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How to Take a Day Trip to Lake Como From Milan

Traveling has always been one of my passions. I love the joy of experiencing new cultures and the excitement of exploring our amazing world.

Lake Como from Varenna

Lake Como from Varenna

One of the highlights of our recent visit to Milan was our day trip to stunning Lake Como and its collection of lakeside communities. Located just thirty miles north of Milan at the base of the Italian and Swiss Alps, Lake Como is an area with such gorgeous scenery that it has to be seen to be believed. We knew from photos and research that this area was beautiful, but nothing prepared us for the absolute paradise that awaited us. This trip is easy to do on your own, so if you are visiting Milan, there are no excuses for not heading north to what is arguably one of the most scenic regions of Italy.



There are numerous options available for visiting the Lakes Region of Italy. You can certainly take an organized tour from Milan, and a little research will yield various choices. This is fine, as long as you don’t mind being on a strict schedule and not having total control over what you see and do. A much better option, which will also be much cheaper, is to set out on your own so that you can see what you want to see and spend your day without someone else’s schedule hanging over your head. I think you will find this an easy trip to make, and it will result in a much better experience.

Lake Como

Lake Como

The Route

Most day trip itineraries for visiting Lake Como from Milan will have you take the train to Como, see the town, and then take the ferry up to Bellagio before ferrying back to Como for the train ride back to Milan. In an effort to maximize our visit, and see as much as possible, we decided to take the train to Varenna, followed by the short ferry ride to Bellagio, followed by the longer ferry ride to Como, and then the train back to Milan.

One of the reasons we decided on this itinerary was that taking the ferry from Como to Bellagio, and then back to Como, means you’re spending an awful lot of time on the water. Not that this is a bad thing, but each leg of this journey can take an hour or two, depending on which ferry you take. Doing this round-trip means missing out on the opportunity to see one of the beautiful lakeside communities. Also, we decided on a route that went from Varenna to Bellagio to Como; you can certainly do this in reverse. We wanted to get the longer train ride out of the way early as opposed to late at night, but either way works just fine.

Lake Como

Lake Como

Why Varenna?

Well, Varenna is one of those sleepy, lakeside communities with an abundance of charm and stunning views. You will find that it is also not nearly as crowded as some of its more visited neighbors. Varenna is located about midway up on the eastern shore of the lake. The train ride from Milan Central Station to Varenna will take approximately an hour and the cost is only about 8 euros. Trains leave pretty much every hour.

Varenna - Passeggiate Degli Innamorati

Varenna - Passeggiate Degli Innamorati

Varenna is special for a number of reasons. First and foremost is that it offers a less touristy experience than some of the other lakeside communities. It has a wonderful path called the Passeggiate Degli Innamorati, or Lover’s walk, that hugs the coast and allows for great views of the lake. Its cobblestone streets and narrow alleys will eventually lead you to the historic center of Varenna, and the Church of San Giorgio with its clock tower rising above the town. Within eyesight of Bellagio and Menaggio, it’s the perfect location for exploring the mid-section of Lake Como. If I were to spend some extended time on Lake Como I would seriously consider using Varenna as my home base.



World-Famous Bellagio

After a morning exploring Varenna, you can take the very short ferry ride to its more famous neighbor, Bellagio, often referred to as the “pearl of the lake. I envisioned Bellagio as a ritzy, glamorous, home for the rich and famous. What it is, in reality, is a beautiful and very interesting community loaded with charm and character. I personally found Bellagio to be a joy to explore. We walked the shoreline, climbed up the hill to the heart of town, explored ancient churches, shopped in narrow alleys, and had an absolutely fantastic lunch. And, you can do all of this with a stunning view of the lake always there to enjoy. It’s easy to see why so many tourists flock to Bellagio.

The ferry from Varenna to Bellagio takes just 15 minutes and the cost is a mere 4.60 euro. You will thoroughly enjoy all that Bellagio has to offer.



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Plan on spending at least a couple of hours in Bellagio before hopping on the ferry for the ride to Como, which is located at the southern end of the lake on the western leg. You have a number of ferry options available to you for this leg of the journey; the slow ferry, the fast ferry, or the hydrofoil. This is one of the most scenic sections of the lake with soaring mountains, beautiful lakeside villages, and charming villas dotting the shore. The scenery is simply amazing! This is also the area where George Clooney has a villa, but unfortunately, he was nowhere to be seen.

