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Best Activities to Do and Enjoy in Misibis Bay, Philippines

Renz may not be a travel junkie, but he is eager to share the places he's visited all for the love of traveling!

Misibis Bay - Resort Overview, Features and more!

Misibis Bay - Resort Overview, Features and more!

The Misibis Bay Experience

If you are already feeling trapped from all the mundane stuff you are currently working on or involved in, then why not schedule a trip to one of the exclusive destinations in the Philippines - the Misibis Bay Resort.

Trivia: When Zac Efron visited the Philippines, he decided to stay at the Misibis Bay. This may suggest that the place is indeed exclusive enough to give you the piece of privacy you need!

Returning to Misibis Bay in 2017

Just recently, I was able to get reunited with Misibis Bay via our department's annual outing. Through this 3-day stay, I was able to witness how magnificent the resort is even up to this day. You can watch the video below to give you a visual tour of Misibis Bay and activities you may enjoy!

How Much Will It Cost You?

It's difficult to specifically gauge how much this will cost you, but be prepared to allow at least P8,000 ($180) each for just an overnight stay.

Also, take note that during peak season, Christmas until summer, which is from December to April, the rates will tend to escalate.

What Will This Article Cover?

Well, what you will see here in this article is a basic overview of the resort while highlighting five (5) areas under bite-sized subsections:

  1. The Resort
  2. The Pool
  3. The Room
  4. The Beach
  5. The Activities

Now, let's begin the virtual exploration of the place! Care to join me? Well, I'm sure you are just as excited as I am!

1. The Resort

From Legazpi to the Misibis Bay

If you are planning to visit Misibis Bay, you will first need to reach Legazpi City via plane or via land transportation (for local travelers). Afterwards, you will be picked up by a shuttle of Misibis Bay Management which means you need to have prior negotiations and arrangements already. The shuttle ride will take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours before you reach the Cagraray Island where Misibis Bay lies.

A Festive Greeting

When you arrive at the place, you will be welcomed by two native dancers that will make you feel like a highly valuable guest! This dance is said to be a form of an ethnic dance deeply rooted in the Philippine Culture.

A Greener Pasture

Check out the thumbnails found in the photo above, and browse through them. You will realize that the Misibis Bay is a greener pasture both figuratively and literally!

A Perfect Place for Exclusivity and Relaxation - Misibis Bay Resort

A Perfect Place for Exclusivity and Relaxation - Misibis Bay Resort

2. The Pool

Pool and Beach

I know that we always want to feel rejuvenated when we take vacations, so more often than not, we look for pools or a beach. Luckily, Misibis Bay has the best of both worlds!

Let's explore the pool first! By taking a look at the photo, you will notice that the water looks refreshing and pristine. You don't need to cast doubt about whether it may hold true in reality because it does (based on my experience)!

Off-Season Exclusivity

During our visit in June (off-season), we really felt the exclusivity of the place, since there were only a few guests with us. Hence, there were times when we were just the ones enjoying the pool.

Bed-Like Cottages

Another thing we were able to appreciate was the bed-like cottages surrounding the pool. You'll feel like you are royalty when you relax there.

The well-lit and serene bedroom of Misibis Bay - time for relaxation!

The well-lit and serene bedroom of Misibis Bay - time for relaxation!

Spacious and relaxing bathroom of Misibis Bay

Spacious and relaxing bathroom of Misibis Bay

Single Size Bed found outside the "master bedroom"

Single Size Bed found outside the "master bedroom"

3.The Room

Just before we proceed with the beach, let's take a look at the room where we stayed.

Cozy and Romantic

Because of the dim lights, the place really looked cozy and "warm", but contrary to that, the temperature was cool to cold, so you may end up being cuddly. Of course, you shouldn't be when you are with your friends.

Neat and Elegant Bathroom

What I love about the place we stayed in was actually the bathroom, it was spacious and neat enough. If you feel like taking a personalized dip, you may want to try out the tub. However, if you want to feel fresh in just a couple of minutes, then go for a shower!

Misibis Bay can also be an ideal place for wedding proposals, honeymoon and more!

Misibis Bay can also be an ideal place for wedding proposals, honeymoon and more!

4. The Beach

Peaceful and Magnificent Beach

If you are delighted by some quietness, then the beach is a good place to hang out. You will be able to find the music of the waves soothing to the ears! Thus, if you want to finish reading a novel, then find a good spot or beach-side chair to sit on.

Picture Perfect Moments

If you are into photography, then you may want to get a snapshot of both the sunrise and the sunset, but of course, you don't have to limit your subjects to those scenes.

Getting Sun-Stoked

Now, getting your tan would be easy in Misibis Bay. The tropical sun will provide you the darker skin color you are dreaming of! Nah, of course, I am just exaggerating, but my point is, the beach side is a perfect place to do this.

Proposals and Honeymoon

Due to the exclusivity and grandeur of the place, it's no wonder why couples choose this place as a hot destination! In fact, when we visited the beach, there was a romantic setup being readied. Hence, we assumed it was for a marriage proposal. Romantic, huh?

Brief Zipline in Misibis Bay Resort

Brief Zipline in Misibis Bay Resort

5. The Activities in Misibis


If you are after a dash of adventure, then make sure you schedule a trip for some zip-lining. However, do not expect much because this is just a brief one. However, other people even find it not worth the time, so it's up to you!


Want to exercise a little while enjoying the beach? Then, kayaking will be perfect for you! You may want to race with your friends as well. Each boat can accommodate two persons only.


Now, this activity sounds cool, right? However, the availability of windsurfing is dependent upon the weather condition (i.e. level of waves, wind, etc.)


If you don't like tasting the saltiness of the beach water (since this is highly inevitable), you may just want to enjoy the cool water of the pool. Both provide almost the same level of fun, right?

Sightseeing and Nature Walk

If you are the type of person who really doesn't want to engage in "complex" activities, you have the option to just stroll around as you appreciate the sights and nature.

There are two famous places to visit within the vicinity, and you can reach them via the shuttle service of Misibis Bay. The first one is the Amphitheater (see 3rd photo thumbnail) where parts of The Amazing Race Asia were shot.

The second one is the famous Chapel which is starting to gain popularity as a wedding venue.


There are also other water sports activities you can enjoy in the resort; however, you will need to pay additional fees for them. Everything listed above can be availed of for free.

Journey to the Spice Market to have a sumptuous feast!

Journey to the Spice Market to have a sumptuous feast!

The Food

The Misibis Bay has the Spice Market for your gastronomical needs! The only inclusive (i.e. free) meal together with your stay in the place is the breakfast buffet, so this means you'll end up paying higher for meals in between. The variety of dishes offered depends upon the number of guests they are expecting. Hence, during the offseason, there are fewer varieties.

Misibis Bay in a Nutshell

Misibis Bay Resort is indeed a place for a dose of exclusive relaxation. Although the cost may be high, traveling to this destination may be all worth it because of the tranquil surroundings. The things you can do may not be that extra special in the resort, but there are great sights to behold making it perfect for photography or simple gazing.

Afterwards, you may still want to enjoy more of Albay, especially the famous Mayon Volcano. You may read about some of the other activities below.

© 2013 Renz Kristofer Cheng