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Top Ten Places to Visit in Canada

Updated on July 19, 2016
Coat of Arms - Canada
Coat of Arms - Canada

I should begin by saying that all of Canada is a great, hospitable place to visit. Because of the size of Canada, most tourists will head for the bigger cities to see the sights. Be forewarned however that Canada's best features are in its natural beauty.

That is why my top ten might seem unorthodox, but if you've been to any of these places you will agree that these are Canada's best places to visit.

10. Prince Edward Island

Green pastures and the distinct red-soil cliffs make Prince Edward Island a great destination for travellers who are just looking for some relaxation or a fun day at the beach. Take a car to get around, the island is not big so you could see everything in a day.

Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island

9. Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa is the Capital City of Canada and a great place to soak in Canadian culture. The Changing of the Guard on Parliament Hill or the RCMP march are always popular sights, along with some world class museums. There are also many parks and bike paths that make summer outdoors fun. The winters aren't bad either. The Rideau Canal, which connects the Ottawa River to the Great Lakes for leisure boaters, makes for the longest skating rink in the world when it freezes.

Ottawa, Ontario
Ottawa, Ontario

8. Kelowna, British Columbia

Where do Canadians go on vacation? Kelowna, BC. In the heart of the Canadian Rockies is the Okanagan Valley, a river-valley that has some of Canada's best weather. Warm in the summer and mild in the winter; the most you can ask for in the Great White North. The valley produces Canada's world famous B.C. apples (illegal in the U.S.) and wine. The Valley has a marina for the avid boaters and many golf courses. Relaxing at the beach or sitting on the porch of a lakeside cottage is everyone's idea of the perfect destination.

Kelowna, British Columbia
Kelowna, British Columbia

7. Churchill, Manitoba

You might be wondering why Churchill? Well hear me out, Churchill, Manitoba is a small town in northern Manitoba on the shores of the Hudson Bay. The town is the Polar Bear Capital of the World (sightings are year round), Beluga Whale Capital of the World (sightings from late June to late August), and one of the best places to catch a glimpse of an Aurora Borealis or Northern-Lights (sightings from late November through to late March). No-one ever forgets a visit to Churchill. It's the best place to connect to the many wonders of mother nature.

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Aurora Borealis, Churchill, ManitobaPolar Bear Tours, Churchill, Manitoba
Aurora Borealis, Churchill, Manitoba
Aurora Borealis, Churchill, Manitoba
Polar Bear Tours, Churchill, Manitoba
Polar Bear Tours, Churchill, Manitoba

6. Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is a great place to see and do anything and everything. You can enjoy the city's night life, ski at Whistler and go whale-watching along the coast. Camping, hiking, and boating are also just a few of the things you can do when in town. If you love the outdoors and want to see some real wildlife, Vancouver should be on your itinerary.

Vancouver, British Columbia
Vancouver, British Columbia

5. Niagara Falls, Ontario

It's one of those unfortunate 'luck of the draw' things I'm afraid to say, because the majority of the Falls are technically in the United States. This would be fine except that to see it, you have to be on the Canadian side. That's why Niagara Falls lands on Canada's Top-Ten list. To get to the other side there is a pedestrian bridge that links Canada with the United States without the inconvenience of border patrols, yeah!

This tourist town is great for sightseeing and if you happen to be in Toronto, Niagara Falls is not far. Niagara Falls is also a popular place to get married, competing with Las Vegas for favourite wedding destinations. Niagara Falls was also rated as the World's Most Romantic Place.

Niagara Falls, Ontario
Niagara Falls, Ontario

4. Quebec City, Quebec

Visiting Quebec City is like taking a tour of France in North America. Quebec culture is rich and unique from the rest of Canada, and no-where is it as evident as it is in Quebec City. The world famous Chateaux Frontenac overlooks the St. Lawrence River on a cliff that was once a French Fort. The Old-City is contained in an stone wall that once protected the city from the British Navy. The City Fortress makes Quebec City one of the last walled cities in the world.

Quebec City, Quebec
Quebec City, Quebec

3. Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is perhaps my all-time favourite place to just walk around by myself. No other city will allow you to be on a hill overlooking the city from above; shop at fancy French boutiques; dine at some of the best restaurants in the world; see old historic buildings and modern skyscrapers; enjoy a vibrant nightlife; and watch the sun rise and set at the port - all within walking distance. You will feel as if you have walked into a different dimension. Being the world's second largest French speaking city (second only to Paris) some would compare it to France. I on the other hand believe that Montreal is in a league of its own.

Montreal, Quebec
Montreal, Quebec

2. Banff, Alberta

Banff is great but a little over-crowded at times. Best to take in the nature experience during the off seasons. But it doesn't matter what time of year it is, there is always stuff to see and do in Banff. Having been to Banff many times, I have never gone and not seen either a bear, elk, deer or mountain goat. With the guaranteed wildlife sightings, you will always enjoy your stay at the Banff Springs Hotel. Be sure to take advantage of their outdoor hot-springs while you are there. Reservations at the hotel are made months in advance but don't fret because there are many other hotels in the area.


1. Lake Louise, Alberta

The picture says it all. Deep in the Canadian Rockies a large turquoise lake trickles from the thousands year old glacier in the distance. The Fairmont Hotel is world class and books visitors months in advance. But don't let this deter you from visiting, there are many camp-grounds that make visiting fun and affordable.

Lake Louise, Alberta
Lake Louise, Alberta


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    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 9 years ago from Toronto

      I disagree with your #1. It should be Tim Horton's Donuts! :)

    • Jeanne Dupuis profile image

      Jeanne Dupuis 9 years ago from Calgary

      Hal, that was hilarious!!! Tim Horton's is awesome, though!!!

      Love the pictures. They are amazing!

    • simplesweetpea 9 years ago

      You spelt Kelowna wrong, thats all, and nice places thanks for the info.

    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 9 years ago from Henrico, Virginia

      Thanks for the correction.

    • FloridaTraveller profile image

      FloridaTraveller 9 years ago from Prescott, Canada

      Would you consider the 1000 Islands on the St Lawrence River. It's beautiful during the summer months. Maybe Top- Eleven places in Canada to visit.

