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Downtown Santa Fe "Longmire" Walking Tour

Tom Lohr lives in New Mexico, where he explores the region with his canine sidekick, Ella the Brown Wonder.

Your tour route. Start and end at the Santa Fe Plaza

Your tour route. Start and end at the Santa Fe Plaza

"Longmire" Filming Locations

For six seasons, fans of westerns were captivated by a modern-day series called Longmire. The series centers on a widowed sheriff of a fictional county in Wyoming. Wyoming is the perfect setting for a lawman to serve with little interference from local authorities; it's rugged, remote and still has a frontier feel about it. Only Longmire wasn't filmed in Wyoming. Santa Fe, New Mexico, and its surrounding areas served as the backdrop for the beloved series.

The interesting part about filming in a real town rather than a set (although sets were also used), is that you can visit them in person and get a feel for how a scene must have played out. Plus, it is always interesting to hunt down where one of your favorite shows was actually filmed.

While most of the filming for Longmire's Santa Fe locations are in the surrounding areas of the city, several were filmed downtown and within walking distance of the main plaza. Oddly, the plaza, one of the more famous in New Mexico, was not used, but it serves as a great starting point for a short foot tour of where everyone's favorite sheriff's series was caught on camera.

Start your tour at the central plaza. It is in the dead center of town and impossible to miss. From the plaza follow this plan to take in Longmire filming locations in the kernel of Santa Fe.

B: 106 S Federal Place

This large, stone US District courthouse largely played itself during several episodes of the series. When filming, it doubled as the local Federal courthouse. It makes its first appearance during season 2, episode 5.

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C: 136 Grant Ave.

Billed as the Kodiak Bank in season 2, episode 7, is a typical Santa Fe business building where Vic runs into her former co-worker.

D: 142 W Palace Ave.

This used to be the Palace Restaurant and Saloon. During the warmer months, they had tables outside along the sidewalk. In season 2, episode 3, this is where Walt Longmire's wife was having a drink just before she was murdered.

E: Burro Alley

Some dumpsters and fencing was added to make it look like a typical city alleyway rather than the posh pedestrian lane that it is. It is in this alleyway that Longmire's wife was murdered.

F: 116 W San Francisco St.

The location of the Matador bar. It is the basement bar that the character Branch visited in season 3, episode 8. If you are in the mood for a drink, this is one of the more unique and better bars in Santa Fe.

Enjoy Your Walk!

The above list comprises the bulk of the downtown Santa Fe filming sites for Longmire. Santa Fe is a tourist town and it can be difficult to convince businesses to shut down for any period of time for movie-making despite being well compensated.

The major locations that Longmire filmed at are Santa Fe, Espanola and Pecos. The studio was located in Santa Fe and included sets for the Red Pony, Walt's cabin, and the sheriff's office. This walking tour will give you a taste of how the series was filmed and also some exercise. Santa Fe is a foodie town, so that extra walking will help you to continue to fit in your pants.

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