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Pros and Cons of the Value Resorts at Walt Disney World

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of staying at a Value Resort?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of staying at a Value Resort?

Disney Value Resorts

There really is something about staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel that changes your whole vacation experience. It immerses you in a world unlike any other and allows you to relax and forget about the stress of your job and outside life- at least for a few days.

If you are on a budget, though, that can be really tough. A good option for those trying to save a bit of money but still wanting to get the full Walt Disney World Resort experience might consider one of the many value resorts on the property.

The rooms are clean, the pools are great and you are close to all your favorite parks and attractions.

What Are Some of the Perks of Staying on Disney Property?

If you stay on property you don't have to drive your car anywhere. There is a bus, boat, or monorail to get you to where you need to go.

There are also other perks such as Extra Magic Hours which allow you to get to a park earlier or stay later.

Staying on the property also allows you to participate in the different dining plans that Disney has available, so be sure to ask when you book your stay.

Disney's Art of Animation

This is Disney's newest value resort. Originally the property was supposed to be a part of the Pop Century grounds but those plans were slashed and the resort was transformed into a fantastic wonderland of animation.

This value resort is different from all the others in that it contains a family suite that includes a kitchenette and can sleep six.

It also has the largest pool on all of the resort property so it's perfect for families who have kids who want to swim.

This is the most expensive of the value resorts and it makes the most sense if you have a family of 4 to 6. Otherwise, you may be able to get a moderate resort room for nearly the same price.

The 1950's pool at Pop Century.   Shaped like a bowling pin.

The 1950's pool at Pop Century. Shaped like a bowling pin.

Disney's Pop Century

Across the Generation Gap bridge is the Pop Century resort, one of my favorite value resorts. There are several lovely pools and a fun blast from the past with oversized art representing each generation. You'll find a jukebox in the 1950s area and a giant Walkman in the 1980s.

Pop Century also has a fantastic food court with multiple options for every member of your family from health food to burgers.

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The rooms are small but clean. While you are there, be sure to walk around all the buildings and get pictures of the different decade buildings and pools.

Disney's All Star Resorts

The All-Star Resorts are located near Animal Kingdom and are right next to each other. Each has a whimsical theme and multiple pools with one large, main one. Like Pop Century, the rooms are tiny but usable.

  • Movies: Explore some of your favorite Disney movies and characters in this resort that's great for kids and kids at heart.
  • Music: Explores different styles of music including rock and roll and jazz. Everything is oversized and fun.
  • Sports: If you or your child is into sports then you'll want to stay here. Each building area is dedicated to a different sport. Lots of photo opportunities.
A tribute to Herbie the Love Bug at the All-Star Movies Resort at Walt Disney World.

A tribute to Herbie the Love Bug at the All-Star Movies Resort at Walt Disney World.

The Pros and Cons

As with any hotel, there are pros and cons to choosing a Value Resort. What you don't lack is a clean room and a staff that works to make your experience nice. But there are some things you have to contend with in order to get this less expensive room. Here's a look at some of the plus and minuses of the accommodations.

The Truth About Value Resorts

The good, the bad and the ugly of the value resorts. What do you get besides the least expensive rooms on property?


Great Pools

All the value resorts have multiple pools near each building in addition to a giant main pool.

Room Size

These rooms are tiny. But if you're not someone who spends a lot of time in the room other than to sleep, they are definitely usable.

Good Food Options

Value resorts have food court options that are open late. Family members can choose different meals and everyone is happy.

Noise Level

All the rooms open to the outside and the walls are thinner than the moderate or deluxe. To reduce noise ask for a room that is away from the pool area.

Bar That's Open Late

Sometimes it's hard to find an open bar at the hotels, as surprising as that is. The pool bars at the value resorts are open much later than most Disney hotels.

Towels and Toiletries

The towels are tiny and thin and the toiletries are sometimes a soap dispenser in the shower and a bar of hand soap. Bring your own stuff.

Bus Service

You can park your car and ride to all the areas and parks at Walt Disney World.

Bus Service

There is usually one main bus stop and it can be crowded. You also may face long lines to get back to your room at the close of a park.

Consider Camping at Fort Wilderness for Another Option

If you are looking to save money, you might consider the campground at Fort Wilderness. Tent spots are usually the cheapest way to stay on property and you still get access to all the other on-property guest perks.

Camping during the busy season is at a premium so make sure to call well ahead of your scheduled trip.

Fort Wilderness campground is another cheap option if you are staying on property.

Fort Wilderness campground is another cheap option if you are staying on property.

How To Reserve Your Room at a Value Resort

There are several ways to reserve your room.

1) Call 1-407-939-5277 7 AM to 11 PM Eastern Standard time. Have a credit card ready.

2) Book your Disney resort room online:

3) Contact a travel agent.

You Will Have A Great Time

I have stayed at Value Resorts multiple times. If you realize what you are getting into and the benefits and the problems, you will enjoy your stay.

If you've never stayed on the property before, you are in for a treat!

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