    • trvlguy66 profile image

      trvlguy66 9 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Great list....to see some of the Western Canada sites the Rocky Mountaineer Rail trip is incredible!! You can do a pre/post stays in Banff and Lake Louise to make it an absolutely incredible trip!

    • goody2shoes 9 years ago

      Its a wonderfull project you've got there. I love the pictures and the info is really well written.

    • Athlyn Green profile image

      Athlyn Green 9 years ago from West Kootenays

      What a great Hub! 3 thumbs up!

    • jacklyn 8 years ago

      Watch ur grammar!!!!!!!

    • Woody Marx profile image

      Woody Marx 8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Great to hear about Canada!

      Really great...eh? ;)

    • sally 8 years ago

      the pictures are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Julie R 8 years ago

      So if we can't afford the Fairmont in L. Louise, where should we stay? We are visiting this summer and CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

    • dogsdogsdogs profile image

      dogsdogsdogs 8 years ago

      Love the photo of Lake Louise! I wanted to mention that Vancouver Island in British Columbia is also an incredible place to visit. Nature, parks, trails, and beaches are everywhere. We really love Sooke, which is just outside of Victoria. It's great for wildlife-watchers and has an amazing park called East Sooke Regional Park with lots of spectacular viewpoints. We've seen seal, heron, eagle, otter, deer, raccoon, and even a bear once!

    • JBM 8 years ago

      What a great hub! Thank you.

    • KML 8 years ago

      I really needed this info for a report about Canada, thanks!

    • happyexplorer profile image

      happyexplorer 8 years ago from Mostly USA, sometimes elsewhere

      Great hub. As I read it, I was hoping to see Lake Louise on the list, and sure enough there it was at #1! Thanks, - Deanna.

    • PieLol7 8 years ago

      I like Pie Lol

    • PieLol7 8 years ago

      Srry Bout tha last comment i was hyper from donuts....

    • PieLol7 8 years ago

      Heyyz Y'all i am tottaly rocked out i have a new BF his name is....

    • Mike 8 years ago

      If I only have 10 days in Canada, how should I arrange my travel itinerary? If I cannot cover all these great places, which ones can I go to in 10 days.

    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 8 years ago from Henrico, Virginia

      That's not a whole lot of time to see everything. It would be like trying to see all of Europe in a week, it can't be done, For the first timer though I would do the usual suspects Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City and if you have time Toronto.

    • ANA 8 years ago

      Liked the brief description made.Pics are awesome.

      visiting CANADA first time this summer.

      going to Quebec,Montreal and Toronto and also attending the quebec festival

      any suggestions for places to visit there.

    • Decrescendo profile image

      Decrescendo 8 years ago

      Looks like a good vacation spot.

    • mndheather profile image

      mndheather 8 years ago from India


      I was wondering where to travel this summer, nice info and I will surely visit Canada for this vacation:), great informative hub.


    • solarshingles profile image

      solarshingles 8 years ago from london

      Jyle, this is truly a wonderful hub. I am so much looking forward to finally visit Canada. I want to feel those beautiful vastness, there.

    • jenna 8 years ago

      thanks, this really helped for an extra credit project im doing for social studies. =]

    • RyanRE profile image

      RyanRE 8 years ago from Bellingham, WA

      Jyle, I would add Victoria BC to this list. It is an amazing little city.

    • pinkdaisy profile image

      pinkdaisy 8 years ago from Canada

      It is beautiful here in Canada....but there is too much snow :D

    • esocial profile image

      esocial 8 years ago from California

      Beautiful shots! 2-thumbs up for Niagra Falls, Ontario - -spent honeymoon there :)

    • diverdown profile image

      diverdown 8 years ago from Dallas

      Great pictures! All good choices! Whistler is mentioned in number 6 - Vancouver, BC, but it's probably closer to the top for me. Whistler-Blackcomb is awesome in all seasons. Also, agree with an earlier commenter that Victoria and Vancouver Island should be near the top.

    • guidebaba profile image

      guidebaba 8 years ago from India


    • bbjane profile image

      bbjane 8 years ago from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

      Nice Jyle...

    • misterpm profile image

      misterpm 8 years ago from Netherlands

      Nice pictures! the falls are a bit of disappointment I've heard from many other people. Still want to go there though.

    • Jyle 8 years ago

      misterpm the fall season is the best time of year to travel in Canada. Only then can you experience the trees of many colours. It's not too hot and it's not freezing.

    • century21pei profile image

      century21pei 8 years ago from Charlottetown

      I can't argue with number one, Lake Louise makes you whisper it's so breathtaking. BUT PEI should definitely be higher than 10! Okay I'm a bit biased. Anyways, Great pics.

    • Ronald Daniar 8 years ago

      Great pictures! I enjoyed them!


    • Gordon Hamilton profile image

      Gordon Hamilton 8 years ago from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

      Fantastic Hub. The pictures are truly spectacular. Canada is a country I have heard so much about and would love to visit. This page may go a long way to finally convincing me to venture farther afield than Europe!

    • styrchn profile image

      styrchn 8 years ago

      Great post :) I found some other places like Tadoussac to be lovely as well but I think you highlighted all the best places to see at first glance in Canada.

    • eugie17 profile image

      eugie17 8 years ago from online (everywhere)

      Nice information for sure I will consider it.thanks for your valuable effort

    • World Travel Guide 8 years ago

      This is a great list, and will be useful to anybody planning a visit to Canada. Thanks!

    • vietnamese translation services 8 years ago

      I haven't been to Canada yet, but will keep these places in mind when I have a chance to go there!

    • psioni profile image

      psioni 8 years ago from Toronto

      I like Ottawa, but I wouldn't rate it in the top ten personally.

      Agree with your number 1 and 2, though. Good call.

    • MacGillivray 8 years ago from Helensburgh, Argyll, Scotland

      I'd love to visit Canada - my hubby visited Vancouver several times and says it's his most favourite city, so I was pleased to see it on your list as well.

    • Victel profile image

      Victel 8 years ago from Breda, The Netherlands

      Canada looks really stunning. I've traveled quite extensively but Canada is one place I haven't yet made it to. I think I would love it though!

    • Riga 8 years ago

      Canada is a beautiful country in all kinds, cities and nature. I added Canada to my travel wishlist.

