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M-K-T Railroad Museum With Caboose and Depot in Katy, Texas

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Bright red M-K-T caboose in Katy, Texas

Bright red M-K-T caboose in Katy, Texas

M-K-T Railroad Museum

The small but impressive M-K-T Railroad Museum and park also serves as the Information and Tourist Center for visitors to Katy, Texas. The location is 5615 First Street, Katy, Texas 77493. The hours of operation are 9 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday, and 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday.

The restored Missouri-Kansas-Texas Depot and the bright red caboose that are on the property make this park unique.

Last Saturday, my hubby and I visited the M-K-T Railroad Museum and saw it in its new location, which was created in 2006, also as a small park.

We toured the inside of the depot and were amazed at what we got to view. A friendly woman who represents the Katy Historical Society informed us about some of the Katy Depot histories. She led us through the old railroad depot and pointed out different things as we went from one room to the next.

Name of Katy, Texas

The M-K-T Depot was finished being constructed in 1898. Back in those times, it was not as easy to travel from one location to the next. Horses and buggies were still one primary mode of transportation for the average person. Railroads were yet being built across our expanding nation and made it easier to go from one place to another in less time and in more comfort.

Another room was added to the M-K-T Depot in Katy in 1919. That was because segregation was still in existence. The whites would be directed to one waiting room and blacks to another.

Steam engines needed a source of water, and what was to become Katy, Texas, was a good stopping point. This area was initially called Cane Island. Speculation exists that because of the enormous impact the M-K-T railroad had on the expansion of this area, the last 2 letters of the railroad might have influenced the origin of the name Katy.

At the heritage society home tour, we were also told that the name of the town might have been named after a woman who was an accomplished baker. No matter the reasoning behind the name change Katy, Texas is now a bustling town west of Houston with a rich heritage and ever-growing population.

Saving the Historic Depot

In 1977 the depot would have been demolished. Traveling by train at that time was no longer as popular as most people had their own cars. The roads were significantly improved, and air travel had become more affordable. Trains still exist in places but mainly transport commodities instead of people with few exceptions in the United States.

Those who wished to preserve that piece of history in Katy won. The depot was sold to the city for the sum of $25. It had to be relocated, however. My husband and I had seen this depot and caboose in the other location in Katy many years ago. I had created an original linoleum cut art print of it, which can be viewed here. Now it is back next to the railroad tracks where it originally stood.

The Katy Historical Society operates the M-K-T Railroad Museum. Looking at the artifacts contained within the small depot museum, it certainly gives one an idea of what it would have been like back in earlier days if traveling by train.

M-K-T Engine Sighting

One day while we were visiting the Katy Contemporary Art Museum across the street from the M-K-T Railroad Museum, we became excited. There was an authentic M-K-T railroad engine parked on the tracks in front of the railroad park. I quickly grabbed my camera and took some photos.

I hope you enjoyed this look at the M-K-T Railroad Museum. It is worth a stop if you are ever in the area.


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