The ferry from Bellagio to Como will cost you 10.40 euro and the length of the trip will depend on which ferry you take. The fast ferry takes about an hour with the slow ferry taking approximately two hours while making at least ten stops. The hydrofoil can make the journey in about 45 minutes, but the cost increases to 14.80 euro.

Beautiful Bellagio

Beautiful Bellagio

Finishing up in Como

Arriving in Como, you have some options available to you. Como is larger than both Varenna and Bellagio, so it will take a little longer to explore. It has an extensive shoreline and a wonderful cathedral to take in. There is also a funicular here that will take you up the mountain to a community called Brunate. We opted to do this as it affords exceptional views of Como, the lake, and the Alps. The only problem we encountered with this was that we were running out of daylight. But, we anxiously jumped aboard the funicular and up the mountain, we went. It’s a little confusing once you get to the top as to where the best views are but we explored Brunate, found a beautiful church, and eventually worked our way to an overlook with views of the lake and the mountains. Watching the sunset atop a mountain overlooking Lake Como was a special moment and worth the effort.

Funicular to Brunate:

  • Single Ticket: 3.10 euro
  • Roundtrip: 5.70 euro
  • Leaves every 15 minutes from 6am to 10:30pm (midnight during summer season)

The train from Como back to Milan takes about 37 minutes and the cost is just 4.80 euro. Adding up all of the transportation charges for the day doing this on your own is extremely reasonable, just about 13 euro for the two train trips, and only 15 euro for the two ferry rides. The real advantage to doing this self-guided tour is that you can set your own schedule and explore as you see fit.

Lake Como

Lake Como

Itinerary Summary

  • So, let’s summarize a very active and full day trip from Milan, keeping in mind that this can also be done in reverse.
  • Take the early train from Milan to Varenna, this should take about an hour.
  • Explore Varenna during the morning. Walk the shoreline path; explore the interior, churches, and villas if time permits. If you are staying in Varenna there is the Castello di Vezio, which is an 11th-century castle, located at the top of the mountain overlooking Varenna.
  • Take the short, fifteen-minute ferry from Varenna to Bellagio.
  • Have a relaxing lunch in Bellagio, and explore its churches, shops, cafes, and narrow cobblestone alleys. If you are extending your stay in Bellagio there are more villa’s to explore including the Villa Serbelloni and the Villa Melzi.
  • Take the fast ferry from Bellagio to Como. This takes about an hour, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the views and also stops at about half a dozen or so communities along the lake
  • If you timed your day well you should have time to explore Como, be sure to check out the cathedral, and if scenic views are your thing take the funicular up the mountain to Brunate.
  • Take the train from Como back to Milan; this should take about 37 minutes.
Lake Como

Lake Como

When taking a day trip to Lake Como from Milan you will certainly have to do a little planning and decide for yourself what you want to see, and how much time to spend in each community. Anticipate it being a long day and my advice would be to start early. If time affords, you may want to consider an extended stay in the lakes region, this is certainly something that we will consider if we return to northern Italy. It goes without saying that this is a very scenic and beautiful area, but you won’t really appreciate its grandeur until you actually get there and experience it for yourself. Whether you are staying in one of the lakeside communities, or just visiting from Milan for a day, be sure to include Lake Como in your itinerary, you will surely regret it if you don’t.

Ciao for now.

Beautiful Lake Como

Beautiful Lake Como

Questions & Answers

Question: What kind of train should I take from Milan to Varenna? Should I book the train tickets and ferry tickets ahead?

Answer: You take the local (regional) train from Milan to Varenna. You cannot make reservations on these trains. You simply buy the tickets when you get to the station. Don’t worry, they don’t sell out. Same for the ferry, simply get your tickets when you arrive.

Question: We are planning on travelling to Varenna (from Milan Centrale by train), then onto Bellagio then Como by ferry. From Como, how do we return to Milan? Which station in Como do we depart from? And which station in Milan will this get us to?

Answer: You can depart from the San Giovanni station in Como and it will take you to the Milan Centrale station. The total travel time is about 42 minutes. Trains leave pretty much every hour and a quick check of the schedule shows a 17:13, 18:13, 19:13, 20:13, etc. The cost is about 5 Euro.

Question: Will the ferry between Bellagio and Com operate in the afternoon on Monday, the 30th of October?