    • Jada 8 years ago

      this sight is fuckin sick. haha thumbs up i needed this for a report on canada too, yee :)

    • TravelAMP profile image

      TravelAMP 8 years ago from Around the world

      Just stopping by to say love your hub. Haven't been there yet but definitely consider your suggestions. Thumps up.

    • Average Jane profile image

      Average Jane 8 years ago from Bay Area, California

      Yay Canada! I'll be going to Vancouver for the first time in a couple of weeks! I plan to write a hub about things to do there. Thanks for the great article.

    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 8 years ago from Henrico, Virginia

      Vancouver is a great place. The air is so fresh there.

    • Prashix 8 years ago

      Hi Jyle,

      Wonderful information for the first time travellers, thanks man !!. Am visiting Toronto for 3months for a business purpose .. and I heard Toronto is an awesome tourist place, correct me ?? Its not on the list :( :( ..

    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 8 years ago from Henrico, Virginia

      Personally I don't like Toronto. All of its big attractions are buildings like the CN Tower (not the biggest anymore). Other than that Toronto is just like any other city. Luckly Toronto is not far from Niagra Falls (1hr40 drive). And a few days trip to Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City would well be worth the drive (about 6 hours drive there).

    • hi_wtsup 8 years ago

      nice ... love the list

      very helpful =)

    • starcatchinfo profile image

      starcatchinfo 8 years ago


    • maryam 8 years ago

      this will help in my project thanx

    • amoxicillin 500 8 years ago

      Very nice suggestions!Thanks.

    • betherickson profile image

      betherickson 8 years ago from Minnesota

      Great Hub and nice photos you provided! Personally, I love visiting Quebec. Very Nice Place! Thumbs up for you!

    • Unknown 8 years ago

      Wow. I sure love my country. It has so many wonderfull places to visit.

    • Susan M 8 years ago

      Thanks for the suggestions and for the fabulous photos! We live about an hour south of the Canadian border and tend to go to Montreal and not much else. We will definitely expand our horizons next summer - thanks again!

    • bbjane profile image

      bbjane 8 years ago from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

      One of my dream place is to visit alberta....

      Thumbs for you Jyle Dupuis...

    • FELIPE MURILLO 8 years ago

      i was in victoria island and i fell in love with it, vancouver is so beautiful as well,

      canada is a great country stunning, with friendly people i love it. God bless Canada. yeah!!!

    • katyzzz profile image

      katyzzz 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      I finally got down here, past all those other comments, I just loved your photo of Niagra Falls. It is so powerful, the forces of Nature. Well done.

    • pessi 8 years ago

      i agree with everyone else... great info.. thanks!!!!!!!!

    • Cherish77 profile image

      Cherish77 8 years ago

      Beautiful pictures, I have never been to Canada, but I have friends that live in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Manitoba. I would love to visit P.E.I someday as I am a big L.M. Montgomery fan. The Anne of Green Gables books, are my favourite books.

    • Journey * profile image

      Nyesha Pagnou, MPH 8 years ago from USA

      These are great pics. Thanks Jyle. I've been to various parts of Canada several times, but its been a while. I've never been to Alberta- looks beautiful.

    • Nolimits Nana 8 years ago

      Great hub, good choices, but you've missed one of the best - the absolutely gorgeous west coast of Vancouver Island - Pacific Rim National Park. I've hiked the whole West Coast Trail, and it is one of the most spectacular places in Canada.

    • Jawad UK 8 years ago

      Yeh you are right West Coast of Vancouver Island can not miss its place in top ten.

    • alam 8 years ago

      thanks for the info. it's awesome.

    • cool man  8 years ago

      visit my website, it the best. and a secert is in that website, go to it.

    • livelovecoffee profile image

      livelovecoffee 8 years ago from Georgia

      These are some great ideas. I have a friend who just moved up to Calgary, and will have to ask him about some of these places. Great Hub

    • smokey 8 years ago

      you are on drugs if you think Ottawa belongs on a top ten place to visist and not Toronto!!!

    • SAMEERA 7 years ago


    • Sandilyn profile image

      Sandilyn 7 years ago from Port Orange, FL

      Very good hub!

      Of all of the places that I have traveled to in Canada I beleive that my favorites have been Quebec City first. The churchs are fabulous! The beauty is outstanding and the shopping is great.

      Next on my list is Montreal. The sceanery is outstanding as well as the city itself. I enjoyed every moment there.

      Then I will round out my list with Prince Edware Island. I went there first as a child and later as an adult. It still has the charm as it did before and I love that!

      You did a great job on all of the places and the pics were great!

    • tinyteddy profile image

      tinyteddy 7 years ago from INDIA


    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 7 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      Hey, what about Toronto?

    • ja 7 years ago

      My wife and I are considering taking our first trip to Canada and are deciding on the city. I have heard quiet a bit about Vancouver and Toronto. We are more the site-seeking, museum visiting types rather than the hiking, biking, camping types. Any recommendations?

    • Dink96 profile image

      Dink96 7 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

      I've been to Vancouver and Victoria several times; I LOVE British Columbia!  Butchart Gardens: beyond description; you just have to see it.  Springtime is the best.  And BC Ferries are the best!!  Visited Toronto one summer--very humid, but we enjoyed the city.  Lots to do, great shopping, entertainment, restaurants, transportation.  "New York City without the trash" someone described it to me.  Niagara Falls was another stop.  "Maid of the Mist" is one you won't want to miss, but for WOW factor, it didn't compare to the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River in Yellowstone National Park.  But I absolutely LOVE CANADA!  The country, the people, everything about it. 

    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 7 years ago from Henrico, Virginia

      Montreal & Quebec have the living outdoor museums. But as far as actual museums you cannot beat Ottawa. They by far have the largest collection of Canadian artifacts.

    • Jen 7 years ago

      Can anyone recommend an RV rental company to hire a vehicle to travel around BC and possibly a bit of Alberta?

    • sukkran profile image

      Mohideen Basha 7 years ago from TRICHY, TAMIL NADU, INDIA.

      great hub with full of info. thks

    • omg...ily edward cullen 7 years ago

      what do you think about toronto? i think that toronto should be number

      1 and not lake louis>>>sorry but toronto is way awsome!

    • agape12 profile image

      agape12 7 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      breath-taking sceneries. How about whistler BC? I think that Whistler and Niagara Falls are the best.

