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A Trip to Rising Star Casino in Southern Indiana

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I am a senior citizen that is interested in travel and in casinos and in horse racing.

Rising Star Casino, Rising Sun, Indiana

Rising Star Casino, Rising Sun, Indiana

About Rising Sun, Indiana

We left home on a Wednesday morning reasonably early so that we could make an out of the way stop going to the casino. We planned to explore the John Dillinger Museum in Crown Point, Indiana, on the way. In spite of a time mixup, we spent a couple of hours at the museum.

We got to Rising Sun at about 5 p.m. It's laid out so that the main hotel and the casino are on the river side of the complex. A new facility - The Lodge - is on the opposite side. There are perhaps 400 yards between the two buildings. A shuttle runs constantly between the two.

As soon as The Lodge opened as a non-smoking facility we began staying there and were really happy until our last stay when there were problems. I complained a lot to no avail and commented in a trip report. A fellow panel member stepped up and somehow influenced the hotel. I got a call from an assistant manager who was very nice and offered us a couple of nights to show that normally they really aren't what we had experienced. Obviously, we accepted.

My Hotel Experience

We got checked in and found ourselves in a large, easily accessible room on the first floor just off the lobby. As you can see from the pictures, it was nice. We were happy that it was so different from the last trip.

We got our luggage settled in and took off for dinner. In the past, we'd found a local restaurant that serves good food at reasonable prices. It's "Jack's Place" and is located in Rising Sun just off Highway 56 as it makes a sharp left turn onto Main Street. The restaurant is just to the right of that intersection. We had cups of a very thick potato soup and split a ham and turkey club sandwich.

Stuffed from our meal, we went back to the hotel for some R&R - mostly just rest - and we managed to kill a bottle of champagne that we'd brought along. I checked my emails and snoozed for a little while.

RIsing Star Casino, Rising Sun, Indiana

RIsing Star Casino, Rising Sun, Indiana

Casino Layout Changes

Figured out when Jeopardy was on the local television and after praising ourselves about how smart we were, we got the shuttle and went across the parking lot to the casino. There have been a few changes in the physical layout of the casino. The most noticeable one was that on the lowest level the area had been divided into two major rooms where one was a non-smoking area. That non-smoking area has been closed and the area that had contained video poker was apparently now non-smoking although I never did find out for sure.

After about an hour, Sharon gave up and went back to the room but I played on. For a while I played 2 cent spin poker playing 9 lines at a time for a 90 cent investment. Couldn't seem to accomplish anything greater than occasional full houses so switched over to 5 cent deuces wild simply because I enjoy the game.

Realizing that as a percentage return, it isn't a very good bet, I played on just enjoying the activity. As usual when I'm just having fun, this happened.

Four deuces at Rising Star

Four deuces at Rising Star

Enjoying the Sights

Thrilled, I continued to play for a while but most everything was anticlimactic and I gave it up and went to the room for television and relaxation and a good night's sleep. Up on Thursday morning and off to get breakfast. I went to a nearby supermarket that bakes their own pastries and got us some food. Back to the room and scarfed it down. Then, off to some sightseeing.

Way back when I was born, it was in a small house on a hill just outside Rising Sun. And, I really mean way back when. Anyway, when I get a chance to look around at local history I take it. The Ohio County Historical Museum there in Rising Sun offered that opportunity. We went and found it very interesting even though I didn't find anything about my personal history.

Then we were off to Lawrenceburg, Indiana. It's about 20 miles upriver and in a different county. It also has a historical museum which didn't open until a little later.

We hadn't been to Hollywood Casino in a long time so decided to sightsee it without any gambling. A couple of things that I didn't remember about it. It is very posh and spacious in the extreme. Actually, more so than any other place I can remember.. Lots of room between machines. Very hard to imagine that it is a boat. They have built a new hotel wing that is about twice the size of the original one. It was difficult not to try one or two of the machines as they had games I hadn't seen before. Machines such as "dream card poker". I wish someone had been playing so that I could peek over their shoulder.

Went to the museum and it was a disappointment. The museum was small and didn't have much exhibit space. We did find some references to my great grandfather in one of the genealogical books that contradicted what is in our computerized history.

One of the reasons for the side trip to Lawrenceburg was to stop at a Skyline Chili Parlor and have some Cincinnati Chili. Which we happily did.

Then back to the casino.

Spent the remainder of the afternoon and part of the evening giving back some of the winnings from my four deuces. Played the nickel deuces again and somehow got back to about even for the day and then....BINGO.

Four Deuces Number TWO

Four Deuces Number TWO

A Fun Trip Overall

Satisfied with the results of my video poker forays, I called it quits for the trip and went to watch Jeopardy and some other television. And to pop the cork on the second bottle of champagne we'd brought along.

Friday morning we were up and went down to Jack's Place for breakfast. Sharon had one pancake and I had one biscuit and gravy. Said sayonara to Jack's Place until next trip.

Satisfyingly full we headed for Cincinnati where we stayed with my brother for a couple of nights. On Saturday we went to a family reunion in Aurora, Indiana, and on Sunday headed home.

Ensconced at home. No current plans to venture out again until winter comes along and chases us to Florida. Will get some casino time at Soaring Eagle (it's only about 10 miles). Would be nice if they were all as much gambling fun as this one. Hm-m-m-m. Maybe there's a royal lurking behind those three cards!!!!

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