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Foltz Fine Art: Houston Gallery Features Texas Modernists

Artist Charles Schorre, Acrylic on canvas titled Aqua Spring, 1973 (61 X 84 inches)

Artist Charles Schorre, Acrylic on canvas titled Aqua Spring, 1973 (61 X 84 inches)

Foltz Fine Art (formerly William Reaves | Sarah Foltz Fine Art Gallery) is a Houston art gallery featuring not only modernist artists from Texas but from a specific time as well. Sarah Foltz became the sole owner in 2017.

The focus is to present the modern art of well-credentialed and -recognized individuals. They have created their pieces ranging from the years 1900 to 1975 or thereabouts. Contemporary artists are now represented as well under the new ownership, according to the website.

Modernism, as an art form in western societies, is generally defined as late-19th to mid-20th century art. More specifically the art was created from the 1860s to the 1970s. Many influences were felt during those times including industrialization and more people starting to live and work in cities. People eschewed old ideas and this trend not only influenced art, but architecture and literature as well.

Realistic art was replaced with impressionism, pop art, abstraction, cubism and other ideas. Many famous artists produced their works from this period.

Artist Dr. Robert Rogan

Dr. Robert Rogan is one such featured artist. Their show in August of 2016 had most of the art by Robert Rogan spotlighted in a central room of this contemporary art gallery.

This Houston, Texas gallery has changed locations from the first time we became aware of it. What drew our attention to it in the first place was the fact of their representing the art of Robert Rogan. He is my husband's uncle. A home on Brun Street in the Montrose area of Houston was our first introduction to this contemporary art gallery. Some of the art initially hanging in the Beaumont home of Bob and his dear wife Ann was shown and sold there.

The final work assignment for Robert Rogan was as the Professor of Art and head of the art department at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. He still lives in his art-filled home in Beaumont.

John O'Neil was the other highlighted artist in this show. Numerous other prominent artists had selected pieces on view in what they titled their Summer Encore and Inventory Sale.

The newer modern location at 2143 Westheimer Road has sleek polished wooden floors and open beamed high ceilings with plenty of lighting. There is ample space to display art in the various rooms on the walls, as well as the open floor space. It is utilized judiciously from what we have seen.

Permission was given to me to take the photographs shown in this post. These photos show a small sample of what there is to view if visiting this gallery featuring mid-century modern art.

For quite some time, Westheimer Road, in front of this art gallery, was torn up undergoing renovations and improvements. Many a business has not survived that long and protracted turmoil. According to William Reaves, their dedicated art patrons prevailed in their attempts to visit the gallery despite the obstacles.

William Reaves

In reading about William Reaves, he has been active within the art community of Texas for quite some time. He has also authored a book titled Texas Art and a Wildcatter's Dream: Edgar B. Davis and the San Antonio Art League.

Artist Karl Umlauf (b. 1939) Oil paintings titled Oil Refinery, 1959 & Industry, 1959

Artist Karl Umlauf (b. 1939) Oil paintings titled Oil Refinery, 1959 & Industry, 1959

Foltz Fine Art

Sarah Foltz is an expert in fine art appraisals. She joined forces with William Reaves as not only a highly sought after art appraiser but also as the gallery director and co-owner since June of 2013, and now the sole owner of Foltz Fine Art.

If one is appreciative of mid-century modern art and looking to add some pieces to a personal collection, then this is the Houston art gallery to visit. Exhibitions are regularly changed, so there is always something new to admire.

Education regarding the different types of modern art created by these influential artists is easy to absorb. Whether attending one of the many gallery talks or looking leisurely at one of the numerous catalogs, visitors can quickly further their art knowledge. Research and publication regarding the types of art they feature are vital to the principals of this gallery. Of course, they are also there to interact one on one with visitors.

Location and Hours

I hope that you have enjoyed this small introduction to what Foltz Fine Art has to offer visitors as well as patrons. If you live in Houston, Texas, or are planning a visit, be sure to stop by the gallery. Their regular hours are 11 AM to 5 PM Wednesday to Saturday. They can be reached at 713-521-7500 to set up an individual appointment. Their address is 2143 Westheimer Rd., Houston, Texas 77098.


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