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The Best Hotels for a Good Walk in Las Vegas (All Indoors!)

I think I've walked in almost every Las Vegas hotel on The Strip. It's a great way to pass the time without spending money.

Vegas at Night

Vegas at Night

Best Hotels in Las Vegas

There really is no town quite like Vegas, where you can go on walks unlike anything you'd experience anywhere else. It's like a giant amusement park for adults. However, Las Vegas is also a money-sucking pit. Unless you are extremely wealthy, losing money in Las Vegas is like breathing. And most of us can't afford it.

However, what really is great about Las Vegas is that you can see the sites for basically nothing and get a tremendous amount of exercise while doing it.

As far as sight-seeing and walking go, some areas on the Strip are better than others. Fortunately, almost every hotel in Las Vegas has ample signage, so I won't be giving too many directions. Just follow the signs!

The MGM Grand

The MGM Grand

Best Hotel for a Long Walk: MGM Grand

The MGM Grand is the world's third-largest hotel. It's huge. Walking around inside can be quite daunting, but the walking paths on the casino floor are pretty wide and the directions are good.

The best place to begin a walk at the MGM is out front on Las Vegas Blvd. because you really get a sense of how expansive the place is. Try a walk from the front to the Monorail or just wander around inside the hotel. I once tried to find Topgolf inside the MGM Grand and never got there.

The Venetian

The Venetian

Best Hotel to Get Lost In: The Venetian

The Venetian is the second-largest hotel in the world. It has 7,117 rooms to the MGM Grand's 6,852. There's stuff all over the hotel, but you're not allowed on the upper floors without cause, so if you want to walk, you're limited to the mall, the outside, and the canal.

Yes, there's a canal inside, just like Venice. That's half the reason to walk around inside. There are also shops, like everywhere else.

Now, I'm not as familiar with the Venetian as other hotels, but I do have a good sense of direction and I got completely lost there. When I tried to find my way out, I ended up on a completely different side of the hotel.

Just getting from the street to the hotel entrance is fun.

A View of the Luxor

A View of the Luxor

Best Series of Hotels for a Walk: New York, New York to Mandalay Bay

This might be the best walk on this list because it involves a lot of variety.

Start from the north end of New York, New York at the casino entrance next to the Shake Shack and basically just start walking due south. Aside from a bridge crossing over from New York, New York to the Excalibur, you'll be inside the whole time.

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The inside of New York, New York is a replica of the different neighborhoods of New York, so it's got a lot of character. You can also take a diversion upstairs and check out the arcade and even ride the rollercoaster if you so choose. You'll make your way through the casino floor and then through a series of shops on your way to the exit on the south side of the resort.

You'll cross the bridge and head over to The Excalibur. While you probably don't want to stay at The Excalibur as it's generally regarded as one of the worst hotels on the Strip, it's not too bad to walk through. It does show its age, however.

You'll be able to walk to The Luxor without going outside. Despite its reputation as one of the lesser hotels in terms of room quality, it's still one of the most magnificent hotels to walk through. Inside the pyramid is jaw-dropping. It might even be worth it to take a ride up an inclinator so you can see the lobby from on high. Everything under the pyramid is pretty striking. You'll walk north to south and as you exit, find yourself in a walkway of shops as you head to Mandalay Bay.

Mandalay Bay is a nice place to end your walk for a number of reasons. First, it's a nice hotel. Second, you can spend some time at their Shark Reef Aquarium, one of the largest in North America. Finally, if the walk tired you out, you can ride a tram back to Excalibur for free.

The Famous Bellagio Fountains

The Famous Bellagio Fountains

Best Hotel Walk With a Free Tram: Bellagio to Park MGM

Just trying to find the free tram that runs between the Bellagio and Park MGM is an adventure in itself. In so doing, you end up on a pretty invigorating walk.

Start from the Northeast corner of the Bellagio property, which is where the above photo was taken and is where you cross the street to get to Caesar's Palace. There's a bridge there that crosses Las Vegas Blvd. where many people watch the fountain show.

It's a pretty good walk through the shops just to get to the Bellagio lobby. From there, just follow the signs. But be aware that the tram is buried at the far back of the hotel. However, where the Bellagio is concerned, that's a good thing because there's lots to see in the hotel. Just follow the signs to the tram. As I remember it, the tram entrance takes you through the conference center.

The tram itself is nice, but it's not exactly the scenic route. You'll be behind the hotels, so it's a nice view of a lot of parking lots. The Park MGM is a nice, newer hotel. The walk out to the lobby is a nice one. At that point, you can walk back down Las Vegas Blvd. or head back inside the Park MGM and take the tram back to where you started.

Caesar's Palace

Caesar's Palace

Best Walk in a Hotel that Smells Like an Ashtray: Caesar's Palace

I probably shouldn't be so hard on Caesar's because a lot of hotels smell like ashtrays. However, to my mind, Caesar's is the worst. Fortunately, it's only really bad on the casino floor and around the lobby.

Your destinations for the walk are the Forum Shops and the Fall of Atlantis show, which is the fun and free animatronic show that occurs at the very end of the mall inside Caesar's.

Since the Fall of Atlantis show is something everyone should see when they're in Vegas anyway, this walk is a natural consequence of trying to find it. It's also a reminder that nothing in Las Vegas is free without some effort.

Yes, that's inside the Miracle Mile shops.

Yes, that's inside the Miracle Mile shops.

Best Mall Walk: Planet Hollywood

I haven't commented on the ceilings of many of these indoor malls. However, I do find the fake sky somewhat disconcerting. I'm also not entirely sure why it's done, but I imagine there's some marketing reason.

Not all of the ceiling in the Miracle Mile—which is behind Planet Hollywood, but accessible from Las Vegas Blvd.—has that painted ceiling. Still, there are certain areas that are supposed to resemble outside areas that have it.

What I like about the Miracle Mile shops, as opposed to the shops in Caesar's or The Venetian, is that they're aimed more at regular people. That is to say, there's cheap stuff in there. There's also expensive stuff, just cheap stuff too.

For instance, I saw a magic show that my kids loved for like $17/ticket. It was a real, Las Vegas show for $17/ticket. Given many shows are well over $100/ticket, this was great. Further, there are a couple of restaurants way in the back where you can get a decent $5 breakfast. This is all in keeping with the Las Vegas rule that anything cheap or free is a long walk to the back of a hotel.

Ultimately, there are a lot of good places to shop for regular people in the Miracle Mile, and you get some good exercise making the loop.

Some Final Thoughts

This list is not exhaustive. Almost every hotel has things inside that make it a destination. Just walking to the Wynn, for example, is a trek. And that's even if you start from across the street at Treasure Island. It's a gorgeous hotel.

I stayed at The Link once and really enjoyed its modern, hip feel. There's an outside, walking mall right there where you have a cool zip line. On one side is The Link and the other is The Flamingo. You should walk through The Flamingo to see the flamingoes and the other animals they have in their outside exhibit.

Basically, the point here is that a walk to the lobby of any hotel when you're starting on Las Vegas Blvd is almost always a trek. If you want to stay outside, you can just start around the Monte Carlo and walk to the Luxor. That's a serious walk. And there's so much to see.

Ultimately, no matter where you walk on the Strip, you're bound to get lots of exercise and see lots of interesting things. And maybe best of all, you can avoid spending a lot of money while doing it.

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