    • RVilleneuve profile image

      RVilleneuve 7 years ago from Michigan

      Very nice choices. As a person from Michigan, we visit our northern neighbors often!

    • Carmen 7 years ago

      I will love to see Quebec or Montreal, will it be safe for a lady to go alone to these places? I have some time off this coming May, any suggestions for a moderate price hotel in Quebec? my email is camucha59@yahoo.com

      Thank you, mercy

    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 7 years ago from Henrico, Virginia

      I have never felt threatened in Montreal. That said, I would never suggest anyone walk around alone at night. Quebec City on the other hand is a completely different story - they pride themselves on being very safe and friendly.

    • ryan0257 profile image

      ryan0257 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      I never knew Canada was so beautiful. I want to see the polar bears. Maybe I can travel there in the future.

    • morgan 7 years ago

      I have wanted to visit Lake Louise

    • Cesar 7 years ago

      hey does anybody know aproximatly how much money you will need to make this all travel, and wich is the best way of traveling? like train, bus airplain wich one is the cheaper ?? Thanks and great job

    • ONetBusiness profile image

      ONetBusiness 7 years ago

      Good Hub..Very Informative. Thanks!

    • Olde Cashmere profile image

      Olde Cashmere 7 years ago from Michigan, United States

      Really Cool information, I've been to Canada when I was a young kid. This hub makes me want to go again and check out some of these places.

    • BooRadley profile image

      BooRadley 7 years ago from Atlantic Canada

      Awww I'm only 4 out of 10 on that list. Great list I might want to add however, Only visit PEI in the Summer... I supose it goes for most of Canada, but they roll up the side walks there once the tourists leave.

    • Satyam7 profile image

      Satyam7 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Good information. The photos are all beatiful.


    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 7 years ago from Henrico, Virginia

      It might be cold in Canada, but where else are you going to enjoy a winter wonderland anymore?

    • hangover cure 7 years ago

      the skydome is really cool too, I love Toronto.

    • canon cameras 7 years ago

      What a great project, love the photos. Canada is a superb country to visit so much beauty to photograph.

    • Erick Smart 7 years ago

      There are some beautiful places on your list! A friend and I are going to go to Vancouver this summer to do some photography. I cannot wait!

    • Covert Hypnosis 1 7 years ago

      wow - thanks for sharing this! I'll be visiting Canada 2010 and have printed out your hub.

    • Beverly Northeast 7 years ago

      You should have the most unique building in North America on this site. The Thomas Foster Memorial located in Uxbridge Township and you can see it at www.fostermemorial.com . It is solid marble inside with 22k gold mosaics and solid bronze doors, with three copper domed roofs, three crypts upstairs and 6 crypts in the basement, A secret walk around inside the top dome similar to the vatican and this is sitting in the rural hills of Uxbridge Township built in 1936 for $250,000 by the former Mayor of Toronto Thomas Foster in memory of his wife.

    • tia 7 years ago

      this iz great i luv em

    • dolphins1298 7 years ago

      awesome pics. love the information thxs!!!

    • Next Paris Hilton profile image

      Next Paris Hilton 7 years ago from San Deigo, CA

      I have never been to Canada, but those all look like amazing places to visit. Thanks for the good information!

    • HMNH Ariyarathne 7 years ago

      My favourite country is Canada. It is very beautiful and peaceful country. But unfortunately I never visit Canada. I try to go there for our honeymoon but they refuced our visa. I hate that Visa Officer.

    • blah 7 years ago

      I agree with the #1. ALBERTA RULES!!!!!!!!!!! (so does tim hortons but ALBERTA RULES!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    • blah 7 years ago

      Hal you r right a little bit! tim hortons dohnuts rock!

    • noone 7 years ago

      womderland is not bad man

    • canada fan #1 7 years ago

      haven't benn to canda yet but i would love to

    • Maverick_999 profile image

      Maverick_999 7 years ago from Dubai, U.A.E

      gr8 hub, i simply love it

    • Jennifer 7 years ago

      i went to Niagra Falls once

      it was great!!!!

      i hope i could visit it again

    • Igor 7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing this.. I've been Niagara Falls.. it was great!!!! I LOVE it!

    • myfirst50000 profile image

      myfirst50000 7 years ago from New Brunswick

      I am living in Montreal, and for me, Montreal deserve to be on the 1 of Canadian destination! :)

    • Karen Banes profile image

      Karen Banes 7 years ago from Canada

      I moved to Canada a year ago and have only made it to one place on the list! (Although I have spent far too much time enjoying Hal's suggestion - Timmy's donuts!). Will work on the rest of the list over the next few years.

    • paola 7 years ago

      wwooow canada is betiful

    • nICKY09 7 years ago

      You obviously have not visited the Yukon. I live in Dawson City in the summers, and travel all over in the winter. You should check it out. I love all of your pictures, very nice. :D

    • David Rossi 7 years ago

      I wish I could've had the chance to spend more time in Canada or even lived there for a while. I loved the time I spend there (threee months in North Vancouver,BC and two weeks in Mississagua,OT) Dreamland to visit. Beautiful landscapes and nice Canadians (at least the few ones I've talked to. [David, São Paulo, Brazil]

    • SOHANEE AMAN 7 years ago

      it is just my hobby to visit new place . I wish to visit Lake Louise, Alberta .

    • Ed "Ski Holidays" Ockelton 7 years ago

      My brother lives in Banff, and when we go and visit him, we want to visit another choice area in Canada. We had thought Niagra Falls, but I have been told (by people who have already visited them) that it isn't that great a place, it is very commercial, and there are other great places worth seeing. My view is that it is one of the worlds "must see" places. What do you think?

    • jstevenson profile image

      jstevenson 7 years ago

      I like your list, however I would replace Ottawa with Toronto :).

    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 7 years ago from Henrico, Virginia

      Ed, It sound's like you already want to go to Niagra Falls. Yeah it's a bit commercial, but that's because so many people chose to go there. Besides You should at least see it once. Don't let people tell you where you should travel, that's a question of personal preference I think.

    • mtsi1098 7 years ago

      nice place that canada...ever been to NHL hall of fame?

