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Windy Winery in Brenham, Texas on the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail

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Exterior of Windy Winery tasting room

Exterior of Windy Winery tasting room

Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail

Cattle and a red-colored train caboose? Multi-colored wildflowers and a winery? You might be thinking, what do these have in common? It is all scenery to be seen on the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail in the springtime if enjoyed at Windy Winery in Brenham, Texas, and seen from the nearby roads leading to and from that destination.

While the wineries participating in the bluebonnet wine trail occasionally change, we were happy to discover Windy Winery the year we took the tour. A link at the bottom of this page under sources will keep you up-to-date on current participants of this annual event.

Interior of Windy Winery

Once one has entered the winery, there is a cozy and homey atmosphere, with country décor. Friendly folks greet one behind a wooden bar and are there to offer you samples of the wines made at Windy Winery.

The deer horns pictured above hang over a doorway. The clusters of grapes in the horns somehow seem appropriate as one is in a winery. Décor consists of old signs plus new hand-painted empty wine bottles, the latter of which are for sale.

The stained glass under the tin roof sends shimmering colors into the room when the sun rays shine through the glass. My husband and I happened to be there in the afternoon, and the vibrant hues of color added to the warm ambiance inside the tasting room.

Winery Exterior and Wine Tasting Experience

While the exterior of the metal building may not be a thing of great beauty, the landscape around the winery makes up for it. The winery sits atop a small hill, and the wind whips across one's face and body when outside. At least the wind was assertive the day we were there. Perhaps that is the reason behind the name of Windy Winery?

Pictured above, you can see the whimsical sculpture that greets one outside of the winery. Someone enjoys decorating and utilizing empty wine bottles for their canvas to make an eye-catching artistic statement. The backyard of the winery contains some old rusted farm equipment plus some whimsically constructed metal art.

After we checked in and identified ourselves as being on the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail, we went through the tasting room to the backyard, where there was seating. We had servings of two different wines, and accompanying those were a salad with some greens, goat cheese, and a balsamic vinegar dressing plus croutons. The wind was blowing so hard that we had to keep a good grasp of our plastic plates with the salad in fear of it taking to the air.

Several other couples were sampling the wines and food along with us. The most allure (to my husband and myself) was the scenery. Springtime has to be the most scenic season of the year at Windy Winery, with the adjacent field just beyond a wire fence being ablaze with color from the prolific blooming wildflowers!

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On the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail, one would expect to see bluebonnets. Windy Winery does not disappoint! An adjacent field had not only bluebonnets but other types of wildflowers as well. Some photographers were sitting on the ground with their camera zoom lenses focusing on these transient beauties on the other side of the fencing.

I captured these pictures with my Panasonic digital camera, which I am happy to share. Note the white bluebonnet above. These are not as common. The more usual color, like the name, is blue.


This part of the country around Brenham consists of much farmland plus cattle ranches. Many mixed herds of cattle were in view as we traveled the roads on this bluebonnet wine trail. It was scenic being able to see the cattle amidst the fields sprinkled with wildflowers.

Windy Winery Specifics

The winery address is 4232 Clover Road, Brenham, Texas 77833. Their telephone number is the following: 979-836-3252.

According to their paper pamphlet, they make these wines: Chardonnay, Desert Rose, Merlot, Independence (a blend of Pinot Noir and Merlot), Saucy Red, Yellow Rose, and a Brenham Blush. In addition, they also make a Tejas Port wine.

The folks at Windy Winery were offering a crayfish dinner that evening for a nominal charge. Most of these wineries on the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail do events that vary by day, week, or month. It adds variety and interest for their local neighbors and customers plus people who come from further distances to enjoy these special occasions.

One thing is for sure. Friendly winery folks at this location are there to greet visitors. It appears they are not only working partners but also friends. That convivial spirit spills over to customers and visitors.


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