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My Summertime Destination: Ruby Beach Along the Olympic Peninsula Loop

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View of Ruby Beach from the trailhead

View of Ruby Beach from the trailhead

Visiting Ruby Beach

I will be sharing my personal experience and recollections of my 2021 summertime visit to the astounding Ruby Beach, located along the Olympic Peninsula Loop. My experience was shared with my traveling partner, aka my husband.

I have other articles documenting my experience in the Olympic National Forest camping and recollections of my visit to the Staircase Campground and Staircase Rapids, Sol Duc Falls, and Rialto Beach.

B.E.A.C.H. Best Escape Anyone Can Have

Ruby Beach is located 27 miles South of the remote town of Forks, Washington. Its sun-bleached, driftwood-strewn shores offer many stunning views.

Follow the Hedged Pathway to a Stellar Ocean View

You'll find a lush green hedged pathway from the bluff above to the ocean-scape below. It is a rather well-maintained, and easily accessible footpath. Visitors should be aware that there is a good descent in reaching the coastline.

Our Late Afternoon Arrival

We arrived at Ruby Beach after a very disappointing failed attempt to visit the Hoh Rainforest. It was late afternoon and the early morning clouds and tempered skies had cleared. The sun was now shining upon the beautiful Ruby Beach.

We were giddy with excitement and ready to embrace the ocean in its rugged wilderness. This beach is unlike most others. It is known best for its extraordinary rock formations, reddish-colored sands, massive driftwood structures, and very active tide pools. Hand in hand we were ready to stroll along its sandy and pebbled coastline.

Iconic Abbey Island

In the distance, we could see the iconic Abbey Island. She towered high above the seascape looming over Ruby Beach in an absolute incomparable beauty.

Sky above, sand below, peace within

Sky above, sand below, peace within

Barefoot Delight

Is it even a real trip to the beach if you don't get your feet wet? My husband clearly had differing views on this particular question and subject. I on the other hand wasted very little time in dipping my toes into the vastness of the ocean's salty water.

It was cool and refreshing and vibrant energy swirled around my feet. Laughter escaped my mouth as my feet danced and my toes kissed the sand.

In this exact moment, I became one with the ocean. This was such a phenomenal feeling. Something I now daydream of often. I left the soles of my foot imprint imbedded in the sandy shoreline of Ruby Beach that fine August day.

A Collective Art of Shared Beach Enthusiasts

As far as the eye could see tremendous amounts of driftwood and rocks littered the coastline with their massive presence. An art form of various driftwood structures and balanced rock formations could be seen scattered along the sandy shoreline.

We were able to capture a few pictures of the splendid creations we saw on the beach that day as displayed in the photos below.

A Bustling Beach

Ruby Beach is definitely a well-known tourist destination. The beach was full of visitors. We spent much of our time dodging other people and waiting our turn for photo opportunities. Even so, everyone seemed to be in good spirits! A day at the beach is known for calming the mind and body and soul.


"The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul."

— Robert Wyland

Planning Our Next Visit

Our time spent at Ruby Beach was much too short. During our next visit, we would most certainly pack a picnic lunch, throw in an oversized blanket, and plan to relax in the shimmering sun for the better half of a day. We would soak in the sea mist air and the sparkling sands and watch time slip through our fingertips.

Ruby Beach was most definitely one of our favorite sights to experience on our trip around the Olympic Peninsula Loop.

Exit the beach through the Hobbit Hole

Exit the beach through the Hobbit Hole

Bidding the Beach Farewell

At the end of our day, we exited the beach through its hobbit-like hole. We followed the hedged pathway in reverse which led us back to the parking lot. The path had a bit of an incline as it traversed upwards to the bluff that overlooked the endless ocean view.

We bid our goodbyes to the "Gem of a Beach" and anxiously looked forward to our return. We highly recommend this beautiful destination of Ruby Beach to be on your bucket list of top Olympic Peninsula vacation sites to experience.

Panoramic view of Ruby Beach

Panoramic view of Ruby Beach

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