    • starla profile image

      starla 7 years ago

      Number 1 is Lake Louise? I disagree... It's touristy and trashy and not as beautiful as everyone would lead you to believe... also, it's difficult to get to without a car.

    • Nira 7 years ago

      Grate info thanks

    • purple 7 years ago

      wow alot of comments!

    • Elvis Glazier 7 years ago

      Canada is a big (I mean really big) country. I'm surprised that there was no mention of the territories. A visit to Tuk in the winter or a drive up the ice highway is unforgettable.

    • Elvis Glazier 7 years ago

      Canada is a big (I mean really big) country. I'm surprised that there was no mention of the territories. A visit to Tuk in the winter or a drive up the ice highway is unforgettable.

    • Rebecca E. profile image

      Rebecca E. 7 years ago from Canada

      Some of the best places, and you only picked ten of them. I agree with them all.

    • starla profile image

      starla 7 years ago

      Gotta say I disagree with the order of this list!

      Ottawa should not be #9!

      Also, you spelled "Niagara" wrong.

    • nicholas 7 years ago

      did you now that in Banff Springs Hotel! Ther is a Ghost if you dont believe me look on Google and type Haunted Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta: Ghost Sightings at One of .

    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 7 years ago from Henrico, Virginia

      I'm more afraid of the wild-life than ghosts in Banff.

    • taylor 7 years ago

      you spell okanagan wrong...

    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 7 years ago from Henrico, Virginia


    • jenny stephens 7 years ago

      i have been to british columbia and its amazing!!!

      it is so pretty

    • mr deeds 7 years ago

      weather sucks in the winter in canada and the winters are way to long. i wish i was american and lived in hawaii.

    • Tiarrah shayler 7 years ago

      omg thank u this was a life savore for a project i am doing for humanities thanks 10000 times.

    • EWealthGuide profile image

      EWealthGuide 7 years ago from Vancouver

      Great hub, I live in Vancouver, and I've been to most of these places. Great list!

    • Shawn deall 7 years ago

      canada licks balls

    • Montreal is Just Like France 7 years ago

      I personally think that Montreal is just like being in France, or close enough, without dealing with snobby French people.

      The only thing you can get in France that you cannot get in Montreal, or the whole province of Quebec, are the huge tourist attractions. If you are dying to wait in line with millions of other people trying to see the Louvre or the Effel Tour, go ahead. I love Montreal and will go there anyday over Paris.

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      Oh Tim, it's sad that u had to find out on a little website that one of the biggest countries in the world has seasons like everyone else...tsk, tsk, tsk. Your not American r u?


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      Great hub and interesting choice of places. I was only in Vancouver and on the USA side of Niagara falls :)

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      We are looking to visit Lake Louise this summer. Just starting our research, thanks for the links and review.

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      Well, I've only been to a FEW of those places.... So i guess I'll have to visit the rest later!

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      Hi! Great site. I just want to make a small correction about Niagara Falls. You write:

      "It's one of those unfortunate 'luck of the draw' things I'm afraid to say, because the majority of the Falls are technically in the United States."

      This is incorrect. The majority of the Falls are on the Canadian side. Canada owns the vast majority of the "horseshoe falls" (the most famous falls, accounting for 90% of the water flow), while the American side has the "American falls" (a smaller, separate waterfall, accounting for 10% of the water flow).

    • maraljingoo 6 years ago

      great! this really helped me to decide where to go, was thinking between east and west, but in one of your previous comments you mentioned places every first timer should see..so i'm going to east of Canada, I'm sure it will be amazing holiday..

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      How about Errington Wilderness Lodge to see Aurora Boreal?

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      and lovely mountains and sites

      thats all


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      Facebook - ZONA GAYLE 6 years ago from Georgia, USA

      Hello, Please note that I used some of the details of my visit to Lake Louise in my hub. I totally agree it is #1...

      thanks for pictures...Lz

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      Sorry but check your info and spelling first. Niagara Falls is mainly in Canada, not the US. That's why the Horseshoe Falls are also known as The Canadian Falls!!

    • Riicky 6 years ago

      I've been to 6 of those ten places- Churchill, lake louise, Banff, banff, Niagara Falls, Kelowna, and Vancouver and agree they should all be on there. I would also add Vancouver Island - have stayed in Campbell River and its just amazing there.

      I would change the order of the list though and have Churchill as number 1.... by far the most memorable place I have ever been in my entire life! Polar bears, northern lights, arctic foxes and hares, birds, dog sledding.... its just beautiful!Cold and very expensive but oh so very worth it! I can't wait to get back there one day!

      Am just about to visit Canada again next week and am going Vancouver, Victoria, Banff, Calgary, Lake Louise, Toronto and Niagara Falls! So very excited!

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      Great list! Have done some, and still have some on my To-Do List. Would like to add one of my favourite places in the world since my childhood: Algonquin Park in Ontario.

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      Quebec City






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      and, sure... Van.

      Boo yah!

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      Papa Sez 6 years ago from The Philippines to Canada

      Hi Jyle, I've been to Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa. I still have seven more places in this list to see. Thanks for the preview.


      Papa Sez

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      i would choose downtown Montreal

      So Beautiful[:

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    • ambiiiiii 6 years ago

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      Big Mistake not to have added Victoria BC.

      Dawson City, Yukon. Classic.

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      how come nova scotia is not on the list!!! so many beautiful places there!!!

    • mark  6 years ago

      Any one interested in the Canadian Rockies should check out Waterton/Glacier international peacepark--I lived in Alberta for almost twenty years and this place is an absolute gem: Best scenery, quaint little town and spectacular, unspoiled hiking.

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      I'll be in Brooks, Alberta next week...I'm a first timer...is the place nice? I mean what about the people? By the way, I am from an Asian country...

    • ski holidays 6 years ago

      this really is a great lists - would you consider some of the less well known but equally remarkable places?

      a few years ago I was in Resolute, at the start of a 4 week manhauling expedition to the magnetic north pole - I have to say that the people and the place were both incredible!

      maybe not your average Joe's tourist spot, but pretty amazing all the same

    • ski holidays 6 years ago

      this really is a great lists - would you consider some of the less well known but equally remarkable places?

      a few years ago I was in Resolute, at the start of a 4 week manhauling expedition to the magnetic north pole - I have to say that the people and the place were both incredible!

      maybe not your average Joe's tourist spot, but pretty amazing all the same

    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 6 years ago from Henrico, Virginia

      Reply Rev: "I'll be in Brooks, Alberta next week...I'm a first timer...is the place nice? I mean what about the people? By the way, I am from an Asian country..."

