Abandoned Honeymoon Resorts of the Pocono Mountains

Updated on December 9, 2014
Buck Hill Inn
Buck Hill Inn | Source

The Tacky Luxury of the Poconos

Hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of couples spent their honeymoon here. In the Poconos of the '70s and '80s, shag carpeting, mirrored walls, personal pools, and intimate fireplaces were the rage. Now photographers have captured these sensual details in all their mildewed decrepitude.

The first resort hotel in the Poconos was built in the Delaware Water Gap in 1829. Tourism blossomed after the Civil War (that would be after 1865 for you history-challenged folks). The Poconos, only a few hours away from New York and Philadelphia by rail, were a great place to vacation for city dwellers. Lush mountains, fresh air, and pretty lakes offered picturesque views and relaxing down time. Resorts from this period included the Kittatinny, Water Gap House, Montanesca and Buck Hill Inn. Of these, only Buck Hill is still standing.

After World War II, the invasion of the honeymooners began, starting with GIs and their sweethearts. In the late '50s and '60s, highways made it even easier to escape to Pocono resorts. Not only was it a happening place for happy honeymooners, but skiers began to hit the slopes in the Pocono Mountains.

Honeymoon Havens

During the '60s, one of the Pocono resorts (the Caesars Cove Haven, which still exists) brought happy honeymooners the heart-shaped bathtub, as seen by many in Life Magazine. Below is a fine example from one of the region's abandoned resorts.


Heart-shaped tubs took over the Pocono honeymoon suites, along with champagne-glass-shaped elevated Jacuzzis (some of which are still in use; see video at end).

Unfortunately, I have yet to find an abandoned resort with a champagne-glass tub. It is my life goal to photograph one. It is also my dream to secure a red heart-shaped tub and turn it into a goldfish pond in my flower bed.

Tub at the abandoned Penn Hills resort
Tub at the abandoned Penn Hills resort | Source

In the '70s Pocono resorts became even tackier. Honeymooners enjoyed carpeted walls, mirrored ceilings, crazy couches, lamps on chains, and sink tops in the shape of hearts. But in the '80s these resorts began to look dated. Business dropped off, perhaps as a result of shorter vacations and a switch to suburban development. By the '90s, many of the resorts were closing.

Nothing says sexy time like carpeted walls.
Nothing says sexy time like carpeted walls. | Source

Mom Enjoyed Her Honeymoon at Pocono Gardens

My mother had spent her honeymoon with my stepdad at the Pocono Gardens Lodge. It was a host to villas, personal pools, heart shaped tubs, a lake, an indoor pool and outdoor pool. This resort was razed a few years ago. I was sad to see it go.


Garment Workers Needed Fun Too

One interesting place in the Pocono Mountains was Unity House (called White Pines by some). The International Ladies Garment Workers Union owned this 655-acre resort, which offered union members a great summer getaway for about 70 years.

Unity House
Unity House | Source

Many of the workers came from New York, Philadelphia, Massachusetts and New Jersey. Unity House had a state-of-the-art theater, cabins, and a little disco and bar on the lake. Factory closures led to serious declines in the number of union vacationers, and the resort had to close its doors around 1990.

Recently someone wrote a comment saying they would love to go and tag Unity House. Well, Mr. Tagger, let me inform you that this place has security and a caretaker, and the road is blocked. If you're reading my articles with the intent of going and destroying these places, well, then, you have issues. I am simply sharing histories of places that have been forgotten.


A Playground to Explore—While It Lasts

The Poconos have seen a number of great resorts come and go. Some honeymoon havens remain. More resorts are being built, and there is also now a casino.

I have had so much fun exploring the abandoned resorts of the Poconos. There is always some awesome surprise of crazy tackiness. For explorers like myself, the region is like a playground where we can see old resorts before they are torn down.

But be warned; don’t go traipsing around Buck Hill. It has security, they don’t mess around, and the fine isn’t cheap!

Happy exploring!

Champagne-Glass Jacuzzi (Not Abandoned)

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      • profile image

        Jerry 8 days ago

        Destroying unity house?...impossible, it’s one big ball of stinky mold

      • profile image

        Hunter jones 4 months ago

        How would one go about getting to one od these places?

