Grant's Farm in St. Louis, MO: A Family-Friendly Place With a Tram, Clydesdales, and More!

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The cabin that Ulysses S. Grant hand built and occupied in 1856.

The cabin that Ulysses S. Grant hand built and occupied in 1856.

Grant's Farm Is a St. Louis Gem!

Grant's Farm is so named because Ulysses S. Grant (the 18th president of the United States of America) hand built and lived in the cabin pictured at the top of this page. He also farmed about 80 acres on these grounds.

In October of 1998, my mother and I were introduced to Grant's Farm while we were visiting a friend who lives just outside St. Louis, Missouri.

We were able to see the former President's hand-built cabin, the famous Clydesdale horses, and enjoy some beer and more as we explored the grounds. It was an abbreviated introduction as we had also been shown the St. Louis Botanical Garden earlier that same day. One could spend an entire day in each of these places!

Official Presidential portrait of Ulysses Simpson Grant.

Official Presidential portrait of Ulysses Simpson Grant.

About a century ago, August A. Busch Jr.'s father purchased land encompassing Grant's original acreage and added to it. It now totals 281 acres.

August Busch Jr. made it into a country estate and brought in over 1,000 animals from all over the world. Most of the large animals—including zebras, bison, elk, cattle, Sika deer, antelope, and more—roam about quite freely.

An open-air tram takes one through an area where one can view the animals in a natural setting. The tram rides plus animal shows are free of charge.

Anheuser-Busch Hospitality Area

The Bauernhof is a large U-shaped grouping of buildings that house a food court area, guest relations and first aid area plus the carriage house which protects a collection of more than two dozen historic coaches and carriages. Many of those vehicles date from the 1800s.

We took advantage of having a bite of lunch and sipped on a free glass of Budweiser beer. We all decided that the bratwurst looked good that day. At certain times of the year, food trucks are also on site giving visitors more choices of refreshments from which to choose.

Since it was the month of October the area was decorated appropriately with dried corn stalks, bundles of hay, pumpkins and blooming chrysanthemums. It was a bright sunny day and the umbrella tables offered some needed shade.

The Famous Clydesdale Horses

Grant's farm is a breeding center as well as a training center for the beautiful and famous Clydesdale horses. People can stroll through an area where the magnificent beasts romp and roam in pastures. They can also go through a stable where some of the horses are on display. Each horse has a brass plate with his name inscribed. The stables are immaculately clean and fresh.

Approximately 15 foals are born at this location each year and they are nurtured and eventually turned into the show horses that we have all come to love.

A full-grown Clydesdale horse weighs in at around 2,000 pounds. In the stable was a display showing a normal horses hoof and a gigantic Clydesdale hoof. These horses are huge in every respect!

Additional Offerings

There are private tours of Grant's Cabin, the Clydesdale stables, and the Busch estate for additional charges. For a slight fee ranging from $0.50 up to $6.00 people can feed parakeets, goats, and camels. Rides include pony, camel, and carousel rides.

Be sure to plan and spend some time here in this family-friendly place if you are in St. Louis, Missouri. Grant's Farm is well worth a visit!

This video shows the inside of Grant's cabin among other things.

Unique Fence at Grant's Farm

This rifle barrel fence was constructed of parts from 2,563 Civil War rifles. August A. Busch Sr. had this built to honor the veterans from that era.

This rifle barrel fence was constructed of parts from 2,563 Civil War rifles. August A. Busch Sr. had this built to honor the veterans from that era.

Amazing Christmas Show at Grant's Farm


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Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on September 01, 2017:

Greetings Briar Lee Mitchell, EdD,

Thanks for leaving a comment. I had no idea that tail docking was done just for cosmetic reasons. Personally I believe that all animals should get to keep the appendages with which they were born. That includes tails, ears, etc.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on February 19, 2014:

Hello David,

Thanks for this information regarding a possible antique from the Clydesdale stables. I am leaving your email address posted in case anyone else is interested in viewing your photos. Appreciate your comment.

