica) which is the top thing to do with kids in Jamaica.

2. Take Toddlers on the Dolphin Cove Nature Trail Hike

The Dolphin Cove Nature Trail is an easy to moderate level nature trail with friendly snakes, birds, and other exotic animals. The trail can be done with any kid, but it is particularly suitable for toddlers. The easy hike makes it possible to carry your toddler or infant, who will love the friendly animals they will encounter along the way. Point out the tropical plants everywhere while helping your toddler pronounce unusual animal names like iguana. If you have a really brave toddler, take her to pet the resident snakes for an experience she will remember long after she returns home.

3. Enjoy the Shallow Waters of Doctor's Cave Beach

Doctor's Cave Beach in the popular town of Montego Bay has many things going for it: a sparkling beach, trampolines for the kids to jump away some of their unending energy, shallow waters with lots of little fishes for toddlers to play with, and a kid-friendly restaurant right on the beach. The cumulative effect of these elements is a beach that is consistently rated among the best Jamaican beaches for kids.

And for good reason. There is something for every age at Doctor's Cave. Older will kids love that there is a trampoline in the ocean and will swim out immediately to enjoy jumping up and down in the ocean. Toddlers will especially enjoy the calm, shallow waters where they can watch as tiny fishes swim around the calm water.

When you get hungry, there is a restaurant right on the beach for kid friendly foods like chicken nuggets and french fries. And a convenient changing area for diaper changes or a shower at the end of the day will make for a comfortable visit.

Entrance cost USD $3 for kids, $6 for adults, and can easily be arranged through any of Jamaica's hotels. If you still need help choosing between Montego Bay where Doctor's Cave Beach is located, and Ocho Rios or Negril, read my where to stay in Jamaica guide for helpful information on choosing a resort town in Jamaica.

4. Enjoy Kid Friendly Watersports at Aquasol Theme Park

Not far from Doctor's Cave Beach is the fun Aquasol Theme Park with it's exhilarating watersports and party like vibe. Aquasol is particularly special because of its location on a stretch of white sand beach in Montego Bay. The park is a weekend haven for local families who want to enjoy the beach while their kids play. Wave runners, banana boat rides, waterslides, a bouncy house, go kart racing and the energetic locals make this Jamaican family attraction the best place for your kids to get an authentic look into Jamaican culture while having fun.

While your older kids enjoy motorized watersports, take your toddler to play on the swings in the playground or to play a round of mini golf. When its time for lunch, grab a delicious meal from the park's restaurant and have it on the beach.

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Because Aquasol is a popular thing to do in Montego Bay, many hotels in the city offer complimentary or reduced entry. If you are staying in Montego Bay, check with your hotel before arranging a trip.

5. Take Older Kids to Climb a Waterfall at Dunn's River Falls

Dunn's River Falls is a picturesque, 180 feet high wonder of white waterfalls rushing down natural limestone to meet a turquoise ocean. The waterfall is really a sight to behold, and the only one of its kind in the Caribbean. The guided hikes offered are a great activity for the whole family to enjoy and can be enjoyed by kids as young as six years old. Join hands with your little ones and with the other families who are also embarking on the trip into the waterfall. Stop at the wading pools formed by the force of the waterfall or in front of the rapidly falling water for a family photo you will love displaying.

Although the hike cannot be done by really young kids, there is a way to enjoy Dunn's River Falls with a toddler. At the top of the waterfalls there are viewing areas that give a bird's eye view of the action. This area is perfect for toddlers. It is completely surrounded by safety rails, yet it is so close to the waterfalls that you and your little one will get sprayed by the cool water.

After you climb or see the waterfall, head to the beach at the bottom of the falls where toddlers and older kids will enjoy the gentle waters flowing from the waterfalls into the ocean!

For rates and more information visit their Dunns River Falls Your hotel can also easily arrange a trip to this popular attraction. If you still don't know what hotel you'll be staying in and need some help on which resort town is best for you, check out my helpful guide on what part of Jamaica to stay in while on vacation.

6. See a Tropical Paradise at Turtle River Gardens

Think your toddler won't be able to handle the disappointment of not being able to climb the grand Dunn's River Falls? Instead, take her to play in one of the smaller waterfalls at this forgotten paradise.

If upon entering Turtle River Falls and Gardens you imagine you have entered a lovingly restored secret garden, you would be partly right. The paradise like gardens through which a river flows is one of Jamaica's best kept secrets. Decades ago, the whole property was actually a resort. After the resort failed, people (including many locals) forgot it. Meanwhile, the gardens were lovingly restored and kept as an attraction for those who wanted quiet and solitude.