      • profile image

        Cindy in NYC 5 months ago

        My old friends Jim and Diana married, and went on their honeymoon in the Poconos in the late 1970's. They actually had the bellboy take a Polaroid (!!) of them, in one of those kitschy champagne glass bathtubs. Their marriage, troubled from the start (it may have had something to do with that tub?) ended a few years later. Oh, how I'd love to have kept that foto of them!! LOL

      • profile image

        Kathleen 15 months ago

        Thank you for your article about the Abandon honeymoon resorts, I love reading about the past and seeing the pictures of what once was, thank you

      • profile image

        Dawncap 15 months ago

        Does anyone know how to legally get into the Birchwood for exploring? My daughter is studying to be a photographer and would love to explore and take pictures for a portfolio. Please let me know if anyone knows of how to contact someone might be able to get us into the place legally

      • profile image

        Bill mcfadden 15 months ago

        I used to go to Starlet Lodge in Canadenses in the 60's & would sneak into Buck Hill . I drove thru there about 8 years ago to reminisce. I also bought a house in Tobyhanna but sold it a couple years ago.

      • profile image

        Mary Martin 15 months ago

        who had the heart shaped bathtubs first, Mount Airy or ceasers

      • profile image

        Debi 17 months ago

        We stayed at Fernwood, October 1975. Little cabin, great club with a comedian..singer Red something.

      • profile image

        Kevin f ryan 17 months ago

        My wife and i went therr for our honeymoon may 27th 1973. , we had a little cottage with a round bed and a shower stall.

      • profile image

        Susan Kulick 18 months ago

        The Buck Hill Inn is days away from being demolished. It is currently totally fenced in and there is construction equipment on scene. It's very sad, but the building is in deplorable condition and a real eyesore for the folks that live by it. Very sad.

      • profile image

        Cathy Vaughan 18 months ago

        As I was saying it was a blast hanging out at these resorts with all the people I met on vacation in the poconos. Although these places are a thing of the past it was a part of my life I will never forget.

      • profile image

        Cathy Vaughan 18 months ago

        I went on vacation in the pocono every year in the 60's. It was the kind of fun you use to have. At 15 years old a bunch of us would visit pocono gardens to hang out and we even had the nerve to use the pool at my airy lodge and sneak into the nightclub even though we weren't staying at these pl

      • profile image

        Traci 18 months ago

        This is awesome! I've have to each and everyone of these places and growing up in the Poconos was able to see all of them in their prime. When I was younger, my friends and I all thought Birchwood was haunted, especially when it was foggy and you had to drive down that road by the lake. Definitely some awesome photography. If you've never been, Bushkill falls is another absolutely amazing site and even though the hotel isn't in use anymore it would be awesome to photograph. Probably about ten years ago, they did a haunted house there but I don't think that is still going on. Good luck on your jouneys!

      • profile image

        Paul 18 months ago

        We stayed at Brookdale for our honeymoon in '94. Heard that it closed a while ago. Always was curious if anything ever happened to that place or if it was just left and abandoned. Anyone know?

      • profile image

        laurel138 19 months ago

        @local explorer I would absolutely love to photograph Birchwood!! I was there in the spring and took photos from the road, we spoke to the caretaker (I assume he was that, anyway) and he seemed pretty nice. If you read this post I'd love to contact you for access to these places!!

      • profile image

        joyce nierman 21 months ago

        AH.......Birchwood in the Poconos!!! I will never forget this Resort. My husband Bob and I spent our Honeymoon in 1986 and every New Years and, at least, one week in the Summer, in Chalet # 1. My husband passed in 1989, however, but the memories we collected in Birchwood will last for as long as I shall live. It does sadden me to know that Birchwood, as we knew it, no longer exists. At the same time, I feel that we were lucky to have experienced such wonderful unforgettable moments and to have pictures to prove it.

      • profile image

        marylu22 22 months ago

        Birchwood, now under C. Castle Group has owned the property since 2008 and they are proposing to replace the old resort with the new Spa Castle Grand Resort. It would include a 150 room hotel, nearly 300 unit condominium, spa, meeting center, and a private water park.

      • profile image

        Iceman 44 23 months ago

        Local explorer can you e-mail me my email is, joe.maciag@yahoo.com I would love to get into birchwood legally.

      • profile image

        Martha 2 years ago

        My hubby and I honeymooned at Honeymoon Haven in 1967 and so wanted to go back for our 50th anniversary next year, but since it's no longer there, that's not possible. Darn, it would have been great to relive 50 years ago.

