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The 11 Most Interesting Things to Do in Times Square, NYC

Updated on September 19, 2017

Exactly how or why Times Square got dubbed the center of the universe is uncertain. What is certain is that it, as one of the most-visited places on Earth, pulsates with an energy that is hard to find anywhere else. Neon billboards flashing day and night provide the background to the sound of daily crowds numbering into the hundreds of thousands and possibly representing all the nations on earth. They flock to the small area to see New York City’s mixture of traditional and unique entertainment that is irresistible to first-time visitors. This list of the ten most interesting things to do in Times Square highlights the best the area has to offer.

1. See an Iconic NYC Play at Times Square's Broadway District

The long running Chicago play in the Broadway District has been one of the top things to do in Times Square, NYC for almost 20 years
The long running Chicago play in the Broadway District has been one of the top things to do in Times Square, NYC for almost 20 years | Source

Perhaps the biggest reason to visit Times Square is to see one of the world’s iconic plays. Long recognized as the epicenter of the world’s theater scene, Times Square’s Broadway District is the only place to see the original plays that have been celebrated all over the world for decades. Head to the Majestic Theater at 44th Street and 8th Avenue to see the exciting Phantom of the Opera that has been thrilling audiences for almost 30 years. For family fun, take the kids to see the emotional Lion King at the Minskoff Theater at the corner of Broadway Avenue and 45th Street. Other Broadway favorites include Chicago (the Ambassador Theater at 49th and Broadway Streets) and Wicked (the Gershwin Theater at 51st and 8th Streets).

  2. Get a Unique Caricature of Yourself From a Street Artist

Not only is getting a caricature from a street artisit one of the most unique things to do in Times Square, it also makes for a great souvenir to remember your trip to New York City with!
Not only is getting a caricature from a street artisit one of the most unique things to do in Times Square, it also makes for a great souvenir to remember your trip to New York City with! | Source

Those looking for a fun and unique souvenir must try posing for a portrait from one of the many caricature artists scattered along Times Square’s busy streets. Each artist has his own style so look at his portraits to get a feel of how your picture may turn out before paying the $5-$10 fee. While all hilarious, past caricatures of myself have looked totally different. One exaggerated my eyes so much, I looked like I had alien saucers superimposed on my face, while another gave me a decided feline look that was pleasing and creepy at the same time.

3. See the World in Miniature at Gulliver’s Gate

Perhaps because I love travel, or maybe because great craftsmanship and art excite me, this is one of my favorite things to do in Times Square. See the whole world in two hours at this collection of superb replicas of many of the major world sites. See the great architecture of the ancient worlds of the Middle East, the natural wonders of South America, Europe’s greatest cities, Asia's landmarks and of course the great New York City in small scale. The New York City replicas include small yellow cabs, skyscrapers illuminated with real lights and detailed replicas of some of NYC’s iconic buildings. The excellent rendition of the Grand Central Terminal is complete with trains and an exact reproduction of the terminal's architecture.

Just the artistry of the incredibly detailed models is worth the visit, but add the educational element of visiting the world in one day and this lesser known attraction is a must in Times Square. Gulliver’s Gate is located at 44th Street and 7th Avenue. Plan a visit at

4. Indulge Your Sweet Tooth at the Hersheys or M&M Chocolate Stores

If you have a sweet tooth or a chocolate addiction, the 3 floors of chocolate goodness in these two stalwarts of the chocolate world will feel like you died and went to heaven. Located right across from each other at the corners of Broadway Avenue and 48 Street, Hershey’s Chocolate World and the M&M store both contain three floors filled with chocolate and chocolate memorabilia that the true chocolate lover will love perusing. In addition to round balls of chocolate goodness, the M&M store offers M&M branded clothing, stuffed toys, mugs and the chance to personalize your chocolate. Right across the street, the Hershey’s store has all the Hershey’s favorites and more.

Time Square's M&M Store has more than chocolate
Time Square's M&M Store has more than chocolate | Source

5. See the Odd at Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium

Those into oddities, horror movies and the strange will probably think this museum is the best thing to do in Times Square. Even if you aren’t interested in the macabre or scary, Ripley’s Believe it or Not Odditorium should be an interesting way to spend an hour or two. Apart from scary exhibits like shrunken, human heads in jars and Medieval Era torture instruments, there are also numerous displays featuring interesting and educational facts that the inquisitive visitor will enjoy adding to her mental list of conversation starters. Look out for facts on interesting people in history like the replica of the fattest man who ever lived (New Yorker, Walter Hudson who at his heaviest weighed 1600 pounds and had to be removed from his apartment with a forklift upon his death), a good baseball trivia section for the sport fanatic and an educational section on cockroaches.

