Lynden, Washington: A Quaint Dutch Town in the Pacific Northwest

Updated on February 16, 2018
The Lynden Windmill Bed and Breakfast. You can book a room here. It is especially pretty during the Tulip Festival in April.
The Lynden Windmill Bed and Breakfast. You can book a room here. It is especially pretty during the Tulip Festival in April.

A Dutch American Town

Lynden has a population of 12,000 and is home to one of the largest Dutch American communities in the United States. Dutch is still spoken by some of the local residents.

A Little History

Lynden Post Office showcases an indoor mural depicting pioneer Phoebe ["FEEbee"] Judson, who arrived by canoe up the Noodsack River in 1870.

Dutch windmills contribute to the ambiance of historic Front Street. This Dutch Village Inn found in Front street, features a 72-foot windmill and six unique rooms; three of these are inside the windmill.

This expansive and whimsical 142 foot long mural in Downtown Lynden welcomes the visitor to Front Street. The city's heritage is reflected in the signage, floral displays, and Dutch-themed storefronts and architecture along Front Street.

A Mural Near the Post Office

In the car park opposite the Windmill Bed and Breakfast is a beautiful Mural depicting a Dutch lifestyle along Front Street
In the car park opposite the Windmill Bed and Breakfast is a beautiful Mural depicting a Dutch lifestyle along Front Street

Things to Do in and Near Lynden

Washington State in the Pacific North West is renowned for its national parks, glacial lakes, evergreen forests, and mountain landscapes.

The city is just a stone's throw from the Canadian border and the beautiful cities of Vancouver and Victoria, BC - and is about 100 miles north of equally beautiful Seattle. Winter sports and summer hikes are available in the North Cascades National Park, within easy reach of Lynden. Mt.Baker is 90 minutes east of Lynden - and the Pacific shore is just 20 minutes to the west.

Significant Dutch immigration in the early and mid-1900s spurred the growth of dairy farming in this richly fertile region of Washington State. Today's farms include acres and acres of cornfields - as well as raspberry, blueberry, strawberry and equine farms. Lynden is also home to the annual Northwest Washington Fair and Rodeo [RHODAYO]. The fair is held in early summer.

A walk along Historic Front Street is as attractive as it is interesting. Explore Lynden Pioneer Museum, antique stores, a Dutch bakery, Dutch and German restaurants, jewelry, yarn and other specialty stores.My personal favorite is Edalene dairy along Grover street. That ice cream is the best I have ever tasted.

The Dutch Village Mall is home to Lynden's Community Theater. The Performing Arts Guild is non-profit and puts on 4 productions a year, including musicals, comedies, dramas and children's shows.

Drop in at the Visitors Center to find out much more about the local tourist attractions, things to see and do, the current events calendar, directions, and contact information.

Something for All the Nature Lovers

Views of Mount Baker's snow capped peak is a reminder of how close Lynden is to the Cascade Mountain Range -- for both winter and summer activities.

Picture Lake is a little lake in Mt. Baker National Forest that - on a clear, still day - offers gorgeous views of Mt.Shuksan and it's reflection in the lake. Incredible in summer -- and exquisite in the Fall. This is one of the most photographed views in North America.

Less than an hour's drive from Lynden, the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is another seasonal attraction not to be missed, the festival runs through April -- and is so relevant to the region's Netherlands heritage. Each Spring, the Skagit Valley comes alive with festival events & happenings from street festivals to art shows.

Picture Lake in the Fall

Picture Lake in the Fall
Picture Lake in the Fall

World-Class Golf in the Heart of Dairy Country

Lynden's Homestead Golf and Country Club is a true resort course, with 18 regulation length holes and Blue Grass greens. Designed by William Overdorf, the course offers multiple tees and wide landing areas for recreational golfers -- and for more challenge, doglegs, hidden hazards and 6,927 yards from the longest tees for a par 72. This is the only course in Washington with a par five that plays into an island green -- and has been voted the best par five finishing hole in the state.

After a round of golf on this beautiful course, enjoy a meal at the onsite restaurant and stay in one of the luxury studio condominiums. Flexible country club membership, guest and visitor rates are available.

Homestead Golf and Country Club also provides a family fitness center with indoor and outdoor pools, tanning booths, hot tubs, water aerobics, swim and tennis lessons and top of the line equipment.

The tranquil setting of a home on the perimeter of the golf course provides a picturesque retreat for golf enthusiasts, for families, vacation homes or corporate housing -- on manicured/maintained lots.

A trail for walking, cycling and roller blading skirts the edge of Homestead Golf Course, crossing rustic wooden bridges and following the tree-lined creek into Lynden City Park.

The trail passes behind this delightful historic stone and thatch cottage. The thatching was imported from the Netherlands and installed by Dutch artisans.

