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Matzke Park: Family-Friendly Environs in Houston

I live in Houston and have worked as a nurse. I have a lifelong passion for traveling, nature, and photography (preferably all together!).

Matzke Park in Houston, Texas

Matzke Park in Houston, Texas

History of Matzke Park

Adjacent to Matzke Park are the campuses of two Cypress-Fairbanks schools, Matzke Elementary and Bleyl Middle School. The elementary school honors a long-time first-grade teacher by the name of Ernestine Matzke. She taught school for a total of 48 years! Forty-four of them were in Cy-Fair schools. This park also honors her service to her students and community by bearing her name.

Fencing separates the park from the school campuses. This park provides delightful picnic and playing areas, sports fields, exercise stations, a short trail, a free speech area, and seasonal events in NW Houston.

The address of this almost 20-acre park (19.4 to be exact) is 13110 Jones Road, Houston, Texas 77070. Bordering Matzke Park is Jones Road on the west, Grant Road to the north, Copeland Drive on the east, and the school campuses to the south. There are parking lots on Jones Road and Copeland Drive that accommodate a good number of vehicles.

Picnicking and Playgrounds

As you can see from the photos above, picnicking and playing in Matzke Park is easy to do. There are two covered pavilions with picnic tables, plus many picnic tables scattered in various places throughout the park. Benches also provide seating areas in many areas. It is first-come, first-served regarding the pavilion use.

Conveniently, the children's playground is near the restrooms on the west side of the park. According to a posted sign, "The Be An Angel Playground is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children with multiple disabilities and profound deafness since 1986." Many individuals, as well as organizations and foundations, played a part in funding this playground.

Matzke Park Butterfly Garden

Butterfly lovers owe a debt of gratitude to the Association for Better Community Schools (a.k.a. ABCS) for the development of the butterfly and sensory garden. The local Norchester Garden Club maintains this lovely garden. For migrating Monarch Butterflies, this is an official way station. Host plants are on-site for caterpillars, and nectar from the flowers attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.

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People are encouraged to stay on the paths and not to touch the plants or any insects. This garden is a lovely place to relax and learn about what to plant in one's home garden to attract butterflies.

The Trail in Matzke Park

A paved asphalt trail encircles the park near the edge of the property. A vast grassy area takes up much of the central portions of the park, where teams play soccer and cricket. Local clubs play there and maintain the fields. Granting of permission must first take place for the private use of these playing fields.

There is the spacing of some exercise stations along the trail. Also of interest is a designated free speech area in a tree-shaded part of the park.


Many of the Precinct 4 parks host public events. My husband and I noticed a sign for an upcoming free Baseball Movie Night with free drinks and popcorn when we first visited Matzke Park. Many different types of family-friendly movies are shown in the summertime as well as other types of events.

It is incredible what can be done with a piece of land when partnerships happen between government agencies plus private individuals and organizations. Such is the case with Matzke Park.


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