      I've only driven through Brooks but everyone in Alberta are nice. While there make sure you check out the Dinosaur Provincial Park and find some fossils.

    • Karli 6 years ago

      I never really thought of Canada as a hot-spot for vacationing but this list really does make me want to visit! After reading this I started looking up vacation packages and found Monograms. It has a package for visiting Quebec City and all of its must see sites! Thank you for opening my eyes to different vacationing spots like Quebec City!

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      I think you forgot a majestic place: Tofino, BC!

      Check it out - this is a sweet deal, too!

      LINK: http://livingsocial.com/deals/18898?ref=personaliz...

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      I didn't bother checking if this had been mentioned, but the picture labeled Vancouver is actually a photo of North Vancouver/West Vancouver and the North Shore mountains (technically not Vancouver).

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      Yeah Canada is beautiful-I live in BC-come check us out on board an ATV, so you can see all of the untouched land, wilderness and wildlife! - BC Powersports

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      If you're in the Toronto/GTA area and want to take a roadtrip out for a day you should check out the Cheltenham Badlands. And bring a camera because you'll be able to take really beautiful pictures.


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      Very good hub!

      Of all of the places that I have traveled to in Canada I beleive that my favorites have been Quebec City first. The churchs are fabulous! The beauty is outstanding and the shopping is great.

      Next on my list is Montreal. The sceanery is outstanding as well as the city itself. I enjoyed every moment there.

      Then I will round out my list with Prince Edware Island. I went there first as a child and later as an adult. It still has the charm as it did before and I love that!

      You did a great job on all of the places and the pics were great!

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      Lovely places. However some of those places are big cities (which, after traveling the world, are all kind of the same after awhile)

      One of the most beautiful places I have ever been is New Brunswick. Go the beginning of July and you can catch the Rock n' Roll festival in Miramichi (aswell as see this beautiful green city's famous Miramichi River, and don't forget Zade's awesome boat tour, 10 dollars! What a deal for 2 hour boat tour and a bar on the boat!) Not to mention Kouchibouguac national park with beaches and camping. Walk for miles in the shallow water. Don't forget shopping in Moncton, St. John or the very pretty city of Fredericton. Go get some authentic acadian Poutine...

      As you could see, I could go on forever!

      NB, and PEI. Lovely places.

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      It's all about the scenery, so head to British Columbia, or Northern Ontario, or Nova Scotia or Newfoundland.

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      Wow! I must visit Canada someday. Great places, beautiful landscapes.... I love the photographs also. And you write the nice article, good work.

    • travel review from trip to trip 5 years ago

      Wow! I must visit Canada someday. Great places, beautiful landscapes.... I love the photographs also. And you write the nice article, good work.

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    • Tariq 5 years ago

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      how about Wells Gray Provincial Park ? Great for hiking !

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      You spelt Niagara wrong...And PEI may be the smallest province, but you honestly cannot see the whole thing in one day seeing as it would take about 5 hours to drive straight from East Point to North Cape without stopping.

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    • Thanx u helped me out alot : ) 5 years ago

      Thanx u helped me out alot : )

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      The scenery is one thing but if you are looking for a job to support your family and want to get out some times. Alberta always has and always will have the best economic strength in all of Canada.

    • Bacon strips 5 years ago

      Plus nothins like the Rockies. I've been to Vancouver California Ontario Quebec and Florida however Alberta is still the best. Hats off to lake Louis and banff. If your looking for a really good short road trip fly into Edmonton go straight west on highway sixteen to Jasper then go south and you will go through lake Louis and banff. These are the three best places in the Rockies!

    • Bacon strips 5 years ago

      Oh! One thing though. Calgary and Edmonton don't even come close to the beauty of Vancouver. But the shopping malls are really good though.

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      yhx for helping me out with your awesome HUBS.

      i've stayed in northvancouver for about 3 years and it was so nice :D

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      i had fun seeing your pic but i live the info by the way i live in ontario canada cn tower is a great place even the Niagara Falls i go there every year i have fin in canada.

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      I loved the pictures of Canada. I love Nova Scotia in my opinion it is the most beautiful place but I am biased due to growing up there. I have lived in Canada my whole life and Alberta is so vast and beautiful. There are prairies, valleys, mountains, badlands and many other landscapes to see. The North Saskatchewan River and the Bow River have amazing trails to bike or walk. There is not a single place in Canada that not beautiful. Those that are visiting for the first time please look to places off the beaten track and get a book for the towns and villages that are not so popular. being from Nova Scotia the small town of Parrsboro is a fine sight to see. Noted for having the highest tides in the world approximately 54 feet, twice a day the tide goes in and out of the Minas Basin. Look it up there are amazing pictures of the tide in and the tide out . What a difference!!!! Hope you all enjoy your visit or browsing through the internet to see what this great country has to offer. Just for the record we do LOVE OUR HOCKEY!!!!!

    • ilenny 5 years ago

      i like all the places

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      Aller vous faire foutre =)


      on est des killer mais pas pierre enfet sinon vouv vous etes gaver sur les discution !!!!

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      i like to meet the places.

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      I love Canada and I'm gonna live there when I become bigger .

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      MJFenn 4 years ago

      A good hub, and good to see a balanced presentation of Federal Canada.

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    • Deb 4 years ago

      Maybe you should spend more time in and around Toronto. So much to see and do. A beautiful vibrant city Would put most to shame

    • james 4 years ago

      Canada is lovely place i like to live there fresh and green.

    • Zara 4 years ago

      I hate Canada very much _ . _

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    • Katie 4 years ago

      Don't forget little Newfoundland! Everyone seems to forget we're here, but we're the most Eastern point of North America.

    • jean petterson 4 years ago

      thats gay where is toronto

    • adam1990 4 years ago

      im a hockey fan so wheres the best place to go ive never been to a nhl game and im looking for a great holiday always wanted to go to canada

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      Great pictures.Can I use those pictures on my website.