Answer: The ferry does operate between Bellagio and Como in October. The fall/winter schedule is not yet up on the website, they still have the summer schedule up. Certainly there will be an afternoon ferry from Bellagio to Como, however, there may not be as many as during the summer.

Question: I'm planning a trip at the end of December and was thinking of doing a day tour from Milan to Varenna (same itinerary as yours) and then to Lake Como, but traveling in the winter. Do you think will work?

Answer: It can still work. The ferries still run, and restaurants, cafes, and shops will for the most part still be open. The weather, as always, will play a part in what you will be able to do. If the forecast is good when you get to Milan then certainly consider a trip up to Lake Como, it’s an absolutely beautiful area.

Question: We are planning to head to the lake area and stay in Varenna. Where are the best places to stay in Varenna other than the castle? It was fully booked.

Answer: I recommend you try TripAdvisor. We usually start there, and it has proven reliable and accurate. We'll normally select three to five places from TripAdvisor to research further and then narrow it down to one or two depending on availability.

Question: What is the best way to get to the funicular from the Lake Como ferry terminal?

Answer: It's close by and walking would be the best way to get there. From the ferry terminal just walk to the left along the shore and you will come to the funicular within a few minutes.

Question: Where in Milan did you take the train, and where is the closest station?

Answer: We took the train from the Milan Centrale Station. There are a few other train stations in central Milan - Garibaldi and Cadorna are the closest. Which one is closest to you will depend on where you are staying. Milan Centrale has the most trains running to Lake Como, which is why we used that station.

Question: Is Como San Giovanni within walking distance from the base of the funicular in Milan?

Answer: Yes, from the base of the funicular to the San Giovanni Station is under a mile, maybe a 20-minute walk. It’s on the other side of Como, but definitely walking distance.

Question: What are your thoughts on the Milano Card? Would it be worth purchasing for a trip to Lake Como from Milan?

Answer: I would definitely consider the Milano Card. I'm not sure it applies to the ferries up on Lake Como, but for getting around in Milan, and for the discounts on sites, I do think it's worth it.

Question: We have 3 days in Milan. I was planning to do the Varenna-Bellagio-Lake Como in one day, and the Bernina Express the next day. Do you have any experience with traveling this itinerary in Milan?

Answer: Certainly, you can do the Varenna-Bellagio-Como trip in one day. This is a fairly easy day trip from Milan. I would try to select a day that has decent weather as the views are incredible. We found Varenna to be quiet and quaint, a perfect location to stroll along the shoreline with amazing views. Bellagio was bustling and busy, but equally beautiful. Be sure to head up the hill from the dock area to explore. We found a number of interesting shops, cafes, churches, etc. If you have time while in Como consider taking the funicular up to Brunate for more incredible views. We had very nice weather on the day we did this and it was a very memorable experience.

The Bernina Express is something we really wanted to do but just ran out of days. Everything I have read about this is positive and if you like mountain scenery then, by all means, go for it. We will certainly return some day to check it out.

Question: How does Bellagio, Italy define "summer?" Looks like some Lake Como tours include Bellagio only during summer.

Answer: The definition of ”summer” really starts with the peak tourist season in June. By then the weather is consistently warm and the tourists come in droves. I'm you are coming from Milan it’s a cheap train ride to either Como or Varenna. The train to Como is only about 35 minutes while to Varenna is about 65 to 75 minutes. The advantage of going to Varenna is you can use ferry system to work your way south to Como and have the short train ride home.

As you cannot prepurchase train tickets on these regional trains you can simply check the daily train schedule and purchase your tickets when you get to the train station. It’s easy to do and doing it on your own gives you the flexibility to schedule the day as you please.

Early May can be anyone’s guess with regard to the weather. It can certainly be nice or you can get a rainy, cool day. If you do the trip on your own you can select the best weather day when you get to Milan with zero risks as you can’t prepurchase the train tickets. Just pick a nice weather day and go.

Question: We are planning a visit in mid-November and I was wondering if most of cafes and shops will be open in the smaller towns of Varenna and Bellagio this time of year and if they close on any particular day, like Sunday or Monday?

Answer: While some establishments do close for the season I think plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants remain open. If they do close for a day it will usually be Monday or Tuesday. Enjoy the area, it’s beautiful any time of the year.

Question: We plan to go to Lake Como, and from there continue on to Venice, can you tell me how to do it?