      • profile image

        Local explorer 2 years ago

        If anyone still watches this video & read the comments, I want to update you about Birchwood & Penn Hills. Friends of my son are security for Birchwood. I can update any photos or videos for you I have access to the place. It makes me sick to see how people have destroyed these abandon places of history. Exploring and trying to save a piece of history on video is one thing, spray painting wall and smashing things is down right disrespectful. Birchwood is being set up to be demolished. In the last 5+ the buildings have been crumbling at an exceeding rate. Penn Hill's is being negotiated right now at being rebuilt as close as possible to the original state. I also have access to this property as well. As far as Buck Hill goes, it is true that security does not play games. I am currently working on a contact to get access to this building to get photos. I have also been in and worked at the old Pocono Palace & Strickland/Mt Airy Lodge back in the 80's. All of which are gone. Maybe I should gather old acquiescence for photos and stories. I do have pics of other old resorts to share somewhere. Happy Exploring ! Don't Leave a Footprint :)

      • profile image

        Beverly Ann and Ray 2 years ago

        We spent our honeymoon at Birchwood's in August 1966. I surprised my husband and booked the same cottage for our 25th in 1991 ! I was hoping to go back for just a weekend to celebrate our 50th this year (2016), but sadly it is gone. When we went in 1991, I couldn't believe the changes. It just wasn't the same, but I did take pictures of the exact poses in the same places we had taken photos in '66. They offered horse back riding, bow and arrow lessons, everyone had a picture taken on the covered bridge kissing. The friends we met lasted for years, although many of the marriages did not. We're still in touch with one of the gals (divorced) that we made good friends with and visited each other and vacationed a couple of times together. Do you all remember the entire group photo that was taken outside the red building where the ice cream shop was, the candle making and bowling alley was? The dressing up in old swimming costumes and walking a greased log across the pool? I still have all the photos and the ones taken 25 yrs later. That was a very special place, during a very special era. Wouldn't swap it for anything. I do miss the innocence of those days. And here we are nearly 50 years later. August 13, 1966 Ahh, memories!

      • profile image

        Doug and Gail 2 years ago

        As a 1967 honeymooner at Birchwood Resort, could you please tell me if the place is still intact or has C.Castle begun bull dozing it yet?

        Thank you.

      • profile image

        Frank and Terry 2 years ago

        my (Frank) in laws (Terrys parents) honeymooned there in 64. We sent them back on their 25th anniv in 89. It closed 2 years later.

      • profile image

        Margie Truman 2 years ago

        My husband and I started going to Birchwood in December 1991 for our 20th anniversary and looked forward to going back each year in December. The resort was decorated for Christmas and when we walked to the dining room for dinner it was absolutely beautiful the resort put me in the mood for the holidays. The accomadations included private Chalet with fireplace queen size 4 poster bed a hot tub and some of the rooms had a sauna in them breakfast and dinner was included and if you walked away hungry it was your problem. If you did not show up for a meal they would call the room to check if you were okay to see if you were coming to the dining room. The dining room was absolutely beautiful they had a piano player and the atmosphere was beyond words. They had a photographer come in and you could have a picture taken to remember for all time. We had a wonderful waitress that we became friends with her name was Vicki and I will always remember her as long as I live. The staff at Birchwood was outstanding you felt like you were home. We have wonderful memories from our stay there till they closed in 2001.

      • profile image

        Sue Kulick 3 years ago

        Some photos from yesterday at Birchwood.


      • profile image

        Bonnie J Putney 3 years ago

        We just had our 41st anniversary this November and we spent a week at Birchwood also. It is so sad to think of the buildings in ruin. I remember also the candlemaking, the little paddle boats on the lake, a canopy bed, a show with a hypnotist, and of course, lots of good food. We played basketball. I also remember the archery and taking a ride in an airplane. It was a small plane that bounced around a lot in the air pockets. My husband had lots of fun taking pictures of me screaming all the way. Funny thing was the film was not loaded correctly in the camera - so he did not get to show off the pictures of me screaming. Happy memories, I do not think I want to see the ruins of Birchwood, maybe other resorts, but not Birchwood. I want to remember it as it was.

      • profile image

        Debbie Carroll 3 years ago

        Seeing Birchwood in the news tonight reminded me of our honeymoon there 37 years ago. It was so nice. We had a cabin (Chalet they called it). I don't remember it having a kitchen, but it had a big 4 poster canoly bed, fireplace open from living room to bedroom, but I don't think there was a heart shaped tub. There was an art sale, candle making, water skiing and evening entertainment and games. We won a bottle of win in the Newlywed Game. I also remember something about lots of food. My husband had a banana split with something like 20+ scoops of different ice creams. Nice memories of it. Sad to see it in the current condition Would have loved to go back for our 40th anniversary.