Kids will love the room dedicated to Cheetos and comprised entirely of figures made from Cheetos and the dark tunnel game where laser beams are scattered through a scary dark tunnel which the player must finish without tripping on a beam! Plan your visit at

6. People Watch at Duffy Square

Smack in the center of Times Square sits a small square area designed for sitting, people watching, eating or just taking in the invigorating energy of Times Square. Duffy Square is named after Father Francis Duffy, a New York priest and soldier celebrated for his service in World War 1 and the Spanish American War. His monument sits in the middle of red, wrought iron chairs and tables and stadium seating where people from all over sit to gaze upon the flashy billboards or take in passersby. Duffy Square is also the perfect place to stop for a rest and have a bite from any of the nearby casual food stands. Duffy Square occupies the two blocks between 45th and 47th Streets, at the corner of Broadway Avenue.

A Typical day at Duffy's Square in the Middle of Times Square.
A Typical day at Duffy's Square in the Middle of Times Square.

7. See the Latest Movie in Two of NYC’s Biggest Movie Theaters

Many movie lovers stop to see a new movie when they visit the U.S.A. Times Square is the perfect place to see one of the newest blockbusters because of its two mega movie theaters, the AMC and the Regal. Between them, the AMC and Regal theaters show hundreds of movies weekly. Even more convenient is their location across from each other at the corners of 42nd Street and 8th Avenue. Can’t find the movie you want at one theater? Just head across the street, for even more options. The theaters are in the busiest section of Times Square so give yourself enough time to get there for your movie.

8. See Celebrities in Wax at Madame Toussads

Bring your camera to the New York branch of the ever expanding Madame Toussads chain for sculptures of American celebrities so realistic that you will have a hard time convincing your friends you didn’t really meet them. Marvel at the artistry and painstaking care put into making each sculpture look alive. Bring along your 'tweens and teenagers for one of the best things you can do in Times Square with the age group. Watch as they go crazy for the sculptures of iconic pop stars like Beyoncé, Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift. Be sure to plan for enough time as teens end up spending hours snapping selfies in this museum!

Madame Toussads is located at 42nd and 8th Streets.

How To Get To All The Fun Things To Do In Times Square.

show route and directions
A markerPhantom of the Opera @Majestic Theater -
245 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036, USA
get directions

B markerThe Lion King @Minskoff Theater -
200 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036, USA
get directions

Lion King

C markerChicago @Ambassador Theater -
219 W 49th St, New York, NY 10019, USA
get directions

D markerRipleys Believe it or not Odditorium -
234 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036, USA
get directions

Ripley's Odditorium

E markerGulliver's Gate -
216 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036, USA
get directions

Gulliver's Gate

F markerMadame Toussads -
234 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036, USA
get directions

Madame Toussads Wax Museum

G markerMuseum of Modern Art -
11 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019, USA
get directions

H markerCapitalle Grille Restaurant -
120 W 51st St, New York, NY 10020, USA
get directions

Capital Grille Restaurant

I markerDuffy's Square -
7th Ave & W 47th St, New York, NY 10036, USA
get directions

Duffy's Square

J markerAMC Theater -
234 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036, USA
get directions

AMC Movie Theater

9. Eat American Food in Some of the Best Restaurants

New York City is undoubtedly one of those places where international cuisine plays a major role on the culinary scene. Everything from Ethiopian to Swedish food can be easily found in the city. Times Square is no different, but those looking specifically for American food like steaks, burgers, pizzas and locally brewed beer will find an excellent selection stuffed into the small area. American chains like Five Guys Burgers, Hard Rock Café, Red Lobster and McDonalds are well represented. More formal eateries can also be found, but these will take some planning as reservations need to be made months ahead in some cases. If you do choose to indulge yourself at one of Times Square's fine dining establishment, be sure to consider local favorites, Capital Grille and Aureole.

10. Eat Famous Cheesecake at Junior's Restaurant

It needs not be said that this restaurant serves lots more than cheesecake, but to New Yorkers the name Juniors is synonymous with cheesecake. There was a time when both locals and visitors to the city had to head to Brooklyn for a slice of the rich cheesecake that has induced many to break diets and new year’s resolutions. Now, with the opening of the Broadway District branch in the middle of Times Square, the world’s best cheesecake is closer to those in Manhattan and has proven to be one of the few things in Times Square that New Yorkers would even brave the tourist crowds for.

Cheesecake lovers get to choose from more than 15 varieties of cheesecake that includes red velvet (my personal favorite) and carrot cake cheesecake. There is even a sugar free version for diabetics and happy birthday versions. For those who need to eat a meal before desert there are American classics like burgers and steaks, and a bar. Juniors is located at the corner of Broadway and 45th Streets.

11. Discover New Artists at the Museum of Modern Art

Although technically located outside of Times Square, this celebrated space for both traditional and emerging ideas in the art world is close enough to Times Square to make walking from Times Square quite easy. Even if you aren’t that interested in art, this museum is an excellent way to get exposed to art in its many interpretation. The collections range from the works by immortalized artists like Cezanne and Matisse to newer names with novel ideas. Particularly interesting are the eye -opening exhibits featuring everyday objects in art. The Museum of Modern Art is located just outside Times Square at 53rd Street and 5th Avenue.

Times Square is one of those places that the visitor to New York City should experience at least once. This list of the most interesting things to do in Times Square is meant to inspire those who want to see the best that the small area has to offer. Happy Travels!

© 2017 Rosheda Stephenson


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