Answer: It's going to depend on where you stay in the Lake Como area. I'll assume you are coming from the town of Como. From Como, you simply purchase a train ticket to Venice. The trip will require a transfer, most likely in Milan. When you purchase your ticket inquire as to how many stops. Some trains have only one connection while others have two connections. The fewer connections, the better. The trip will take approximately 3 and a half hours, but the cost is reasonable, about USD 40.

Question: What train (and train station) can I take from Lake Como back to Milan Centrale?

Answer: The main train station in Como is the San Giovanni station. There is also the Nord Lago station, but San Giovanni is the main station. As far as which train to take there are numerous trains throughout the day, just select the one that fits your schedule. You can’t purchase your tickets ahead of time, you purchase them when you arrive at the train station.

Question: Would you recommend this Lake Como day tour for early November, or is this a must see in the summer months only?

Answer: If the weather is good, I would certainly consider a day trip to Lake Como in early November. This is something that you can decide once you are there and you have a chance to see what the weather forecast will be. The Lake Como ferries still run although on a modified schedule and you will find plenty of restaurants and cafes open. One benefit of going at this time of year is that there won't be the crowds that you get during the peak months.

Question: We are visiting Milan in October '18. Our arrival and departure airport is Bergamo. We are spending four nights, arriving at 11 am and departing at 10 am. During our stay we will be visiting Bellagio and Como. My question is, what is the best cheap way to travel from Bergamo airport to Varenna (with the least number of change-overs)?

Answer: The cheapest way to get from Bergamo to Varenna would be to take the train. The cost is only 5.5 euro and trains leave every hour. There is just one change and this is in Lecco, which is at the bottom of Lake Como. The trip takes about an hour and fifteen minutes.

There is a service called MyDayTrip that takes visitors on one-way trips. I checked with them and for 2 people from Bergamo to Varenna would cost 125 euro. The advantage of something like this is no transfers and no getting to/from train stations. They pick you up where you want and drop you off at your accommodations. It's pricey but very efficient and easy.

Question: Do you know how to get to Venice from Lake Como/Varenna?

Answer: You can certainly get to Venice from Varenna by train. I believe you would most likely have to change trains in Milan, but that should be reasonably straightforward. From Milan, you can get a direct train to Venice with no stops.

Question: Can I go straight to Bellagio and/or Como without going to Varenna?

Answer: Yes, you can take the train directly to Como from Milan without going to Varenna. To get to Bellagio from Como you can take a bus, but the preferred and most scenic method would be to take the ferry. If you look at a map of the area you will see that Como is the closest community to Milan and is just 35 minutes from Milan by train. Bellagio is further north located right at the top of the fork in the lake. Varenna is just a 15-minute ferry ride from Bellagio located on the east side of the lake. Personally, we enjoyed Varenna and Bellagio more than Como. They both have much more charm and scenic beauty.

Question: We are staying overnight in Varenna end of April. From Milan C. Station we will take the train to Varenna. Our hotel is just a few minutes from V-Esino train station. I found your day trip itinerary very informative; we will certainly do the same. However, what do you suggest we do the following day since we have another full day before we go back to Milan. Maybe take the ferry with many stops and so we can get out of the ferry and explore these places. What do you think?

Answer: Absolutely, utilize the ferry system to visit some of the lakeside communities. If we had more time I would have liked to explore Mennagio, which is directly across from Varenna on the west side of the lake. There are so many interesting towns all along the lake. Bellano, Tremezzo, Lecco, Argegno, and so many others just waiting to be explored.

If you don’t feel up to exploring spend some time visiting one of the many villa’s in the area. Villa Monastero is right there in Varenna.

Question: Wondering what if I do it the other way round, from Milan to Como, San Giovani, and back from Varenna to Milan. Is there any difficulty on the ferry route?

Answer: Yes, you can do it in reverse by going to Como first and taking the train home from Varenna. We did Varenna first because we wanted to get the longer train ride out of the way first, and also because we wanted to spend the majority of our time in Varenna and Bellagio.

Question: We are arriving late at night at Malpensa and we will stay at the airport hotel. Next day we will train it to Varenna for 5 days then take a train to Lucern in Switzerland. Is taking a train possible from Varenna or should we leave for Lucern from Como?

Answer: It is possible to get to Lucerne from Varenna. The easiest route looks to go from Varenna to Milan and then Milan to Luzern. This would involve just one transfer. There looks to be another option from Varenna that has two transfers, in Monza and Arte-Goldman. Or, you can also get to Luzern from Como with one transfer in Lugano. This option looks to take about 3 hours while the route through Milan will take about 5 hours, but you have to factor in the time to get to Como. Both are possible.