David on February 04, 2014:


I live in the uk and i have something that might be of interest to you, I have a half barrel/ carrier that I think comes from the Clydesdale stables, Its dated 1885 and stamped CS with what i think is the initials of the maker on the rear, could you contact me via my email address so i can forward pictures to you david48vic@hotmail.com

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on May 14, 2013:

Hi Suzanne,

Grant's Farm is a great place to take an entire family and enjoy many hours of a day there and the best part...it is free! Thanks for your comment and votes.

justmesuzanne from Texas on May 13, 2013:

That looks like a full day of events and activities! :) Voted up and interesting!

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on April 23, 2013:

Hi Rebecca,

Grant's Farm is definitely an amazing place and the price is right...it's free! Quite an attraction for anyone near the St. Louis, Missouri part of the country in which to spend some quality time. Thanks for your comment.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on April 22, 2013:

Hi Au fait,

Thanks for the nice compliment on this hub. One could easily spend an entire day at Grant's Farm. We crammed as much as we could into seeing it because we also saw the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis on the same day. Both sites deserve more time. Thanks for the votes + share.

Rebecca Mealey from Northeastern Georgia, USA on April 21, 2013:

This is amazing! Thanks for sharing Grant's Farm with us!

C E Clark from North Texas on April 21, 2013:

Looks like a good place to go and hang out for the day and enjoy the outdoors, the animals, and the food, etc. I love draft horses. They're often big babies. Lots of great photos and videos here as I have come to expect in your articles. Voted up, interesting, and beautiful. Will share!

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on December 03, 2011:

Hi oceansnsunsets,

Like you, I would spend more time there also if I ever get back to the St. Louis area. It is hard to take in all that there is to do and see at Grant's Farm in just a few hours. Thanks for your comment and votes.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on December 03, 2011:

Hi Don,

Grant's Farm would definitely be worth a visit. One could spend an entire day there and what is even better...it is free! Hope you get to see it for yourself. Thanks for your comment and votes.

Paula from The Midwest, USA on December 03, 2011:

Peggy, this is indeed a neat place to visit, I have only been there once and it was also for just a portion of a day. I hope to go back before long. Thanks for sharing a great hub with us! Loved it and had no idea it offered all of these things. Voted up and more.

Don A. Hoglund from Wisconsin Rapids on December 03, 2011:

Hi Peggy,This looks like my kind of place. We have been wanting to visit the Ozarks again and maybe St.Louis would not be too far out of the way. If I recall Budweiser used to be a Minnesota beer but that was probably when I was too young to be concerned.The cabin would be worth seeing also.voted up and across except funny.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on February 02, 2010:

Greetings ndnfoodie530,

Ouch! A Clydesdale horse stomping on your foot! Surprised that all your toes were not broken. Clydesdales have such huge hoofs!!! Nice that it did not sour you on liking Grant's Farm. It is a wonderful venue in St. Louis, Missouri. Thanks for the personal story.

Sam Ps Pop Culture Page from Northern California on February 02, 2010:

When I was a kid my Mom worked with AB caring for the horses.

I was 10 and Craigy the Clydesdale stomped on my foot, on purpose, I am convinced, and broke some of my toes.

Still always like Grants Farm....

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on January 22, 2010:

Hi Lake Ozark Vacation Rentals,

Thanks for visiting my Grant's Farm hub regarding the Clydesdale Horses and so much more in St. Louis, Missouri. Your area sounds like it would also be a great place to visit. Hope to see it someday.

Lake Ozark Vacation Rentals on January 22, 2010:

I have not been here since I was a child. I am looking forward to going back and seeing how much things have changed. Lake of the Ozarks is not far from St. Louis, only a 2 1/2 short hours. At the Lake you can enjoy horseback riding, golfing, miniature golf, para-sailing, boating, shopping and many state parks.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on May 12, 2009:

Hello dllhubpages, Happy that this hub may have brought back some good memories. If we lived there, we would certainly visit more often! Great place! Thanks for your comment.

dllhubpages from Southeastern US on May 12, 2009:

I lived in St Louis as a child and I remember visiting Grant's Farm. My siblings and I loved seeing the Bison.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on May 02, 2009:

Hi Paper Moon, You are fortunate to be living there where so many things are not only entertaining, but free. Any chance you can write a hub about your St. Louis zoo? Thanks for reading my St. Louis hubs and commenting.