    • James Quealey 4 years ago

      NEVER EVER GO to QUEBEC. It is blatantly anti-English and has nazi-like police force to make sure English is suppressed on all signage. Quebec has a climate condusive to anti-Englih sentiment. They will take your money and then call youMaudit Anglais ,goddamm English


    • MJFenn profile image

      MJFenn 4 years ago

      James Quealey: Sorry, but as a Canadian I find your extreme language regrettable. Quebec is certainly worth visiting. And it's good to respect the French language.

    • marie 4 years ago


    • Nikil 4 years ago

      vry nice picxx ........ i love thm vry much ........ i thnk canada iz 1 ov da most beautiful country in da world ..... :) :) :).....

    • lin kulferst 4 years ago

      Sorry you missed Manitou Beach, Cypress Hills and the Athabasca Sand dunes.

      There is a video (dvd) called the seven wonders of saskatchewan....well worth the time. Everything does not happen on the west coast or in Ontario or Quebec.

    • MJFenn profile image

      MJFenn 4 years ago

      lin k:

      There's also the Diefenbaker Centre in Saskatoon; do you know it?

    • JK 4 years ago

      I'm so happy to say that I've been to all of those places except Brandon (??). One huge bone to pick - if there is a city on this list it should be Toronto. Go to a show or Centre Island or explore Little Italy or Little India or the many Chinatowns or Polish area (Roncesvalles) or Ukrainian area (Bloor West Village) many of which include great shopping. Add The Beach or High Park or Queen West and Yorkville or watch a pro baseball game or hockey or basketball or the ROM and CNE or clubbing...wow, the list goes on. Agree with incredible beauty of Lake Louise and Banff but why include PEI and not Cape Breton or Newfoundland? I guess there is just too much to include. I would have included the entire Okanagan rather than just Kelowna. Summerland is incredible. Iffy on including Ottawa too - beyond Parliament buildings and museums you can get in Toronto???

    • kanwal khan 4 years ago

      very, very, very,

      veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy................................................... beautiful places.

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      ridiculous joints to hang out

    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 4 years ago from Henrico, Virginia

      What people don't realize is that French people (Quebec & France) don't hate tourists. They hate that tourists demand that they speak to them in English. Try your best to speak French and you will be treated very different.

    • Brendan 4 years ago

      I agree

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      my dream is to be there at Canada if i have a money

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      I like a lot the pictures

    • Carley 4 years ago

      Been to banff and lake Louise and loved it!! I suggest staying on the gold floor at the fairmont hotel: banff springs and the chateau at lake louise!!!! its awsssommme!!! go and see the hot springs, take lots of picturess!!! explore and get lost... hike through the mountain and across frozen lakes, cross fresh animal tracks here and there and spend timee just enjoying the peace and tranquility of nature.... :)

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      evry place is beautiful.

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      wow never knew canada was that beautiful

      it also helps me on my projectt

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      I like a lot cannada!!!!!

    • JK 4 years ago

      Been to Quebec several times and have never experienced rude or angry people due to the fact that I can't speak French or are too embarrassed to try! Find that they try a lot harder to speak English than the other way around - even outside of cities. Please don't let those kinds of worries deter you in any way from visiting. Only people who believe that are those that are determined to believe it. Quebec is incredible (old Montreal and Quebec City are like being in Europe). Eastern Townships are beautiful (Bromont WOW!). And no matter where you are in Quebec the food is fantastic.

    • dangles mcgee 4 years ago

      How come Toronto, Ontario wasn't in there

    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 4 years ago from Henrico, Virginia

      In my opinion Toronto tries too hard to be an international mega-city. They have lost their Canadian identity. I know some people will argue with me but I just feel no charm when I go there to visit.

    • miriam ngugi 4 years ago

      My greatest wish is to visit Canada i like Kelowna. wow i love nature

    • Karan 4 years ago

      Vancouver is one of the best cities in the world and surrey beside it is also beautiful as much as vancouver

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      louromano 4 years ago

      The place is such a beauty. Can't wait to get there soon.

    • johnny 4 years ago

      wow the beauty of Canada is unsurpassed by any other country I have visited. As prince of Bojangles, a small country off the coast of South Africa, I am an avid traveler. Among my time traveling, I have meet many people. But, the people of Canada are like none other. I wish the pride they have for their country could be transmitted to my own country. It is only Canada, where one can walk down the street and not have to worry about "gangsters", "pimps" or "Rednecks". If I had it my way, every day would be Canada Day.

      respectfully yours,

      Prince Johnsouki of Bojangles

    • lol 4 years ago

      this info is great

    • joHan 4 years ago

      I have traveled Canada from coast to coast...and it's landscapes are indeed as beautiful as its people! Thanks johnny :-) I have done all the great places mentioned on this list- except Churchill, Manitoba, I must admit!. My top 1 is not on this list though: The Magdalan Islands (Ïles-de-la-Madeleine) in Quebec. Going there isn't easy, but leaving them is even harder :-)...

    • mirandaireneo 4 years ago

      one of my dream country....its great angd lovely

    • wheretogo 4 years ago

      have 4 day extended weekend in june trying to decide between ottawa and quebec city want to fly in and just enjoy the area no car no schedules just walk around and enjoy and experience which would you recommend over the other. (have done same thing in vancouver , banff , lake louise , and halifax and loved all of them _ lake louise was fav though , and the service at fairmont really can't be beat!

    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 4 years ago from Henrico, Virginia

      Quebec City! If you go to Ottawa you will need some kind of transportation to see more than one site. Quebec City on the other hand is much smaller and quaint. Sip coffee in an outdoor cafe or just enjoy the 400 year old architecture.

    • muhammad bilal 4 years ago


    • Bhupinder 4 years ago

      Ilove your list. I visited waterton park canada 2-3 hours from Calgary. I love that place too.



    • Liz 4 years ago

      My husband and I would like to take our 5 year old son to see Canada, just not sure where. We are big hockey fans, and would love to take our son to visit the birthplace of Hockey. Any suggestions on what city is good for families? A place with a little hockey history would be great!! Thanks.

    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 4 years ago from Henrico, Virginia

      Though it's disputed where Hockey originates the first organized game was played in Montreal. As fans I would definitively check out Montreal & Toronto. I would take in a "Canadians" game in Montreal and stop by the "Hockey Hall of Fame" in Toronto.

