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The Best Time to Travel to Costa Rica

I traveled to Costa Rica for my honeymoon in July 2018 and loved every minute of it!

View from the lobby at Secrets Resort at Papagayo Bay.

View from the lobby at Secrets Resort at Papagayo Bay.

3 Reasons to Go to Costa Rica in the Rainy Season

The best time to travel to Costa Rica is during its rainy season. There is even a specific window of time when it doesn't rain too much. Unknowingly, my husband and I booked our honeymoon during this window in 2018. We arrived in Guanacaste, Costa Rica on July 11th, and we left on July 17th.

Here are three reasons why booking during the rainy season can be the best decision you'll ever make.

Pool at Secrets Resort at Papagayo Bay

Pool at Secrets Resort at Papagayo Bay

1. The Weather Is Perfect

I had read reviews from people who complained about how hot it was during their trip. I found this comical because of course it's going to be hot; you're close to the equator. I later realized that these people went during what Costa Ricans call their summer months, which is from November to April. They call it their summer months because it is also their dry season.

The weather wasn't like this at all when we went. The weather was absolutely perfect. It wasn't too hot, and it wasn't too cold. Half of the days were overcast, and the other half was sunny. It rarely rained, and when it did, it was a brief drizzle. It made pool days very enjoyable.

When the sun is out though, you have to be careful. You can feel the strength of the sun's rays on yourself. Apply that sunscreen! You can still get a sunburn even when it's overcast.


2. It Costs Less Money

Booking your stay during Costa Rica's rainy season will save you money. Everyone assumes the best time to go is December–March because the weather will be at its best. This causes prices for hotels and resorts to increase due to demand.

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Above is a chart that can help you see the statistics about when the best time to visit Costa Rica is. According to the chart, the best time is the beginning of March and the beginning of September. The prices aren't too bad during this time, but you can also see that May and the beginning of July are cheaper.

Waiting for the shuttle to bring us down the hill to the main area of the resort.

Waiting for the shuttle to bring us down the hill to the main area of the resort.

3. There Are No Crowds

Traveling to Costa Rica during the rainy season means less of a hassle for you during the booking process. It'll be fairly easy for you to book the hotel and room that best suits you for your stay. It can also mean that you can get upgraded to a better room at no extra charge like my husband and I did (see below).

It will be a smooth process booking excursions on the dates you want upon your arrival, and it will be quick for you to eat a meal whenever you are ready. When we booked our excursions, we made sure we went to the office right after breakfast to book. Some spots were already taken, but it wasn't a huge issue for us to find a spot that worked for us.

I can't imagine what it would be like during the dry season. People are probably running over to the resort's office at the break of dawn to ensure they have a spot on the day they want. Bigger crowds mean more stress for you on your vacation, and no one wants to be stressed on their time off from work.

Pro Tip: If It's Your Honeymoon, Say So!

The Secrets Resort we stayed at was all-inclusive, which was very convenient for my husband and me, who are always on a budget. When we're looking to book, I wanted the Panoramic Suite so bad. It had such an amazing view, but it was too expensive for us even for it being during Costa Rica's rainy season. We reluctantly settled for the cheaper option of a bungalow hidden in the trees with a view of the forest.

When we arrived, we mentioned at check-in that we were on our honeymoon. The resort's website said that we could get free accommodations if we brought in proper documentation that we were on our honeymoon. We couldn't believe it when they said congratulations and gave us the keys to the Panoramic Suite. We even got a free breakfast of our choosing delivered to our room upon our request.

We couldn't have been happier with the service and accommodations given to us during our stay.

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