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Free Tourist Attractions in Llandudno, Wales UK

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What to do on a holiday in Llandudno Wales in the UK

What to do on a holiday in Llandudno Wales in the UK

Visitor Attractions in Llandudno, Wales

Llandudno has a wonderful Victorian Promenade and Pier. We had great weather during our vacation in Wales. When we walked on the beach we had two mountains to enjoy as well. There were free attractions on Llandudno Promenade and many of these are explained below with lots of photos.

Free Attractions on Llandudno Promenade

  1. Punch and Judy Show
  2. Children's Swimming Pool
  3. Llandudno Pier
  4. Fishing on the North Shore

1. Free Punch and Judy Show

Professor Codman's Punch and Judy Show on Llandudno Promenade. This Punch and Judy show is free for everyone to enjoy twice daily at 2 pm and 4 pm during the summer months of June, July and August.

The show takes place on the promenade and the children sit on the ground in front of the theatre. The Punch and Judy show was first opened by a descendant of the present owner Mr Codman in 1860.

2. Free Children’s Swimming Pool in Llandudno

The pool is open from June to September. There are plenty of benches and space for the children and parents to enjoy the facilities. There are also very clean free public toilets beside the pool. Also at the paddling pool, there is a café which has plenty of tables both inside and out.

The café has very nice and reasonably priced food. The menu ranges from hot food, sandwiches, all hot and cold drinks, ice creams and cakes. There is also a small shop that sells beach items for the children in the pool. This description does not do this wonderful free facility on Llandudno promenade justice so I have included a number of my own photographs for you to see for yourself.

We went fishing in Llandudno Wales

We went fishing in Llandudno Wales

3. Llandudno Pier

Llandudno Pier was built in 1878 and is now over 2,200 feet long. The structure is protected as a Grade II listed building. A walk along the pier is very pleasant with lots of small shops, cafes and a funfair at the entrance to the pier.

Once you walk past all these attractions then the visitor can enjoy a wonderfully peaceful walk along the pier. To the left is the edge of the Great Orme Mountain within touching distance. All along the pier, there are also many wooden benches for the visitor to sit down, relax and enjoy the pier. The scenery is marvelous especially as the sun is going down. Take your camera too!

4. Fishing on the North Shore

All along the shore, there are lots of men, women and children of all ages fishing. The visitor can also enjoy a walk along the promenade and beach. There are many benches along the promenade which is over two miles long.

Holiday Accommodation in Llandudno North Wales

Llandudno has many fine hotels, Bed and Breakfast and guest houses to suit all visitors. There is also a great variety of houses, cottages and apartments to rent for a few days or on a weekly basis.

On this summer holiday, we stayed in a lovely 2 bedroom holiday apartment. It was only £450 for each week in July 2012. Everything was included in the kitchen and bathroom. It was a no-smoking apartment but we had a small balcony at the top of the stairs leading to the door and were quite comfortable sitting out there. There was also a patio area with chairs and a table where we could smoke too.

Rhos on Sea

The apartment was just down the road in the small village of Rhos on Sea. There was no sea view. but the harbour full of sailing boats and great views was only three minutes walk away.

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In the spring of that year, we also stayed at a small Bed and Breakfast in Llandudno. We got the family room which had one double and one twin bed in a large room. We were four female adults so this was ideal. We had no sea view but it was a lot cheaper because of this. This particular room allowed smoking but they have rooms that are non-smoking too. The breakfast was excellent with plenty of choices.

A cafe on Llandudno Pier in North Wales

A cafe on Llandudno Pier in North Wales

St George's Hotel

Myself, two sisters and my niece decided to go back to Llandudno for a winter break. This time we wanted to experience some luxury in a top hotel. Because we were going in January the prices were so much cheaper.

We got a great deal at St George's Hotel which is directly across the road from the pier and beach. We stayed in the double suite with a balcony and paid £720 for four nights' bed and breakfast. There was a separate sitting room with a double sofa bed. So it only cost us £180 each.

It would be out of our price range if only two of us had stayed there but if you have the money it is well worth it. I took lots of photos of the rooms which you can see below. When we arrived at the room we were very pleasantly surprised to see that the hotel had added a single bed to the sitting room for our stay. In the suite, there was a fridge and tea and coffee making facilities. There were also four cups and saucers instead of the usual two. Excellent service is in the details.

We stayed at St George's Hotel in  Llandudno

We stayed at St George's Hotel in Llandudno

Breakfast at St George's Hotel

Breakfast was served from 7.30 am to 9.30 am in the terrace room. The food was excellent and the service was fitting of a four-star hotel. We could eat as much cereal, fruit, pastries, yogurt etc that we wanted.

The cooked part of the meal was ordered from a very large selection of hot food. We also ordered toast and tea and coffee. We had the cost of the breakfast included in our hotel package. It will cost £13.95 for the full breakfast otherwise. There are photos of the food below.

We had a great cooked breakfast at the hotel

We had a great cooked breakfast at the hotel

The Balcony Suite

It was the middle of winter but the balcony was fantastic. We had to wear our coats and gloves but sat out on the balcony quite a lot. The views during the day and night were unbelievable. When the tide was in we sat out there and listened to the waves even at 2 am in the morning.

Room Service

We rang down for extra drinking water a few times during our stay and it was always brought to our room within minutes. I asked for extra pillows because of my asthma and these too were provided promptly. I have posted some photos below.

Smoking at the Hotel

This hotel like most in Llandudno has a no smoking policy. There is a fine of £100 if you smoke in the room. But smoking is allowed on the balcony. I really enjoyed my winter break at this hotel and would recommend it very highly. If you have the money to spend on a four-star accommodation then this hotel will certainly be worth staying at.

The view from our hotel early morning at Llandudno

The view from our hotel early morning at Llandudno

North Wales UK

Why not spend a few days of your vacation at Llandudno in North Wales? There is a wide selection of places to stay from hotels, guest houses, B&B's and holiday homes. There is plenty to do and see for all the family.

The Punch and Judy show has been going on since 1860 so why not come along with the kids for old-fashioned fun. All the free attractions on Llandudno Promenade are fantastic for anyone thinking of taking a holiday in a seaside town.

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