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Best Activities You Should Do and Enjoy in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna

Best Activities to Enjoy in Nuvali!

Best Activities to Enjoy in Nuvali!

Escaping the Stress!

Nowadays, people are always in a rush and preoccupied with tons of things. Inevitably, we reach a point where we get exhausted. And we start to feel the weight of all the things we are juggling up, especially work. Some people describe this state as a "toxic state." Hence, most people advise us to seek a heavenly sanctuary once in a while. Practical and intuitive, this suggestion will really prevent us from reaching the toxic state of today's busy living.

Tired of the busy environment you are in and all the stress it causes? Why not take a breather in Laguna, Philippines' finest unwinding spot, Nuvali? Cast all your stress away and enjoy what this place has in store for you!

In this article, we will explore Laguna's finest unwinding spot, Nuvali. To give you an idea: Nuvali is a place for a dash of enjoyment, nature immersion and adventure where you can enjoy various activities such as biking, sightseeing, fish feeding and more.

Surrounded by a blissful coat of greens, Nuvali is definitely one of those relaxing places to unwind and recover from the wear and tear busy living has caused you. Nuvali commits itself to sustainability, hence creating a cleaner and greener environment for everyone to enjoy. Also, within the huge vicinity, there is a 3-hectare tree nursery and demo farm where you can learn about various tree species and enjoy fun activities at the same time. You'll practically be fully immersed in nature!

Since there are only a few tall buildings within the area, you can vividly see the sunset without anything obscuring your view in almost every location. Unlike in congested cities where we need to go near the bay area (or somewhere with fewer buildings) just to watch how magnificent the sun bids goodbye.

Be amazed by the marvelous sunset in Nuvali!

Be amazed by the marvelous sunset in Nuvali!

Best Activities in Nuvali

In Nuvali, you'll not just feast your eyes on wonderful scenery. You'll be motivated to try out some outdoor activities! Here are some of the suggested activities you could do in Nuvali.

Oh. That's me and my friend enjoying the place!

Oh. That's me and my friend enjoying the place!

1. Biking - Biking is surely one of the best things you could do to fully embrace the lush, vibrant nature and surroundings of the place. And since Nuvali is promoting ecological living, the entire area has biking lanes/trails which made it very convenient for you to bike around. Surely, as you start biking you will be placed under a trance, and time will fly without you knowing. Oh, just in case you don't have a bicycle with you, fret not, because Nuvali rents them out.

2. Sightseeing and Bird Watching - We previously established the fact that the place is a magnificent haven for nature immersion. Hence, you could just sit by the grass and enjoy every breathtaking scene. Oftentimes, there would be birds flying by, and so you could burn time watching them gracefully dance in the air. (Check out the photos on the right). Certainly, you'll never run out of things to do in Nuvali. Even so, "doing nothing" is impossible in this place.

3. Fish Feeding - This activity will let you appreciate nature and living creatures even more. Watch the fish as they swarm for every fish food you'll feed out. This is definitely a very relaxing scene to enjoy! Unfortunately, though, Nuvali only allows you to feed the fish with the fish food bought from them.

4. Picnics - Having picnics is a very common yet highly enjoyable thing to do here in Nuvali. If you are with your family or with your special someone, this is a very fancy activity you could enjoy! There is grass mostly everywhere. And you may choose any place to set out your blanket and picnic basket. But I suggest that you pick the spot near the pond since the view there is more magnificent!

Bird-watching in Nuvali is simply amazing!

Bird-watching in Nuvali is simply amazing!

It's rare to see birds of this kind, unless you are here in Nuvali, Laguna! It's so breathtaking!

Various types of birds can be seen in the serene place in Laguna called Nuvali

Various types of birds can be seen in the serene place in Laguna called Nuvali

5. Outdoor Movie - Now this is something interesting! We thought that the days when people watch movie outdoor were long over! Now, Nuvali is bringing that "tradition" back all over again! You can get updates on when they show films in their Facebook page.

6. Food Tripping - There are a lot of food joints within the area. If you are looking forward to satisfy your cravings, then this activity will be the best for you. There are restaurants that offer burgers, seafood, snacks, ice creams, and more! Check out Purple Oven in Solenad 2! It offers baked goodies such as brownies, revel bar and other delectable pastries!

7. Others - Of course there are still a lot of things you could do in Nuvali! But, I want these activities to be a surprise for you when you visit the place. So, I really urge you to check out this place.

The famous Nuvali fish pond full of  energetic koi fish! Feed them, and watch as they swarm towards the food!

The famous Nuvali fish pond full of energetic koi fish! Feed them, and watch as they swarm towards the food!

A breathtaking glimpse of nature in Nuvali!

A breathtaking glimpse of nature in Nuvali!

There You Have It: Nuvali, Laguna!

I'm sure that once you visit this fantastic place of grandeur, you will immediately fall in love. And after setting foot in Nuvali, you will start clamoring for a greener and healthier lifestyle. Every day you will have the urge to re-visit this haven again and again. Needless to say, Nuvali is definitely worth your time and effort, and should be on top of your best and must-see places!

How to Get to Nuvali, Laguna

How to Commute to Nuvali

Take a bus along the Gil Puyat (Buendia) LRT station going to Balibago. Upon passing through the toll exit, there will be a Coca-Cola (Coke) Factory wherein you can take a tricycle going to Paseo de Santa Rosa. The driver definitely knows the place, and all you need to do is to wait before you arrive at your destination.

The Shuttle Service

If ever you got tired of walking, there would be shuttle buses within the vicinity. What's great about Nuvali is it offers this shuttle service for free. Unfortunately, as of now, it offers only a ride from Technopark to Nuvali and vice versa. Also, why not try biking?


Enumerated below are some of the possible ways on how you can get to Nuvali.

Driving to Nuvali

It is just simple. Take the SLEX and exit via Sta. Rosa while taking a right turn after going past the tollgate. Just go straight ahead, and in no time you'll find Nuvali. Use the map above as well to guide you.

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Questions & Answers

Question: Does Nuvali have lodging?

Answer: There is Seda Hotel within the vicinity of Nuvali.

Question: Is there an entrance fee to Nuvali?

Answer: No, there is no entrance fee to Nuvali.

Question: Until what time nuvali is open?

Answer: Normally, the shops close around 10:00 p.m. You may still have access to the park, but lights are usually turned off after the "closing hour."

Question: It is okay to bring picnic food to Nuvali?

Answer: We see people doing it, but usually they just have snacks and simple picnic setups.

Question: What time does Nuvali park open?

Answer: The park in itself can be accessed anytime. However, the shops and activities are normally open by 8:00 A.M., and closed by 10:00 PM.

Question: Is it okay to bring along pets in Nuvali?

Answer: Yes. The park is pet-friendly.

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