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Pleasant Hill Winery and the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail

I live in Houston and have worked as a nurse. I have a lifelong passion for traveling, nature, and photography (preferably all together!).

Pleasant Hill Winery Sign

Pleasant Hill Winery Sign

Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail

The Pleasant Hill Winery was the second one of several that my husband and I would visit one year on the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail. As the name might indicate, Pleasant Hill Winery is located on a hill.

Bob and Jeanne Cottle are the owners and started out making homemade wine many years ago. Both families had grandparents of Italian heritage, so the enjoyment of wine was in their genes so-to-speak. After moving to Texas, purchasing this lovely piece of land, and planting grapevines, this winery opened to the public in the year 1997. It has been going strong ever since and has earned awards for many of their wines.

The old barn was meticulously reconstructed and fashioned into a winery and gift shop. From that vantage point, people visiting there can view some staked grapevines and also a colorful field of wildflowers in the Spring of the year.

Pleasant Hill's physical address is 1441 Salem Road in Brenham, Texas. The zip code is 77833, and their telephone number is 979-830-VINE. The winery is only about seventy miles west of Houston.

Pleasant Hill Winery

The first two pictures above show the view as one approaches Pleasant Hill Winery on Salem Road off of Highway 36 and the view from the parking lot of the winery.

It was a hectic day on the Saturday of our visit. Not only were Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail visitors there, but also a steady stream of tour groups that kept the owners and staff engaged.

The fields surrounding the winery have well-maintained grapevines which add to the ambiance of the place. Outside of the winery are some old rusted wine-related artifacts which were interesting to view.

Tasting Wine and Enjoying The Ambiance

As the photo above shows, we enjoyed the view of a church directly across the street from the outside decked patio where we were enjoying our wines and tidbits of tasty food offerings.

Looking down the hill, we also enjoyed the field of wildflowers in bloom as well as the staked grape vines that would soon burst forth with new bright green and tender grape leaves starting a new season.

It was a pleasant way to spend some time in lovely surroundings.

Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.

— Benjamin Franklin

Texas Winery Passport

Texas Winery Passport

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Texas Winery PASSPORT

The gentleman behind the counter at Pleasant Hill Winery offered us a Texas Winery Passport. We were unfamiliar with it. He explained that the Texas Department of Agriculture provides these publications as a public service.

The passport opens up and provides a place for each of the four wineries to add their stamp and winery code number. Tasting notes on each page for people who wish to jot down impressions of wines that they taste.

Once the book is filled, one logs onto and enters the codes. A free reward item is shipped for completing each book, or several books can be registered at one time to qualify for an even greater reward.

Each Texas winery has these passports. It can provide a fun way to keep a record of one's travels throughout the State while exploring new wineries and their distinctive liquid offerings.

We were happy that the gentleman at Pleasant Hill took the time to explain this and give us our first stamp in our new Texas Winery Passport.

Bluebonnets and Other Wildflowers

Yes, the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail also has bluebonnets! As we got closer to Brenham, Texas, there were glorious fields of them! Whenever we saw many cars parked on the sides of the roads, we knew that there would be extraordinary sightings of the bluebonnets as well as other types of wildflowers.

Whether there are large patches of them, as in my photos or smaller groupings, wildflower photography is at its peak in the Spring of each year. If one is looking for a spectacular wildflower display, head on up to the Brenham area, and your wishes cannot help but be satisfied each Spring. Be sure and take your camera!

If you wish to enjoy the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail, be sure to include a stop at Pleasant Hill Winery. One can visit them year-round, but this is a beautiful time of year with moderate temperatures and fields painted with color from the profusion of wildflowers.



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