Paper Moon from In the clouds on May 02, 2009:

What a nice hub on one of St. Louis's best attractions. It is a wonderful place to go spend the day. You learn history, ride a train and get to see lots of animals. It is great for families and for dates. You did a great job covering Grants Farm. St. Louis also has one of the Best Zoo's in the world, which is also free!

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on March 30, 2009:

Hello MellasViews, Let me know what you think after visiting... I am so glad that our friend wanted to show it to us although I hated leaving the beautiful botannical garden earlier that same day. Could spend an entire day in both places! Glad to be able to introduce it to you through hubpages. Thanks for commenting.

MellasViews from Earth on March 30, 2009:

wow, great job on this hub peggy!!! I want to visit now! I love the photos, the history... I want to go!!!! I'll def check this out, with flight prices dipping a little, a trip to missouri won't be so bad. : )

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on March 24, 2009:

It was my pleasure, Enelle. It is fun sharing wonderful vacation experiences with others who may want to go there or want to relive the trips over again as I do when writing these hubs.

Enelle Lamb from Canada's 'California' on March 24, 2009:

I have to echo The Real Tomato's comment...I could spend a lot of time here. I have a passion for horses, and picking one particular breed over another is impossible for me, however, the Clydes are and have always been truly magnificant! Thank you for sharing such a peaceful, picturesque place with us.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on March 21, 2009:

Plus they are so beautiful, Teresa. Their eyes shine with intelligence. It was fun to see the young ones frolicking in the large fenced areas with the older horses.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on March 21, 2009:

Hello G-Ma Johnson, Animals definitely mourn the loss of others that they know and with whom they share feelings. We have had several dogs that mourned right along with us when one of our pets died. So your story of the horse that lost it's teammate was sad. Happy to hear that is has recovered. I'll just bet that it still remembers however.

Thanks for commenting and hugs & peace right back to you.

Sheila from The Other Bangor on March 21, 2009:

I just adore Clydesdales -- a great breed of true work-horses who have the patience of saints.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on March 21, 2009:

Hello Real Tomato, You will not be disappointed in spending a day here if you ever get to the St. Louis area. I agree, the Clydesdales are unbelievably large...expecially their hoofs!

Merle Ann Johnson from NW in the land of the Free on March 21, 2009:

this was so good and those animals all seem to be so content and happy...loved the scenery...We have some work horses here that a farmer owns and displays their work at a fair we have.  These horses were used back in the logging days before machines were around (not these actual horses, but ones just like them LOL)They are magnificant and so true to each other as team mates...

At one farm where they use them in teams for giving rides on old buggies...one of the team died...her partner would not pull the buggy for days cause he was mourning her death...he acted up so badly they had to let him just mourn...it was so sad to see :O(...is fine now though...

Thanks for a wonderful story...G-Ma :O) hugs & Peace

The Real Tomato on March 21, 2009:

This is a very good Hub. I could waste too much time here :-D

It all looks so inviting, a wonderful way to spend the day. A friend of mine has Clydsdales and I can never get used to how huge their hooves are! The size of my head almost!

Thank you for sharing this - if I am ever in Missouri I have bookmarked this place as a must see.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on March 21, 2009:

Hi SoulaBee, You are fortunate to be living so near a wonderful place like that. Few places exist that offer so much entertainment and the price is certainly right. Free!

SoulaBee from United States on March 20, 2009:

We go here often and especially enjoy the train ride and the sprinkler thing. It's a wonderful place. I'm terribly excited for spring. Enjoyed the videos and photos. Grants Farm is a definite attraction to see while in St. Louis.

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