5 Legitimate Reasons Why Las Vegas Is the Ultimate Escape for Parents

Updated on October 25, 2017
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When you're a parent, especially the parent of a baby, toddler, or any child under the age of 18, it's nice to get away — even for just one night. This is not always an easy task, with jobs, babysitters, and finances.

Even though it's great to imagine a tropical resort vacation where you lie on the beach for days on end—this is not always possible financially or even time-wise. Las Vegas is relatively cheap compared to flying to an exotic destination, and if you live close enough to Vegas to drive there within several hours, it's even better.

For parents, life is routine. It's the same thing every day. Taking care of the kids, cooking, cleaning, working, school, and the drudgery of keeping everything together for the family. The responsible, hard-working life doesn't leave much time for much else — or anything really fun.

Las Vegas offers several solutions to picking you up out of your parental rut. Read on.


1. No Clocks!

Ah, the allure of no time. No naptime, no bedtime, or any other kind of scheduled event that requires looking at a clock.

Unless you're the type of parent who doesn't believe in routines for your children in your daily life, you'll really appreciate not knowing what time it is inside a Las Vegas casino.

There will be no worrying about what time of day the kids took a nap or ate dinner.

There will be no concerns about what time of day the toddler(s) used the potty, or if they even used the potty at all. (Try to refrain from even uttering the word potty while in Vegas). Whoever you left your kids with will handle that and whatever else comes up.

You won't know what time it is and you won't care, which is nothing like your real life with the kids or a job. While you're inside any casino you won't know whether it's day or night, and that's the beauty of it. The only time you're going to need to worry about is check-out time.


2. Free Drinks!

Yes. Free alcohol for burnt out parents.

No more having to gulp down a beer after work or sneak a quick glass of wine as you're making dinner while the kids are fighting.

You can ask a cocktail waitress for a drink any time you like. And all you need to do is kindly give her a tip.

The drinks in the casinos may not be top notch, but you can order one any time of day or night, as many times as you wish.

Not to mention, having someone asking you if they can get you something several times a day is just awesome — and most likely the total opposite of home.

You will feel in Las Vegas what you imagine your children feel like inside Toys 'R' Us. The pure excitement of being able to look around at everything and just play. The ability to go anywhere without holding someone's hand, asking if they're hungry, or breaking up fights is priceless — if only for a day or two.

Letting loose in an adult environment without the kids is a fantastic break for any stressed out parent. The only thing you need to worry about holding is your free drink.


3. Mega Win Date Night

Las Vegas has many attractions, and even if you only go for one night, you can pretty much manage an impressive date over the course of just a few hours.

Just in one Casino alone, such as The New York, New York, or The MGM Grand, you have several dining options to choose from.

You can eat dinner at a nice restaurant, hop over to a stylish bar for a cocktail, go dancing in a club, see a show, movie, ride a rollercoaster, go shopping, and gamble all in one night within one building.

You could fit about five date nights into one in Las Vegas. And if you're in the casino, you don't even have to pay for your date's drink, besides shelling out a tip. What could be better than that? And entertainment? It's everywhere. Even the people who visit Vegas are a show in itself.

There are also museums and exhibits in Las Vegas, so if any of that other stuff isn't your cup of tea, you can just stroll around, viewing whatever you like at your leisure.

There are plenty of shows in Las Vegas if you don't like to gamble
There are plenty of shows in Las Vegas if you don't like to gamble | Source
Sleep! | Source

4. Sleep Whenever, Do Whatever

Normally at home, you've got to get to bed at a certain time to be up the next day for work, or if your kids get up early for school you're up.

No matter what, there's always some reason for you to be up early at home.

In Vegas, you can go to your hotel room anytime you like and take a nap, or watch TV. Things your kids will rarely accommodate at home.

Gambling is not necessarily the main attraction for parents in Vegas. Sleep and relaxation are a treasure. If it's warm, there are also plenty of pools to be at — all day if you want.

No matter what time you decide to go out in Las Vegas, most attractions are open, so you can sleep during the day and go out at night — things parents never get to do.

Staying up in the middle of the night is something usually reserved for sick kids, scared kids, or some sort of kid drama.

In Vegas, you'll be up in the middle of the night because you want to be.

5. You Can Be a Fashionista

Most parents have some kind of uniform, whether it be a work uniform or work dress code.

Some parents who stay at home barely have time to put on more than sweats.

Many moms will tell you they are lucky of they get to put on a full face of make-up unless they do it to look presentable at work.

Getting hair done nicely and some glitz in your wardrobe are things some moms only dream about. Many dads out there would like a chance to sharpen up a bit as well. Enter Las Vegas. Now is the chance to pull out all the stops, if so desired.

If you're familiar with Las Vegas, you'll know that all kinds of people visit there from all around the world. Many Vegas visitors have very — well — interesting fashion choices.

So, drag out that old leather jacket or high heeled boots and doll it up. Most likely you'll never see anyone you meet in Vegas again, so no worries about what people think of your style. Just be yourself - who you are without the kids that are. Try out that slinky dress you'd be embarrassed to wear back home. Go ahead, wear cowboy boots.

Remember - what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (unless you post it on Facebook).

Go on, let loose!
Go on, let loose! | Source


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    • Farawaytree profile image

      Michelle Zunter 23 months ago from California

      Thank you for reading. It really is the playground for adults - and parents especially.

    • Papillon man profile image

      Dale Tinklepaugh 23 months ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      This is a nicely written article, humorous, but true. My wife and I are empty-nesters living in Vegas now, but when our daughter and son were young, we lived in Southern California. I have fond memories of a few little Vegas getaways.

    • Farawaytree profile image

      Michelle Zunter 23 months ago from California

      Exactly. Honestly, I don't mean to offend, but every time I go to Las Vegas I see more and more babies, toddlers and kids running around in the smokey casino's. I shake my head. To each their own, though. Thank you Chantelle for checking out my hub.

    • Chantelle Porter profile image

      Chantelle Porter 23 months ago from Chicago

      I love Vegas and I thought your article gave a really great over view of the place. Time does feel like it is suspended there and even if you don't gamble there is still so much to do.

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