Though the gardens are breathtaking, a lack of promotion and its location in the same town as the bigger, more popular Dunns River Falls make the property almost tourist free on some days. Visit and you may be lucky enough to experience a private day in paradise with your kids in Jamaica.

Take your toddler to play in one of the 14 waterfalls and streams that meander through the lush grounds. Carry walking and non walking toddlers into the huge walk -in aviary to actually touch or feed the cobalt blue peacocks, rainbow macaws and other tropical birds. Take a break to have a pre-packed picnic (there is no restaurant) amidst the green plants and stunning flowers. After lunch, head out again to take a hike or look for koi and turtle in the pond or the river.

Other features like a pool, an ice cream stand and walks along the eerie abandoned structures of the old resort make the Turtle River Falls and Gardens a perfect way to spend a full day with kids in Ocho Rios.

7. Zipline With Older Kids In a Jamaican Forest at Mystic Mountain

First time visitors to Jamaica are often surprised when they see that Jamaica is filled with dense, green rainforests that are almost as beautiful as the beaches. It is this diverse topography that accounts for the exciting range of activities available to people going to Jamaica with kids.

For a change of scenery, leave the beach and take your older kids to explore the tropical greenery by zip line. Mystic Mountain in the beautiful town of Ocho Rios is the top rated place to zip line in Jamaica, and is on its way to becoming a top Jamaican family attraction, much like Dolphin Cove.

Mystic Mountain has much more than zip lining. There is a splash pool for cooling down after zipping under the tropical sun. A colorful hummingbird garden that gives delightful views of Jamaica's fascinating national bird, and a lift quite similar to a ski lift which takes visitors on a picturesque ride up the mountain. There is also a restaurant for quick meals after all the fun.

The actual zip line course goes through rainforests, and offers glimpses of white waterfalls and the turquoise ocean. Be forewarned though—zip lining hundreds of feet from the ground is only for the brave! Kids have to be at least five years old to participate. For rates and more, visit their website.

8. Take Toddlers and Older Kids to Columbus Park Museum

Also in Ocho Rios, Columbus Park Museum, sits on the very spot where Christopher Columbus, the explorer reputed to have discovered Jamaica and its indigenous people first set foot in Jamaica in the 16th century. In Jamaica, he found the indigenous Tainos people (also known as Arawaks) and a paradise filled with waterfalls, green mountains and pristine beaches.

The small, open air museum tells this history, and is a good way to give your kids a basic understanding of Jamaica's history. The museum is most suitable for age six and up. Teenagers will love the lesson on Jamaica's past, and the younger ones will love the ancient artifacts like the old Arawak canoe, and earthen vessels.

If you have a well behaved toddler and an umbrella stroller you may also consider bringing your toddler as the wide aisles make the outdoor museum doable with a very young child.

9. Take the Whole Family to See Crocodiles at the Black River Safari

This is one wildly beautiful trip down one of Jamaica's largest rivers. Best for older children (though toddlers may enjoy the long trip too), the guided boat trip will take you down a beautiful river surrounded by lush, tropical forestry. Look out for exotic birds, iguanas and other strange creatures. As the Black River is the natural habitat for hundreds of crocodiles, don't be surprised if your kids gaze in awe at the open mouthed crocodiles they are bound to see.

To plan a wild rafting trip down the black river, or any of Jamaica's numerous rivers, check with your hotel for a reputable rafting company, or check out the folks at Whitewater Rafting Jamaica.

The Black River Safari Tour is an educational Jamaican family attraction where kids can learn about crocodile habitats.

The Black River Safari Tour is an educational Jamaican family attraction where kids can learn about crocodile habitats.

10. Take the Family to the Appleton Estate Rum Factory Tour

Don't be put off by the name of this tour. Although, you will want to keep your kids from the rum tasting portion, everything else is a well architectured lesson on the rum making process.

The tour is a good way to sneak a learning opportunity on your itinerary of things to do with the kids in Jamaica. Older kids will definitely leave this tour more knowledgeable of the fascinating origins and process of rum. Even the adults in your family will learn something new!

11. Learn About the Reggae Icon at the Bob Marley Museum

A tour of the Bob Marley Museum is a must for fans of the world renown (though now deceased) Bob Marley. Even if your older kids don't know who Bob Marley was, the tour is still a good thing to do with them if they like music. Music loving 'tweens' and teenaged kids will enjoy learning about a new music form and the icon most identified with it.

The Bob Marley Museum explores reggae music and the life of one of the most inspirational reggae singers that ever lived, Bob Marley .A visit to this gem, brings you intimately close to the life and inspirations of the icon. See how he lived, his guitar and much more.

There are three museums dedicated to Bob Marley in Jamaica. The best, and most informative is located in Kingston, at one of Bob Marley's former homes. A trip to this museum will take upwards of two hours from Ocho Rios, Montego Bay or Negril For more information, check their website. However, as the museum is located in Kingston, (Jamaica's capital city and outside of where your hotel is likely to be), it is best to book a tour through your hotel.