      • Carol L Henderson profile image

        Carol L Henderson 3 years ago from New Florence, Pennsylvania

        The Birchwood resort is where “alleged” state police murderer Eric Frien was captured last night. He murdered one state trooper and severely wounded another and has been hiding as a fugitive in the woods and abandon resorts for nearly two months. He was spotted crossing the field at the resort by Federal Marshals on a routine sweep of the resort and arrested without incident. Law enforcement found his guns and supplies in the abandon airplane hangar of the resort. Thank you to Pennsylvania and Federal law enforcement for finding this killer.

      • profile image

        work at birchwood 3 years ago

        I worked at Birchwood when I was in high school with my mother I was 15 at that time was in 1975 my first paycheck for 2 weeks was about $ 90.00 worked week-end and holidays love working there I helped clean rooms nice a place...

      • profile image

        sharontompkins 3 years ago

        I have been searching for Birchwood. I was hoping my husband and I would be able to return for our 50th wedding anniversary in 2 years! We had a wonderful time there.

      • That Grrl profile image

        Laura Brown 3 years ago from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

        It's always sad to see the old places get demolished. There is no coming back from that. Each time I see one gone I hope someone took the time to get photographs of it.

      • profile image

        15 year anniversary 3 years ago

        My husband and I honeymooned there in 1999.

      • profile image

        abandoned tamiment 3 years ago

        Too bad

      • profile image

        Sugar bowl 3 years ago

        I use to drive around birchwood looking for deer and bear and I use to see a strange looking man lurking around there right before dark I think he was a ghost he wore coveralls and an old baseball hat and he had a long beard and I would see him all the time after birchwood closed down so I would stay away from there

      • profile image

        Bruce-Lisa 3 years ago

        My husband and I honeymooned at Birchwood almost forty years ago come this May. We had our own two-story unit for our stay. The unit had the sitting area downstairs with a spiral staircase leading to the bedroom and bath. We used the paddle boats on the pond; practiced our archery at the range; sat in the Red Baron lounge and listened to live music; took a plane ride from the attached airfield; purchased a "Cantrell" oil painting at a live auction that was held for the honeymooners; played mini golf, and bowled in the on site lanes. We had a great time starting out our lives together there, and we're enjoying reminiscing now.

      • profile image

        Terri Wolf 4 years ago

        My friends and I love to visit old abandoned properties. Is there anyone to contact for permission to take pictures at Unity House or the other resorts. If you ever get a chance to go to Louisville Ky go to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. They have ghost hunting lots of history! Check out the web site! We are a group of RN's and love old hospitals!

      • profile image

        Rodger Stroud 4 years ago

        Sue Kulick, My wife honeymooned at Birchwood in late March 1968 and stayed in one of the 2 story units around the lake. It did have a heart shaped tub but as I remember only some units offered the heart shaped tubs, the bedroom was upstairs but I can't recall if the tub was up or down. Both the bedroom and living room had sliding glass doors that looked out over the lake. They also had a covered bridge that was part of the path that we would take walks around the lake. I do remember the pool and the dining room and the food was like eating at home. It's a shame that if had to end up the way it has many fond memories of that week.

      • profile image

        Kim Ten Broeck 4 years ago

        Came to the poconos back in 1975 and stayed at Stricklands it was beautiful and homey till it was sold to mt airy lodge. we then would come on a regular basis and fell in love with Birchwood It was wonderful and cozy,food was wonderful We looked forward to seeing Ingrid and Aldo who always made our stay special. Today we drove thru Birchwood and it made me so sad to see the resort decaying and abandoned. I can't believe it is just sitting there and decaying ! Would love to hear from people who loved birchwood as much as we did.

      • profile image

        katrina0604 4 years ago

        Wow, you were quick to reply to my post. Yep, sounds like you have hit the nail on the head. I am going to check out your FB Page. Sad that so many places, which people have fond memories of, just fade away. Will let you know if the Lake House looks like it. I hope you can get into Birchwood, especially if it pans out to be the place. When you do and if it is so, it would be great if I could get some pics of it. Please keep me posted.

