My Disneyland Holiday Favorites

Updated on December 11, 2016

The holiday season is one of the most magical and popular times of the year at Disneyland. I personally love to go late November or early December to avoid the crowds and actually be able to enjoy all my favorite things in the park. This is such a fun time of year and definitely puts me in a cheery spirit! I put together a list of all my favorite things to do and experience in the park during the holiday season and I hope you enjoy it or get inspired to enjoy the season.

1. Christmas ornament store on Main Street

Towards the end of Main Street on the right hand side (facing the castle) there is an ornament store that I love looking at! This store is here all year round (and has ornaments in it) but during the holiday season there are more ornaments and its is decked out! I love doing some holiday shopping here for friends and family members. Besides ornaments there are also other Holiday d├ęcor items that are super cute!

2. Sleeping Beauty's Castle

The castle is super pretty this time of year. It has snow on the roof, icicles dripping off of it, lights, and holiday wreaths. It is so pretty during the day and really pretty at night too! It truly is magical.

3. Abulita hot chocolate from Jolly Holiday

When it gets cold at night I absolutely love to get a cup of Abulita from the Jolly Holiday Bakery cause lets face it-it is never cold during the day here! A lot of people don't know what this is but I grew up drinking this in my great-grandmothers house. It is essentially cinnamon hot chocolate. It is my favorite and nothing says holiday cheer to me like drinking a cup of it. The Jolly Holiday Bakery is the only place in the park that carries it.

4. The Jingle Cruise

A few years ago Disneylnad started doing something new, they transformed the Jungle Cruise into the Jingle Cruise and now it is one of my favorite things to do! I mean, who doesn't love bad holiday jokes?! I think it is so cute and silly plus they decorate the queue really cute so if there is a line there is plenty to look at. Just beware of the deadly fruit cake!

5. New Orleans Square

Another part of the park that is really pretty is New Orleans Square. There are boughs hanging all throughout covered in ornaments and light as well as a giant masquerade mask in front of the entrance. It is so pretty all lit up at night but it is also really pretty during the day!

6. The Christmas Tree on Main Street

Who doesn't love a giant Christmas tree? I certainly do (especially if I am not the one decorating it). I have so many memories in front of this tree taking pictures with friends and family. It always seems to put a smile on my face.

7. Sleigh Bells and Poinsettias

During the holiday season Disneyland has sleigh bells ringing from every corner and beautiful red poinsettias everywhere. My favorite display is on the horses that pull the trolleys throughout Main Street! They are so cute and decorated this time of year.

8. Wearing Holiday Ears

The past few years Disneyland has definitely upped the ear game! I have developed quite a little collection (no shame). This year I bought myself a pair of new ears that are very holiday appropriate! I still have my all silver ones that I bought last year but I couldn't pass up the cute plaid bow on these beauties.

9. Holiday Treats

During the holidays Disneyland has so many treats and it can be overwhelming to choose one. I decided to try the chocolate covered marshmallows that are dipped in caramel and crushed candy canes. It was so delicious and they look so festive! If you are not a candy cane fan or prefer the more traditional route they have delicious gingerbread cookies and cupcakes.

10. It's A Small World

My other favorite ride during this time of year is It's A Small World. It is completely decorated inside and even some extra characters are added for the holiday season. I honestly don't go on this ride unless it is during this time of year. I just think it is so much more special in December.

Happy Holidays!

I hope you enjoyed reading about all my holiday favorites and I would love to know some of yours! Please leave me a comment below with your favorite things to do/eat/see inside the park during this time of year. Happy holidays everyone and stay tuned for some more holiday fun coming soon!


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