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Tim Bailey Sculpture in Eleanor Tinsley Park Houston

Tim Bailey Sculpture titled "Shady Grove" in Eleanor Tinsley Park, Houston

Tim Bailey Sculpture titled "Shady Grove" in Eleanor Tinsley Park, Houston

Donation to City of Houston

The Tim Bailey Sculpture in Eleanor Tinsley Park was dedicated to the City of Houston by this generous sculptor in the year 2002.

The marker pictured below gives the dimensions of this sculpture as being ten by 20 by 20 feet. This piece of art is made of steel and created in 1987. It has a rusty, weathered orangy brown coloration.

Marker to Shady Grove sculpture in Eleanor Tinsley Park

Marker to Shady Grove sculpture in Eleanor Tinsley Park

Artist and Blacksmith

This Cor-Ten steel sculpture is titled “Shady Grove.” It sits in a grove of surrounding trees, including Southern Magnolia Trees, among other types. Iris and other bulbous plants were about to bloom the year I took these photos.

In recent photos taken of this sculpture, the vegetation has significantly grown and now indeed resembles a shady grove.

Interestingly Tim Bailey is not only an artist but also a blacksmith. He gets to combine business with pleasure that way. I use the word “pleasure” because it is always gratifying when art is created to the satisfaction of the artist.

In reading his bio, he is also a certified welding inspector. In the past, he taught sculpture classes at North Harris County Community College.

Mr. Bailey is a board member of HABA (Houston Area Blacksmith’s Association). His studio shop is the Schill Steel building at 3001 W 11th St, 77008.

Shady Grove sculpture in Eleanor Tinsley Park

Shady Grove sculpture in Eleanor Tinsley Park

Sculptures in Eleanor Tinsley Park

This weathered steel sculpture is available to view by drivers on Allen Parkway as well as people hiking or biking in this delightful park near downtown Houston.

I did not realize until recently that this sculpture honors victims of crime. Pavers in the ground depict service organizations committed to helping those local crime victims. Steel, as a medium, symbolically suggests toughness and resistance to whatever may occur in life.

The Tolerance Sculptures in Eleanor Tinsley Park take on additional significance knowing now the interpretation of the Tim Bailey sculpture. The other significant piece of sculptural art in Eleanor Tinsley Park is the voluptuous bronze one by Henry Moore.

“Art-making is not about telling the truth but making the truth felt.”

— Christian Boltanski


The photo below shows the parking lot we used when visiting the sculptures in Eleanor Tinsley Park. Now it is no longer accessible except to the press. However, the good news is that many more metered parking spaces have been created all along this park. Thus, it is much easier to access this recreational area near downtown Houston.

This part of Eleanor Tinsley Park is the closest to the "Shady Grove" sculpture by Tim Bailey. The address is 500 Allen Parkway, Houston, Texas 77002.

From the parking lot, one overlooks a vast lawn area looking towards downtown Houston. People can spend leisure time there throwing balls or frisbees, flying kites, spreading a blanket on the lawn and enjoying a picnic lunch, playing badminton, and more.

Many trails circumvent this park along Buffalo Bayou and extend in both directions towards downtown and heading out west for many miles.

I found a video showing just how close to downtown Houston this park is. It does not show all the fascinating features of Eleanor Tinsley Park, which is a portion of the more massive Buffalo Bayou Park. However, it highlights our beautiful downtown skyline plus the Tim Bailey sculpture and some of the trails on either side of Buffalo Bayou.


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