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Tiny Boxwoods: Cafe, Nursery, and Gift Shop in Houston

I live in Houston and love writing reviews of the local restaurants and stores I visit with family and friends.

Tiny Boxwoods in Houston, Texas

Tiny Boxwoods in Houston, Texas

Thanks to my neighbor, I was introduced to Tiny Boxwoods. This cafe offers a beautiful mix of dining options, including indoor and al fresco seating in a garden-type setting surrounded by nursery plants and objects of art. A unique gift shop is also on site.

Tiny Boxwoods is a special, tucked-away type of Houston escape from the ordinary. My pictures are here for those who might also be interested in discovering this hide-a-way place in the middle of our large metropolitan city of Houston, Texas. If one were unaware of its existence, it would be easy to overlook.

Of course, many people in the Highland Village neighborhood bordering River Oaks would probably just as soon keep it that way. But news of places like this is hard to keep secret. My neighbor and I certainly had a fun day at this casual, yet upscale place!

Plant Nursery Supplies

Some unique lawn ornaments or special jardinieres to hold plants are available for purchase here. After all, this is an upscale area of town surrounded by homes with price tags that can range from moderately expensive on up to the stratosphere of bulging pocketbooks.

The giant concrete acorn that dotted one area of the manicured lawn inside the gates between the cafe and nursery made a statement. I’d like to see the tree that it fell from but be nowhere close to those branches when it spiraled downward! I still remember reading about an apple falling from a tree and Isaac Newton’s theory of gravitation from my long-ago school days. He said the following: "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction."

Plants, nursery supplies, and eye-catching adornments like these concrete creations are on-site at Tiny Boxwoods and the Thompson and Hanson Nursery.

Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy.

— Isaac Newton

Giant acorn atop grass at Tiny Boxwoods

Giant acorn atop grass at Tiny Boxwoods

Chalkboard Menu

My friend and I decided to order our lunch and enjoy that first before strolling through the rest of the nursery and gift shop. I tried the much-touted buffalo burger to great satisfaction, and my friend had a vegetarian sandwich to her liking.

Inside of the Tiny Boxwoods Cafe is a bustling place during their lunch hours from 11 AM to 2 PM Tuesdays through Saturdays. Do not worry if one misses the 2 PM deadline. There are still menu offerings from 2 until 5 PM, at which time the dinner menu begins. The closing time is 10 PM.

They are also open for breakfast from 7 AM until the time when lunches begin. I have heard good things about their brunch menu on Sundays from 9 AM until 2 PM. Menu items are handwritten on a large chalkboard. When the fresh items offered for the day are sold out, those items can be easily erased.

Plant for sale in the nursery

Plant for sale in the nursery

Dining Al Fresco

The day was bright and sunny but a bit cool. The inside spaces at the long bar and other seating arrangements were already full. However, there were still some outside tables available. It was fun sitting outside and dining al fresco while getting to enjoy the landscaping and also getting to do a little people watching.

For outside dining patron’s comfort, umbrella-shaped heaters generate heat (when needed), and the air near us was warm enough to have the best of all scenarios. We soaked up a little Vitamin D from the bright sunlight while basking in the fresh and crisp outdoor air. Umbrellas can also shelter one from too many rays of the warming sun.

Garden Centers

Most garden centers are massive places covering quite a bit of ground in Houston. This one at Thompson + Hanson nursery is petite in comparison.

An assortment of various sized planters already made up with colorful plants was for sale to grace people’s home patios or gardens. A big selection of unique planters can be ordered out of catalogs if the colors or sizes do not meet expectations of what is already available for sale on the grounds. Big balls made out of grapevines and strung with twinkling lights add nighttime sparkle to trees for a charming effect.

Nursery plants, both familiar and more uncommon, are on site. Since my friend and I both have an interest in gardening, this was also an enjoyable way to spend some time after enjoying lunch.

The Gift Shop at the Thompson + Hanson Nursery

An on-site gift shop is a great place for browsing and possibly getting new decorating ideas or adding that special “something” to one’s home décor. Everything from table settings to jewelry to note cards and more are available in this charming shop.

Thanks to my neighbor and friend for introducing me to this comfy cozy, tucked away unique and special place. I can now pass along information to others about this charming place. It is a Houston escape from the norm!

A gift shop at the nursery adjacent to Tiny Boxwoods

A gift shop at the nursery adjacent to Tiny Boxwoods


This hidden jewel can be found at 3614 W. Alabama St., Houston, Texas 77027. The photos featured here are from the Tiny Boxwoods original location in Houston. They have since expanded to two other locations in Houston as well as two in Austin, Texas.

I hope you enjoyed these selected pictures capturing a portion of our fun day spent while there. Be sure to click on the video below for another short look at this charming place.


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