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Evelyn’s Park in Bellaire, TX: Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Sculpture

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Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party Sculpture in Evelyn Park

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party Sculpture in Evelyn Park

Wonderland Sculpture in Evelyn’s Park

This 24-foot sculpture by artist Bridgette Mongeon in Evelyn’s Park must be seen to be believed! Seeing all of it may take some time, effort, and dedicated sleuthing on the part of visitors.

The reason for this is because, in addition to the sizeable ten-foot table and eight- to nine-foot-tall sculptures readily visible, there are 150 other small characters to be discovered in various places. Some of them hide in plain sight while others may be under the table and less easily seen.

Dedication Information for Evelyn’s Park

Dedication Information for Evelyn’s Park

Evelyn Rubenstein Memorial Garden

We can all thank the Rubenstein brothers Jerry and Maury for purchasing the five acres of land that used to be the almost century-old Teas Nursery. They then donated it to the City of Bellaire to be utilized as a park. This park bears the name of their mother, Evelyn. I will show more of Evelyn’s Park in another post.

Dedication information and sculpture

Dedication information and sculpture

Artist Bridgette Mongeon

What truly makes this portion of the park special is the “Move One Place On” sculpture. It is fashioned after the Mad Hatter tea party scene from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland book by Lewis Carroll.

It took the artist Bridgette Mongeon 14 months to create this sculpture. Part of it involved 3-D printing. Watch the video below to learn more about her creative process and what it entailed.

“Move One Place On”

The first time we visited Evelyn’s Park was to see this sculpture titled “Move One Place On,” but it had not yet been delivered. It obviously took some effort to move this 6,000-pound sculpture down the road and install it in place. That must have been something to see!

The next time my husband and I visited the park, it had recently been raining, so there were few people to be seen. I rapidly took some photos trying not to get raindrops on the lens of my camera. There are so many intricate details to be discovered on this massive piece of art.

It will probably take many more visits to discover the 150 smaller details built into this masterful art sculpture. We may never see them all if crawling under the table and benches is mandatory. Youngsters can have some fun doing that.

Alice in Wonderland

Look at the carefree way Alice is positioned in the chair with her ankles crossed and her legs in the air. Bridgette Mongeon must have had so much fun when she created this sculpture!

There is plenty of room on the other side of the chair for people to sit next to Alice. This sculpture is meant to be very interactive. People can spend some time at the table and share a picnic lunch or just rest and admire all of the intricate details.

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The amused smile on the face of Alice and the devilish grin of the Cheshire Cat makes me smile. This entire sculpture captures a rather crazy, and happy scene from that memorable Lewis Carroll story.

Even the Dormouse has a happy grin on its face. He seems to be soaking his backside in the warm tea inside of the teapot.

The Mad Hatter

No one is any happier than the Mad Hatter, who is the master of ceremonies at this tea party event. Just look at the broad smile on his face as he fills a cup with the hot brew. The fact of overturned teacups on the table or his chair in the process of tipping over seems of little importance to him.

The flowing manes of a horse and a lion embellish the ends of the arms of the chair. Note the head of a flamingo serving as the front feet.

Take Time to Explore!

Taking note of all of these many details when gazing at the “Move One Place On” sculpture makes this an even more engaging experience. I will be eager to spend additional time there someday.

It will be even more fun seeing people sitting on the benches and in the chair next to Alice in Evelyn’s Park. The monumental size of this sculpture will become more apparent when people are a part of this picture.

This Mad Hatter Tea Party sculpture is bound to be a favorite picnic spot as people discover this fantastic piece of public art in Bellaire, Texas.

If you care to hear and see more about this fabulous sculpture in Evelyn’s Park as well as the artist, watch the video below.

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

— Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


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