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How to Get Unlimited Fastpasses at Disneyland

Who doesn't love Disneyland? Time for you to plan your extraordinary journey into this exceptional retreat.

Disneyland is a truly magical place, especially when you can skip the lines!

Disneyland is a truly magical place, especially when you can skip the lines!

The Happiest Place on Earth...Without the Wait

Waiting in long lines is one of the most annoying hurdles you must overcome during a trip to any Disney park. We have visited Disneyland several times in the last 15 years, and we have slowly developed a strategy for beating these painful lines. After many tiring waits, we believe we have found the best method to fit in as many rides as possible in a day. Fortunately, it is also extremely easy.

If you are consistently checking the Disneyland app and following our simple tips, you'll be on any attraction in no time. Let's get started!

Disneyland wait times around 7PM

Disneyland wait times around 7PM

Disney's MaxPass

MaxPass is an upgrade that you can purchase for your Disneyland ticket for an extra $15 USD per day. Even though you may be trying to save money on your trip, we highly recommend grabbing this upgrade for several reasons. To name just one, it allows you to get Fast-Passes on your phone while you're not in the park. This is the primary reason we suggest you get MaxPass, but it also offers other perks such as the ability to get photos taken by professional photographers stationed throughout the park.

For this guide, we will be using MaxPass, and even though you could accomplish everything we outline without it, it will highly increase the effectiveness of this strategy.

Disney's MaxPass is worth the extra $15 a day.

Disney's MaxPass is worth the extra $15 a day.

How to Get Unlimited Fastpasses

The way the Fast-Pass system works, you are only allowed 1 Fast-Pass every 90 minutes. Or alternatively, you can get another Fast-Pass if you got a Fast-Pass with a return time before the 90-minute mark.

As an example, it is currently 1:00 PM. I just got a Fast-Pass for a ride at 2:00 PM. I can get a new Fast-Pass at 2:00 PM because the return time was before the 90-minute mark (otherwise, I would have been able to get a new one at 2:30 PM). However, there is a minimum of 30 minutes until your next Fast-Pass.

So using this tip, we introduce Fast-Pass hopping. You see, for many rides at Disneyland—even popular rides at select times—you can get a Fast-Pass and use it almost instantaneously. Allowing you to get a new Fast-Pass in only 30 minutes! Fast-Pass hopping simply involves keeping an eye on Fast-Pass return times and choosing ones that are within 5–10 minutes.

The 30-minute window then gives you time to walk to the attraction and actually ride it. Usually, this window of time is just enough, but in the odd scenario where you have a few extra minutes, why not get some pictures taken with your new MaxPass?

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The unanswered question here is: "How will I get Fast-Passes for the popular rides while also Fast-Pass hopping?" The answer is, save all of the popular rides to the last minute. This is fine if you are staying late at the park, however even if you weren't planning on it, it is almost imperative you do.

Visiting the park at night offers a completely separate experience than the day. In addition to allowing you to view the spectacular lighting and shows that take place during the evening, you will also experience much shorter wait times! Another benefit we found from visiting the park later in the day was it enabled us to avoid the gruesome heat waves on the hot summer days in Anaheim.

Some Other Fast-Pass Tips

We have decided to come up with some other Fast-Pass tips to help you get the most out of your trip:

  • Try to keep Fast-Passes with times close to each other within the same park. This can save you walking and the unfortunate feeling of missing one.
  • Attend the park at early and late hours. The wait times are much shorter during these times, and this allows you to pick up Fast-Passes for popular rides later in the day, so you can Fast-Pass hop during busy hours.
  • While outside of the park during the day, frequently check the Disneyland app and book fast-passes while eating lunch or dinner with MaxPass.
Fast-Passes (and lots of them) are key to a smooth trip to Disneyland.

Fast-Passes (and lots of them) are key to a smooth trip to Disneyland.

That Sums It Up!

Thank you for reading our guide to getting unlimited Fast-Passes. I hope our tips will improve your next trip!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

Question: Can you purchase MaxPass when you get to Disneyland after you purchase your tickets?

Answer: Yes! They can be purchased from the Disneyland app anytime.

Question: Arriving in March to Disneyland, do I have to wait until I activate my ticket to purchase MaxPass?

Answer: It depends. If you've already purchased your tickets, then you must enter the park and activate them before MaxPass can be loaded onto your ticket. However, if you haven't purchased them yet, you can purchase tickets with MaxPass pre-loaded on them.

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