      • profile image

        Sue Kulick 4 years ago

        Hi Katrina! Could it have been Birchwood Resort? Birchwood was like a small village and was definitely family owned. The cabins were in a semi-circle around the lake, and the country dining room sounds a lot like Birchwood. It had an airstrip attached to it if that is any help. The other possibility is Mountain Lake House, but the cabins were not around the lake. Both resorts are closed. Birchwood was sold to a foreign company that wanted to make a religious retreat but they couldn't/wouldn't secure the proper permits. So it currently sits vacant and decaying. I have a photography site on FB called "Echo Lake Photography" which highlights some of the old resorts of the Poconos. I haven't accessed Birchwood yet, though...but Mountain Lake House is on there if you's like to take a look! :)

      • profile image

        Katrina 4 years ago

        Back in 1974 my husband and I honeymoon in the Poconos. It, or at least I believe, not your typical honeymoon resort. We had a cabin with canopy beds and a fireplace that looked out at at lake. Lake filled with swans and geese. I remember having breakfast in a country type dining room. The whole place was like a small village. No heart shape tubs so my guess it was a family type place. The place was off a mountainous road and remember we went down the road to an old country store. I wish I could remember the name of the place but if anyone knows of such a place, probably closed down or converted to some summer camp for kids, but still it remains in my mind and heart as my honeymoon place to start our married life out at.

        If anyone knows of this place, sorry about not much more info, and also has pictures (did not take pics back then). It would be great.

      • profile image

        simon keuler 4 years ago

        My grandparents owned the famous buck hill in from the 70s to the 80s I remember them being so happy there until we went bankrupt in 1991 and closed our doors and latter sold to some guy and is doing absolutely nothing with it

      • profile image

        juja56@aol.com 4 years ago

        Anyone remember a small hotel named "Golden" something? Probably around 35 or so years ago?? Thanks.

      • profile image

        Robo 4 years ago

        Who do you speak with to get permission to access this place? I would like to take photographs.

      • pocono foothills profile image

        John Fisher 4 years ago from Easton, Pennsylvania

        @Wndisomo-The heart shaped bathtub was a popular attraction at Penn Hills Resort back in the day. The more recent champagne glass bath tubs are a main attraction at the three Ceaser's Resorts that are in the Poconos. I grew up in the Poconos, so am familiar with that about which you write. I spent a considerable amount of time at Birchwood when I was in high school, as I was dating a girl whose father worked there in the late '60's. Interesting Hub. Voted up!!!

      • profile image

        chuck 4 years ago

        my wife and I stayed at the Birchwood 40 yrs ago this month. Would enjoy seeing pictures of it now. Great article. Thanks

      • profile image

        Sue Kulick 4 years ago

        Hi Wendy! Are you local to the Poconos? I've been photographing some of the abandoned resorts of the Poconos. I'm on Facebook as Echo Lake Photography if you'd like to see the ones I've already done. I'm trying to get to the Buck Hill Inn but I understand there is pretty heavy security around it. It's a sad state that these once iconic resorts have come to.

      • profile image

        Ada 4 years ago

        I was just at the Penn Hills Resort. There is no security there but it is in very bad shape. It is very interesting to explore...

      • profile image

        Kimberley` 4 years ago

        So awesome! I actually live in the Poconos and there are two abandoned resorts near my home (Penn Hills and Birchwood) . I've been dying to explore!

      • profile image

        Jennifer 4 years ago

        Not sure what the status of it today is, or if it's truly "abandoned" and open to be explored, but Brookdale on the Lake in Scotrun, PA had those champagne glass tubs. I know that Brookdale closed a few years back, and I don't THINK anything every became of it.

      • Wendisimo profile image

        Wendy Holler 5 years ago from Central PA

        Thank you! I would lug it home in a big truck :)

      • BigSerious profile image

        Christen Roberts Comer 5 years ago from Harrisburg, PA

        Love this! Did you find any mirrors on the ceiling? And how would you lug a heart-shaped tub home?? AWESOME HUB!

      • Wendisimo profile image

        Wendy Holler 5 years ago from Central PA

        I think you're right! Thanks for commenting!

      • e-five profile image

        John C Thomas 5 years ago from Chicago, Illinois, USA

        I worked at an album rock radio station in Washington DC in 1981-82, and we used to play commercials for the Poconos, with a big emphasis on skiing. And wasn't the International Ladies Garment Workers Union the one that did the commercials singing "Look for the Union label?"