A Video Highlighting Lynden and Its Surroundings

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Entertainment for All Ages

The Million Smiles Park is a superb children's playground in Lynden City Park, sheltered by towering conifer trees alongside Fishtrap Creek. Million Smiles Park was designed, built, and funded by hundreds of local Community Volunteers, in just 9 days.

It features an enclosed tot lot, with a toddler-sized toy town and many activity sites that are designed to exercise both little bodies and imaginations. Many of Lynden's children have left their handprints in paint on the playground structures.

The park is a favorite place for young families to visit and is a great rest stop and picnic site for families traveling en-route through Lynden.

For older children, the playground provides a climbing wall, swings, a castle maze -- and a 35 foot tall tree house with slide.

Lynden, Washinton

Lynden, Washington:
Lynden, WA 98264, USA

get directions

Mount Baker, Washington:
Mount Baker, Mt. Baker National Forest, Washington 98244, USA

get directions

Sumas, Washington:
Sumas, WA 98295, USA

get directions

The USA and Canadian border post only 4 miles from Lynden

Loving Lynden

I have traveled internationally and lived in many cities and smaller towns. The smaller towns hold the greatest appeal for me. Maybe it is the laid back feel or the fact that friends are easily made but for whatever the reason, I love Lynden, WA.


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    • celeste inscribed profile imageAUTHOR

      Celeste Wilson 

      12 months ago

      Hi Sarah, one more bit of info. Based on the article I just read, I think the Lynden Museum might be your best bet. They know the family well. Hi Sarah, based on an article I just read, I think the Lynden museum might be your best bet. They know the family well.

    • celeste inscribed profile imageAUTHOR

      Celeste Wilson 

      12 months ago

      Hi Sarah, I did a quick internet check too and can't find anything. You could try and call either the Lynden Chamber of Commerce or the Lynden Museum. They might know about a local historian who could give you some information. I'll keep looking though just incase. Here are the links. and

    • profile image

      Sarah Baer ( 

      12 months ago

      Celeste - I am related to the Polinders long time residents of Lynden. The family history is that we supplied first Clydesdales to the Busch family and sent people to teach them how to care for them an bred them. There used to be an article on the Net to prove this but it has since been taken down. Do you know about this and wher can I find the information?

    • celeste inscribed profile imageAUTHOR

      Celeste Wilson 

      21 months ago

      Hi RTalloni, thank you for the comment. It can get busy on the Guide Meridian (WA 539) that runs through Bellingham and Lynden on the way to the Canadian border but the I5 highway is rarely congested.

      Lynden is still just a quiet little town although growing steadily.

      Hi Jessie, I'm so sorry I just saw your post. Yes, Edaleen is the best. I have a weakness for pecan praline ice cream every time I go there.

    • profile image


      21 months ago

      Enjoyed this look at Lynden because I am a Lynden lover. :) Have enjoyed this little town a few times now and some of the surrounding areas, even going to the fair one time. The corridor between Vancouver and Seattle down through Bellingham is filled with a variety of interesting people and I've wondered about how that traffic affects Lynden.

    • profile image


      2 years ago




    • celeste inscribed profile imageAUTHOR

      Celeste Wilson 

      7 years ago

      Swirl away, this is beautiful

    • profile image

      Kelle Tallman Laws 

      7 years ago

      BRAVO ~

      Two Lips And A Draggin's Circle For These Fine Lines & Rhyne!

      Quiet The Celestial Bloom In Reel Color She Snapps..

      Like Wood Watts Stonehenge And Prime..

      Round Baker Shaker The Strawberry Maker..

      LED Strings Of Candlestick Twine..

      Twas Turning Over A New Leaf Of Port An Stan..

      Please Pour A Quinine With Lime..

      HOMESTEAD BURY'S On The Front Age..

      She Shakes Over And Over The Crime..

      With Held I Stood The Test I Mint..

      Lake's Orange Somewhere In Time!

      Thank You Celeste For Allowing My Creativeness Swirl!

    • celeste inscribed profile imageAUTHOR

      Celeste Wilson 

      7 years ago

      Thank you. We are new to Lynden and we are still exploring. It is a truly beautiful area and full of berry farms. There is a berry festival coming up in June or July which puts on quite a show I am told. We are exited to visit it for the first time this year.

    • kidscrafts profile image


      7 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

      Beautiful pictures Celeste Inscribed! My husband is Dutch and I love wind mills! In Ottawa, there is a big Dutch community and for a long time, they had a dream to build a wind mill . Unfortunately, it never happened.... but we have a tulip festival in May. Ottawa received a lot of tulip bulbs from the Dutch royal family because Princess Margriet was born in Ottawa during WWII.

      I think I have to add Lynden, Washington in my list of things to see!

      The picture with the montain in the background is just beautiful!

      Thanks for sharing!


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