    • Nathaniel 4 years ago

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    • Brit 4 years ago

      Good list, except you forgot PV RANCH GETAWAY in Grand Forks, BC. :P Its an awesome place to go vacationing! Is fairly new, but the cottages are amazing and they're right on the river. You can go and trail ride, or do cool farm stuff. You're surrounded by mountains. Its awesome! I recommend it!! www.pvranchgetaway.com

    • lmao 4 years ago

      Most of Niagara Falls is not on the american side, look at google maps, canad owns the whole horseshoe falls right up to the edge where the land stars!

    • jim 4 years ago

      u must be nuts! u forgot about Toronto totally

    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 4 years ago from Henrico, Virginia

      Leaving out Toronto was deliberate. It seems that only people who are from Toronto think it's great. Those are the same people who have never left Ontario. I suggest getting out of the city and seeing all that Canada has to offer, then decide.

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      i like canada and also most beautifull top ten places

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      Is canada a good place where i can do aluminium business?

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      absolutely stunning pictures...a great country...cheers and thanks

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    • Littlefoot 4 years ago

      Been to 8 on the list. (not Churchill or PEI)

      Very interesting comments on here. Totally agree with leaving Toronto off the list.

      I would make a couple of changes. Combine Banff and Lake Louise (only 45 min drive from one to one). Bump Quebec City to #2 and put some part of Vancouver Island at #3.

      I would also not recommend Ottawa. Other than museums, it's quite blasé. That leaves one spot empty. Possibly Jasper?

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      interesting dude! excellent work!!

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      Guys am plannin to visit canada for the first time.. i want to go to a place wre its country side with beautiful scene kind of thing.. and cheap place to stay and as well go sky high if you noe wat i mean.. Any advice?

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      i like the cn tower not scarey

    • GMB 4 years ago


      Very good hub! Thanks for sharing such useful information.

      We will be in Ottawa in Dec 1st week, do you think it would be nice & feasible to visit Ottawa, Montreal & Quebec in winters that too in 4-5days?

      Thanks in anticipation!

    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 4 years ago from Henrico, Virginia

      How are your winter driving skills? No, the roads should be good and clear unless they get some freaky snow storm which does happen. The distance between the cities isn't too bad and the road are well maintained. Sounds like a fun trip. I'd say go for it!



    • milan 4 years ago

      i want to be go there

    • Narad Pokhrel 4 years ago

      I love canada and i like to live in canada,I like beauty of canada

      oh canada

      our home and native land...........

    • Kirsty MacDonald 4 years ago

      Canmore, AB should make the list. It has mountains virtually surrounding the town and makes Banff seem commercial. Canmore has exquisite hospitality and excellent food to boot. Spend the day to hike China Man's Peak, then return to town for a fabulous dinner, with great wine, at CrazyWeed Kitchen. Reservations would be beneficial as they seem to be a hot seat!

    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 4 years ago from Henrico, Virginia

      My wife and I always prefer to stay in Canmore over Banff. Best restaurants, affordable Bed & Breakfast's, and stunning views. However, I will defend my choice of Banff. The Hot Springs, view, wildlife, National Park and hotel makes Banff an easy pick above the rest.

    • chris 4 years ago

      thanks this helped me with a school project i would love to go to a bunch of these places now

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      The best country in the world is Canada.

    • Dido 3 years ago

      I would love to go to Niagara Falls and Lake Louis. I've visited Edmonton before and it was a pretty beautiful place. Edmonton should be # 5. I wish I could live in Edmonton.

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      u spelled favorite wrong in 'montreol' section btw

    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 3 years ago from Henrico, Virginia

      I think you spelled Montreal wrong... In Canada we write in British English. Since this is an article about Canada and I am Canadian, it only makes sense to spell it F.A.V.O.U.R.I.T.E.

    • sexy ;) 3 years ago

      lolllll wateverrrr cuhh c'x

    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 3 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      I can honestly say "Amen" to some of these, and the rest are going on my Wish List. I enjoyed the visit immensely. How do you spell that word anyway?

    • Jyle Dupuis profile image

      Jyle Dupuis 3 years ago from Henrico, Virginia

      Amen is correct. What places have you seen already and where do you want to visit next?

    • Tours in Sedona 3 years ago

      Out of 10 I have just visit 8 places very soon i m going to visit last two place also but after my marriage..

      Great article you have been shared


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      I love Alberta, the most amazing place in the world


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      Elizabeth Parker 3 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      This is a great little guide for Canada. I definitely want to visit Churchill and Alberta. I've been to Ontario a few times and it is beautiful. Will bookmark this for future use!

    • Sharon 3 years ago

      There are so many places to travel in Canada, that it's hard to imagine,

      Some of the places I have been to and recommended by me you will find at: www.allfamilytravels.com

    • cris 3 years ago

      I went to prince Edwards island.... it was actually pretty nice there but really cold. not as warm as they say. there's nothing really in Canada that is really exiting.... if I were you I would go to Colorado... a lot warmer and a hell lot more places to visit and sight see.

    • mnporras 3 years ago

      Now that I'm leaving to Canada for five weeks Iam very excited about visiting a few of the 10 top places of your list. Thanks a lot!

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      i like cn tower in canada

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      JPSO138 3 years ago from Cebu, Philippines, International

      I have never been to Canada. At least from this hub I can see a glimpse of how beautiful the country is. The pictures surely looks inviting. Up for this hub.

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      hello this was awesome can i muse this at a speech? eh...

    • bobkaiser300 profile image

      Joseph Kaiser 2 years ago from Daytona Beach, Florida

      Friends of my grandparents were world traveler, they had been to thousands of places and of all the places they have been, they said lake Louise was the best of all!


    • Seth Kidd 2 years ago

      I live in canada and I know all these places are gorgeous and I am doing a project right now and I can't seem to find a lace that describes what I am looking for... So please if you don't mind help?

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      I love it thanks for the information~^^

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    • Shelley 13 months ago

      The most beautiful places in Canada are on the East Coast. You're really missing out by not including anything from Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, or New Brunswick on your list.

    • Sandy 2 weeks ago

      Have you not heard of Cape Breton Island?

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