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Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Ireland

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Places You Should Visit in Ireland

Ireland, or the Emerald Isle as it is also known, is a beautiful country. With vast open countryside, and green, rolling hills, it is a country of extreme beauty and wonder. It's not just all lovely scenery, however.

The capital city of Dublin is one of the most interesting and cultural cities in Europe. The nightlife in any Irish town or city is second to none. There are a variety of Irish landmarks and historical sites to be seen, such as Newgrange. There is a spiritual side to Ireland as well, with the pilgrimage site of Knock.

The island of Ireland has something which can appeal to everyone, whether you are a historian, a religious individual, a nature lover, or simply just a fun-loving tourist, it will not disappoint.

Trinity College

Trinity College

The City of Dublin

I'll start with Ireland's capital. Dublin prides itself on being a city rich in culture and taste, as well as a prime spot for shopping.


Shopping is an important part of any holiday or break, and Dublin does not disappoint in this department. It has a wide range of well-known shopping outlets and department stores, as well as shops famous for their shoes, clothes and jewelry.

Grafton Street is one of Dublin's main shopping streets. With shops such as Brown Thomas, HMV, River Island and Champion Sports, there is a wide selection of styles and tastes to choose from. Wicklow Street, Dawson Street and South Georges Street are also all decent areas for shopping. Henry Street is the main shopping area on the north side of the city. It has shops such as Arnotts, and a variety of clothing and footwear stores.


Pubs are an essential part of Ireland's social life. Every Irish person knows that the pub is where the craic is, and it is a must for any tourist to have at least one pint of Guinness! Unless of course you're a pioneer, in which case you can visit a pub and have a mineral, just so you can sample the social atmosphere of the pub setting. Temple Bar is famous for its mix of pubs and clubs and its fantastic nightlife.

Nightclubs come and go as the trends change, while in Dublin there will always be something different to do, depending on what you are in the mood for. This is especially true in the entertainment department. There is also the famous o2 arena, previously known as The Point, which is the hot spot for concerts. There are also many theatres dotted around the city, such as the Gaiety Theatre. Overall, there is a lot to do in Dublin, whether you want to sample the city's nightlife or see a play or production in a theatre.


The Dublinia exhibition covers the period in Dublin's history from the arrival of the Anglo-Normans in 1170 to the closure of the monasteries in the 1540s. Videos, models and reconstructions are some of the many exhibitions which are on display.

The ground floor houses a large-scale model of Dublin around 1500, a display of artifacts from Wood Quay, and reconstructions. It is beside Christchurch Cathedral. I have personally been to Dublinia at least twice, and it is exceptionally good. It is educational, yet fun enough so that children will not be bored.

Trinity College

Ireland's most famous college is open to the public. It was founded in 1592 and is an Elizabethan building. It contains the famous Book of Kells, and is a must-see for any tourist. It truly is a beautiful building.

These are just a few of the things that can be done in Dublin. There are many, many more attractions. Visit the city and see for yourself!

The Burren

The Burren is in County Clare and covers 300 square kilometres. It is truly an amazing Irish heritage site. It is of extreme importance to archaeologists, botanists and geologists. It is the largest karst limestone area in Western Europe. Rare alpine plants, clints, grikes, stalactites, stalagmites and underground rivers are just some of the features of this unique region.

Those interested in the ancient history of Ireland will find a wealth of material in the Burren: megalithic tombs, Celtic crosses, a ruined Cistercian Abbey and more than sixty wedge tombs. It is a wonderful area, that is a must-see for any tourist. It is a wonderful attraction that does not cease to amaze.


The Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are in the southwestern area of the Burren. They are truly breathtaking sights and one of the most stunning land features in Ireland. They are one of Ireland's top visitor attractions, with close to one million visitors per year. These cliffs are definitely a must-see for any visitor to Ireland, or for anyone in Ireland who has yet to see them.

Croke Park

Croke Park

Croke Park and the Aviva Stadium

Croke Park is undoubtedly Ireland's most famous stadium. It is used primarily for Gaelic football and hurling, two sports which Ireland is famous for. Anyone who sees either of these sports while visiting this country will not be disappointed. Hurling is one of the most skillful games in the world and is the fastest field game in the world.

Gaelic football is equally as skillful and enjoyable to watch. Croke Park is not just used for sport, it is often used for concerts. It contains quite a lot of history, and so is ideal for any tourists interested in the historical side of Ireland. There is also a museum there, as well as many other attractions. Croke Park is a must-see for any tourist in my opinion.

Aviva Stadium

Aviva Stadium

The Aviva Stadium, previously Lansdowne Road, is one of Ireland's main large stadiums. It is the home of Irish soccer and rugby. Like Croke Park, it also holds concerts. Architecturally it is extremely eye-catching and is a wonderful stadium. It has a capacity of 51,700 spectators.

I would not consider it as important as Croke Park culturally, however, it would be a good attraction for any visitor and so should not be overlooked. If you have nothing better to do, give the Aviva Stadium a visit.


Mondello Park

Mondello Park is located in Caragh, Co Kildare, and is Ireland's only international motorsport venue. There are car and motorcycle track days where any road-legal vehicles can be driven on the track. It is an exciting track, and could be an exhilarating activity if that's your sort of thing.

There is also a museum on-site containing some track and rally cars from the past. Overall, Mondello Park is an exciting racecourse and would be a different and exciting attraction for any tourist, or for anyone simply looking for something to do.


The Guinness Brewery

You would have to be living under a rock to never have heard of Ireland's most famous product, a stout known as Guinness. The Guinness Brewery at St James's Gate, Dublin, is perhaps one of Dublin's, and Ireland's, most well-known tourist attractions. It has an exhibition called the Guinness Storehouse, showing the 250-year history of Guinness.

The Guinness Brewery is the largest brewer of stout in the world. The Guinness Brewery is one of those things you should go and see, whether you have an interest in this sort of thing or not. It is extremely significant in Ireland's history and culture.

And no, I don't say that because of the stereotype of the Irish being heavy drinkers. The brewery was and still is important for Ireland's economy, tourist industry, and many other things. It is a definite must-see.



Carrauntoohil is Ireland's tallest mountain, and is a challenging climb. It is 1038 metres tall and in County Kerry. If you like walking or climbing then this is the activity for you. The feeling of satisfaction upon reaching the peak of this mountain is hugely rewarding, and the whole process of reaching the top is challenging, but not overly vigorous.

However, as expected, there is some danger associated with this, so I would advise you to research this a bit, and perhaps order a guide or go in a group. It is a very enjoyable activity that I would recommend to anybody.

A Great Island!

There is so much to do in this country, from visiting amazing landmarks to heading out to Dublin City to sample the nightlife. The range of activities truly is astounding, leaving any tourist spoiled for choice. Whatever you are into, Ireland has something for everyone. There truly is no country like it.

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