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Visiting Son Marroig: A Nobleman's Retreat on the Island of Mallorca

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Son Marroig on the Island of Mallorca

Son Marroig on the Island of Mallorca

Island of Mallorca Tour

The spectacular setting of Son Marroig on the Island of Mallorca in Spain gives one a glimpse into the lifestyle of a person that not only lived there but ultimately made these islands better known to the rest of the world.

My husband and I took a tour of the Island of Mallorca when we were in Spain for the summer Olympics back in 1992. We had already toured the village of Valldemossa and the Carthusian Monastery where Frederic Chopin and George Sand spent time together. Our next stop was Son Marroig. This site deserves individual attention due to its rich history.


Son Marroig sits between Valldemossa and Deia. It is about three kilometers to the west of Deia, and we enjoyed seeing some of the beautiful scenery on the island as we were going there.

A rolling landscape with terraced hillsides, prolific groves of almond and olive trees, stone houses and occasional views of the Mediterranean ocean and seaports greeted our curious eyes as we traversed the island.

Son Marroig sits on a steep hillside with a spectacular view of the ocean lying at its feet some distance below.

Archduke Ludwig Salvator

So why (you might ask) is Son Marroig historic and have importance? What made this particular mansion worthy of a special visit? The answer is this: The Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria once owned it. He purchased this land and inhabited the residence (Son Marroig) in the late 1800s and lived there for long periods totaling over forty years.

The archduke not only purchased the land where Son Marroig is situated but other land and residences on the island as well. These other residences include Son Moragues, which is now a restaurant. Michael Douglas now owns Miramar which was one of his favorite summer places and S'Estaca, a Moorish Mansion.

Ludwig Salvator of Habsburg was considered to be an eccentric person. For much of his life, he was able to do what he pleased. Among other things the archduke was known for some of the following:

  • He was a globetrotter.
  • He was a writer who authored many books.
  • He was an adventurer.
  • The archduke was a lover of nature.
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  • He was a seaman.
  • He was interested in science.
  • And above all, because of these broad and varied interests, he was responsible for publicizing the Balearic Islands, and specifically, Mallorca, resulting in other people becoming much more familiar with the islands. Statues have been erected on the island of Mallorca in the archduke's honor.

Today Son Marroig has been turned into a museum and also a concert hall.

The Allure of Son Marroig

The Island of Mallorca offers vistas to satisfy the most discerning of travelers. Those seeking stunning scenery in which to become inspired can come here for various purposes.

Some visitors may want to do some of the following: vacation, rest, relax, meditate, or recover as was the case with Chopin when he stayed on the island. Others may become inspired to do some of this: write, compose, paint, draw, do photography, or create other art forms. Our tour guide told us that over 2,000 fine art painters live on the island of Mallorca.

This account, of course, does not take into consideration the additional people that live on the island, making a living or who are retired or have vacation homes here. Per capita income here is the highest in all of Spain according to our tour guide. People like Michael Douglas live here.

Eye-Catching Temple at Son Marroig

The Ionic temple made out of Carrara marble was put on this location after the Archduke no longer owned Son Marroig. This beautiful temple certainly adds a focal point to the back part of the mansion as it draws one's eyes towards the sea.

Na Foradada

A spit of land juts out into the sea below Son Marroig and is titled Na Foradada which means the perforated rock. Notice the hole in the stone formation? Erosive actions caused it over time. This impressive rock formation was down below the pristine white temple and Son Marroig on the Island of Mallorca.

Na Foradada means the perforated rock - This was down below the Ionic temple and Son Marroig on the Island of Mallorca

Na Foradada means the perforated rock - This was down below the Ionic temple and Son Marroig on the Island of Mallorca

Scenery, Hours and Pricing

My husband and I were happy that we got to spend a little time at Son Marroig. We saw both inside the building and also got to roam the beautiful grounds at our own pace. We were on an island tour out of Palma de Mallorca and admission to each of our stops was included.

As of 2019, an individual admission fee to Son Marroig is €4. Closed on Sundays, every other day of the week the hours are 9:30 AM to 6 PM. Tours are self-guided from what we experienced. If a person has the extra time, a hike down and back up from Na Foradada would be fun. My husband and I could not do that as we only had so much time to get back aboard our tour bus to see more of the island.

It became easily understandable to us why Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria claimed this for one of his abodes on the Island of Mallorca, Spain. Spectacular scenery with the Mediterranean ocean waves crashing below as well as the privacy offered by this location must have significantly pleased his nature-loving sensibilities. The gardens are splendid.

I would highly recommend visiting this picturesque location if you are ever spending time on the island of Mallorca (also spelled Majorca). Many weddings take place at this beautiful location.


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