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The Playmobil FunPark in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

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The Playmobil Fun Park

The Playmobil Fun Park

The Playmobil Fun Park

My family has lived in Palm Beach Gardens for about seven years now since my daughter was a toddler. The first thing other mothers advised me to do when I complained that the afternoons were so long, was to get ourselves over to the Playmobil FunPark. "It's only a dollar," they said, "and your daughter will love it." Well, they were right. Although the FunPark has undergone several renovations within the last seven years, it still only costs a dollar!

Currently, the Playmobil FunPark consists of 13,000 square feet of play space, including lots of seating for adults at cafe tables and benches scattered around the space. There's free wi-fi, so you can even bring your iPad or laptop and get a little work done while your kids are playing. The FunPark is suitable for kids from 18 months to seven years old. The bathrooms are spotlessly clean.

See how the floor shines? It really is that clean, even with hundreds of kids playing over the course of a day.

See how the floor shines? It really is that clean, even with hundreds of kids playing over the course of a day.

Playmobil Toys to Play With

There are themed play areas where all the toys are interrelated, although children can move a toy from one area to another (for instance, they can have their knights ride along in spy cars or put giraffes in the princess castle).

The largest play areas include a knight castle area with a throne and several tables and benches filled with knights, castles, and dragons. There is also a princess castle table with more than half a dozen large princess castles and golden throne-like chairs for kids to sit on. The site includes play areas for animals (zoo, safari, and farm), police, spies, cowboys, pirates, and family homes.

The toys are swapped out for new ones when Playmobil develops new sets and phases out old ones. For example, a few years ago, they had Ancient Egyptian and Roman sets, but now spies have taken their place.

There is always at least one staffer on the floor with a spray bottle and paper towels, wiping things clean, picking toys up from the floor, and putting things back in the appropriate sections.

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Toddler Area With Age-Appropriate Toys

If you've got very little ones, Playmobil has a toddler area for kids up to three years old. It is primarily filled with the brightly colored vehicles (trains, cars, and trucks) that kids that age love to play with. The toys are chunky and easy for the littlest kids to grasp.

Playmobil 1-2-3 toys are not choking hazards, but keep an eye on your little ones just the same; mouthers can get into real trouble with the tiny accessories meant for older kids to play with.

Birthday Parties

Playmobil in Palm Beach Gardens offers 90-minute birthday parties for boys and girls. It includes pizza, lemonade, face painting, paper goods, goody bags, and activities for 12 kids for $250 as of 2016. A birthday host will lead the kids in songs and games up on the small stage, and when the kids are not eating, they have the run of the place to play with the toys.

Having a birthday party here is a really good deal for such an affluent area, and really fun. If you live in Palm Beach County, your child may already be familiar with the Playmobil FunPark, but since they regularly rotate toys and rearrange the play areas, it never gets old.


On the way out of the FunPark, you must pass through the Playmobil FunStore. However, this isn't an unpleasant experience, a there are no pushy salespeople. Your kids may express their desires, but you can distract them with beautiful models under glass.

If you decide to open your wallet, after all, you can get small individual figurines for as little as $3 apiece. The figurines come in all sorts of professions (including princess, naturally), and usually have one or two small accessories included. The store also holds frequent sales and discounts which you won't find anywhere else, and they have a huge selection of larger and smaller sets, all thematically arranged. They also have some spare parts (bagged rather than boxed), so they're a little cheaper. If you need extra Revolutionary War soldiers, pirate treasure, or roadwork signs, this is the place.

Snack Bar

To the right, as you prepare to leave, is a spacious room with tables, chairs, and vending machines for snack time. You can bring your own snacks or purchase coffee, chips, and candy bars from the vending machine. There are some reasonably healthy choices, but also plenty of junk. (When we first started going to Playmobil regularly seven years ago, they used to have a sandwich vending machine, but I never saw anyone actually eat the sad, soggy sandwiches, which is probably why they don't have one anymore.)

Munch before you play, on the way out, or even take a break from playing if your toddler will absolutely have a meltdown if he doesn't have his goldfish right this minute. Re-entry is no problem, as long as you hold onto your receipt.

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