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Oyster Creek Park: Spectacular Beauty and Art in Sugar Land, Texas

I live in Houston and have worked as a nurse. I have a lifelong passion for traveling, nature, and photography (preferably all together!).

Oyster Creek Park in Sugar Land, Texas

Oyster Creek Park in Sugar Land, Texas

Oyster Creek Park

Sugar Land, Texas, is the location where people can find the beautiful Oyster Creek Park. My husband and I recently visited this beautiful urban park and loved every minute we spent there.

From the Highway 6 parking lot, there is an excellent restroom facility with a water fountain.

Entering the central part of the park, one first has to cross over a bridge. Looking down into Oyster Creek, there are groupings of turtles swimming just below the bridge. In case you are unaware, a gathering of turtles is called a bale. Don’t you feel smarter now? I have a feeling that many people probably feed them, which is why they congregate there.

The splashing of the water fountain and beautiful pond with little waterfalls flowing over the rocks greeted us. It is such a pretty man-made feature in this park.

Oyster Creek Trail

We had a choice of walks and decided first to take the Oyster Creek Trail. We walked the entire Oyster Creek Trail, which has markers every quarter mile. The paved asphalt trail runs along Oyster Creek and is only 2.25 miles in length. It is not a loop trail, so walking back, we doubled that mileage.

By viewing these photos, it is easy to tell that the trail is smooth and easy for just about anyone to enjoy. However, precautions must still be taken! Several signs posted throughout the park warn of the possibility of snakes and alligators being present.

People should stay at a distance and never feed alligators. Other signs say that unless an alligator is in a high traffic area and acting aggressively, they do not need reporting.

Several emergency phones are in place along this trail, which is some comfort just in case it was ever necessary to report some mishap.

Alligator Sighting

Some people approaching us gave us a tip to look for the alligator about 100 yards from where we were on the trail. Thanks to them, we spotted it.

Don’t let this photo fool you into thinking that we were so close to it. I used my zoom lens on my camera and did some cropping of the photo to make it appear so visible. Had we not been told to look for it, we could easily have thought that it was just a log on the banks of Oyster Creek.

Alligator on banks of Oyster Creek Park Trail

Alligator on banks of Oyster Creek Park Trail

Heading back to the open spaces and Water Garden Loop, this was our view from the Oyster Creek Trail.

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Oyster Creek Park

Oyster Creek Park

Water Garden Loop Trail

Art is scattered along this Water Garden Loop Trail, and we enjoyed every piece. When entering the park over the bridge, this is the first piece of art on display.

If you wish to see more of what Sebastien “Mr. D” Boileau has created here in Houston, be sure and check out the Biscuit Paint Wall.

There were some marvelous bronze sculptures scattered along the Water Garden Loop area of the park. Everyone viewing these bronze sculptures have the Levin family to thank for their donations. The sculptures add much to the enjoyment of the park.

Temporary Art Displays

We would see several more art pieces as we traversed this trail. I am not sure if these recent art pieces are permanent or just fleeting. Other art pieces have been shown in this Oyster Creek Park in the past.

Temporary art displays such as the “Obstacle Art Path” can keep the public interested and also informed as to current or interesting art trends. We love seeing the temporary art displays on Heights Boulevard in Houston. The “True South” exhibit was one example of why we enjoy such presentations. The Trail of Art was another one we enjoyed.

It is terrific to have permanent exhibits such as the Henry Moore sculpture in Eleanor Tinsley Park near downtown Houston. We delight in short-term as well as permanent exhibits when it comes to viewing art.

Beautiful Lawn Areas

There are vast expanses of lawn areas in this part of the park. Dogs were being walked, and children were playing on those grassy lawn expanses.

Of course, anyone going to Oyster Creek Park on a beautiful day can spread a cloth upon the grass and have an impromptu picnic in an area of their choice. As we started our walk around the Water Garden Loop, we spotted this guy taking it easy in a hammock strung between two trees.

Spectacular Water Feature

In addition to the enjoyable places to walk plus the art in the park, my favorite feature in Oyster Creek Park is the water. From the fountain at the top to the fountain near the bridge at the bottom, the water flows over and between large rocks beautifully placed throughout the space.

In places, kids and adults were balancing on rocks and walking from rock to rock across the water feature. No swimming or wading is allowed.

Benches and picnic tables, along with the stage/pavilion are in place along this scenic waterway. We spent some time munching on some peanut butter crackers and sipping water while relishing the delightful scenery from a bench overlooking the landscape. That was our spur-of-the-moment lunch that day.

There were several professional photographers taking photos that day using different backgrounds.


Oyster Creek Park is a bucolic setting in the heart of the increasingly urban Sugar Land. My husband and I truly delighted in the time we spent there. The address is 4033 Hwy 6, Sugar Land, Texas 77478.


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