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Grant's Farm in St. Louis, MO: A Family-Friendly Place With a Tram, Clydesdales, and More!

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The cabin that Ulysses S. Grant hand built and occupied in 1856.

The cabin that Ulysses S. Grant hand built and occupied in 1856.

Grant's Farm Is a St. Louis Gem!

Grant's Farm is so named because Ulysses S. Grant (the 18th president of the United States of America) hand built and lived in the cabin pictured at the top of this page. He also farmed about 80 acres on these grounds.

In October of 1998, my mother and I were introduced to Grant's Farm while we were visiting a friend who lives just outside St. Louis, Missouri.

We were able to see the former President's hand-built cabin, the famous Clydesdale horses, and enjoy some beer and more as we explored the grounds. It was an abbreviated introduction as we had also been shown the St. Louis Botanical Garden earlier that same day. One could spend an entire day in each of these places!

Official Presidential portrait of Ulysses Simpson Grant.

Official Presidential portrait of Ulysses Simpson Grant.

About a century ago, August A. Busch Jr.'s father purchased land encompassing Grant's original acreage and added to it. It now totals 281 acres.

August Busch Jr. made it into a country estate and brought in over 1,000 animals from all over the world. Most of the large animals—including zebras, bison, elk, cattle, Sika deer, antelope, and more—roam about quite freely.

An open-air tram takes one through an area where one can view the animals in a natural setting. The tram rides plus animal shows are free of charge.

Anheuser-Busch Hospitality Area

The Bauernhof is a large U-shaped grouping of buildings that house a food court area, guest relations and first aid area plus the carriage house which protects a collection of more than two dozen historic coaches and carriages. Many of those vehicles date from the 1800s.

We took advantage of having a bite of lunch and sipped on a free glass of Budweiser beer. We all decided that the bratwurst looked good that day. At certain times of the year, food trucks are also on site giving visitors more choices of refreshments from which to choose.

Since it was the month of October the area was decorated appropriately with dried corn stalks, bundles of hay, pumpkins and blooming chrysanthemums. It was a bright sunny day and the umbrella tables offered some needed shade.

The Famous Clydesdale Horses

Grant's farm is a breeding center as well as a training center for the beautiful and famous Clydesdale horses. People can stroll through an area where the magnificent beasts romp and roam in pastures. They can also go through a stable where some of the horses are on display. Each horse has a brass plate with his name inscribed. The stables are immaculately clean and fresh.

Approximately 15 foals are born at this location each year and they are nurtured and eventually turned into the show horses that we have all come to love.

A full-grown Clydesdale horse weighs in at around 2,000 pounds. In the stable was a display showing a normal horses hoof and a gigantic Clydesdale hoof. These horses are huge in every respect!

Additional Offerings

There are private tours of Grant's Cabin, the Clydesdale stables, and the Busch estate for additional charges. For a slight fee ranging from $0.50 up to $6.00 people can feed parakeets, goats, and camels. Rides include pony, camel, and carousel rides.

Be sure to plan and spend some time here in this family-friendly place if you are in St. Louis, Missouri. Grant's Farm is well worth a visit!

This video shows the inside of Grant's cabin among other things.

Unique Fence at Grant's Farm

This rifle barrel fence was constructed of parts from 2,563 Civil War rifles. August A. Busch Sr. had this built to honor the veterans from that era.

This rifle barrel fence was constructed of parts from 2,563 Civil War rifles. August A. Busch Sr. had this built to honor the veterans from that era.

Amazing Christmas Show at Grant's Farm


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