12. Have Exotic Ice Cream at Devon House in Kingston

While you are still in Kingston, give your whole family a taste bud extravaganza with ice cream that has been voted among the top ten in the world by National Geographic.

Convince your kids to try new, exotic flavors they will never forget. Jamaican guava or mango are new tastes that a picky child may like. If you have a truly adventurous child, have her sample the flavor called soursop which is made from a creamy, slightly tart Jamaican fruit with hard, spiky green skin. While the kids are being adventurous, the adults in the family can join in the fun with the beer spiked devon stout flavor or the very alcoholic rum and raisin flavor.

Take your cones with you to the serene gardens that surround Devon House for some family time. If you visit Devon House on a weekend, look out for local families who come to enjoy the ice cream with their kids in one of Kingston's most relaxing spot.

Since 2020, Devon House has opened up outpost ice cream store branches in the resort towns of Ocho Rios and Negril, so if your resort is in one of these towns you don't have too far to go to enjoy a cone.

13. Go Horseback Riding in the Ocean

When in Jamaica with kids, horseback riding in the ocean is one activity that should be experienced at least once. Take your whole family on an unforgettable ride through Jamaica's lush countryside, onto a pristine beach, then straight into the ocean. Watch them squeal as they first enter the warm water on horseback. Be sure to take a camera to preserve the priceless memory.

The horseback ride is guided and can be booked through several companies that offer horseback riding packages. Check with your hotel for their recommendations.

14. Spend a Day on Waterslides at Cool Runnings Water Park

As the only off resort waterpark in Jamaica, the Cool Runnings Waterpark in Negril is the place to be if you happen to have kids who love waterslides and are staying at a resort without many water features. The colorful high energy park seems to always have a DJ spinning tunes and setting the mood for a fun day. The fun comes in the form of a lazy river, many waterslides, go kart racing and a small water play area that is suitable for toddlers.

Lifeguards man the pools at the end of each slide and the wave pool and lazy river are also guarded. The small area dedicated to toddlers is done in a colorful tropical theme that includes water cascading from palm tree shaped sprinklers and toucan crested water features.

For the older kids, go kart racing and fun competitions on some weekend round out a full day of fun. When planning a visit, bear in mind that weekends see lots of crowd, so try to visit on the early morning of a weekday for the best experience. If you're shopping around for family friendly hotels in Negril, read my Beaches All-Inclusive Hotel review to see if that hotel may be right for your family.

15. See a Caribbean Sunset With the Kids in Negril or Montego Bay

Spend the last evening of your Jamaican family vacation watching a gorgeous orange pink sunset on a white sand beach with the people you love most. Head to the famous Seven Mile Beach in Negril to see one of Jamaica's renowned sunsets. If you are staying in Montego Bay , head to the Doctor's Cave Beach which is also known for amazing sunsets.

While a sunset may not be the most exciting thing to with kids in Jamaica, it is a perfect way for them to appreciate the beauty of the amazing planet they call home, and the people they share their life with.

Seeing a Caribbean sunset is the perfect thing to do with the kids in Jamaica on your last night of vacation

Seeing a Caribbean sunset is the perfect thing to do with the kids in Jamaica on your last night of vacation

These exciting things to with kids in Jamaica will ensure that your family will never forget their Jamaican vacation. Who knows, you may even join the countless families who have fallen in love with the island and keep going back year after year.

Questions & Answers

Question: Are there any indoor activities to do in Jamaica?

Answer: Yes, there are. However, since most people visit Jamaica for the island's breathtaking natural beauty - the beaches, mountains, waterfalls, etc.- most of the activities are outdoors.

I am unsure where on the island you plan on staying, so the following outdoor activities in Jamaica are grouped according to city/ town.


Cocojam - A game arcade and indoor playspace for toddlers.

Bob Marley Museum- An indoor museum focused on the life of the famous musician.

Devon House- This historical tour educates people about life in 18th century Jamaica with a famous ice cream shop on site - suitable for kids and adults.

Montego Bay

Rose Hall Great House- A historical tour of a haunted house.

The Hip Strip- A busy commercial strip in the heart of downtown Montego Bay where indoor art galleries and restaurants abound.


Ricks Café- This is a cool bar and restaurant with good music, the best sunset views in the island and good vibes. Also known for extreme diving from outdoor cliffs if you venture outside.

Appleton Estate Rum Factory Tour- A fascinating tour of the rum making process. The factory is technically located on Jamaica's south coast (in the parish of St. Elizabeth) which is a manageable distance away from both Negril and Montego Bay by car.

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