Question: I am going to Cinque Terre after a short stay at Varenna. What kind of train should I take from Varenna to Levanto? Is it OK to buy the ticket at the station before I take the train?

Answer: You would take the Regional train from Varenna to Milan and then transfer to the Intercity (IC) train from Milan to Levanto. You can buy the tickets at the train station before taking the train, just be sure to get there in plenty of time to purchase the tickets and find the track. I don't believe you can advance purchase the Regional tickets from Varenna to Milan? For Milan, to Levanto, you can, but you must be certain of what day and what time. I would just purchase them when you get to the train station.

Question: My family and I are visiting Milan in July. We were only planning on a day trip, but on further reading I am thinking of staying overnight and was wondering if renting a car would make sense?

Answer: I guess it depends on where you want to go? If you are only heading to the Lakes Region for a day or two to explore the train is a really convenient option, and very cheap. Once you get to the lakes the ferry is the best way to get around. However, if you want to explore a little more between Milan and the lakes then perhaps a car would be handy. Unless you have a specific destination in mind that would require a car I would opt for the path of least resistance and take the train.

Question: Is Saturday or Sunday a better day for a day trip from Milan?

Answer: Doesn't really matter. If you are going to Lake Como I would say pick the day with the nicest weather forecast. If you are trying to plan this ahead of time and don't know what the weather will be, pick the day that best fits your schedule.

Question: Do you have to book your Italian train tickets in advance in July?

Answer: I would think you could just buy them the day you depart or the day prior. These are all regional trains so there are no seat reservations. Also, there is no cost advantage to buying early as the ticket prices are set. We did this trip in September, a very busy time, and had no problem buying the tickets at the train station just prior to departing. If you are certain of the day you will be making the trip it can’t hurt to book them early to eliminate any stress, but it’s probably not necessary.

Question: We are planning a visit to Lake Como. We are taking the train from Venice to Milan Central at 9 am, and we have a flight to catch at Milan Bergamo airport at 18.30 pm. Is it manageable to visit Bellagio and Como at least and reach the airport in time? We are traveling on Sunday, August 25th.

Answer: The high-speed train from Venice to Milan will take about 2.5 hours, which means you will arrive at Milan Central Station at about 11:30 am. If you immediately took a train from Milan Central to Como (about 35 minutes) you might be able to get there by 12:30 pm to 1 pm depending on when the next train to Como leaves. If you want to be at the airport by 16:30 for your flight this does not leave much time to see anything and then get to the airport. The ferry from Como to Bellagio with the Hydrofoil will take 45 minutes, but you would need a round-trip ride so right there you are spending 1.5 hours on the ferry. Personally, I do not think you have sufficient time to do this. I checked to see if there are any direct trains from Como to the Bergamo Airport and it does not look like it. All of the trains from Como to Bergamo involve at least 1 transfer and take upwards of 2 hours.

Question: Do you know how late the train/ferries around Lake Como run? Would it be feasible to take a train to Varenna at 3 PM and still get a ferry to Bellagio and then return to Varenna to take the train back to Milan? Could that be done between the hours of 3 pm to 9-10 pm?

Answer: I checked the train schedule from Varenna to Milan and there is a 9:37 pm and a 10:20 pm train to Milan Centrale. The ferry from Bellagio to Varenna also looks to run late enough to catch the train back to Milan. You will be trying to cram in a lot in a short window. You will most likely have to catch the 2:20 pm train to Varenna as the next train doesn’t look to leave until 4:20 pm.

Question: Is there ferry service on Lake Como during the week of Christmas?

Answer: Yes, Lake Como is very much alive during the week of Christmas, and the ferries will be running.

Question: Will there be regional trains running from Milan to Como in December/January? I am trying to plan some daytrips and only see Eurocity trains with limited availability and am getting worried! I see regional trains elsewhere.

Answer: The regional trains from Milan to Como run year round. The schedule may not have as many trains daily, but certainly you can get to Como from Milan in December and January. Milan Centrale to Como is a very popular route.

Question: Where do I find the "slow" boat (batello) schedule from Bellagio to Como?

Answer: Try this website.

It has the schedule for the Batello, Hydrofoil, and the Ferries.

Question: Do you have to pay cash to buy tickets for the ferry from Milan or can we use a credit card?

Answer: You can use a credit card. I believe that is the method we used when we purchased our tickets.

Question: My group of four will be in Milan Sept. 21-23. I’m excited to follow your itinerary since we will only have one full day for Lake Como. Is it really feasible to try and squeeze in the train ride to see Swiss Alps all in one day?

Answer: Many visitors will take the Bernina Express day trip from Milan to St. Moritz in one very long day. It’s on the order of 13 hours or so. It involves taking a bus to Tirano and then boarding the train there. You can do this on your own or take an organized tour. This would be very different from just a visit to Lake Como, which can also be done in a single day. To do both would not be feasible in a day. We opted to see Lake Como in the one day that we had free, but if we had an additional day we would have done the Bernina Express trip to St. Moritz and back.

Question: Where can we buy ferry tickets from Bellagio to Como? Should I get it them online?

Answer: I don't believe you can buy the Lake Como ferry tickets online. You can buy them at the ticket office located at the dock or on the boat.

Question: I plan to visit Lake Como (day trip) from the Milan Airport as I have booked a hotel near the airport. Can someone please guide me on how to find a train between the Milan Airport and Lake Como. Some are direct, and some are via Milan Centrale. Is it advisable to take a train to and from Lake Como?

Answer: I am not aware of a direct train from Malpensa to Lake Como. You can go from the airport to Como with a change of trains in Saronno. You can also go to Varenna in the mid-lake area with a train change in Milan. You say you are going to Lake Como, but where on the lake? Como and Varenna are the towns on Lake Como with train stations. To get to other towns on the lake you will need to take the ferry.

Because there is no direct train service between Malpensa and Lake Como the train is not the most ideal way to get there. I would either rent a car and drive there or hire a driver to take you.

Question: What is the best way to see Genoa and its surroundings?

Answer: The best way to get there from Milan would be by train. The trip takes about an hour and 35 minutes. Once there the best way to see the city is on foot.

Question: We were thinking of doing the day trip, "LAKE COMO, ST MORITZ AND BERNINA EXPRESS TRAIN". Have you this trip?

Answer: We did not do the Bernina Express so I can’t comment on that. I can tell you that the Lake Como area is stunning and well worth a visit. I do believe that the Bernina Express makes just the two stops, although it’s really all about the scenery. We wanted to do this but ran out of days. If you have a free day I would certainly consider this trip.

Question: How practical is it to stay in Lake Como’s Region and just visit Milan?

Answer: Just as Lake Como is an easy day-trip from Milan, the reverse is also true with Milan being an easy day-trip from Como or Varenna. You could easily spend many days exploring all of the lakeside communities around just Lake Como and see much of Milan in one day.

Question: Is it advisable to visit Lake Como in December?

Answer: If you get a nice weather day then sure, visiting Lake Como would be fine in December. This is especially true if you are doing a day trip from Milan. Simply check the forecast and pick a nice day to make the trip.

Question: What is the best way to get to Lugano from Como?

Answer: You can easily get to Lugano from Como by taking the train. There are multiple trains daily on this route and it takes approximately 30 minutes.

Question: Can I use my credit card for the ferry rides on Lake Como?

Answer: Yes, the ticket offices will accept credit and debit cards. However, if you purchase your ticket on the ferry you must pay cash.

Question: Are there any direct trains from Bergamo/Como/Varenna to the Milan Bergamo Airport? If yes how much is the cost and time?

Answer: There are no direct trains from Varenna to the Bergamo Airport. All of the trains look to have 1 transfer and take about 1 hour 15 minutes. The cost is about $6.50. This might actually be the best option if you are intent on going to Lake Como. You could take the train from Milan Central to Como and then take the ferry to Bellagio and then on to Varenna. From Varenna take the train to the Bergamo Airport. It's a lot of running around and any missed train/ferry would put everything into jeopardy.

Question: What time of the year does the rainy season begin in Milan?

Answer: October and November are the months when Milan receives the most rain followed by May. In general terms March through May, and October through November are considered the rainy seasons.

Question: Can we do this trip to Lake Como on New Year's Eve? Will everything be operating?

Answer: Yes, absolutely you can do this on New Year’s Eve. In Como they have a midnight fireworks display while both Bellagio and Varenna have a midnight countdown with live music. The ferry’s and trains will be operating. It’s a beautiful setting to ring in the new year.

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